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📢 | GoodWe announces a novel brand and aims to transform into smart energy


GoodWe announces a novel brand, aiming to transform into smart energy

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BIPV (building-integrated PV module) and solar system are planned to be installed in the company's new head office building, and the goal of carbon reduction is being implemented.

AsiaNet 93868 [Suzhou (China) January 2022, 1 PR Newswire] GoodWe ... → Continue reading

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ソ ー ラ ー シ ス テ ム

ソ ー ラ ー シ ス テ ム

  • Solar system --Original meaning.In English, solar system indicates a similar concept including the solar system with the and the solar system without it.
  • Solar water heaterThis is one of the types of the hot water tank and the heat collector are separated.So-called Japanese English.
  • Solar System (Gundam Series) --A fictitious weapon that uses sunlight


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