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🎗 | New Year's cards with miswriting or printing mistakes are thrown away ...?It's useful to donate

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New Year's cards with miswriting or printing mistakes are thrown away ...?It's useful to donate

If you write the contents roughly
If you donate the New Year's postcard without throwing it away, it will be useful to someone.

Do you have a New Year's card or a home that you made a mistake in writing or printing?If you donate the New Year's postcard without throwing it away, someone ... → Continue reading

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Postcard with new year's gift

Postcard with new year's gift(Yubin postcard with Otoshidama)[Note 1]AndLaw on postcards with new year's cardsBased onJapan Post Co., Ltd.Issued byNew year postcard(Nenga postcard).post cardOn the surface of the stamp, a "fee amount stamp" with a face value equivalent to that of a stamp is printed.This is paidVoucher(Hyo).New year's cardUsually for use asMay 11Will be released in[Note 2].


In the first year of release1949/In the same yearMay 12Was on sale[Note 3].

New Year's postcards within the handling period of New Year's special mail[Note 4]ToPost boxPost to the end of the yearpost office[Note 5]Detained inNew YearDelivered to[Note 6]It is a mechanism.

Even ordinary postcards and envelopes that are not New Year's postcards are under the stamp partNew Year's cardIf you write in red, it will be treated in the same way.On the contrary, if the New Year's postcard is not treated as a New Year's card but as a normal postcard within the handling period of New Year's special mail, the indication of "New Year's card" is erased with "x" or "=", and it is clearly stated that it is not treated as New Year's mail. There is a need[4].

2017/May 6Due to the postcard revision, the postcard fee was usually revised from 52 yen to 62 yen, but for New Year's postcardsMay 12To the nextMay 1As long as it was offered in the meantime, it was 52 yen as before.[5][Note 7]..However, this handling2018/Finished in one year for2019/New Year's postcards are usually the same price as regular postcards.[6].

In addition, in advance at the bottom of the fee stamppostmarkSince the pattern is printed, it will not be postmarked unless otherwise requested.Such pre-postmarkPre-cancelThat.May 1Until this handling is done[7],May 1Subsequent submissions will be postmarked.In addition, when submitted as a private postcard, a postmark with the date "New Year's Day" and the time notation part "New Year's Day" may be used even if it is processed at the end of the year.further2000/For "2000 anniversary" if it is issued early even if there is a pre-cancellation[8]Machine postmark was used.Next year2001/For "21st Century Memorial"[9][10]A machine postmark with a special design has been used as a postcard, and only the postcard of this year has no pre-cancellation, and a postcard with the specification "New Year's card" is released between the postage stamp and the zip code frame.[11].

Incidentally,Zip CodeAs a preparation period before 7-digit conversion1998/The New Year's postcard for the purpose was issued with only the sender's zip code frame of 7 digits for the purpose of notifying the sender's new zip code.[12]..For photographic inkjet paper type2006/It was released from the market.

2007/IsJapan PostOn the date specified byPost boxOn January 2007, 1, a large number of postal delays did not arrive even though the mail was posted to the user, and users complained.[13].

2017/About 29 sheets were issued for (3,142,077,000)[14].

Types of New Year's postcards

There are two types, one with a surcharge and the other without a surcharge.

The selling price was 2021 yen for 63.to thisDonationAnd drawings, etc.ExpenseThere is a New Year's postcard with a certain amount of color image printed on the back side as a local version, which is sold for 68 yen.There is also a glossy paper for 73 yen.

Those with advertisements were sold for 2013 yen until the end of 45 release.In additionPrivatization of postal servicesFirst time later2008/ForCarbon offset[Note 8]To sayGlobal warmingEven though preventive postcards are added2012/Suspended with issuance for.2009/For use, colored new year's greetings "Uguisu" and "Momo" have been added.2011/At some post offices, 10 scented New Year's cards were also sold for 700 yen.

New Year's lottery

For New Year's postcards and New Year's stampsNew Year's lotteryIs attached[Note 9], There is a lottery every January[Note 10].


If you have a postcard with the winning number, bring it to the post officeStamp sheetCan be issued on the same day at the counter. Prizes such as 1st and 2nd prize will be mailed at a later date.In addition, a postmark indicating that the winning postcard is invalid (issued) is stamped on the lower right number.Depending on the post office, there is no legal basis, but at the time of redemptionDriver's licenseIn some cases, an ID card that can be used to verify the identity is required.

In the past, postal workers printed the winning number on the partScissorsIt was cut off with such.However, because that part of the communication side (back side) was cut off, the contents could not be understood, and it took time and effort for the staff to cut it off, so it was totally unpopular.1990/It became the current postmark method.


Currently, for the 1st and 2nd prizes, you can choose one of the multiple prizes you like.For this reason, New Year's postcardstheftIncidents and Delivery In rare cases, a part-time job takes home without delivery.In addition, the end of the year was consistently a "New Year's stamp sheet", and the design of the stamp was basically the same as the "New Year's postage stamp" of the year, but after 2017, it became a different design.[16].

With the privatization, the company name of the prize has been announced from the 2008 New Year's present prize.Those sold for 55 yen with donations are divided into group A, carbon offsets are divided into group C, and the others are divided into group B.

1980 eraUntil around the middle of the year, there was a winning number that was valid only for Group A with donations (because the selling price per piece was 1-1 yen higher), but it has now been abolished. Since 5, a winning number that is valid only for Group C has been created, but it is now abolished.

New Year's stamps with donations, which are used when sending New Year's cards with private postcards, do not distinguish between groups A, B, and C, and only have a 6-digit number.Winning numbers and prizes are the same as New Year's postcards.

According to Article 1, Paragraph 2 of the Law Concerning Postcards with New Year's cards, the maximum amount of prizes is 5,000 times the postage (2018 yen as of December 12).[17]..According to Article 4 of the law, the statute of limitations for winning lottery is 6 months.

2020 is as follows[18].

gradeWinning rateWinning number (common to all groups)
1st prize (30 yen in cash or 31 yen in electronic money)100 in 1 millionLast 6 digits
2nd class (hometown parcel, etc.)1 in 1 millionLast 4 digits
3rd prize (New Year's stamp sheet)100 out of 3Last 2 digits

The New Year's stamp sheet for 2020 is designed with the characters "Fuku" and "Shou" as motifs, and you can get it from the day after the lottery day by online shopping at the post office. , Issued at the same time as the New Year's postcard as a New Year's postage stamp).

In addition, 2020 will initially beTokyo OlympicsIn addition to the above, pair tickets for the opening or closing ceremonies of the Olympics and pair tickets for watching competitions were special prizes because it was the year of the event.The target New Year's postcards were limited to the former New Year's postcards with donations for the Tokyo 2020 Games and the latter to include Group B New Year's postcards.


in JapanLotteryThose who sell, act as agents, and give and receive are punished according to Article 187 of the Penal Code, but the New Year's lotteryLaw on postcards with new year's cardsBylegitimateHas been transformed (Public competition,LotteryAnd so on).


The idea of ​​a postcard for New Year's cards with a New Year's lottery was devised by a civilian at that time.Postal ministerIt was something that was adopted by direct interviews many times.

1949 years,Kyoto CityLiving inOsakaMasaharu Hayashi, who runs a clothing miscellaneous goods company at[Note 11](1909/ - 1990/May 3) However, he came up with the idea, "If the New Year's card is revived at least in this era when communication means were not sufficient immediately after the end of the war, both the sender and the recipient will be able to understand the whereabouts."If you attach a New Year's card to this New Year's card, everyone will buy it, and if you also attach a donation, it will be useful for social welfare, so I asked the post office in Osaka to write a letter of introduction to the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, and went to Tokyo with the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications. I met.

Hayashi created his own sample postcards and promotional posters, and even thought about specific prizes.presentationWas done.However, it was unprecedented and was dismissed as "premature" because it was a period of turmoil after the war.Nevertheless, Hayashi did not give up and continued to negotiate persistently, and as a result, he was officially hired at the end of the same year.The prizes around this time are specialミ シ ン, 1st class, pure hair clothes, 2nd class, grab for school children, 3rd class, bat umbrella for school children.However, Hayashi's sonMinoru HayashiAccording to the report, sales did not grow so much in the first year and there were a considerable number of unsold items, so Hayashi was afraid that there would be no sales after the next year, so he bought up the unsold postcards even after selling off the land he owned.[19].

Hayashi, who was greatly thanked for the fact that the postcard with a new year's card has become a long-selling postcard that continues to this day, served as an expert advisor after that (although he never attended the actual deliberation).[19]).On the other hand, Hayashi received a complaint from a postal worker saying, "I'm so busy during the year-end and New Year holidays that I can't take a day off," and finally a threatening letter.[19].

Following this success1950/"Postcard for summer greetings" issued by1986/With more lottery, summer postcard "Kamome"(Visiting the hot and late summerStarted selling as a postcard).Furthermore1987/Postcard with a spring pattern "Cherry Blossoms(Released in February), a postcard with an autumn pattern "Momijimeru" (released in August) has also appeared (both have a lottery at the beginning of the release), but Sakurameru and Momijimeruha2002/, Kamome-Rumo2020/[20]The sale has ended with.

Japan Post New Year's donation distribution business

It was established in 24 under the historical background of postwar social reconstruction.Law on postcards with new year's cardsThe New Year's donations collected by the New Year's postcard with donations issued based on the law are stipulated by the law.social welfare"Promotion" "Rescue / prevention of emergency disasters such as storms and floods / earthquakes" "cancer,tuberculosis,Pediatric paralysisResearch, treatment, prevention, etc. ""Atomic bomb OfA-bomb survivorTreatment / assistance forTraffic accident,Water shortage"Rescue / Prevention" "Protection of Cultural Properties" "Social Education for Healthy Youth Development" "Sports Promotion for Health Maintenance" "Support for International Students and Research Students from Developing Areas" "Conservation of the Global Environment" Perform activities belonging to 10 genresNon profit organizationIt is a business to allocate to.Public recruitment of projects from September to November every year, sale of New Year's leaflets from November to January, totaling of donations, examination by an external expert group from November to February, and approval by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications in March At the end of the same month, the allocation group was decided.Since 9, New Year stamps with donations have been issued. The total donation amount by 11 is about 11 billion yen[21].


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注 釈

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