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💹 | What should I start investing in?Introducing recommended methods for beginners


What should I start investing in?Introducing recommended methods for beginners

If you write the contents roughly
I'm sure you'll know more about stocks (imagination), and maybe you can introduce someone who is familiar with investment?

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Intellectual(Knowledge,British: intellectual) Is highknowledge,CultureA person who has[1].Intelli,ExpertAlso called (Yushikisha).


FranceThen,19st centuryEndDreyfus affairAt the time ofMaurice BarrèsIntellectuals (because it was used byBuddha: intellectual) Is said to have become widely known.Valles and Brunutiere are anti-Dreyfus sect,Emile Zora,Octave Mirbeau,Anatole FranceTo the literati who argued for Dreyfus,GeopoliticsHe accused him of defending Dreyfus indiscriminately, despite his lack of knowledge about military issues and military issues, and threw the word intellectual at them.

Therefore, at this time, the intellectual has a derogatory meaning, and he loses his sense of reality so much that he thinks abstractly, and easily talks about topics that he does not know at all.NuanceWas tinged with.

I discussed intellectuals from the opposite direction.Julien BendaIs.Banda wrote in his book "Betrayal of the Liberal Arts (Trahisons des clercs) ”(Japanese title“ The Treason of the Intellectuals ”)truth,正義Intellectuals who should speak for universal values ​​argue that they have lost sight of the essence because they are so absorbed in political discussions.

However, as the phrase became more widespread, the positive meaning became more emphasized than the negative meaning, and it was used for those who actively participated in public debate without being confined to narrow expertise. It became.

The United States of AmericaSociologistCharles Light MillsThe criticism of university students in his book "Sociological Imagination" is also considered to be a kind of intellectual theory.That is, Mills warns that college students are losing the ability to participate in public debates because of their professionalism, and in this regard.journalistHe said that he was more intellectual.

French philosopherJean-Paul SartrePlaces the major role of intellectuals in social participation,French Communist PartyHe joined the party (and then left the party) and made remarks on various political events.

Today, it can be said that intellectuals are representative in this sense.Noam ChomskyIs.Chomsky's remarks have come to have great political influence.However, Chomsky himself is wary of the role of intellectuals walking alone, and what is called intellectual remarks is almost always dominant.ideologyIt states that it only plays a role in defending.

FukudaDescribes the intellectuals as follows:[2].

...... Isn't there too many intellectuals trying to deceive their negligence as professional professionals and prevent them from falling out of their qualifications by self-identifying as intellectuals?It's more difficult than it is, but it is a fact that should be defined as calling people who are intellectuals.There are many examples.When an intellectual becomes a profession, he becomes a peace shop and becomes a TV personality.This is also a nuisance, but if an intellectual becomes a profession, as long as it is a profession, it will have to be dominated by the selfishness that preys on the crisis, and the cause and selfishness Let's say that it is inevitable to be driven into self-deception, which is called confusion. — “What is an Intellectual?” “Tsuneari Fukuda Complete Works” 6


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