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📢 | If you inadvertently throw it away, it may cause a fire! ??Let's throw away the spray can correctly


If you inadvertently throw it away, it may cause a fire! ??Let's throw away the spray can correctly

If you write the contents roughly
Combustible gas is used in cassette cylinders and spray cans.

December 2021, 12 National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) Product Safety Center Towards the end of the year ... → Continue reading

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Furnace(Konro or KatakanaHob(Often referred to as) means those that do not have a direct food support section.[1]Heating heater that uses electric, gas fuel, and liquid fuel as heat sources[1]Or "charcoal konro"[2]And "briquettes"[3]Those that use solid fuel as a heat source[4].

Small size that can be carried originally調理ForFurnaceI pointed out, but todaypotKettleAlso included are stationary burning or heating appliances that heat cooking utensils such as.


What is the "flame" of the stove?GuangyunIt is interpreted as "the shape of fire", that is, it is equivalent to a heat furnace and a fire pot. In katakanaHobIs often written as,Foreign wordsIt is not a Japanese native language (Chinese).

American EnglishWith cooktop or range / range,British EnglishIn the hub (hob)[5], In Chinese, it is called a stove (a stove or a stove, a small brazier: a mini brazier).

Example of how to call
  • Gas stand
  • Gas table
  • Cook top (often used for products outside Japan)
  • Built-in stove (stove built into the sink)
  • Stove-Katakana English refers to a stove, especially for the outdoors.
  • Gas range (in a narrow sense, it covers ovens, combination oven ranges (combined microwave ovens and gas ovens), and convexes.)


Originally, a stove was a portable cooking stove.Edo PeriodMany portable fire beds made by Haji have been excavated from the remains of (Edo remains, Shikoku castle town remains, etc.)[6].Seven wheelsIs also a type of stove, and it is known that it was built by the end of the Edo period.[7].. What is Shichirin?Diatomaceous earthMade of fuel, etc.charcoalIt is a kind of stove that uses such as, and the heating power is adjusted by adjusting the air intake, but it is difficult to adjust the burning condition of the fuel.

Speaking of a stove today, it is generallygasRefers to the stove. There are two types of gas stoves, one is to supply gas from a gas plug using a gas hose, and the other is to connect a cylinder filled with liquefied gas to supply gas. Furthermore, it may refer to an electric stove and an IH cooking heater. Recently, there is also a gas stove and an IH cooking heater that are lined up and integrated. There is also a plate heater that heats dishes and pots containing cooked dishes by keeping them warm so that they do not cool down, but they are not usually included in the category of stoves. OtherCampas well as the ClimbingThere are also various types of portable stoves as supplies.

The stove is often contaminated with splashed oil, spilled foodstuffs and fragments of foodstuffs during general cooking. These cause rot and attract pests. In the case of a gas stove, it causes clogging of the burner part and causes poor combustion. In the case of an electric stove and an IH cooking heater,corrosion,leakageIt also causes such things as. In an IH cooking heater, it is necessary to constantly turn the cooling fan so that the space containing the board does not overheat, and it is necessary to always pay attention so that the filter of the intake part is not clogged. In principle, it is necessary to always pay attention to ventilation in the type of stove that uses fuel.

Types and characteristics of stoves

Generally, a stove can be roughly divided into one that uses electricity as a heat source and one that uses fuel. There are two types that use electricity, one that uses electrical resistance (electrical resistance) and the other that uses electromagnetic induction (electromagnetic induction), and the fuel that uses combustion heating is (solidfuel),(liquidFuel) and (gasFuel) and fuel in each state of matter.

Depending on the type of stove, there are strengths and weaknesses.

Coal stove / kamado (solid fuel)

Oil stove / alcohol stove (liquid fuel)

Gas stove (gas fuel)

City Gas,propane gas Flammability of (LPG)gasA stove that uses fuel as fuel. It is very effective when cooking with stable heat. On the other hand, small items can easily obtain stable thermal power at room temperature.Boiling pointCan be high and the withstand voltage of the cartridge can be loweredbutane(Gas lighterUse a cartridge filled with (fuel) or mixed gas.

The stationary type that uses propane or city gas can easily adjust the heating power, and can be widely used from cooking that requires high temperature such as stir-fried food to cooking that uses low heat for a long time such as simmered food. .. Even a type that uses a simple cartridge is easier to ignite than other mobile stoves, and it is easy to obtain high temperatures.

The types of gas used as fuel are roughly divided into natural gas containing methane as the main component and liquefied petroleum gas containing propane and butane as the main component, which are liquefied under high pressure and stored in a tank. It is difficult to secure an appropriate combustion state without using a stove that matches the gas type. There are many stoves that can be converted and repaired by replacing parts, but it may cost more than expected.

Since there is a large difference in volatilization and expansion rate depending on the temperature and atmospheric pressure, the desktop (cassette stove) and camping cartridge gas stoves that use liquefied petroleum gas in a cartridge are suitable for use in cold regions and alpine regions. It may cause problems. Therefore, in general, cartridgesbutaneHas a lower boiling point for winterIsobutane, ま た はpropaneIs also mixed.

If combustion is continued in a room with improper ventilation, carbon monoxide will be generated due to incomplete combustion, resulting in an accident due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The law requires that household gas be odorized so that it can be easily detected by smell when a gas leak occurs, and a gas meter is used for a large amount of leaks, mainly damage to gas appliances and pipes. Measures have been taken such as the safety device and the fuse gas plug are activated and the gas supply is cut off. Accidents in the stove are often caused by misuse, but the number has been decreasing due to the spread of gas stoves equipped with safety protection functions.

Household equipment

A gas table refers to an easy-to-move stove connected by a gas hose from a gas tap. A system kitchen that is fixed in a built-in state (only the upper surface of the gas stove and the front operation part are exposed) is called a built-in stove. A stove with a grill function built in front of the stove is called a gas stove. As a high-end model, there is also one that incorporates a gas oven range in the part corresponding to the stove. In addition, the main body used for large pots or for business usecastingMade ofCasting stoveThere is also something called (high calorie stove).

To prevent "fire caused by spontaneous combustion inside the wall" caused by the inside of the wall being heated and carbonized for a long period of time ・ A metal heat shield is attached to the wall around the gas table, and when selecting a model, "to the side far from the wall" A high heat (high calorie) burner should come "(the high heat burner is for the right wall on the left side and for the left wall on the contrary).fatherExplosion ignition fireTo prevent "Gas leakInstall an alarm to notify you (because propane is heavier than air) near the floor. "Ventilation fanTo installFire Service ActIt is defined in.Furthermore, since the rubber hose that connects the gas main valve and the main body of the appliance is prone to deterioration, it is recommended to replace it once every two to three years from the viewpoint of preventing gas leak accidents (gas explosion due to gas poisoning or ignition of sparks). (Gas hose branch piping from one main plug is prohibited because there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning due to gas leakage or incomplete combustion. Gas combustion equipment installation work is "performed by a person who has a gas work charge qualification" From the viewpoint of accident prevention, amateur installation work by unqualified persons is strictly prohibited.All electrificationIt is obligatory to contact the gas company even when removing gas equipment and piping in order to switch to, and it is prohibited for an amateur to remove gas equipment and piping without permission).

Stationary gas table as a power source for high pressure discharge ignition and safety devicesDry cellIt has a function to notify the battery replacement time by blinking the red lamp (use 1 single 2 type, be sure to use)alkaliIs used.The battery case is a drawer type and has a stopper, so it cannot be removed.During normal use, the batteries will be consumed in about one year.If you press the ignition button to continue discharging after ignition, or if you press the ignition button to discharge with the gas main valve closed, the batteries will be consumed faster).

Casting Konro

Casting konro is a bite konro made of casting, and there are double ring and triple ring of the burner part.[8].. It is often used in general restaurants because it has a relatively simple structure, is robust and inexpensive.[8].

As a special example,Second World Warof timeMetal donationAlso included is a metal casting stove, and a ceramic stove was developed and distributed as a substitute pottery. However, after the war, the decree itself was abolished and supplies were returned, so the substitute pottery disappeared.[9].

Gas range

A gas range is a gas range consisting of a top burner and an oven, and is the most basic kitchen equipment in restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, etc.[8].

Chinese range

The Chinese microwave oven is a range specialized for use in Chinese restaurants, etc., and is equipped with a special trivet called Chinese trivet according to the pot.[8].. There are inner pipe type and outer pipe type[8].. It has a special structure with strong firepower and a drainage ditch on the back.[8].

Cassette stove

Japanese desktop cartridge gas stove (commonly known as cassette stove) was introduced in 1969.Iwatani SangyoIt was the first desktop cassette stove "Iwatani Horse Non-Cassette Fu" developed in the industry, and the concept "convenient to carry without a hose" became a hot topic and became a big hit product.[10].. After that, similar products were released by several companies, and on July 1991, 2 (Heisei 7), Japanese Industrial Standards "Cassette Konro (JIS S S1)" and "Cassette Konro Fuel Container (JIS S S2147)" Was enacted[11].

But,Cassette cylinderBecause there were multiple standards for1995/(7)1/17Occurred inGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeIn, there was a problem that cassette cylinders could not be accommodated among disaster victims and relief supplies, and the need for standardization was recognized. Taking this as a lesson, on February 1998, 10 (Heisei 2)Japanese Industrial Standard"Cassette Konro (JIS S S2147)" and "Cassette Konro Fuel Container (JIS S S2148)" have been revised.[11], The shape of the cassette cylinder (CB can) is specified as one type (→reference).

However, some products with old standards still exist, and some products leak gas if they are not specified.[12]Depending on the gas cylinder, the proportion of gas components may differ slightly, which may deteriorate parts. Also of the designated inspection agencyJapan Gas Appliance Inspection AssociationJIA certification only performs inspections using products specified by the manufacturer.[13][14][15]Compatibility and safety cannot be guaranteed, andProduct liability insuranceSince it is not covered by the above, the manufacturer prohibits the use of products other than those specified. However, if the products have the JIA certification mark, there will be almost no problem in practical use.

In addition, European standards for cassette cylinders (OD cans) sold for outdoor use.(English edition[16]However, if you actually use another company's product, problems may occur,Camping gasSince there are some original standards such as, it is not completely unified.When converting a cassette cylinder (CB can) for general use to an outdoor stove, a special adapter is required separately.On the other hand, outdoor cassette cylinders are very often unable to be connected to a cassette stove due to shape problems.

Even after the standard change of cassettes and the end of product production, manufacturers continue to manufacture and supply old-fashioned product cassette cylinders for a while.[17]Even if the production of the cassette cylinder itself is finished, it should be noted that the cassette cylinder for the old product will continue to be sold over the counter for a while due to the existence of distribution stock. Furthermore, since LPG fuel containers for special-purpose appliances that are similar in shape to cassette cylinders are on the market, care must be taken not to accidentally use them for cassette cylinders. Since cassette konro is easy to use, there are many accidents such as explosions and fires due to various misuses, so industry groups are calling attention.[18].

Since the quality of liquefied petroleum gas is unlikely to change, the expiration date is not set, but the cassette cylinder itself deteriorates depending on the storage environment and period.[19]Therefore, caution is given when using it.[20].. Generally, it can be stored for about 7 years, but depending on the storage environment, the cylinder may rust even during the storage period, in which case it is preferable to refrain from using it. On the contrary, if it is properly stored, it can withstand storage for 10 years or more, but in this case as well, it is better to refrain from using it unless it is an emergency.

Regarding the disposal of cassette cylindersSpray # Precautions for disposalSee.

Cassette konro is compared to stationary konroGotokuMany products have a short length, and the container of a small pan or pot-baked set may come off the trivet and fall into the gas port.When heating a small object, it is advisable to support it with a wire mesh if necessary.

The current liquefied petroleum gas itself is not toxic, but if you inhale the liquefied petroleum gas as it is, it will be due to lack of oxygen.PoisoningThere is a risk of causing. In the 2000s, even in a gas stove, a glass coat was applied to make it easier to wipe and clean the top plate that heats cooking utensils, but it was sold. This is an introduction to the gas stove that has the advantage of the IH cooking heater, which has a flat top surface and is easy to wipe and clean. Compared to the conventional fluorine-coated stove, which stands out from the trivet, it has improved design and convenience such as easy cleaning. This movement has greatly evolved the design history of gas stoves. As a commercial appliance, there is also a gas-combustion type stove that has a flat top plate like an IH cooking heater.

In recent years, improvements have been made in terms of energy saving, thermal efficiency has improved, and cooking time has become even faster. There are two types of flames: external flame type and internal flame type. In the case of the internal flame type, the flame faces inward, which is efficient. Internal flame type products are also manufactured in cartridge gas stoves (cassette stoves). For example, one internal flame type cartridge gas stove has a duration of 72 minutes.

October 2008, 10 Gas stoves that do not bear the "PSTG" or "PSLPG" mark under the "Gas Business Act" and the "Act on Ensuring the Security of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Optimizing Transactions (Liquid Stone Act)" Sale, display for sale was prohibited[21].. Please note that second-hand goods are also subject to the same regulations.[22].. In addition, the name of "cassette stove" has been changed to "cartridge gas stove", and it is displayed with the changed name in the official documents of the relevant ministries and agencies.[23].

Electric stove (electric resistance)

Nichrome wireSuch asElectric resistanceNot smallconductorTo電流ThroughJoule heatTo generate high temperature,Heat conduction,Heat radiationHeat by.

Commercial power supplyEtc. powerInfrastructureIs necessary. Depending on the modelAir conditionAs with, 200V dedicated power supply wiring is required.power failureOf course time cannot be used. There are also advantages such as no need for gas piping work to the kitchen and less risk of explosion accidents due to gas leaks and ignition from open flames.Studio apartmentRental such ashousing complexIt is often used mainly in. It is often thought that an electric kettle (especially a simple desktop type) does not generate a sufficient amount of heat, but it depends on the product, and there is no unique difference between the gas method and the amount of heat that can be obtained with a stationary electric kettle.

Thermal efficiencyIH methodDepending on the lower frequency of use, the cost of use will be higher. Operating costs vary,City Gas,propane gasEven if compared with, it depends on the charge system and contract type (all-electric contract, etc.) of the district electric power company and gas company, or the usage status of this.

Fried riceAori cooking (A frying panIt is not very suitable for cooking methods that require (movement of moving or shaking), but it is suitable for almost all cooking. Because heat radiation can be obtained directlyMochiGrilledSeaweed-Dried fishSuch asRoastedIs also possible.

combustionForoxygenNo supply requiredventilation TheFoodstufffromNeeded only for such.

Long time agocoilStateHeating wireThe mainstream product is exposed (bare heating wire), and it is energized.electric circuitDue to the exposure ofleakage,Electric shockThere was a danger of. So todayInsulationThe products that have been sold are the mainstream. Seeds heater (Metal tubeHeat resistantInsulationIn the gap through the coated heating wireFillerThe appearance of the electric konro is a little thick.Swirl mosquito coilLike,Radiant heaterThe heater is similar to the IH cooking heaterGlassIt is under the top and is not exposed, and there are cases where the radiant heater is built into the model that mainly uses the IH cooking heater. Regarding the name, the one with the exposed heating wire is called "electric stove" and the sheathed heater is called "electric cooking heater" to distinguish them.ManufacturerThere is also.

switchIt should be noted that it is quite hot for several minutes to ten and several minutes after turning off due to residual heat. As for small electric konro, I overconfidently believe that it is safe due to lack of familiarity with how to use it, and it is easy to heat it.Cardboard,paper bagEtc. are placed and the time signature of something is energized火災There have been multiple reports of accidents such as[24],Apology CMIncluding the broadcast ofrecallHas fallen into the situation of implementing.

IH cooking heater (electromagnetic induction)


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spray(English: spray) Is high pressure空 気Such asgasAnd mechanical exercise (Means,Piezo elementEtc.)liquidThe(I.e.,It is a device that sprays in such a state.There are various types of spray depending on the type of liquid and the amount of spray.Also, due to the difference in drive sourcecanCan spray using high pressure gas inside, electricpumpElectric spray by, etc., externalair pressureThere is an air spray using.Of the air sprayPaintingForSpray gun or airbrushIs called.In addition, it should be noteddiesel engine OfCombustion chamberTofuelIn a mistInjection pumpThen from an early stageCompressed airThe one that does not require is the mainstream, and it is called "AspiratedIt may be called "injection method" to distinguish it from the old one.

Here, the can spray is described.


compressionAir etc.gasLiquid with more pressure,nozzleBy suddenly ejecting from a small hole in the liquid, the liquid is fine.particleIs scattered.

Worldwide, enclosed in a closed container with air and other gasesaerosolProductCalled,the 1920sToEuropePrototyped by scholars (no older literature).Generally mass-producedSecond World WarinsideU.S. Army mosquitoSuch asInsecticide-Insect repellentIt is said to be an insecticide / insect repellent spray (Bag Bombe) used for spraying.By definition, it is recognized as a product that releases the contents to the outside of the container in the form of mist or foam by itself by the pressure of vaporized liquefied gas or compressed gas.StructurallyActuatorIf you press the button called, you can create fine fog and bubbles with your own energy.aerosolDue to the characteristics of the product, the amount of release can be adjusted as needed at the push of a button anytime, anywhere, and the contents are sealed, hygienic, and waste-free. It is used in many fields.

Aerosol products are roughly divided into three parts: caps, buttons, valves, dip tubes, and pressure-resistant containers.When the valve is opened by pressing a button called an actuator, the mixed contents of the undiluted solution and the propellant that are being pressed in the container are released at once from the hole of the button through the dip tube.The released contents become a fine mist due to the rapid expansion of the propellant due to decompression, and depending on the shape of the nozzle and the contents, it is possible to discharge bubbles, gel, ice, etc.

Many products have a note to use with the nozzle facing up when using.This is because if the container is used upside down, the gas in the container will be exhausted before the liquid is ejected, and spraying will not be possible.note that,Air dusterIn, the problem when used upside down is different from this section.Detail isAir duster #NotesSee.


As a gas, formerly a nonflammable and easy-to-use gasFreonWas widely used,the 1980sBecame a problemozone layerAfter global debate from fears of destructionJapanButHigh Pressure Gas Safety ActWas revised.Freon is banned from use, and for home useFUEL,DME such asFlammability OfLiquefied petroleum gasHas been lifted and is now the mainstream gas.also,nozzleHas almost no impact on the environment due to the improvement ofnitrogenIs also available.In cosmetics and pharmaceuticals such as lotion sprays and sunscreen sprays, compressed nitrogen (air) is often used.In addition, for some household and industrial products,Alternative Freon,carbon dioxideIs also used,Global warming potentialThe use of high CFC substitutesasthmaIt is only used for essential use such as medicine sprays and some industrial products.


圧縮ガスを原動力にしているスプレーは、小型化すると噴射力が弱くなりほとんど飛ばなくなる。このため内容量が数ミリリットルのサイズの圧縮ガススプレーは、遠くまで飛ばなくてもよい用途にしか使えない。しかしGunpowderThis problem will be solved if the driving force is.When the switch is activated, the inside of the can suddenly becomes a high pressure state due to the reaction of the explosive, and the liquid is rapidly ejected, so that a flight distance of several meters can be obtained.However, it is a one-time only使 い 捨 てThere is also a demerit that it becomes.Mainly used for self-defense of civiliansTear sprayThere are also built-in sprays for small security equipment.For example, there have been products in which the liquid flows when the lock attached to the article is forcibly removed, but by incorporating a spray using gunpowder, the liquid can be scattered over a wider area.Naturally, the compressed gas type spray was too large to be incorporated.


For spray productsFreon,Alternative FreonFor filled products, Freon gas and CFC substitutes react with fire.Hydrogen fluorideOtherToxic gasTo generate.

Combustible gasFor filled products,Flammable gasReacts with the fireIgnite,爆 発To do.

Therefore, with either productNot recommended for indoor use..If it is unavoidable to use it indoorsSufficient ventilation and select loop cut from theStove,heater,Air conditionerThe use of gas for cooking and hot water supply must also be completely suspended.

Also, for combustible gas products, if you do not pay attention to the residual concentration of gas in the room, it is for ventilation.Ventilation fan,FanSuch asmotorsparkByIgnite,爆 発(There are cases of explosion accidents in bathrooms, etc.).

What is used for equipment (Air dusterEtc.), the accumulated combustible gas is sparks of switches, mechanisms, motors, etc.Ignite,爆 発Therefore, be sure to unplug the power outlet to discharge it before using it, and do not connect the power supply until the stagnant gas is sufficiently drained after use.

Regardless of the type of filling gas, it is essentially a high-pressure gas container, and if a high temperature exceeding room temperature (40 ° C or higher as a guide) continues for a long time, the gas will expand.ruptureIn combustible gas productsIgnite,爆 発do.Therefore, in places where direct sunlight continues in the summer, inside automobiles under the scorching sun, cooking utensils, etc.Heating appliancesIt is dangerous to put it near.Large-scale explosions caused by the flammable gas of the spray have actually occurred (Sapporo real estate agency store gas explosion accidentSuch).

In general, the droplets of the content liquid are scattered over a wide area, so be careful not to inhale.If you inhale the waterproof spray, you may have difficulty breathing.pneumoniaMay cause[1].

Except for those used for the human body (hairspray, etc.), in principle, it is possible to close outdoors with excellent ventilation, indoors with ventilation equipment, or work objects.boothUsed within.

Precautions for disposal

spray(Cassette cylinderWhen disposing of (including), make sure that it is completely used up and dispose of it.MunicipalitiesDischarge according to regulations such as. Until around 2003, when disposing of used sprays, it was common to make holes in cans outdoors without fire to remove gas, but there are many secondary accidents such as injuries and ignition when making holes. Therefore, most local governments have decided to use up and dispose of them separately.[2].. Even as of 2014, there are two types of municipalities: those that need to make holes when discharging garbage and those that do not need it on the premise that gas is completely removed.In this regard,Ministry of the EnvironmentTo the local governmentIt is desirable not to make holesWe continue to provide guidance with[3].

In addition, there are cases where such disposal methods are not thoroughly implemented by residents and are easily put out as garbage together with combustibles, such as in garbage collection vehicles.Containment vaultThere are constant cases of explosions and flames inside.[4]..In addition, spray cans manufactured in recent years often come with a degassing cap for degassing the inside after use, or have a function of almost degassing by performing a specific operation.For cassette cylinders, since April 2007, all products with a calorific value of 4 kcal / h (about 2,000 kW) or moreCassette stoveOn the other hand, it became mandatory to install a heat panel to heat the cassette cylinder and use up the gas.[5].


Daily use
Crime prevention and self-defense
More informations

More informations

  • baseballSo, you can hit the ball freely in any direction.batterThis is sometimes called "spray hitter" and the technique is sometimes called "spray hitting method".
  • catBut,markingforPheromoneincludingPeeIs called a spraying act.


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