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💹 | 45 years old Savings 40 yen.Education costs for three middle and high school children are high, and they are extremely poor every month before the payday.

The counselor is a 3-year-old part-time woman who is worried about not being able to pay for the education of her three children.He has low savings and is worried about his retirement funds.Mr. Yasuhiko Fukano, a financial planner, will give you some advice.

45-year-old savings of 40 yen.Education costs for three middle and high school children are high, and they are extremely poor every month before the payday.

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If you can't rely on your parents, you have no choice but to borrow a scholarship for the vocational school and repay it as a couple.

I manage to pay the tuition fee by using the school enrollment support money. → Continue reading

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Vocational schools

Vocational schools(Senmon Gakko,English: Specialized training college[1]) IsEducational institutionsIsVocational schoolOut ofSpecialized course(English: post-secondary course[1]) Is an exclusive name that can be called by the vocational school[2],ISCED-Classified in 5B levelHigher education[1].

Japanese vocational school

School type and courseLegal monopoly nameInstaller type
Put a specialized courseVocational schoolVocational schoolsNational and private
High schoolVocational schoolCollege of technologyNational and private
AllVocational schoolVocational schoolNational and private
Various schoolsNoneNational and private
Unlicensed schoolNoneOut of law

School education lawRegular school established by[3][Note 1]And "provide organizational skills for the purpose of developing the abilities necessary for occupation or actual life, or improving education."Educational institutionsTheVocational school[4]That is, all of the following items must be applicable.

  1. Study period is 1 year or more
  2. The number of classes is more than the annual class hours (800 hours) specified by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
  3. More than 40 people always receive education

this house,Those who have completed upper secondary educationTargetSpecialized courseYou can call what puts "vocational school"[2]..To the last "Special training school with specialized coursesAnd if you have a specialized course,Advanced course(Those who have completed lower secondary educationTarget)General courseCan also be placed. That is, not only are there those who are enrolled in the “vocational course” of a specialized school (hereinafter “vocational school”) called “vocational school”, those who are enrolled in the “higher course” of a vocational school, Some people are enrolled in the "general course".

Since there is no obligation to use the name "vocational school", some vocational schools do not call it "vocational school" even if they have a specialized course.Ohara Bookkeeping SchoolThere are examples such as.Takehaya Teacher Nursery SchoolThere is also a vocational school called "youseishisetsu" instead of "school".On the contrary, if you do not have a specialized course, you cannot call it a "vocational school", soTAC,LEC Tokyo Legal MindIt is a mistake to call a so-called qualification school a "vocational school".

For specialized schools that have higher courses without specialized courses, see "College of technologyCan be referred to as[5].

Vocational school change

2000 eraAfter that, regular vocational schools and university-affiliated vocational schoolsUniversity(Junior collegeThe number of cases of reorganization to (including) is increasing.

From a vocational school attached to the universityJunior collegeAs an example of the reorganization toOsaka College of Physical Education Junior College-Hirosaki Welfare Junior College-Osaka Health and Welfare Junior College-Nippon Dental University Tokyo Junior Collegeand so on. Also2006/(Heisei18 years)Fukui Medical Junior CollegeIn some cases, it was developed and reorganized from a vocational school not attached to a university to a university.


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