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📢 | [Art Director Kyoko Kita x KITCHIBE] Future playhouse with fragrant insect food flavor ...

Photo Insect food play house set / INSECTS COOKING TOYS

[Art Director Kyoko Kita x KITCHIBE] The future playhouse with the scent of insect food flavors ...

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While belonging to the creative department of Dentsu Inc., he is engaged in creative activities.

Kichibee Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Taichi Shiono) is an art director, Kyoko Kita /… → Continue reading


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Dentsu Inc.(Dentsu,British: DENTSU INC.) IsJapanThen it is counted as a major company.On a global scaleAdvertising agency5rd place[2].2020 May 1To a pure holding company structure. In this paper, it is a holding company.Dentsu Group, Inc.Is also described.


No. 2 in JapanHakuhodo DY HoldingsJapan's largest with about four times the sales ofAdvertising agencyAnd "Of the advertising worldGulliverHas the nickname.Due to its overwhelming share, the marketoligopolyIs becoming a problem, 2005 (Heisei17 years)Fair Trade Commission(at that time·Kazuhiko Takeshima(Chairperson) started the investigation and pointed out the fact that Dentsu's monopoly in the advertising industry is progressing in the survey report, and concluded that "fairness and transparency must be ensured".[3].

1987 The fifth corporate emblem of "CED" established in (62) stands for "Communications Excellence DENTSU-Excellent communication activities",2002 It was used until December (14).The company emblem of "dentsu" currently in use is the 12th generation enacted after the relocation of Shiodome in December 2002.

The scale has expanded by actively including overseas advertising companies under its umbrella, and in recent years it has become the fifth largest advertising agency group in the world.


  • 1901 -December 7th,Mitsunaga ShiroBy Dentsu's predecessor "Japan AdvertisingWas established.Tokyo cityKyobashi WardYazaemon Town, "Ginza MatsuzakiOpened from 1 to 7 employees on the first floor of a second-floor house with two frontages and three depths on the north side of several houses.[4].
  • 1907 --Mitsunaga's establishment of a news agency absorbed Japanese advertising, and "Nippon Telegraph News Agency"(Dentsu).
  • 1914 - World War IOutbreak.Dentsu has achieved remarkable results in the coverage of the war, and it was decided to raise the voice as a news agency at once.[5].
  • 1932 - Manchurian IncidentIn response, the government decided that it was necessary to unify Japanese information and communication organizations and create a national news agency.[5].ManchuriaIn, the communication network of Dentsu and Nippon Shimbun Union, which had a competitive relationship with Dentsu at that time, was integrated.National policy companyFounded by "Manchuria News Agency" (Kokutsu). The companyShinkyoHeadquartered inSatomiWas the main brush[6].
  • 1935 ――In May, the integrated promotion group of Dentsu and Nihon Shimbun Union held a preparatory committee for establishment and decided the new company name as "Alliance News Agency". November, Minister of Communications approves establishment[5].
  • 1936 --June 6, the communications departmentAlliance news agencyDentsu becomes a full-time advertising agency[5].
  • 1947 - Allied Supreme Commander General CommandByBanishment of public officeThe third president who wasUeda SouzoAs a successor toHideo YoshidaBecame the 4th president and worked to modernize the advertising trading system. Military corporate rules "Ten rules", and laid the foundation for the development of Dentsu.
  • 1955 --On July 7st, on the 1th anniversary of the founding of the company, the company name was changed from Nippon Dentsu Tsushinsha Co., Ltd.DentsuChange to[7].
  • 1973 ――No. 1 in the world in annual transaction volume of advertising companies[7].
  • 1984 - Los Angeles OlympicsMore full-scale entry into sports events. Since then, business expansion at sports events continues.
  • 1986 - Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK) and is a subsidiary of NHK.NHK Enterprise Co., Ltd.25% jointly owned by our company 25%Sogo Vision Co., Ltd.Was established due to various reasons.2013 May 7It was dissolved in the form of being absorbed and merged with NHK Enterprises.
  • 1988 --The world's first advertising company to exceed 1 trillion yen in sales[7].
  • 2000 -Major UK advertising companyColette dickenson pierceAcquired,The United States of AmericaFormed advertising company group "bcom3" together with "Leo Burnett".
  • 2001 May 11 -Stocks listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock ExchangeListing.
  • 2002 -Acquired Leo BarnetFranceBased in the world's leading advertising agency (3rd in the world)Publicis"Entered into a capital alliance with the group.
  • 2012 -Acquisition of Aegis, the UK's largest and 8th largest advertising agency in the world, in LondonDentsu Aegis NetworkEstablished. It has approximately 140 advertising agencies in 10 countries around the world, and its sales reach more than half of the group (2015% in 54.3).[8][9].
  • 2014 2 month - GermanyAcquired 100% of Expreed's shares and made it a consolidated subsidiary[10].
  • 2016 November-Founded in GermanyFrog designAnnounced a business tie-up with[11][12].
  • 2018 May 7 -Mahjong Pro League "M LeagueTo participate. "TEAM RAIDEN/raidenSponsored[13].
  • 2018 May 10 - Sunrise,Piero,MAPIn collaboration with nine leading animation studios in Japan, we have built a system to produce original video content with animation that enhances the attractiveness of companies / organizations and brands of products / services.In addition, a cross-group organization within the Dentsu headquarters"Dentsu Japanimation Studio" (Dentsu Japanimation Studio)Headquarters was set up[14].
  • 2020 May 1 - Dentsu Group, Inc.Changed the company name toPure holding companyTransition to system[15].
  • 2020 May 6 - BANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentCollaborate with indie game publishing businessPhoenixxConcluded a business alliance agreement with[16].
  • 2021 May 2 ――The Dentsu Group's overall financial results for 2020 were 10.4 billion yen, 9392% lower than the previous year, and the final loss was 1595 billion yen, the final deficit for the second consecutive year, and the largest deficit ever. Announced that[17].
  • October 2021, 6- Dentsu Head Office BuildingAnnounced that it has resolved to consider selling.The Dentsu Group itself will continue to move in as a tenant.[18].

Corporate constitution

  • Site priority constitution (disregard / ignore management from the management department)[19]
  • Competition supreme principle (competitionPriority is given to winning in, and sacrificing others for that)[19]

Dentsu originally had a news agency, but transferred it,Alliance news agencyIt is a company that has absorbed the advertising business of Japan and became a specialist in advertising.Although the bad constitution of the news agency (news media) that chases the news day and night without considering working hours remained as DNA, after that it became an advertising company and was no longer a news agency, so overtime regulations were imposed on working hours etc. The constitution (Yuruyuru constitution) that the site dislikes and ignores the detailed management from the company including it has remained as a corporate culture.[19]..Dentsu became an advertising specialist despite the fact that the news agency's constitution remained, so there was almost no supervision from the government.[19].

Ten rules

4th presidentHideo YoshidaBy1951 Dentsu Employee Code of Conduct[20].

1991 Of male employeesDeath from overwork(Dentsu Incident) Was excluded from the training textbooks for new employees, but it continued to be recorded in the employee notebook, and it was said that the fifth rule was the background of Dentsu's labor constitution.[21].2015 Following the overworked suicide of a new female employee in December2016 Remove only to the extent[22][23].

  1. Jobs should be created, not given.
  2. Work is not about being passive, it means working on the first move.
  3. You can work on a big job, and a small job will make you smaller.
  4. There is progress in aiming for and achieving difficult tasks.
  5. Don't let go if you work, don't let go if you're killed, until you complete your purpose.
  6. By dragging around, dragging and dragging, you can open up the sky for a long time.
  7. If you have a plan and a long-term plan, you will have patience, ingenuity, and the right effort and hope.
  8. Being confident and not confident, your work is neither powerful nor tenacious, and even thick.
  9. The head is always full rotation, paying attention to all directions, there should be no minute gap, service is like that.
  10. Don't be afraid of rubbing, rubbing is the mother of progress, positive fertilizer, or you'll become a mean man.

Three responsibilities

Same as Onitsuru, by 4th President Hideo Yoshida1953 Made in, but1987 Description has been excluded from the employee notebook and is no longer used[24].

  1. Ordering, rehabilitation, contacting and reporting are the responsibility of the person who performs this until the result is confirmed and its effect is understood. The responsibility within that limit cannot be avoided.
  2. If you don't have the wisdom and talent to hear one and know ten and do this, you must have the alertness and responsibility to hear one and do one completely. A person who hears one and makes a mistake of ten has no harm in doing so. It is a cancer of tissue activity. It should be deleted.
  3. For us, formal responsibility is no longer worth a piece. Our job is bloody. We live for that day and day.

Ten Strategies

1960 era, Vance Packard (en: Vance Packard) "People who create waste" (en: The Waste Makers) Based on the contents of Dentsu PR (currentlyDentsu Public RelationsI was the presidentHisamitsu NagataProposed by[25][26]..However, there is no mention of this strategy in Dentsu's publications and there is no documentary support.[27].

  1. Use it more
  2. Let me throw it away
  3. Let's waste it
  4. Forget the season
  5. Give me a gift
  6. Let's buy it in a combination
  7. Throw a trigger
  8. Let's be out of fashion
  9. Let me buy cheaply
  10. Create confusion

Mt. Fuji mountain climbing training

Every year for new employees as part of "new employee training"Fuji mountain climbingLet me do[28]..The company calls this "Dentsu Fuji mountain climbing", and it is said that the first president, Mitsunaga, originally started with the purpose of cultivating the fighting spirit of employees.[28].

Executives, officers, etc.

Successive presidents

NameTerm of office
First generationMitsunaga Shiro1923 - 1940
2 feeMitsunaga Shinzo1940- 1945
3 feeUeda Souzo1945- 1947
4 feeHideo Yoshida1947- 1963
5 feeHibino Tsuneji1963- 1973
6 feeYoshihata Nakahata1973- 1977
7 feeShuji Tamaru1977- 1985
8 feeKohei Kogure1985- 1993
9 feeYutaka Narita1993- 2002
10 feeJuno Mataki2002- 2007
11 feeTatsuka Takashima2007- 2011
12 feeNaoshi Ishii2011- 2017
13 feeToshihiro Yamamoto2017- 2019
14 feeHiroshi Igarashi[Note 1]2020 -2021
15 feeNorihiro Kuretani2022-

Successive presidents

NameTerm of office
First generationKohei Kogure1993 - 2002
2 feeYutaka Narita2002- 2007
3 feeJuno Mataki2007- 2011
4 feeTatsuka Takashima2011-


Dentsu Group, Inc. (as of January 2020, 1Pure holding companyMove to)[29]
Dentsu Inc. (as of January 2020, 1Business companyHas taken over the function as[30][31]
  • <Representative Director> Hiroshi Igarashi
  • <Representative Director> Yoshio Takada
  • <Representative Director> Nobuyuki Toya
  • <Director> Norihiro Kurutani

Executive officers, executive officers, etc.

Dentsu Group Inc. (same)[29]
  • 〈Corporate Officer>
    • (President and CEO) Toshihiro Yamamoto
    • (Executive Vice President) Shun Sakurai, Tim Andre
    • (Executive Officers) Hiroshi Igarashi, Arinobu Soga, Nick Pridey, Atsushi Shibata, Takaki Hibino, Shigeru Ishida, Yuko Takahashi, Keiichi Higuchi, Dominique Shine, Simon Zinger, Ana Molton
    • The structure before and after the company reorganization is as follows. (Executive Officer) Toshihiro Yamamoto (Executive Officers) Yoshio Takada, Nobuyuki Toya, Tim Andrey, Arinobu Soga, Hiroshi Igarashi, Shun Sakurai, Atsushi Shibata, Takashi Yagi, Yutaka Ishikawa, Yuichi Okubo, Keiichi Maeda, Takaki Hibino, Hidemi Matsuo, Norihiro Kureya, Shigeru Ishida, Kiyokami Nakamura, Norio Kamijo, Norihiro Yamagishi, Ryo Ando, ​​Tetsuji Hirose, Norihiko Sakata, Ichiro Itani, Masaya Nakamura, Norihito Adachi, Soichi Takahashi, Masao Tatsuma, Satoshi Ouchi Shigeko, Hiromi Suzuki, Kyo Sonsei, Keiichi Yoshizaki, Nick Pridey, Shinichi Maeda, Nobutaka Hayashi, Shuji Yamaguchi, Mitsunori Sato.
Dentsu Inc. (the same)[30]
  • <Operating officer>
    • (President and CEO) Hiroshi Igarashi
    • (Vice President and Executive Officer) Nobuyuki Toya, Norihiro Kaburaya
    • (Executive Officers) Yoshio Takada, Hideo Tokuyama, Yutaka Ishikawa, Hidemi Matsuo, Kiyoshi Nakamura, Norio Kamijo, Tetsuji Hirose, Norihiko Sakata, Ichiro Itani, Masaya Nakamura, Norihito Adachi, Soichi Takahashi, Masao Tatsuma, Tomoko Ouchi. , Hiromi Suzuki, Kyo Sonsei, Keiichi Yoshizaki, Nobutaka Hayashi, Shinichi Maeda, Shuji Yamaguchi, Terumasa Kage, Katsuhiko Fukumoto, Yoshihisa Suzuki
  • 〈Statutory Auditor> Nobuaki Hisashima

Domestic offices

Tokyo Head Office

TokyoMinato-ku1-8-1 Higashishimbashi

Kansai branch

Osaka3-2-4 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka
Nakanoshima Festival Tower West 17F

Kyoto branch

KyotoShimogyo-ku, Kyoto Shijo Dori Muromachi Higashiiri 101 Hakoya-komachi
Urbannet Shijo Karasuma Building 5F

Chubu branch

AichiNagoya City Nakamura-ku Meieki 3-chome 28-12
Dai Nagoya Building 29F

Gifu Liaison Office

Gifu9-16 Wakamiyacho, Gifu City
Tokai Building 3F

Mie Liaison Office

Mie375 Hadokoro, Tsu City
Hyakugo/Meiji Yasuda Building 3F

Related project events

オ リ ジ ナ ルcharacterAnd fictionalalien.Soichiro TaharaIt is also mentioned in the book "Dentsu" (Asahi Shimbun, 1981), and locally after making a character.MediaIt was a deployment strategy. actuallyCanyon recordRecords fromShueishaThe picture book was published by.
2007 , Grand Prix Series for IB Sports, where athletes had little management experience at the time South KoreaWe support management by presenting exceptional conditions such as holding and cooperation of relay right business. Dentsu discovers the possibility of Kim Yoona (Dentsu Group Chairman at that timeYutaka Narita) Korean market development strategy[32].
Nippon TV-Teiko PromotionTied up withchampion Mike TysonWas invited.
Tokyo Olympics / Para Opening Ceremony Production TeamThe actual partitioning role ofTakashi Yamazaki,Nomura Mansai,MIKIKOIn December 2020Hiroshi Sasaki(Former Dentsu Creative Director) became general manager,Naomi WatanabeResigned from responsibility in March 2021 after being reportedly insulting[35][36][37]..During this time, Hiroshi Sasaki and Yoshio Takada (President of Dentsu Inc., who joined Dentsu in 1977 after joining Dentsu Inc.) joined Dentsu Inc., and MIKIKO was forced to resign in December 2020, and the production team was disbanded. It was changed to a new system that was unified with Hiroshi Sasaki[38][39].
Furthermore, the sameTokyo Olympics / Para TournamentJust before the openingJOCAccounting manager of the subwayNakanobu StationI jumped into the train and passed away.At the same time, at the 4 ceremony of opening and closing the Ori-Para of the same tournamentGames Organizing CommitteeFinally, 165 billion yen was entrusted to Dentsu, but the budget actually used for the Ori-Para 4 ceremony was about 10 billion yen. It has been revealed that about 155 billion yen has been unclear because of Dentsu's non-disclosure agreement.[40][41]..In addition, it is related to the outsourcing of the tournament management business.Tokyu Agency,Fuji Creative Corporation,Hakuhodo,ADK, Dentsu and other major playersAdvertising agencySeveral companies and dispatch companiesPasonaAccording to the above, a large amount of labor costs and management costs such as "daily wage 35"Pinhane,Round throwWas questioned by the Diet deliberations and accusations on TV programs, and called for various speculations and speculations.[42][43].

Movie works involved in production

Live-action movie

Anime movie

TV animation and special effects works involved in production

TV animation production has traditionally been Asatsu-DK → Asatsu-DK → ADK Emotions (ADK HoldingsUnder the umbrella)Yomiuri Advertising CompanyWas strong, and Dentsu did not put much effort into it.However, the entry into TV animation itself was the dawn of TV animation, which started broadcasting in 1963.Tetsujin 28] And is quite old.

2000 eraSince joining the company, he has been active in TV animation production and acquired Pioneer LDC (in 2008).NBC UniversalSold to an affiliated company, nowNBC Universal Entertainment Japan).

Works currently involved

*☆ is a work not related to copyright but related (OP or ED credit)
*◇ is non-credit and is not shown in the copyrightProduction Committee MethodOr works that are involved as an advertising agency

Works involved in the past

Works not related to copyright but related

Scandals and problems

Employee overwork / power harassment suicide

Suicide of a male employee (Dentsu Incident)

1991 OctoberOccurrence. Developed into litigation, from the boss in the judgmentLeather shoesPoured intobeerBeing forced to drink or being hit by the heel of the shoePower harassmentThe fact of[44].

Suicide of a new female employee (2015)

  • 2015
  • 2016
    • August 9- MitaLabor Standards Inspection OfficeIs that this employee committed suicideLong working hoursBydepressionIt was determined that the onset ofIndustrial accidentAuthorized (labor accident)[46][47].. In response to this, 2016May 10,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareTokyo Labor BureauSpecial Measures Group for Eliminating OverworkLabor Standards ActBased on the above, an unannounced survey called a supervision inspection was conducted at the Dentsu head office, and local labor bureaus also conducted surveys at each branch office in Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto.[49].. Under these circumstances, it is said that employees were forced to work illegally for long hours or they did not properly understand their working hours.2010 In the Chubu branch,2014 Kansai branch office, and in 2015, Tokyo head office and subsidiary Dentsu Kyushu, respectively, made correction recommendations from local labor standards inspection offices (Administrative guidance) Was received[50][51].. Also, a male employee who worked at the head office2013 In 2016, he died of illness due to long working hours.Industrial accidentIt became clear that it was certified by[52].
    • November 11-Following growing suspicion that illegal overtime has become normal company-wide after multiple correction recommendationsTokyo Labor BureauSpecial measures teams for eradicating overwork, etc. have switched to forced investigations and suspected violations of the Labor Standards Law at Dentsu headquarters and three branch offices nationwideHouse searchWent[53].
    • December 12-Dentsu received this series of facts in 23Black company awardAwarded "Grand Prize"[54].
    • December 12-After having employees work long hours illegallyWorking hoursThe Tokyo Labor Bureau said that Dentsu as a corporation and the boss at the time of a female employee who committed suicide allegedly violated the Labor Standards Act, allegedly committing a criminal offense.Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's OfficeToDocument inspection official[55].. Same day,Naoshi IshiiDentsu President2017 Announced to resign from the board of directors in January[56][57].
  • 2017
    • April 4-Assuming that employees were forced to work overtime that exceeded the upper limit set by the labor-management agreementMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareInspected documents of Dentsu as a corporation and executives of branch offices in Chubu, Kansai, and Kyoto on charges of violation of the Labor Standards Act.[58].
    • May-Dentsu's subsidiaries Dentsu East Japan, Dentsu West Japan, Dentsu Kyushu, Dentsu Hokkaido, and Dentsu Okinawa received correction recommendations from their respective Labor Standards Inspection Offices for causing employees to work illegally for long hours.[59].
    • July 7-Dentsu as a corporation to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office for causing employees to work illegally overtimeInformal prosecutionAnd the series of investigations ended[60].. The boss of the female employee who died from overwork at that time was not charged criminal charges andProsecution delay)[61].
    • August 7- Tokyo Summary CourtHowever, it was judged to be "unreasonable" by the informal order to promptly decide the sentencing only by the written hearing, and it was officially decided.Criminal trialDentsu's criminal liability was held in an open court because it was decided to open the court.Dentsu HeadquartersUnionThe labor-management agreement that stipulated that overtime hours were up to 50 hours a month, etc.XNUMX agreement) However, it was also revealed that the union members were less than 50% of the employees and the agreement was invalidated.[62][63].
    • September 9-The first trial was held at the Tokyo Summary Court, and the president of DentsuToshihiro YamamotoAppeared in court.He admitted that he was "no doubt" about the arraignment of the indictment.Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's OfficeSought a fine of 50 yen, saying that "the company's profits were prioritized and illegal overtime was normal", and the trial was concluded.[64].
    • October 10-The Tokyo Summary Court ruled that Dentsu was ordered to pay a fine of 6 yen for violating the Labor Standards Act, saying that "illegal long working hours were becoming a norm and overtime work was widespread." .. Since the amount was 50 yen, Dentsu did not appeal until the appeal deadline,May 10Fined toDefinitive judgmentIt became.

Annoying acts in CM shooting

2010 years,Mt. YarigatakeAround shooting TV commercials athelicopterAs annoying to climbers usingMinistry of the EnvironmentIs Dentsu,Nissin Food,Aoi promotionDocument guidance was given to 3 companies[65].. The Ministry of the Environment had requested in advance to refrain from shooting with a helicopter, but the person in charge forced the shooting, and during the shooting for about 30 minutes, it was annoying to refuse general climbers without permission to enter the summit. It was

2020 Tokyo Olympics emblem plagiarism

2015 January,Belgium OfLiege TheaterAnd its logo designerHakuhodoWas an employeeKenjiro Sanoby2020 Tokyo Olympics emblemThe design of is a plagiarism of self-made,IOCFiled a lawsuit against a Belgian court seeking to suspend the use of the emblem[66].

In this,Tokyo Olympic Organizing CommitteeOf a Dentsu employee who was seconded to Creative Director and was an emblem judgeTakasaki TakamaHowever, it became clear that Sano produced the original proposal twice and then recommended it for the examination, which led to doubts about the fairness of the selection.[67].. In addition, Hidetoshi Maki, who was the director of the Dentsu Marketing Bureau and was seconded to the Organizing Committee, representative of the judging committeeKazumasa NagaiAt the discretion of the company, eight designers in Japan including Sano were requested to apply before the public offering.[68], It was also revealed that fraud had been committed to leave their work for the second round of screening.

Due to this series of turmoil, the emblem by Sano was withdrawn, and Takasaki and Maki were also released from the Organizing Committee and virtually removed.[69].

Alleged involvement of back money in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics bid

2016 May, UKGuardianPaper2020 Tokyo Olympics bid processInBack metalReported suspicion and pointed out Dentsu's involvement in it[70]..According to the article, Japan regarding the decision to hold the Tokyo OlympicsTokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Bid Committee TheSingapore OfConsultant company, Has transferred a total of 7 million euros (about 10 million yen) to Black Tides' bank account twice in July and October.International Olympic Committee(Hereafter, IOC) memberLamine Diac(OriginalWorld FederationChairman,Senegalese) Is said to have passed. The Black Tides consultant who owns this account will be a subsidiary of DentsuSwitzerland-LausanneWas also a consultant for Athlete Management and Services, Inc.[71].

Japan Olympic CommitteeAccording to a research team of (JOC), a consultant from Black Tidings has sold the business to the bid committee, and Dentsu has also provided information that the consultant of the company has a connection with Lamine Diack. I got a contract because I received it, but the bid committee said that this transactionGiftHe concludes that there was no illegality, saying that he was not able to recognize that[72].. Dentsu said, "We have only reported the results within our knowledge and are not involved in the agreement between the Bid Committee and Black Tides," and denied an investment relationship with Athlete Management and Service.[73][74].

December 2018, DentsuHaruyuki Takahashi[75][76] Tour the Rato IOCLobbyingJOC president who continuedTakekazuOver the Tokyo Olympics bidbriberyOn suspicionFranceBecame a suspect in the prosecution's investigation process[77][78][79], Takeda has retired as JOC President, IOC Member, and Tokyo 2019 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee Vice President and Director due to the expiration of his term in June 6.
Haruyuki Takahashi himself acknowledged that the French prosecutor's office was lobbying, including giving to Ramin Diak, whose son was suspected of bribery, his son Papa Massata Diak, and other major IOC members. However, Takeda said that he had not instructed Takahashi to lobby for Diak after he resigned from JOC and IOC, and he was not aware of the "souvenir" that Takahashi gave to Diak.[80].

Fraud in internet advertising

2016 July, advertiserToyotaからInternet advertisingIt was pointed out that it was not effective, and fraud was discovered in an internal investigation.[81]..In August of the same year, Dentsu established an internal investigation committee that included an outside lawyer, and Dentsu and 8 group companies conducted investigations such as interviews with 18 companies that provided online advertisements.[82].

In September of the same year, a preliminary survey was announced, and it was revealed that advertisements posted on the Internet were not posted according to the contract and that advertising fees were unfairly charged to about 9 companies, and at this point it was fraudulent. The total damage was estimated to be about 111 million yen.Not only overbillingFictitious billingI went to, but despite being pointed out by Toyota Motor Corporation2000 Automaker discovered inJapanese sea bassIt has been pointed out that, as with the case of fraudulent billing and receipt of 3 million yen advertising fees, Dentsu intended to handle it internally unless it was revealed.However, on September 9, the same year, the British Economic NewspaperFinancial TimesReported that Dentsu is holding urgent talks with Toyota and more than 100 companies over the fraud problem, the US economic newspaperWall Street JournalAlso reported.Therefore DentsuPress conferenceI had to open[82][83].

Injustice is mainlyBanner adsDisplay advertisements that may be of interest mainly due to age, search tendency, etc.Operational advertisingFound in. The survey results were scheduled to be published in December 2016, but the schedule was delayed due to the huge amount of survey data and the limited overtime hours after the death from overwork of a female employee in January 12. Published in.There were 2017 companies that suffered fraudulent damage, the number of work was 1, and the total damage amount was 96 million yen.Fictitious billing was made for 997 companies, 1 cases, and 1482 million yen without actually posting advertisements.No fraudulent billingFictitious billing fraudIf there is a lack of recognition that it corresponds to a crime such as, we will take measures according to each company's request, such as refunding the fraudulent billing such as overbilling and fictitious billing to about 100 victim companies. did.

In addition, there was no system in place to check even if mistakes were concealed or numbers were falsified, such as the person in charge performing everything from posting to report creation alone, and the system to compensate for the entire organization was insufficient, online advertising The problem was that they neglected to replenish and train personnel despite the rapid increase in demand, and the cause was lack of cooperation with domestic digital group companies.In chargeCorporate Officer17 peopleRemuneration reduction(The face value is unknown), and the person in charge has tried to prevent recurrence by manually creating an advertisement posting report and developing an automatic generation system that does not involve human intervention in the future, but fraudulent billing cases on a huge scale It is pointed out that it is a misguided response to[82].

Subsidiary pays success fees for medical news articles

2017 , SubsidiariesDentsu Public Relations(Dentsu PR) publishes articles promoting pharmaceutical products as regular articles instead of advertisementsKyodo NewsIt became clear that the article was distributed to a group company of the company and paid a success fee in return for the article.[84].

Issues related to entrustment of sustainable benefit business

2019 New Coronavirus Infection OutbreakAccompanyMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryOuter officeSmall Business AdministrationbySustainable benefitsBusiness,Service Design Promotion CouncilWas entrusted with 769 billion yen, and was subcontracted to Dentsu for 749 billion yen. From DentsuDentsu Live,Dentsu Tech,Dentsu International Information Service,,, etc. are outsourced again, and from Dentsu livePasona,Dai Nippon Printing,Trans cosmos,TOW(TOW)[85] It was outsourced to others again.

ThisRound throwIn the process of this, Dentsu itself is about 104 billion yen, and including the six Dentsu Group subsidiaries, it is at least 6 billion yen, which is a large amount for emergency assistance.Public moneyNotax HollowIt was reported that it had been done, and it caused ripples in the Diet deliberations etc.[86][87].

In June 2020, during a press conference by the Service Design Engineering Council and DentsuHiroshi KajiyamaThe Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry would inspect at a third-party committee that included outside experts, and the public and private sectors were all forced to extinguish the fire.[88][89][90]..On October 10, the same year, in the interim examination of the committee, it was "not unreasonable" based on the opinion of an outside certified accountant.

In addition,Environmental co-creation initiative The2017 3 years from政府Was entrusted with 35 projects of 160 billion yen and subcontracted to Dentsu.[91],My numberUse to redeem pointsMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsThe environmental co-creation initiative was also entrusted with the minor point business of.Former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications as Representative DirectorSakurai Shun[Note 3] It was revealed that they were re-contracted to Dentsu Live, Dentsu International Information Service, etc., as well as transcosmos, Dai Nippon Printing, etc.[92].

Dentsu had a deficit of 12 billion yen in the same period of the previous year, but in the middle of June 2020, while other companies in the same industry fell into the red due to the corona wreck.Consolidated balance sheetAccording to the announcement, it was in the black for the first time in two years with a net profit of 157 billion yen, saying that the cost cut was successful. In the January-June 2 period, sales by industry for "government / organizations" increased 2020% year-on-year to 1 million yen.[93].

Problems concerning entrustment of rent support benefit business

Continuing on the above issues regarding the entrustment of sustainable benefit projects,Reiwa(2 years) In June, around the rent support benefit business by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,Service Design Promotion Council, Dentsu, andDentsu LiveA major event company that once again entrusted part of its sustainable benefit business throughTOW(TOW) The behavior of the person in charge is a problem. The person in charge of the TOW told several subcontractors about this rent payment business, if an advertising giant different from DentsuHakuhodoIs entrusted with this business and cooperated with it,No entry/exitIt pressured not to cooperate with advertising companies other than Dentsu, such as taking considerable measures, and it was found that Dentsu employees were suspected of being involved in this problem.In response to this, business partners put pressure on subcontractorsAntitrust lawviolation·Subcontract ActIt was reported that Dentsu admitted that employees were involved in acts that could conflict with the violation.[85][94][95][96]..Dentsu announced on June 6th of the same year that it would strictly dispose of it as "an employee made an inappropriate statement regarding business to an employee of a partner company with which he / she has an ordering relationship", but to the employee's bossStrict disposalStayed in[94][97].

As a result, the rent benefit businessbidHakuhodo was unable to make a successful bid for the business out of the two companies that participated inRecruitmentWon the bid, and it was as Dentsu requested. In addition, the other five companies that Recruit will work with do not have any companies involved in the sustainability benefit business as a subcontractor of Dentsu, so this point was also as Dentsu requested.[98].. As described above, it is pointed out that the bidding process such as selection of a consignee is uncertain in this rent benefit business as well as the process of the Service Design Promotion Council making a successful bid for the sustainable benefit business described above.[99].

In response, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry interviewed the Service Design Promotion Council, which the Dentsu employee in charge put pressure on the employee in charge of TOW (TOW) as an individual. As a result of disposing of employees and showing measures to prevent recurrence,Hiroshi KajiyamaThe Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry indicated that he would not conduct further investigation. On the other handFair Trade CommissionHiroshi Yamada, Director of Examination, said he would take appropriate measures based on the provisions of the Antimonopoly Act.[100]..However, on December 2020, 12, against DentsuAdministrative investigationThe measures taken by the Fair Trade Commission based on the above are only the lightest "caution" measures among the "caution", "warning" and "cease and desist order" of the Antimonopoly Act.[101].

Relationship with the Liberal Democratic Party

In the case of Dentsu政治家that too"LDPLegislatorBonbon"Is often pointed out[Note 4].. Therefore, the LDPpublic relations-PropagandaIs long in charge of Dentsu[102].2012 (24) Established in DecemberFirst Abe CabinetOr later,Cabinet SecretariatCabinet Public Relations OfficeBy hiring outside private staffHakuhodoInstead of being removed, there was effectively one or two Dentsu staff slots for nine consecutive years.2019 New Coronavirus Infection OutbreakAtSustainable benefitsSimilar to the business consignment business (#Problems surrounding entrustment of sustainable benefit business(See), a close relationship or honeymoon relationship between the LDP administration and Dentsu has been pointed out.[103][104](Liberal Democratic Party (Japan) #ProblemThere is also related information to that effect).

Hiring private staffDemocratic PartyIn 2011 under the administrationChief Cabinet SecretaryMetYuto SenyaIt is known that Hakuhodo played a central role under the Democratic Party of Japan, and Dentsu alone under the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.

Dentsu Group

Dentsu Group, Inc.(British: DENTSU GROUP INC.) Is2020 May 1Established in (changed trade name from Dentsu Inc.). A pure holding company that controls the Dentsu Group.Nikkei Stock AverageOne of the constituent stocks of[106].

Related Companies

Source:GROUP Dentsu Group Official Homepage

Pure holding companyOf the Dentsu Group Co., Ltd.In-house companyDentsu Japan Network, which was established asBusiness company OfnetworkIs in charge of management and support.

For international companies, Dentsu International Limited (en, Dentsu International Inc.)[Note 5] Is managing and supporting the network of international business companies[107][108][109].

Domestic business

Dentsu Japan Network

Direct investment subsidiary
Indirectly owned subsidiary
Related Companies
Affiliated company by indirect investment

International business

Dentsu International Inc. (英国-UK)

Dentsu brand
  • Dentsu America
  • Dentsu boss
  • Dentsu Brazil
  • Dentsu Argentina
  • Dentsu smart
  • Dentsu New Ideas
  • Dentsu India (Bangalore)
  • Dentsu One
  • Dentsu Impact (Gurgaon)
  • Taplute dentsu
  • Dentsu Web Chatney (Gurgaon)
  • Dentsu Middle East and Africa
  • Drive dentsu
  • Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
  • Beijing Dentsu Advertising Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch
  • Dentsu Dongha Advertising Co., Ltd.
  • Dentsu Nichikai Advertising Co., Ltd.
  • Dentsu Public Relations Advisor (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Dentsu Hong Kong
  • Taiwan Dentsu
  • Dentsu Kunihua
  • Dentsu Singapore
  • Dentsu Thailand
  • Dentsu One (Bangkok)
  • Dentsu Indonesia
  • Dentsu Consultants Indonesia
  • Dentsu One (Jakarta)
  • Dentsu Impact (Jakarta)
  • Dentsu LHS
  • Dentsu One (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Dentsu Jamie Saifu
  • Dentsu Vietnam
  • Dentsu Korea
  • Dentsu Australia
  • Odd Fellows Dentsu
  • BWM Dentsu (Sydney)
  • BC & F Dentsu
Global network brand
Specialist/Multimarket Brand
  • 360
  • Amnet
  • amplifi
  • Data2Decisions
  • Mitchell Communications Group
  • psLive
Local brand
  • Copernicus
  • Jumptank
  • LOV
  • Team Epic other
Dentsu Sports Network
  • Dentsu Sports America
  • Dentsu Sports Europe
  • Dentsu Sports Asia
  • Dentsu Sports LLC
  • Athletes first
  • Team 12
  • World Sports Group Holdings
Dentsu Entertainment Network
  • Dentsu Entertainment USA
  • Level Five Abbey
  • DCTP
  • Shanghai Kamage Telecom shadow culture culture
ISID network
  • ISID America
  • ISID Europe
  • Shanghai Dentsu breath service
  • ISID Hong Kong
  • ISID South East Asia
  • ISID Thailand
  • ISID Indonesia
Dentsu Tech Network
  • Promotech Private Limited
  • Dentsu Tech Beijing Advertising Co., Ltd.

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