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📢 | "Nihonbashi Shizuoka Dining Room" held


"Nihonbashi Shizuoka dining room" held

If you write the contents roughly
Wasabi from Shizuoka City, which is related to Ieyasu Tokugawa, eggplant in Orido, lotus root in Asahata, and sardine in Okitsu.

-Implemented as part of the Tokaido Historical Highway Tourism Promotion Promotion-November 11th (Monday) -December 8th (Tuesday) ... → Continue reading

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Okitsu Snapper

Okitsu Snapper(Okitsudai) isShizuokaIn the central partRed sea bream OfLocal name..Sometimes it simply refers to tilefish, but in generalDry overnightThe dried food is called Okitsudai (in the Edo period, it was dried in order to preserve it. Also, it was dried.Fifty-three Stations of the TokaidoBecause I carried. ).

Fifty-three Stations of the TokaidoOkitsu innSpecialty.OkitsuSpecialty (KiyomigataSpecialty).

It was written as Hoshiokitsu, Okitsu dairy overnight dried (Okitsu overnight dried), Okitsu pine cone fried (Okitsu pine cone fried), etc.

Tokugawa IeyasuIt is said that he became the Okitsu sashimi after the name of the "Okitsu bureau" (Okitsu no Tsubone), the wife who ate and cooked (or presented) this.

However, there are some variations in the story,

  • IeyasuOkitsuI got this name because I ate it when I visited. (In Okitsu during his childhood, Takechiyo-kun's timeTen temples-Kiyomi TempleでImagawaSpent the hostage era ofTokugawa IeyasuHowever, when I became a world-renowned tilefish, I missed the time and wanted it.)

  • Ieyasu ateEdo CastleAnd there was a maid named Okitsu (Masatada OkitsuBecause there was Mr. Okitsu of the Fujiwara Minami family Kudo clanOkitsuThere is also an Oku JochÅ« theory from which he was born)

  • When a person named Mataemon Hirose made dried tilefish and presented it to Ieyasu Tokugawa from Okitsu Kawachimori, he was very pleased and got the name of "Okitsu Tai".

  • Ieyasu doesn't matter in the first place,Suruga BayDeliciousRed sea breamIt became a specialty because it was taken

There are various theories such as, and it is not clear.But in ""

This area is also Mijimezura Okitsu

It can be seen that the name was already established in the Edo period, as the phrase "" remains.

Horse mackerel OfDried fishIn such cases, it is opened in two pieces to leave the middle bone in the half of the body, but Okitsudai is characterized by removing the middle bone.Quickly roast and eat.

Railway songAlsoOkitsuIt is sung as a specialty of.

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