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📢 | Sekisui House, condominium "Grand Maison" will all be ZEH specifications in 2023


Sekisui House, condominium "Grand Maison" will all be ZEH specifications in 2023

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Sekisui House also participated in the international campaign "Race to Zero" aimed at carbon neutrality by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Accelerating decarbonization efforts as a participating company in "Race to Zero" October 2021, 10 Sekisui House Co., Ltd. → Continue reading

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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(Treaty treaty)English: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, abbreviated name:UNFCCC) Is from June 1992, 6 to June 3, 6,BrazilThe city ofRio de JaneiroWas held inUnited Nations Conference on Environment and DevelopmentOpened for signature at (UNCED)Global warmingAn environment with an international framework for issuesTreaty.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) came into effect on March 1994, 3.The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate ChangeFramework Convention on Climate Change,Global Warming Prevention TreatyAlso called.

Purpose of the treaty

The purpose of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is in the atmosphereGreenhouse effectgas(carbon dioxide,methane,Dinitrogen monoxide [nitrous oxide: N2O], etc., HFCs, PFCs,SF6) Is increasing地球Warming up and naturalEcosystemThat there is a risk of adversely affecting(I.e.Confirmed to be a common concern, stabilize the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, now and in the futureclimateIs to protect.The Convention sets out the principles and measures of efforts to prevent the various adverse effects of climate change.


World trends

Trends in Japan


The Convention consists of a preamble and 26 articles and two annexes.Framework treaty methodHas been adopted, and a protocol that stipulates specific regulatory measures, etc. is scheduled to be adopted.


Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,

  1. Common but different responsibilities of the Parties
  2. Consideration of country-specific circumstances such as developing countries
  3. Prompt and effective preventive measures

Based on the principles such as, developed parties (called "the parties to the annexes of the treaty",Russia, OldEastern Europe(Including countries) are obliged to implement policies to reduce greenhouse gases.

Specifically, for the parties to the Annex1990 eraGreenhouse gas emissions by the end1990 Aiming to return to the standard of(Take policy measures for that purpose, report the forecast of its effect to the Conference of the Parties, and undergo an examination), and request developing countries to implement financial assistance and technology transfer related to climate change. There is.

As a financial mechanism to implementGlobal Environment Facility(GEF) And(English edition)(GCF) Is organized.

Annex I, Annex II, Developing Countries

Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are classified as follows:

  • Annex I (developed and transitional countries)
  • Annex II (developed countries)
  • Developing country

Annex I Country

─ With more than 40 countriesEuropean Union flag European Union.

Annex II Country

─ With more than 23 countriesEuropean Union flag European Union.Turkish flag TurkeyWas initially included, but was excluded in 2001 as a transitional country.

Conference of the Parties (COP)

The Convention Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate ChangeGermany OfBonnIt is in.

The highest decision-making body for the treaty negotiationsConference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(Conference of the Parties,COP), Permanent auxiliary organizations (SB) include auxiliary organizations for implementation (SBI) and auxiliary organizations for scientific and technical advice (SBSTA).

It has been held every year since 1, the year after the treaty came into effect, based on the provision that it will be held for the first time within one year after the treaty comes into effect and will be held every year thereafter (Article 7).

1997 Held in February3rd Conference of the PartiesAt (COP3, Kyoto Conference)2000 Set legally binding numerical targets as the provisions for subsequent efforts are inadequateKyoto ProtocolWas adopted. On December 2007, 12AustraliaHas signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol, so it is not the developed countries that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol.The United States of AmericaIt became only.

  1. (COP1) 1995 May 3 - May 4 Germany Berlin
    Recognizing that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change alone is not sufficient to resolve climate change issues, agree on a new "Protocol or Legal Document" by COP3, and Annex I as its content. By setting emission targets for States parties after 2000, considering ways to encourage developing countries to achieve their existing (consensus) obligations, and establishing various measures necessary to achieve the targets. Agreed and announced as "Berlin Mandate".Based on this, the "Berlin Mandate Ad Hoc Group (AGBM)" was established to establish the policy of "Protocol or Legal Documents".[3].
  2. (COP2) 1996 May 7 - 19 days Switzerland Geneva
    Discussions were held after whether to standardize or make a difference in emission targets in each country and to adopt the measures necessary to achieve them, but no conspicuous agreement was reached. The "Ministerial Declaration" states that the greenhouse gas concentration in the danger zone of global environmental deterioration is twice that before the Industrial Revolution and that it must be halved from the current level in order to keep it at that level. In addition to quoting from the IPCC Second Assessment Report, which states "a certain evaluation," the declaration that the "protocol or legal document" to be adopted at COP2 should contain legally binding content has been declared by Australia and oil-producing countries. Although it was not unanimous due to opposition, it was announced in the form of "keeping in mind".[4].
  3. 3rd Conference of the Parties(COP3) 1997 May 12 - 10 days Japan 京都
    Set greenhouse gas reduction targets "Kyoto ProtocolIs adopted.In addition, it has decided to adopt three flexible measures (Kyoto Mechanism): Joint Implementation (JI), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), and Emissions Trading (ET).
  4. (COP4) 1998 May 11 - 13 days Argentine ブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ ス
    At this stage, the rules regarding the operational details of the Protocol, such as the provisions for flexibility measures (Kyoto Mechanism), the calculation method for emissions, reductions, and credits, the evaluation system, and the compliance system, have not yet been decided. Adopted the "Buenos Aires Action Plan", which aims to act for the "early entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol" and to form an agreement on detailed operational rules with the goal of COP2 two years from now.
  5. (COP5) 1999 May 10 - May 11 Germany Bonn
  6. (COP6) 2000 August 11- 24 days  Netherlands The hague
    Conflicts of interest continued and no agreement was reached on the transfer of greenhouse gas reduction technology from developed countries to developing countries, movement of funds, sink activities, calculation and examination methods, and compliance systems.
    2001 May 7 - 27 days Bonn, Germany (reunion)
    After the last meeting, the US government has announced that it will not participate in the Protocol because of its negative impact on its economy and the exemption from participation obligations of developing countries.An agreement was reached on technology transfer and calculation methods (Bonn Agreement), but sink activities and compliance regulations were postponed.
  7. (COP7) 2001May 10 - May 11 モロッコ マ ラ ケ シ ュ
    Reduction unit derived from sink activity in CDM Limitation of inclusion of RMU, operation of disciplined sink activity, as a fund for emission reduction, Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF), Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF), Adaptation Fund (AF) ) Are agreed to be operated under the Global Environment Facility (GEF).
  8. (COP8) 2002 May 10 - May 11 India New Delhi
    He reaffirmed the "common but different responsibilities", keeping in mind that the conflict between developing and developed countries follows parallel lines and also emphasizes the development priorities of developing countries.In addition, the "Delhi Declaration" was adopted, which strongly urges countries that have not ratified the Kyoto Protocol to ratify it.
  9. (COP9) 2003 August 12- 12 days Italy Milan
  10. (COP10) 2004 May 12 - 17 days Argentina Buenos Aires
  11. (COP11) 2005 May 11 - May 12 Canada Montreal
  12. (COP12) 2006 May 11 - 17 days Kenya Nairobi
  13. (COP13) 2007 May 12 - 14 days Indonesia バ リ
  14. (COP14) 2008 May 12 - 12th Poland Poznan
  15. 15rd Conference of the Parties(COP15) 2009 May 12 - 18 days Denmark Copenhagen
  16. (COP16) 2010 May 11 -December 12 Mexico Cancun
  17. (COP17) 2011 August 11- May 12 Republic of South Africa Durban
  18. (COP18) 2012 May 11 -December 12 Qatar Doha
  19. (COP19) 2013 May 11 - 22 days Poland Warsaw
  20. 20rd Conference of the Parties(COP20) 2014 August 12-1 Peru Lima
  21. 21rd Conference of the Parties (COP21)  2015 May 11 - May 12 France Paris
    Paris AgreementAdopted.
    A COP decision (“For Climate Action” that defines the content of the information to be presented when submitting a draft commitment that is invited to be submitted prior to COP2015 in 21 (by the first quarter of 2015 in ready countries). The Lima Call for Climate Action has been adopted.At the same time, discussions were held on "elements of the draft negotiation text for the new framework" and attached to the "Lima Statement for Climate Action".In addition, a COP decision was adopted to welcome the contribution of the Green Climate Fund to the initial mobilization of more than US $ 1 billion during COP20.
  22. 22rd Conference of the Parties (COP22) 2016 May 11 - 18 days モロッコ マ ラ ケ シ ュ
  23. 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP23) 2017 November 11-6, Bonn, Germany[5]
    Dialogue aimed at increasing greenhouse gas emission reduction targetsResolved to do in 2018[6].
  24. 24rd Conference of the Parties (COP24) December 2018-12, 2 Katowice, Poland
    Adopted the implementation guidelines for the Paris Agreement.It has been decided that developed and developing countries will work to reduce greenhouse gases under common rules.[7].
  25. 25rd Conference of the Parties (COP25) December 2019 
    Initially December 12-2チリ SantiagoIt was scheduled to be held in October 2019, but it intensified in October 10.Chile riotAbandoned the event[8]..VenueSpain MadridChanged to.
  26. 26rd Conference of the Parties (COP26) October 2020, 10-November 31 United Kingdom-Glasgow[9]


The secretariatGermany OfBonnIt is inUN campusIt is permanently installed in Japan and has about 450 staff members.[10].Kyoto Protocol,Paris AgreementIt is responsible for the efficient operation of the conference of the parties (COP), which is one of the largest conferences of the United Nations.

List of Secretary-Generals

代executive directorInauguration dateRetirement dateCountry of origin
1Replace this image JA.svg
Michael Zammit Cutajar
1991 2002 Malta flag Malta
2Replace this image JA.svg
Joke Waller-Hunter
2002 May 52006 May 4Dutch flag  Netherlands
3Yvo De Boer.jpgYvo de Boer
Yvo de Boer
2006 May 92010 May 7Dutch flag  Netherlands
4Christiana Figueres in London --2018 (39536174340) (cropped) .jpgChristiana Figueres
Karen Christiana Figueres Olsen
2010 2016 May 7Costa Rica flag Costa Rica
5Patricia Espinosa Cantellano MSC 2018 (cropped) .jpgPatricia Espinosa
Patricia Espinosa Cantellano
2016 May 7Mexican flag Mexico


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