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📢 | First held!Online Eco-Bow Tour "Decarbonization" The Future of Wooden Architecture Learned from Switzerland Online Eco-Bow Architecture ...


First held!Online Eco-Bow Tour "Decarbonization" The Future of Wooden Architecture Learned from Switzerland Online Eco-Bow Architecture ...

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His books include "European Bio Hotels-From Ecotourism to Regional Creation" (Bookend, 2021), "Sustainable Switzerland: Future-Oriented Energy, Architecture and Transportation" (Gakugei Shuppansha, 2009), "Energy Independence and Sustainability". Community Development-Learn from Environmentally Advanced Countries Austria "(Co-author, Showa-do, 2021)," To 100% Renewable!

Ikeda Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Sachi Ikeda) announced on Thursday, November 2021, 11 ... → Continue reading


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Regional creation

General Incorporated Foundation Regional Creation(Chiiki Sozo, Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities (JAFRA)) aims to "support creative community-building organizations by promoting art and culture in response to requests from local organizations."1994 (6)May 9Was established inCorporationIs. ExMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsJurisdiction.


1994 January,Ministry of Home Affairs(CurrentMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Established "Survey Study Group on Promotion of Local Culture" (Chair:Shosaburo KimuraTokyo UniversityIn September of the same year, based on the proposal by Professor Emeritus), "Measures for Promoting Arts and Culture in the Region-Aiming to Create a Beautiful and Rich Hometown"National Governors' Association,National Mayors' Association,National town and village association, The founders' association was established by the related organizations, etc. after deciding the donation act, basic property, etc.

In particular,1980 eraから90 eraWhile the development of public cultural facilities has progressed in local public organizations nationwide, the foundation was established for the purpose of improving and expanding the soft side, which was behind the hard side of the facility.

Full-time officer


Jewelry business

With the activity policy of "supporting the promotion of the region through artistic and cultural activities," the following activities are being carried out.

  • Training of human resources who will be responsible for artistic and cultural activities in the region
  • Supporting promotion of utilization of public cultural facilities in the area
  • Securing artists who are expected to be active in the area
  • Supporting projects that are difficult for local organizations to implement alone
  • Research and research for community development through artistic and cultural activities

Local traditional performing arts festival

Local traditional performing arts festival is held every Sunday in late FebruaryNHK HallAt the event held in, sponsored by the regional creation and festival executive committee,Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,Agency for Cultural Affairs,Tourism Authority, NHK sponsorship. First held in 2001. Canceled in 2020 and 21.

The show will be held differently for two days, but all viewing is by invitation only and requires prior application.The event will be broadcast on NHK E-Tele as a digest.

Criticism in "business sorting"

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAdministrative reform meetingConducted by "Business sorting", The" local cultural and artistic activity support project "and" public hall revitalization project "implemented by this corporation were evaluated.As a result of the proceedings, "(on the premise that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, which is the competent authority of the corporation, should provide necessary guidance in line with the following conclusions of this WG), we have organized the division of roles between the national and local governments. At the same time, for projects that are said to be carried out based on the consensus of the local government, it was evaluated that such "reexamination of the consensus of the local government" and "review of the target business" were made.[1].


外部 リンク

Eco tourism

Eco tourism(English: Ecotourism) is responsible for the conservation as well as learning while experiencing the natural environment and historical culture.TourismIt is the way of.Ecological tourismAlso called.

A travel itinerary or program that follows the concept of ecotourism is called an ecotour.Specific examples include tours to explore nature with elements of environmental learning, tours to visit agricultural, mountain and fishing villages and local climates and cultures, and tours to visit the lifestyles, cultures and cultures of ethnic minorities.Interpretation is the act of providing nature commentary as an "intermediary" between nature and people.Who does the interpretationInterpreter Called.

Ecotourism was originallyDeveloping countriesThis is the idea adopted as a financing method for nature conservation.today,sustainabilityAs one way of sightseeingDeveloped countryBut it has been deployed, and in 2002United NationsIs an internationally established term (ecotourism), such as "International Ecotourism Year".[1]

JapanIn2008 ToEcotourism Promotion LawWas enforced.


The definition of ecotourism varies greatly depending on the position and country.

National organizations and organizations that promote ecotourism

  • There is no such facility now

Council promoting ecotourism

  • Hokkaido
    • Shiretoko Ecotourism Promotion Council
      1. RausuPromotion of stay-type model tours in cooperation with inn associations
      2. Development of ecotourism in collaboration with local industries
      3. Holding advanced site inspection and reporting workshops
      4. Promotion of attracting tourists from outside Japan
      5. Shiretoko Five Lakes-Lake RausuProper use of existing tourist destinations such as
    • Shibetsu Town Ecotourism Promotion Council
  • Tohoku
    • Hayachine Ecotourism Promotion Council
      1. Iwate OfKitakami MountainsSmall group tours centered around (mountain climbing, satoyama walks, mountain living experience, etc.)
      2. Experience making local dishes such as offering dumplings
    • Kan Shirakami Ecotourism Promotion Council
      1. It is a municipality around the Shirakami MountainsAjigasawa Town,Fukaura Town,Nishimeya Village,Fujisato,Happo TownPromote ecotourism in a wide area centered on
      2. Holding of Kanshirakami Ecotourism Forum
    • Green Pearl Kesennuma Oshima Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • Tajiri Ecotourism Promotion Council
  • Kanto
    • Urabandai Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • Kitashiobara Village Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • Ogasawara Ecotourism Council
    • Tanigawadake Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • Hanno City Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • South Shinshu Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • Shinshu Azumino Matsukawa Village Ecotourism Promotion Council
  • Chubu / Hokuriku
    • Mt. Fuji Northern Foot Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • Southern Alps / Ikawa Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • Yamanakako Village Ecotourism Promotion Council
      1. Lake YamanakaProtection of animals and plants according to the environmental characteristics of
      2. Preventing service deterioration by promoting tourism in winter through ecotourism and easing busy seasons
      3. Creating an environment for medium- to long-term stay-type travel to gain a deeper understanding of Lake Yamanaka
  • Kinki / Kansai
    • Nabari City Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • Toba City Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • Miyazu City Ecotourism Promotion Council
      1. Selection of eco-tour model course and creation of walking guide
      2. Training of guides
      3. Holding Seya Satoyama Living School
      4. Excavation and shopping tour of local products,Bird watchingPlanning and holding of monitor tours such as
      5. Creating and disseminating a database of "treasure" such as natural tourism resources and products
    • Nantan City Miyama Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • Kosai Area Ecotourism Promotion Council
      1. Held "Kosai Marugoto Experience Expo" to promote eco-tours and experience programs in the Kosai area
      2. ShinasahiHolding an ecotourism kick-off symposium
      3. Biwa lakeResearch presentation in collaboration with the museum
    • Rokko Maya / Arima District Ecotourism Promotion Council
  • Chugoku, Shikoku
    • Mt. Ooyama / Nakaumi Ecotourism Council
    • Akiyoshidai Regional Ecotourism Promotion Council
  • Kyusyu
    • Sasebo District Ecotourism Promotion Council
      1. KujukushimaDepends on the research roomSaseboImplementation of resource survey
      2. Implementation of guide training course, delivery course, Kujukushima eco course
      3. Conducting a monitor tour
    • Kushima Ecotourism Promotion Council
    • Yakushima District Ecotourism Promotion Council
      1. YakushimaGuide registration, making a certification system
      2. Development of tour programs in Satochi
      3. Making rules for conservation and use of specific areas
  • Okinawa
    • Okinawa Ecotourism Promotion Council
      1. OkinawaPromotional activities such as creating guidebooks to invite tourists and holding exhibitions
      2. Training of regional coordinators
      3. Support for each region of Okinawa, attracting tourists as one in the prefecture
    • Kerama Ecotourism Promotion Council


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  • "The economics of a lion』\ Philip Thresher, The Economics of a Lion, University of Chicago Press, 1972
    • LionOne worth 1-9460 on a hunting tourDollarHowever, a safari experience tour of an African reserve costs $ 515,000.For both lions and Africans, a happy way is to protect and show them to tourists.It is a form of travel that aims for a social relationship in which people and nature coexist, rather than tourism that destroys nature.

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