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💴 | Toyota Finance and other jointly funded MOBILOTS will start operations in October, including financing for commercial vehicles ...


MOBILOTS, jointly funded by Toyota Finance and others, started operations in October, and finance for commercial vehicles, etc.

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Furthermore, we aim to provide services that lead to "minimization of costs" by providing menus according to the vehicle usage status and usage of each customer.

MOB jointly funded by Toyota Finance Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Co., Ltd., and Hino Motors Co., Ltd. → Continue reading


We operate "LIGARE", which specializes in mobility services, with the motto of "transmitting information necessary for making decisions" related to mobility services.
It is a medium that conveys the "future" of the automobile industry, which has entered a revolutionary period once every 100 years, including MaaS (Mobiliry as a Searvice) and autonomous driving.

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