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🍽 | Hyogo / Kobe (in front of the prefectural office) Founded in 1989, a popular Cantonese restaurant that is crowded from lunch to locals!Ryoyu Sake House


Hyogo/Kobe (in front of the prefectural office) Established in 1989, this popular Cantonese restaurant is bustling with locals from lunchtime onwards!Ryoyu Sake House

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It comes with deep-fried chicken with sauce, and is reasonably priced and filling.

A popular restaurant along the Yamate Main Line in Chuo Ward, Kobe City, "Cantonese Cuisine Ryoyu Shuya."The lunchtime menu is reasonably priced and plentiful.… → Continue reading


WEB media "V-TRIP" where cameramen and video creators travel around the country to introduce tourist and gourmet information on hotels and resorts all over Japan, focusing on videos.

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