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🍽 | Restaurant in Kanjoji Nanto / Tonami city boundary Opened in October, French cuisine

Photo: Facilities under renovation for the opening of a restaurant and chef Hayashi (left) = Nanto City Kanjoji Park Campsite

Restaurant in Kanjoji on the border between Nanto and Tonami, opened in October, French cuisine

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It is a two-story building made of reinforced concrete, and chef and pastry chef Shuji Hayashi (2) (Yorinari Tonami City) will move in on the first floor and open a French restaurant "Bistro Cadoux".

Add charm to the campsite In October, a French cuisine restaurant will be held at the Kanjoji plateau on the border of Nanto and Tonami. → Continue reading

 Northern country, Toyama newspaper

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    Mr. Juji (57) = Yorinari, Tonami City =

      Reinforced concrete double-decker


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