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📝 | You can get nutrition in a short time!Three popular MUJI food arrangement menus


Get nutritious in no time!Three popular MUJI food arrangement menus

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A recommended arrangement using this “rouleau rice for rice” is “somen” that can be enjoyed in a short time.

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Minced pork rice

Minced pork rice,AlsoLo bah png,RobapunIt is,TaiwanTypical rice cooked with rice.

In Taiwan, pork rice is popular among the common people, and it is a standard dish served in most restaurants.Japanesebeef bowl,OyakodonIt is not a rice bowl that is eaten as a single staple food like rice in a Japanese restaurant, but is premised on being eaten with multiple other side dishes like rice in a Japanese restaurant, and is served in a bowl that is smaller than the Japanese rice bowl. It is


The original notation is "lo bah png",Salty-NigariAs the word "æ»·" points to,Soy sauceRefers to pork over rice stewed in.

In Japan"Minced pork rice” was introduced into Japan’s Chinatown as a JapaneseCommon kanjiBecause it didn't match the sound of "滷" with the same pronunciationAtejiIt is said that it was treated as such and was established.However, this misuse was reimported to Taiwan, the home of the product, and was particularly popular.Night marketThen, in order to invite Japanese tourists, it is often referred to as Japanese-style "lo bah png" on purpose.[1].


Northern and southern TaiwanDialect differenceTherefore, even if it is called the same "lo bah png", it refers to a slightly different dish.

KaohsiungIn southern areas such as, "lo bah png"Corner boilIt is a dish that is put on white rice as a large chunk of meat without chopping it into small pieces.This dish is called "Kang-boiled rice", "Kang-boiled rice", and "Kang-boiled rice" in the north.On the other hand, in the north, "lo bah png" is finely chopped kakuni or stewed from the beginning.SoboroIt is a dish using meat.This dish is called "meat rice" in the south[2].


OriginallyRibsContains a lot of fat豚 肉In Taiwanese styleSoy sauce-rice wine-sugar-shallot・ Driedshrimp-OctagonIt is a rice cooked with sweet and spicy simmered ingredients and mixed with the broth.

It is sometimes used in political messages as a dish that represents Taiwan's food culture. "Guardian Lo Bah png" (Protect Lo Bah png)2018, Livestock infectious disease ASF (African pig fever) Is a slogan raised by the Taiwanese government for prevention.[3]..Originally it was a call for a ban on bringing in meat from the continent, but the presidentTsai EnglishとDemocratic PartyCalls this "Chinese Communist PartyIt came to be used in elections etc. as a slogan meaning "Do not allow the interference with Taiwan"[4].


RecipesVarious, generally based on soy sauceSpicesUsedSaucePork soaked in and simmered well to give gelatinCorner boilSprinkle the finely chopped or diced ingredients on the white rice.

Chopped with meatTakalikeVegetables,Shiitake mushroom・ Star anise ・ Seasoned egg ・ Meat miso ・Bean sproutsServe with stir-fried ingredients.

Depending on the store and each household, the meat is soaked in a sauce called "secret sauce" and then boiled for a long time to dissolve it from the meat.gelatin(collagen) Produces a unique flavor, which is characteristic.There are also stores that advertise that they do not wash the kettle (pot) for years by making and adding and continuing to simmer.

Development in Japan

The Japan Fashionable Bowl Grand Prix Selection Committee sponsored by the editorial department of the bowl information transmission site "Unagi_STYLE" made a selection, and at the 2020 "Japanese Fashionable Bowl Grand Prix" Grand Prix, "Lo Bah png (Taiwanese style pork kakuni bowl)" Was selected[5].

Taiwan's ``Mao Beard Zhang Roasted Pork Rice'', whose flagship dish is pork rice, is a famous chain store in Taiwan.In Japan, it had several stores in Tokyo and Kobe for a while, but as of 2022,IshikawaNonoichi CityOnly one store is open[6].Products such as canned foods and retort pouches are also manufactured and sold as souvenirs for retailers and tourists.

In Japan, in addition to the above stores, it is sold as a campaign at other bento chain stores and convenience store lunch boxes of each company, and as a retort-packed ingredient.

Similar dishes

For dishes similar to roohan, instead of porkchickenUsingTurkey rice"TurkeyUsing the meat of "Chiayi turkey rice"Such.

Instead of rice, put the ingredients on the noodlesLo bah pngCalled (Rouromien, Rover Me).

Called "lo bah png" in northern TaiwanLo bah png(Barsopun) is a dish of stewed "meat-dried" meat made from meat that does not contain lard.This flesh isBacon noodlesI also ride on various dishes such as.

soyLike minced meatVegFor (素食) Lo bah png is also available.


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