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🍽 | 4 delicious recommended popular gourmet foods in Fukuoka


4 Recommended Popular Gourmet Foods in Fukuoka

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As soon as you open the flower basket, you will find 7 different types of fried shrimp, fried chicken, grilled fish, and more!

Popular gourmet shops that local bloggers around Fukuoka want to tell you about (Japanese food/Western food/Korean food/Bread/Sweets etc... → Continue reading

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    7 types of grilled fish

    Fried Shrimp

    Fried Shrimp(Fried shrimp)shrimpA large amount ofEdible oilでDeep friedIt wasJapanOrigin OfCuisineIs. Developed in JapanflyIt is one of the dishes and is representativeWestern foodIt's cooking.


    shrimpIt is a dish that is fried with a large amount of cooking oil by the method of cutlet,cabbage,cucumber,TomatoSuch asVegetablesIs often accompanied by. In many cases,Tartar sauce,Worcestershire sauceAnd so on.

    The material of fried shrimp is mainly used in luxury storesCar shrimpHowever, due to the impact of sluggish catches and rising prices,black Tiger(Bull shrimp) Is used by many stores. In other luxury goodsShrimp(Taisho shrimp),Lobster,PythonThere is also an example of using.Frozen foodInexpensivePanamai shrimpIs often used.


    There are various theories about its origin, and although it is not certain, the representative theories are shown below in this section.

    • Meiji EraTocutletとtempuraDevised from[Who?]The theory that it was said. The theory that it was made by combining fried fish of Western cuisine and tempura of Edo cuisine[4].1895"Fry" of lobsters and prawns in "simple dishes" (Meiji 28)[5],1913(Taisho2 years)Esophageal musicThe sequel "Natsu no Maki" introduces how to make "shrimp cutlets".[6].

    How to make and eat

    ShelledshrimpTake the back of the and stretch it toward the back without rolling.

    As a way of stretching, make a few small cuts on the ventral side and squeeze it from your back until it reaches the desired size so that the streak on the abdomen cuts off sharply.

    after that,Wheat flour,Beaten egg,Bread crumbsIn order,Edible oilDeep fried. It is recommended that the garment be attached twice in order to finish the fluffy and voluminous garment.

    In some stores, the head is not removed when the shell is peeled off, and in this case, the head is not dressed.

    Tonkatsu sauce,Nakano sauce,LemonJuice ofTartar sauce,Soy sauce,tomato ketchupIt is often eaten over.knife-forkIn Western style againchopsticksIt is common to eat with a single dish or set meal,BreadShrimp fried sandwich sandwiched between, egg-stitched on riceShrimp fried riceThe menu that said is also known.

    Now you can easily cookFrozen foodMany are also sold and are also used as side dishes for lunch.

    Shrimp fry and Nagoya

    TamoriWas onceNagoyaIn a series of stories that ridiculeNagoya dialect(Fry shrimp)Shrimp flyerSaying "I said," spread to the public,Nagoya riceMisunderstanding as if it was a kind of[7].. Taking this misunderstanding, there are many restaurants in Nagoya that serve fried shrimp as if they were a specialty dish.Mikawa BayIs one of Japan's leadingPrawnsIs the production area ofShrimp,TenmusuThere is also Nagoya food that originally uses shrimp. In 1990 (Heisei 2), prawnsAichi fishWas registered as.

    Actually with the Nagoya dialectForeign wordsThe "fly" of the old age group "flare ([ɸuɾæː])” is pronounced, but is rarely called “(shrimp) freer”.

    Chinese plate shrimp

    ChugokuShandongIs the origin of shrimp,QingdaoAround1898からGermanyThere is also a history of being a leased land,cutletThe medium-sized shrimp fry "Kataita Ezo" (Jervancia)Shandong cuisineIt is served at restaurants. What is different from Japanese shrimp fry is that it has a flat shape with an open back, it is seasoned with salt etc. and fine bread crumbs are added. Worcester sauce is not attached[8].

    Adoption to Unicode

    Unicode 6.0AtFried ShrimpThe shrimp fry pictogram is adopted under the name.

    symbolUnicodeJIS X 0213Character referenceName


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