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🍴 | [Aichi Prefecture] Nagoya, Gamagori, Konan, Toyoake ... popular articles on places you want to eat & go in the summer (August 8-August 8)


[Aichi Prefecture] Nagoya, Gamagori, Konan, Toyoake ... popular articles on spots you want to eat and visit in summer (August 8-August 8)

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When the heat continues, you tend to reach for cold foods such as ice cream and shaved ice.

A local reporter, "Living Area Correspondent," introduces the latest information and hot spots in the area, "Regional Correspondent Report ..." → Continue reading

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    Cold food

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      Cold heat

      Cold heat(Sweet potato) is hot and cold.Also,Cold and warm(Kandan) means cold and warm.

      "Cold / warm" is something that "parts of the body" such as the tongue and fingertips touch and feel.[1]..On the other hand, "cold / warm" is mainly felt by "whole body".[1].



      The temperature is high and I can't spend time comfortably,DiscomfortThathotThat is.As for the meaning of Japanese, the discomfort caused by the imbalance of physiological sensation due to high temperature is the basis of the meaning, and the mental and physiological color is stronger than the hot one described later, and in any case, it always has a negative meaning. It becomes an expression to have.On the other hand, it seems that it is hot and has a pleasant sensation.warm(Warm). Both hot and warm are mainly used for the temperature of objects and gases caused by internal factors of the body.vaporThere are also cases where hot is used, such as).In addition, hot as a meteorological termSeasonal forecastでWarm season, IeSummer: It is used when the temperature is high, while warm means when the temperature is normal. When hot, it is used even in winter when the temperature is extremely high.

      Heat and human

      When the human body feels that the temperature is high,Sweat glandsSweat to lower the temperature,筋肉Loosen, or皮膚 OfBlood vesselAlthough it prevents the discharge of heat and the generation of excess heat by spreading the heat, it causes a certain amount of discomfort. This discomfort causes the word "hot" to be hot as mentioned above, but it becomes temporary when it gets used to it. NasweatingNo discomfort and no discomfort.AdaptationIn the meantimeSlimmingAnd,LimbsBecomes longerBody surfaceThe area will increase and promote the release of heat.thisAcclimation to heat(Adjusted for heat)


      warm(British: warm)Is a temperature that is neither too cold nor too hot.[2].. Warm is mainly used only to represent temperature[3][4].

      This is because the word "warm" is made based on the sunshine and is thought to represent the temperature.[3]..Also, the antonym of "warm" is "cold", which is also not used for anything other than temperature.[3].

      Moderate temperature

      Moderately suitable temperature[5].. Use lukewarm for water temperature.

      It's cool

      Temperature and humidity are moderate or a little cold and cool[6][7].. Temperature that makes your skin feel a little cold[8]..It's refreshing to get rid of the heat.Represents a pleasant chill.

      As a season, it is used from summer to autumn, and basically not used in winter or spring.

      As a word to indicate the feeling of pleasure for low temperaturesIt's coolThere is the word (soothing).The word cold has the meaning of being poor (it is basically warm but paired in this case because there is no such usage in hot).In meteorological terms, cool is used when the temperature is low except for cold weather.


      It ’s uncomfortable because the temperature is low and you ca n’t spend it comfortably.ColdSay. As with the hot weather mentioned above, this word has a strong mental and physiological hue and is always accompanied by a negative evaluation (or when it is felt to be cold due to internal factors,gasIt is similar to being used when the temperature of the is low).In meteorological terms, cold is in the seasonal forecastCold season, IeWinter:Represents when the temperature is low.

      Cold and human

      When the human body feels cold, it shrinks blood vessels in muscles and skin.ShiveringI try not to miss the heat.

      Water temperature/object


      It is said that something abnormal is felt when touching or approaching at a temperature higher or higher than usual.Nerve OfstimulateAn object that expresses a sense of high temperature related tosolid,liquidTheTargetThere are many examples used for things.

      "Hot" as a skin sensation

      The feeling of being hot is on the skin andOral cavity,Nasal cavity,esophagus,anusIs inRuffini bodyIt is felt by stimulating (that is, the hot spot). (The sensation that is felt by this is called warmth.) Basically, the higher the skin temperature, the stronger the feeling is felt, and the lower the skin temperature, the stronger the warming can be detected. ¡It is also greatly affected by the skin area and the speed at which the temperature changes.


      It is a good temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold.[2].

      "Warm" in "Warm" means waterSanzuiIs a basic kanji character consisting of the letters “Plate” and the hieroglyphics that represent “lid”[9].. This means that the dish is warm and the dishes are warm and warm.[9].. "Warm" means "warm" without being too hot or too cold[9].

      Warm represents just the right temperature, so the temperature represented by "warm" is relatively low.[3].. If you want to convey something warmer, use "hot"[3].


      Lukewarm (slightly warm,British: lukewarm[10]) Means that it is not cold but does not reach a sufficient temperature.

      Refers to a temperature below or above the optimum temperature[11]Not having enough heat or cold[12]A little warm[13]But not enough heat[14].. Also called warm[12].


      That the temperature feels lower than usualcoldThis cold also represents a temperature sensation felt by the skin as well as a pair of hot ones, and the evaluation associated with the word depends on the case. Basically, it is also the same as when it is used to represent a state in which the temperature of a solid or liquid is low. "Winter day" is the same standard as "summer day."

      "Cold" as a skin sensation

      The feeling of being coldClause bodyIt is said to be felt by stimulating (that is, cold spot). The sensation caused by the stimulation of this Clause body is called cold sensation. Although the Clause body and the Ruffini body are mixed, the amount is the Clause body. There are more than XNUMX times more and some parts feel only cold sensation.

      Reference document


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