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🍽 | [Kagoshima City] Let's enjoy the "beer garden" before the summer ends!


[Kagoshima City] Let's enjoy the "beer garden" before summer ends!

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Please use the free shuttle bus that runs between Sun Royal Hotel, Kagoshima Chuo Station, and Tenmonkan.

Although it is said that summer is a "beer garden", due to the influence of Corona, last year and the year before last, I couldn't go out to drink beer... → Continue reading

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Shuttle bus

Shuttle busIsEventsVenue and空港-(I.e.Operate at short intervals to efficiently transport passengers who use specific destinations such asbusThat is.This mode of operation is sometimes called "shuttle operation".EnglishThen simplyshuttle (Shuttle).


The name isloom Of杼 (English: It is derived from the appearance of reciprocating in a short cycle like shuttle).Actually, it is not a round-trip transportation, but a one-way operationCircular operationIn some cases.

With the venue at the time of an event that is expected to attract a large number of customers or at the time of regular events where visitors are concentratedTransportation nodeTieExtraordinaryThere is a type and a permanent type that connects tourist spots and facilities that have the ability to attract customers.TrainlikeInfrastructureEfficient mass transportation can be realized without providing, and at the same time generalTransit BusEtc. everydayPublic transportIt is possible to prevent the congestion from spreading to.

In the event temporary type, it is often the case that the actual visitor situation is judged and adjusted on the spot.As an example, when there is a lot of use, the operation interval is shortened to handle participants, when the end time is delayed, the operation is adjusted accordingly, and when there is little use, the operation is reduced or canceled.Airport permanent typeThen, it is possible to operate according to the flight that may be canceled due to many changes in departure and arrival times.

Legal system of each country


Road transport lawGeneral passenger car carriers who have obtained the permission of Article 4 can carry out regular route operation (Article 4 shared, Road Transport Law Enforcement Regulations Article 3-3).[1].

On the other hand, under the Road Transport Law, the general chartered passenger car carrier and the general passenger car carrier are also temporarily in the event of a disaster or other urgent need, or when it is difficult for the general passenger car carrier to do so. Passengers can be transported only when the area and period are limited with the permission of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the sake of demand (Article 21 of the Road Transport Law).A shared bus based on Article 21 of the Road Transport Law is called "Article 21 chartered shared bus", and the operation period is one year or less in principle, such as event shuttle buses, railway substitute buses, and demonstration operations requested by local governments.[1].


In Singapore, the bus operation modes are shared bus (Basic Bus Services), shared plus bus (Basic-Plus Bus Services), supplementary bus (Supplementary Bus Services), premium bus (Premium Bus Services), and special bus (Special Bus Services). , Shuttle Bus Services are divided into 6 types[2]..For shuttle buses, only three bus stops are allowed between the start and end points.[2].

The route that operates the shuttle bus can overlap up to 40% with the route of the shared bus or subway business.[2]..Also, there are no fare restrictions on shuttle buses in Singapore.[2].


[How to use footnotes]
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  2. ^ a b c d Tomohiro Nakata. “Bus Business Structure and Initiatives in Singapore”. Transportation Economic Research Institute. April 2022, 1Browse.

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Kagoshima Chuo Station

Kagoshima Chuo Station(Kagoshima Chuo Ueki)KagoshimaKagoshimaChuo TownIt is in,Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)station.

Close to this itemKagoshima City Transportation Bureau OfKagoshima Chuo Station Stop(Kagoshima Chuo Uekimae Tei Ryujo) will also be explained.


KagoshimaThe representative station of Kagoshima City, where the prefectural office is located.地元でのLocalPopular nameIs "Central Station".

It is a base station for intercity movement in Kagoshima,Shin-Osaka StationMore to this stationSanyo-Kyushu ShinkansenIt is the terminal station of.福岡・熊本両都市圏、本州方面とを結ぶConnecting Fukuoka / Kumamoto metropolitan areas and Honshu areaShinkansenBesides being the departure and arrival station ofMiyazaki-Kirishima-IbusukiConnect to the Shinkansen heading in the directionLimited express train,Tourist trainMany trains start and end at this station even on conventional lines.Terminal station.Office codeIs using ▲ 940125[1]..Other than the railroadOsumi PeninsulaPorts departing from and arriving at remote island routesKagoshima PortBus routes withKagoshima AirportGoingLimousine busIt is the departure and arrival point of Kagoshima City, and is a base for access not only to Kagoshima City but also to the entire Kagoshima Prefecture.Also in front of the stationKagoshima Chuo Terminal BuildingAlso on the first floorTropical transportationA bus terminal is set up and heads to Kyushu cities and Kagoshima AirportExpress BusArrives and departs.

2004Kyushu ShinkansenShin-Yatsushiro Station ――With the partial opening of business between our stations, "Nishi Kagoshima StationThe station name was changed from "Kagoshima Chuo Station" to the current "Kagoshima Chuo Station".Since the old name of Nishi Kagoshima Station (commonly known as "Nishi Station" at that time), most trains, including excellent trains such as sleeper limited express and limited express, have been operating bases starting and arriving at this station, and Kagoshima City has been around for a long time. It plays the role of the central station of.To the next stationKagoshima Main LineとNippo Main LineIs the official end point ofKagoshima StationHowever, the size of the station and the number of users are much higher at this station.

On the station premisesStation building型Fashion buildingof"Amu Plaza Kagoshima, And "Ekimachi 1-chome" are crowded with more than 250 stores, large and small, and together with the stores around the station, form a commercial area called the Kagoshima Chuo Station area.City center OfPlanetariumIt is one of the major commercial districts in Kagoshima City along with the district.

20043 of the monthKyushu ShinkansenSince the start of boarding at this station, this station has been the southernmost Shinkansen stop in Japan.[Annotation 1].

Boarding line

Kagoshima Chuo Station

Kyushu ShinkansenandConventional line OfKagoshima Main Line,Ibusuki Makurazaki LineOf these, the Kyushu Shinkansen ends at this station, and the Ibusukimakurazaki line starts at this station.在来線におけるOn conventional linesAffiliation line[2] Is the Kagoshima Main Line.The official end point of the Kagoshima Main Line is next door.Kagoshima StationHowever, most of the trains on the Kagoshima Main Line turn around at this station, and also end at Kagoshima Station.Nippo Main LineOn the contrary, all trains run to this station, so this station also functions as a de facto end point for the Kagoshima Main Line and Nippou Main Line.Kagoshima Main LineHiroki StationTrains that go directly to the Nippou Line and the Ibusukimakurazaki Line trains departing from and arriving at Kagoshima Station are available at this station.Train numberIs changing.Due to this mode of operation, the trains operating between this station and Kagoshima station, except for trains departing from and arriving at Kagoshima station, have an even number of downhill trains and an odd number of uphill trains.

For honor trains, see "Kyushu Shinkansen"Mizuho""Sakura"ButSanyo ShinkansenShin-Osaka StationIt operates directly to the station, which is the first and last station.In addition, "Mizuho" and "Sakura", which are directly connected to the Sanyo Shinkansen, make one round trip (1 round trip).Kumamoto StationExcept for the first train), all trains depart and arrive at this station.在来線ではOn conventional linesNippo Main Line OfLimited express"Kirishima, Nippou LineHisatsu LineDirect sightseeing limited express "Hayato wind, Ibusukimakurazaki Line sightseeing limited express "Ibusuki Tamate Box"Is on board.かつてはJRグループの特急列車が発着する日本最南端の駅であったが、2011年3月の「指宿のたまて箱」運転開始に伴い、同列車の終着駅であるIt used to be the southernmost station in Japan where the JR Group's limited express trains depart, but with the start of operation of the "Ibusuki no Tamatebako" in March XNUMX, it is the terminal station for the train.Ibusuki StationGave the seat to.

All the honor trains on the conventional lines operate from and to this station, and there are no honor trains that operate across this station.Privatization of the national railway divisionSince then, the honor train has been operated across this station.1992(Heisei4 years) in the summerKokubun StationTemporary uphill of the first trainSwallowIs only one example.

Kagoshima Chuo Station Stop

Kagoshima TramSecond lineandKarato LineAre on board and are in direct contact with each other.なお、両路線はIn addition, both routesKagoshima City Tramway 2 systemIt is operated integrally as.


Take station

1913(Taisho2 years) As Kawauchi Line (Sendaisen) on October 10thHigashiichirai StationWith the opening of the section from Kagoshima Station to Kagoshima StationKagoshimaTakemachi[Annotation 2] ToTake stationIt was installed as (Takeeki)[3][4].

The first station building at the time of installationKagoshima StationIt was a relocation of the wooden station building used in.また設置当時、武駅周辺には田園が広がっていたというAlso, at the time of installation, the countryside was spreading around Take Station.[3]..川内線開通の2年後には鹿児島電気軌道(現在の鹿児島市電)のTwo years after the opening of the Kawauchi Line, Kagoshima Electric Tramway (currently Kagoshima City Tramway)Takami Baba StopFrom to the vicinity of Take station is extended to the front of Take stationTake station square stopWas installed.

Nishi Kagoshima Station

1927(ShowaKawauchi Main Line (Yatsushiro-Kagoshima, 2)Miyanojo Line(Renamed from Kawauchi Line to Kawauchi Main Line) was opened, and Kawauchi Main Line was incorporated into Kagoshima Main Line.[Annotation 3]At the same time, Takeshi stationNishi Kagoshima StationRenamed to (Nishikagoshima-eki)[5].

The Kagoshima City Tram Stop in front of Take Station was changed the following year due to the name change of the station.Nishi Kagoshima station square stopWas renamed to.1930(Showa5 years) On December 12th, Ibusukimakura Line (currentIbusuki Makurazaki Line), The section from Nishi-Kagoshima Station to Goino Station was opened, and Nishi-Kagoshima Station became a branch station.

Second World WarInKagoshima air raidHowever, due to damage such as the station bookstore being burned down, due to the war damage reconstruction project1950(Showa25) The temporary station building will be used until the station building is completed in April.[6], The completed 2nd generation station building is funded by the private sectorPeople stationWas built as[7].

1901(MeijiSince the opening of the railway to Kagoshima in 34, the station of honor trains has been Kagoshima Station, but due to the postwar reconstruction plan, Kagoshima Station is positioned as a freight collection and distribution station, and Nishi Kagoshima Station is positioned as a passenger departure and arrival station. The project was carried out by the company, and the station square of Nishi Kagoshima Station was expanded.

1996(HeiseiIt was rebuilt to the current station building (8rd generation station building) in 3 years)[8].

Kagoshima Chuo Station

It was decided that the Kyushu Shinkansen (Kagoshima route) between Shin-Yatsushiro Station and Nishi-Kagoshima Station will open in 2003, and the Nishi-Kagoshima Station Station Name Selection Committee solicited new station names in August 2002. It became so[9].

RankingCandidate station nameVotesRemarks
1Kagoshima Chuo Station735use
2New Kagoshima Station535 
3Kagoshima Station338 
4Nishi Kagoshima Station68Maintain the status quo

In addition to the above station names, there were also plans such as Satsuma Station, Satsuma Station, Kagoshima Central Station, Sakurajima Station, Satsuma Kagoshima Station, and New Kagoshima Station.

In addition to the plan to change the name, there was also a plan to keep the status quo at Nishi Kagoshima Station, but "Kagoshima Chuo Station", which was ranked first as a result of the open call for participants, became the new station name at the 1nd Nishi Kagoshima Station Station Name Selection Committee. It was adopted and renamed Kagoshima Chuo Station with the opening of the Shinkansen.[10].

2004(Heisei16) On March 3, the Kyushu Shinkansen opened between Shin-Yadai Station and Kagoshima Chuo, and at the same time the name was changed from Nishi Kagoshima Station to Kagoshima Chuo Station, and at the same time the Kagoshima tram stop in front of Nishi Kagoshima StationKagoshima Chuo Station StopRenamed to.また、駅名の改称にかかった経費6,600万円については西鹿児島駅駅名改称推進協議会より、JR九州に提供されたIn addition, the cost of changing the station name of XNUMX million yen was provided to JR Kyushu by the Nishi-Kagoshima Station Name Rename Promotion Council.[11].

Also, on September 9th of the same year, as a commercial facility of JR KyushuJR Hakata CityIt is a complex commercial station building that is the second largest afterAmu Plaza KagoshimaOpened on the premises of the station.鹿児島中央駅に駅ビルを建設する計画については昭和40年代ごろには浮上しており、1984年には鹿児島市と当時のA plan to build a station building at Kagoshima Chuo Station emerged around XNUMX, and in XNUMX Kagoshima City and the timeJapan National RailwayAnnounced the redevelopment plan, and in 1990 (Heisei 2) after the JNR division and privatization, JR Kyushu and local department storesYamagatayaHas announced a joint store opening concept and decided that "JR Kyushu Yamakataya" will become an anchor tenant, but due to economic conditions etc., the blank slate was withdrawn and it was not realized, and JR Kyushu will open its own store. There is a history of[12][13].

In February 2010, in anticipation of the opening of the entire Kyushu Shinkansen line the following year, the station concourse was expanded and Fresta Kagoshima was renewed. In May 2, the Sakurajimaguchi Grand Staircase will be removed, and an annex of Amu Plaza Kagoshima (Amu Plaza Kagoshima Premium Building) with a total floor area of ​​2012 square meters will be constructed on a land of approximately 5 square meters including the site. The plan was announced.The removal work of the Sakurajimaguchi Grand Staircase, which will be the construction site, started on June 2,000, 7, and the removal was completed in October 8,700, and the construction of the building itself was started.大階段は、2013年25月に完成した6代目駅舎とともに建設されたもので、幅10メートル、奥行き2013メートル、高さ最大10メートルあったが、アミュ広場が併設されたことで利用が減少していたThe grand staircase was built together with the 1996rd generation station building completed in June 6, and was 3 meters wide, 36 meters deep, and up to 20 meters high, but its use has decreased due to the addition of the Amu Square. Was[14].. Amu Plaza Kagoshima Premium Building opened on September 2014, 9.主なテナントとしてAs the main tenantTokyu HandsEtc. are in the store.


Station structure

JR Kyushu

HomeThe conventional line was laid almost north-southIsland homeHave two lines on one sideGround station, The Shinkansen has two island platforms and four lines laid in a right-angled line directly above it.Elevated station(3rd floor).後者は海に向かって行き止まりとなっているThe latter is a dead end towards the sea[Annotation 4]..The Shinkansen platform supports up to 8-car trains and is a movable safety fence (Home door) Is installed.It can be stretched up to 10 cars.

Take the exit on the east side of the stationSakurajima Exit (East Exit), Take the exit on the west side of the stationWest exitThat.

The station bookstore is located on the second floor between the conventional line platform and the Shinkansen platform, and the Sakurajima exit and the west exit are connected by a concourse.The concourse outside the ticket gate includes a green window, JR Kyushu Travel, Family Mart, Drug Eleven, and a general tourist information center. The collection of commercial facilities on the 2st and 1nd floors is called "Souvenir Yokocho" and "Gurume Yokocho", and various commercial facilities such as souvenir shops, restaurants, and retail stores are occupied (details will be described later). ).

As a related facility, the Sakurajima exit side is "Amu Plaza Kagoshima Premium Building, The station building on the right side (north side) when viewed from the frontAmu Plaza Kagoshima Main Building, The multi-storey car park on the left side (south side), the west exit side on the left side (north side) when viewed from the frontJR Kyushu Hotel Kagoshima, A multi-storey car park is built on the right side (south side), and each has a connecting passage from the station yard.

At the ticket gates, the Shinkansen, conventional line, Shinkansen ⇔ conventional line transfer ticket gates are centrally located in one place, and each ticket gateAutomatic ticket gateIs installed.在来線ではJR九州のOn the conventional line, JR KyushuPrepaid Card"SUGOCACan be used[29].. SUGOCA cannot be used on the Shinkansen (Kawauchi Station --Including between our stations).If you want to use SUGOCA when connecting between the Shinkansen and the conventional line, you need to exit the ticket gate and re-enter.新幹線ShinkansenEX-IC/Smart exWas introduced on June 2022, 6, at this pointTokyo StationIn the case of departure and arrival, it will be the farthest station (in actual kilometers) by using it once (1 area, 1 ticket gate, 1 reservation, 1 settlement), and there will be no further extension in the future.

When boarding from an unmanned station, only cash is handled when getting off the train.

In addition to waiting spaces, wireless LAN spots, and smoking rooms, commercial facilities such as kiosks, souvenir shops, and restaurants are located inside the Shinkansen ticket gates.

Inside the conventional line ticket gates, there are Shinkansen tickets, non-reserved seat limited express ticket vending machines, IC card charging machines, and a green window, so there are many passengers connecting from the conventional line to the Shinkansen on weekends. It is open during the period of many customers.

Both Shinkansen and conventional linesAutomatic broadcastingHas been introduced.Shinkansen platform only,MukaiComposed byDeparture melodyHas been introduced. 2011年の全線開業前は『風は南から』が使用されていたが、全線開業後は鹿児島県のBefore the opening of all lines in XNUMX, "Kaze wa Minamikara" was used, but after the opening of all lines, Kagoshima PrefectureFolk songIsKagoshima Ohara Bushi』Is arranged is used[30].

Bus stop

Limited express trains on conventional lines depart from Platforms 3-6.

For ordinary trains on conventional lines, all platforms are shared for each line, except that platform 1 is used exclusively for the Ibusukimakurazaki line (there is a bollard on the Nippou main line side and no overhead line is stretched).

The old No. 1 bus stop before the Kyushu Shinkansen boarded was available for all trains on the Kagoshima Main Line, Nippou Main Line, and Ibusukimakurazaki Line. there were.As of 0, the former site is used as a passage in the adjacent parking lot, but there is a remnant of the time when the platform was installed.

Each platform at Platforms 3-6 is equipped with a non-reserved limited express ticket vending machine for IC cards, and each platform at Platforms 1-6 is equipped with an IC card charging machine.

From the opening of all Kyushu Shinkansen lines to March 2019, 3, for conventional linesLast trainWas a simultaneous departure for all lines, but from March 2021, 3, it was again a simultaneous departure for all lines (13:23).

1 - 4■Ibusuki Makurazaki LineGoing downTaniyama-Pleasure-Ibusukiaspect
2 - 6■Nippo Main LineGoing upKagoshima-Hayato-Yoshimatsu-MiyazakiaspectIncluding Hisatsu Line direct train
■Kagoshima Main LineIjuin-Kushikino-Kawauchiaspect
11 - 14■ Kyushu ShinkansenHakata-Shin-Osakaaspect

Kagoshima Tram

Relative homeIt has 2 sides and 2 lines.It used to be located on a prefectural road that passes by, but with the opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen in 2004, the upper and lower lines of the tram stop, which used to be a center reservation system that set up a tram stop in the center of the road, are combined into a road. The single-sided reservation system has been adopted so that it can be moved to one side of the road, and it has been relocated to the station square to improve convenience.[18][23].

There are train approach indicators at both platforms, and announcements are made.また、両のりばともAlso, both platformsBarrier-freeIt corresponds to.

Bus stop

Satsumachi Kagoshima Chuo Station Souvenir Yokocho / Gurume Yokocho

It is a general term for commercial facilities inside stations, and as of 2012, 42 stores are open.全店でAt all storesSUGOCACan be used.

2011(Heisei23 years)3Prior to the opening of all Kyushu Shinkansen lines,2008From (20) inside the station (FrestaKagoshima) extension work was carried out,2010(22)2/18It was completed in.As a result, the total floor area of ​​the station is 8,400m.2From 1m2Expanded to. From Fresta Kagoshima on October 2014, 10, "Ekimachi 1-chomeRenamed to "Kagoshima". From April 2019 (Heisei 31), the name "Ekimachi 4-chome" is no longer used, and now it is called "Souvenir Yokocho" and "Gurume Yokocho". Kagoshima has been deleted from the official website of "Ekimachi 1-chome", and the URL of the official website has also changed.

Store area is 7,300m2[24] And 5,500m of them2 Bic cameraIt is the Kagoshima Chuo Station store.飲食・物販ゾーンは、「みやげ横丁」には27店舗が、「ぐるめ横丁」には県内初出店のIn the food and beverage / product sales zone, there are XNUMX stores in "Souvenir Yokocho" and the first store in the prefecture in "Gurume Yokocho".Seattle's Best CoffeeThere are 8 stores.

* For details on the tenant stores, seeOfficial Website See.

Amu Plaza Kagoshima

Amu Plaza Kagoshima is a large-scale complex commercial area adjacent to this station.Station buildingThere is a main building and a premium building.The main building has 187 stores (as of April 2014), and the premium building has 4 stores (as of September 19).

Usage situation

2019(First year of Reiwa)Boardingpersonnel The20,271Is[31]..This is the largest number of stations in Kagoshima prefecture.またJR九州の駅としてはAlso, as a JR Kyushu stationHakata Station,Kokura Station3rd place after[31].

The station handling revenue in 2015 was 133 million yen, which is the second largest station in JR Kyushu after Hakata station. 900年2月期にJR九州管轄の駅で同収入が2016億円を超えている駅は当駅と、当駅と同じ九州新幹線の主要駅である博多駅と熊本駅のみであるThe only stations under the jurisdiction of JR Kyushu that earned more than 3 billion yen in the fiscal year ended March 100 are this station and Hakata and Kumamoto stations, which are the same major stations on the Kyushu Shinkansen as this station.[32].

This station has significantly increased the number of passengers since the partial opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen (2004) and the opening of the entire line (2011), and the latter is the average daily from April to December 2011 The number of passengers getting on and off the Shinkansen was 4 (12% of the plan).

JR Kyushu

Before 2003
The following shows the changes in passenger and cargo handling volume during the year from 1925 to 1991.[33][34][35].
年度Passenger handling volumeCargo handling volume
BoardingGetting off発 送到 着
1925(Taisho14 years)433,858429,69762,17441,913
1928(Showa3 years)463,616528,52156,04444,117
1989(Heisei1 years)5,370,0005,264,000--
After 2003
The changes in the daily average number of passengers and passengers are shown below.[35][36].
年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
Daily average
Boarding and alighting personnel
Daily average
Shinkansen boarding
Daily average
Getting on and off the Shinkansen

Kagoshima Tram

Changes in passengers a day [37][38]
年度Average number of people per day


The main ekiben is as follows[39].

  • Shrimp
  • Satsuma Makunouchi lunch
  • Kurobuta Yokocho
  • Extreme Kagoshima Kurobuta Meshi
  • Black pork cutlet lunch
  • Sakurajima ash-dried lunch
  • Black pork lunch

Bus route

Express Bus

Take the bus from the east / west exit bus terminal.このうちthis houseTropical Express Bus Center(East 21st stop) is the former southern country where the bus terminal was once locatedNippon LifeWith the aging of the building2009(Heisei21 years)5/31It is a complex facility that combines offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. as a redevelopment building on the site of the former building.Kagoshima Chuo Terminal Building (nickname: Reise) 2012(24)4/23Highway buses (excluding some routes) and airport limousine buses arrive and depart from the bus terminal on the 1st floor of the same building.[40]..なお、旧ビル閉鎖から新ビルが完成するまでの期間は、南国センタービル横の旧The period from the closure of the old building to the completion of the new building is the old one next to the Nangoku Center Building.Thanks Kagoshima Chuo Ekimae storeThe site was used as a bus terminal[41].

Below, the ones not specified are daytime.

Regular sightseeing bus

  • Kagoshima City View (Kagoshima City Bus, East 9 Bus Stop)
    • Shiroyama / Iso course (about every 30 minutes during the day)
    • Waterfront course (every 75 minutes during the day)
    • Night view course (2 flights only on Saturday)
  • Kagoshima City Regular Sightseeing Bus (Kagoshima Municipal Bus, East 8 Bus Stop)
    • Kagoshima History Exploration Course (1 flights a day)
    • Sakurajima Nature Sightseeing Course (1 flights a day)
  • Kagoshima / Sakurajima Regular Sightseeing Bus (JR Kyushu Bus)
    • Around the city / Sakurajima course (one flight a day)
    • City / Sakurajima Yokatoko Early Tour Course (1 flights a day)
  • Ibusuki / Kaimon / Chiran Regular Tour Bus (Kagoshima Kotsu)
    • Ibusuki / Chiran course (1 flight per day)

General route bus

Boarding is from the east and west exit bus terminals.

Bus stop

Kagoshima Chuo Station West Exit Bus Stop

Kagoshima Chuo Station West Exit Bus Stop-KagoshimaKagoshimaæ­¦
Bus stopaspectLineviadestinationrun
West 1Takeoka
Nishi High School
10Tenjin Minami / Murasakibaru CentralIn front of Hiroki Agricultural CooperativeDeer exchange
Tsurumaru High School / Kagoshima ArenaElderly Welfare Center Ishiki
N20Tokiwa tunnelMeiwa Circulation LineSouthern country
In front of Meiwa prefectural housing
N26Takeoka Highland
N28PlanetariumKagoshima station square
West 2Chartered bus boarding point

Kagoshima Chuo Station East Exit Bus Stop

Bus stopaspect[System number] Destinationrun
East 1Arrival only
East 2Tenmonkan, Yoshino
  • [1]Flower shed / Lower flower shelf / Yoshida Interchange
  • [-1 2]Via Yoshida InterchangeMiyanoura housing complex
  • [-1 3]Via YoshinoHonjo
  • [-1 4]Via HonjoAeon Town Aira
  • [2]Daimeigaoka / Asahigaoka New Town
  • [22]Yoshino / Sakamoto circulation
Southern country
  • [26]Asahigaoka New Town(Joint operation with southern country [2])
  • [36]Yoshida Interchange(Joint operation with southern country [1])
East 3
  • [3]Yoshino Park
  • [4]Yoshino Golf Course
  • [5]Chubefu housing complex
  • [6]Miyanoura housing complex
Southern country
East 4City tourKagoshima City ViewMunicipal
Town tour busDeer exchange
East 5

East 6

Tenmonkan, City Hall, Kagoshima Station

Aquarium, Dolphin Port

Kagoshima Port

  • [2] [3] [11] [15-2] [18] [26] [26-2]In front of city hall
  • [16] [25]In front of the aquarium
  • [25]Dolphin port
  • [5] [32-1] [73] [74]Kinseicho
  • Kagoshima (Kinseicho)
  • [4][11][17][19][20][22][25][27][28][32-1][33][55-1][60-1][61-1][63-1][65-1][75]Kagoshima station square
  • [24]North Wharf
  • [Portliner] Kagoshima New Port
Deer exchange
  • [28]Kagoshima Station
  • [160]High speed ship terminal
Southern country
  • [54-1] [57-1] [58-1]Kagoshima Station
East 7Ishiki, Ishiki New Town

Koriyama, Iriki, Miyanojo

  • [-1 2]Via Ishiki New TownIn front of the Transportation Bureau North Office
  • [-8 2]Via girls' high school Tamazato housing complexIn front of the Transportation Bureau North Office
  • [20]Via ShimoishikiIshiki housing complex / Midorigaoka housing complex
  • [-55 1]Spaland Lala
  • [-61 1]Health Forest Park / Urban Agricultural Center
  • [-63 1]Hanano housing complex
  • [65-1] [66-1] [68-1] [69-1]Ishikidai New Town East
  • [75]Eikichi housing complex, Nishinosako Park
Deer exchange
  • [-54 1]Via Satsuma Koriyama / IrikiMiyanojo
  • [-57 1]Via Meiokan High SchoolSatsuma Koriyama
  • [-58 1]Via HanaoSatsuma Koriyama
Tenmonkan, Shigetomi, Gamo, Kokubu

Makinohara, Iwakawa, Shibushi

  • [-66 1]Aira New Town
  • [-67 1]Automobile test site
  • [-68 1]Via National Hospital Hayato StationHinatayama / Shigehisa
  • [-69 1]Via National Hospital / Self-Defense ForcesKokubushigehisa
Deer exchange
  • Via Kajiki housing complex / school bridgeMakinohara
  • Via Kajiki housing complex, school bridge, Makinohara, IwakawaShibushi
  • [10]Shigetomi / Chosa / Via BypassGamo / Kusuda
  • [10]Via bypassKuroki three characters
Southern country
East 8

East 9

Regular sightseeing busMunicipal

Deer exchange


East 10Arrival only
East 11Tenmonkan, Kenbaba, Sakamoto

Uenohara housing complex, Tamazato housing complex

Midorigaoka / Ishiki housing complex, Yoshida

  • [3]Via Sakamoto / Tamazato housing complexIn front of the Transportation Bureau North Office
  • [51]Via Shiroyama Tunnel, Tamazato Danchi, Satsuma DanchiIshikidai New Town Central
  • [76]Via IwasakidaniUenohara housing complex
Deer exchange
  • [7]Honjo / In front of Gamo High School / Gamo / Kusuda
  • [8]Midorigaoka housing complex
  • [9]Ishiki Komae (Ishiki housing complex)
  • [23]Sakamoto / Yoshino circulation
Southern country
East 12Tenmonkan, Vertical Baba

Shiroyama housing complex, high school girls

  • [4]Via Shiroyama Tunnel / Tamazato DanchiIn front of the Transportation Bureau North Office
  • [11]Via Shiroyama housing complex / girls' high schoolElderly Welfare Center Ishiki
  • [77]Tamazato housing complex (Tamazato housing complex north exit)
  • [Midnight 77]Tamazato Danchi / Ishiki New Town East
Deer exchange
East 13Tenmonkan, Tamaryu High School, Sebaru housing complex

Tsujigaoka housing complex, Yoshino

Uenohara, Joban housing complex, Kuzuyama

  • [2]In front of Tamaryu High School
  • [6]Via Higashi High SchoolIn front of Yoshino branch / Uenohara
  • [-6 2]Via Sebaru housing complexIn front of Yoshino branch
  • [-6 3]Via Higashi High SchoolKazurayama
  • [22]Via Sebaru housing complexKazurayama
  • [75]Via IwasakidaniJoban housing complex, Kuzuyama
Deer exchange
East 14University hospital, Sakuragaoka


  • [13]Via Tempozan / KotsukichoIn front of city hall
  • [18]Via attached small and purple fieldsUniversity hospital Sakuragaoka
East 15Prefectural Office, Kamoike Port, Yojiro


  • [9]Via attached small / prefectural officeKamoike Port
  • [11]Via Kagoshima Main Gate, Municipal Pool, Sanwa Town, Prefectural Office WestKamoike Port
  • [16]Via Tempozan / Yojiro / Citizen's Culture HallPrefectural Office / Kamoike Port
  • [20]Via Konan High SchoolPrefectural Office / Kamoike Port
  • [27]Via ShimoarataIn front of the prefectural office, Yojiro XNUMX-chome
  • [32]Via new mansion / prefectural officeKamoike Port
  • [-32 1]Via Shinyashiki / Tempozan / Yojiro KaigandoriKamoike Port
Deer exchange
  • [Kanoya direct bus]Via Kamoike / Tarumizu FerryKanoya (Higashi Kasanohara)
East 16Aeon Kagoshima, Oroshihonmachi, Jigenji housing complex

Makurazaki, Kasedashiraka, Ibusuki, Chiran

  • [4]Via Korimoto / SasanukiAeon Kagoshima / Jiyokuji housing complex
  • [5]Via Wholesale Honmachi / Traffic Safety Education Center / Taniyama PortNanatsujima XNUMX-chome
  • Via Kawanabe High SchoolMakurazaki(usually)
  • Via the riverMakurazaki(Limited express)
  • Via KasedashiMakurazaki(Super Tokkyu, non-stop to Kasedashiraka)
  • Via IsakuKaseda(Semi Express)
  • Via HirakawaChiran / Special Attack Kannon Entrance
  • Via Hirakawa / Kiiri / IbusukiYamakawa Pier
Deer exchange
East 17Josai, Meiwa, Eikichi, Tokiwa
  • [2]Via Nishida HondoriTokiwa
  • [9]Via Nishida Hondori / MeiwaTakeoka Highland
  • [13]Via Nishida Hondori / Kagoshima ArenaHeartpia
  • [26]KakegoshiMeiwa
  • [-26 2]Via Kakegoshi / HararaMeiwa
  • [-40 2]Via KakegoshiTakeokadai High School
  • [73]Via KakegoshiMeiwa Prefectural Housing
  • [74]Via Nishida Hondori and NagayoshiGirls' high school, Tamazatocho
  • [75]In front of Eikichi housing complex, Nishinosako Park
Deer exchange
East 18Airport bus
East 19-
East 20Arrival only
East 21Express Bus
  • Kagoshima Airport Limousine Bus
  • [Sakurajima] Fukuoka
  • [Kirishima] Kumamoto
  • [Hamayu] Miyazaki
Deer exchange

Southern country


East 22Toso, Murasakibaru, Hoshigamine, Kotokuji

Saigo / Omine housing complex, Takeokadai

Matsumoto / Taue / Ijuin

Sakuragaoka, University Hospital

  • [3]Via Tenjin Minami / Murasakibaru XNUMX-chomeTsurugasaki Bridge
  • [-15 2]Via Municipal Hospital / Junshin Girls' AcademyPurple field
  • [25]Via Municipal HospitalToso Housing / In front of Toso Welfare Center
  • [11]Via Taue / NakayamaAeon Kagoshima
  • [13]Hiroki / Nakayama circulation
  • [17]Via Hiroki Agricultural CooperativeSakuragaoka East Exit
  • [19]Via Kagoshima University / Higashi Murasakibaru OverpassMurasakibaru / Sakuragaoka
  • [20]Via Yamada / MinamidaiHoshigamine
  • [-20 1]Via Hiroki / Yamada / Hoshigamine HigashiHoshigamine
  • [22] [Midnight 22]Via Taue / HinodechoMurasakibaru / Opsia
  • [24]Via Omaki / Moriyama housing complexNishi Murasakibaru Junior High School
  • [25]Via Tenjin Minami / HirokiImperial Temple Post Office
  • [27] [Midnight 27]Via Tagami DanchiHoshigamine
  • [28] [Midnight 28]Via Ibusuki SkylineImperial Temple Post Office
  • [33]Via Tagami Danchi / Hoshigamine TokoHoshigamine
  • [73]Municipal hospital
  • Via Tagami / Murasakibaru ChuoMurasakibaru / Sakuragaoka (Midnight)
Deer exchange
  • [11]Via Tagami / WashoutTakeoka Highland
  • [12]Via Tagami / WashoutTakeokadai High School
  • [13]Via Tagami / WashoutNorthern cleaning factory
  • [14]Seiryo housing complex (Seiryo XNUMX-chome)
  • [15]Via Goan / SeiryoOmine housing complex
  • [16]Via Goan / SeiryoKagoshima Business High School / Cultural Craft Village
  • [18]Via Goan / KarishikiIn front of Ikeda High School / Ishitani / Iimurei
  • [29]Municipal hospital
  • [30]To KamoikeshinmachiFire drill center
Southern country
East 23(High speed) Fukuoka
  • [Minami XNUMX] Fukuoka
South Kyushu sightseeing
Kagoshima Central Station Bus Stop-KagoshimaKagoshimaChuo Town
Bus stopaspectLineviadestinationrun
East 1Arrival only
East 2
East 3
N1Before radioFlower shedSouthern country
Lower flower shelf
Yoshida Interchange
N1-2Yoshida InterchangeMiyanoura housing complex
N1-4HonjoAeon Town Aira
N1-5Before radioIn front of the education center
N2DaimeigaokaAsahigaoka NT
N3Before radioYoshino Park
N4NunogayaYoshino Golf Course
N5Before radioChubefu housing complex
N6Miyanoura housing complex north
N22Yoshino / Sakamoto circulation
East 4City tourTown tour busDeer exchange
Kagoshima City ViewMunicipal
East 5
East 6
municipal office
Kagoshima Station
Kagoshima Port
3PlanetariumIn front of city hallDeer exchange
15 – 2
4Kagoshima station square
32 – 1
55 – 1
60 – 1
61 – 1
63 – 1
65 – 1
32 – 1
Limited express
Going straight
26In front of the aquarium
26Dolphin port
PLKagoshima New Port
City 1PlanetariumIn front of city hallMunicipal
City 5
City 11
City 24
City 16In front of the aquarium
City 24
N28PlanetariumKagoshima station squareSouthern country
N32In front of city hall
N160Kagoshima Main Port
54 – 1PlanetariumKagoshima station squareJR
57 – 1
58 – 1
East 7Ishiki
Ishiki NT
55 – 1OyamadaSpaland LalaDeer exchange
61 – 1In front of the river headHealth Forest Park / Urban Agricultural Center
63 – 1Shimoishiki / ChitosebashiHanano housing complex
65 – 1Shimoishiki / UmegabuchiIshiki NT East
City 1Ishiki NTIn front of the Transportation Bureau North OfficeMunicipal
City 1-2
City 5Daily allowance
City 20ShimoishikiIshiki housing complex / Midorigaoka housing complex
City 24
54 – 1Satsuma Koriyama / IrikiMiyanojoJR
57 – 1Meiōkan High SchoolSatsuma Koriyama
58 – 1Hanao
66 – 1ShigetomiAira NTDeer exchange
67 – 1bypassAutomobile test site
68 – 1National Hospital Hayato StationHinatayama / Shigehisa
69 – 1National Hospital / Self-Defense ForcesKokubushigehisa
N10ShigetomiGamo / KusudaSouthern country
Kuroki three characters
East 8
East 9
Regular sightseeing busDeer exchange
Southern country
East 10Arrival only
East 11Planetarium
Hard riding ground
Uenohara housing complex
Tamazato housing complex
Nishiishiki housing complex
76IwasakidaniUenohara housing complexDeer exchange
City 3Sakamoto / Tamazato housing complexIn front of the Transportation Bureau North OfficeMunicipal
City 8Tamazato housing complex
City 8-2
N7In front of the Education Center, Sakamoto, MaruokaHonjoSouthern country
In front of Gamo High School
N8SakamotoMidorigaoka housing complex
N9Ishiki Komae (Ishiki housing complex)
N23Before radioSakamoto / Yoshino circulation
East 12Planetarium
Vertical Baba
Shiroyama housing complex
High school girl
City 4Shiroyama Tunnel / Tamazato DanchiIn front of the Transportation Bureau North OfficeMunicipal
City 11Shiroyama housing complex, girls' high schoolElderly Welfare Center Ishiki
East 13Planetarium
Tamaryu High School
Sebaru housing complex
Tsujigaoka housing complex

Chang'an housing complex

N32PlanetariumIn front of Tamaryu High SchoolSouthern country
N36Under East High SchoolUenohara
In front of Yoshino branch
N36-2Sebaru housing complex
N36-3Under East High SchoolKazurayama
N42Sebaru housing complex
East 14University hospital
12Mt. Tenpo / KotsukichoIn front of city hallDeer exchange
18Attached small, MurasakibaruUniversity hospital / Sakuragaoka circulation
East 15Prefectural office
Kamoike Port
32In front of the new mansion / prefectural officeKamoike PortDeer exchange
32 – 1Shinyashiki / Tempozan / Yojiro Kaigandori
Going straightKamoike/Tarumizu FerryKanoya (Higashi Kasanohara)
City 11In front of Kagoshima University Main Gate, in front of the municipal pool, Sanwa Town, Kagoshima Prefectural Office WestKamoike PortMunicipal
City 16Mt. Tenpo / Yojiro / Citizen's Culture Hall
City 20In front of Konankokomae / Prefectural Office
City 27ShimodarataIn front of the prefectural office, Yojiro XNUMX-chome
N39In front of the attached small and prefectural officeKamoike PortSouthern country
East 16Aeon Kagoshima
Wholesale Honmachi
Jiyokuji housing complex
4Korimoto / SasanukiAeon KagoshimaDeer exchange
Jiyokuji housing complex
5Wholesale Honmachi, Traffic Safety Education Center, Taniyama PortNanatsujima XNUMX-chome
Limited expressKawabeMakurazaki
Going straightKaseda
Limited expressOsakaKaseda
ordinaryKawanabe High SchoolMakurazaki
ordinaryHirakawa / ChiranTokkokannoniriguchi
ordinaryHirakawa / IbusukiYamakawa Pier
East 17Josai
12Nishida Hondori / Kagoshima ArenaHeartpiaDeer exchange
N32Nishida HondoriTokiwaSouthern country
N39Nishida Hondori / MeiwaTakeoka Highland
N40-2KakegoshiTakeokadai High School
N46-2Kakegoshi / Harara
East 18Airport bus
East 19-
East 20Arrival only
East 21Express BusKagoshima Airport Limousine BusDeer exchange
Southern country
[Sakurajima] Fukuoka
[Kirishima] Kumamoto
[Hamayu] Miyazaki
East 22Toso
Purple field
Imperial Temple
Seiryo housing complex
Omine housing complex
University hospital
3Purple fieldKamoike PortDeer exchange
11Tagami / NakayamaAeon Kagoshima
15 – 2Municipal Hospital Junshin Girls' AcademyPurple field
17In front of Hiroki Agricultural CooperativeSakuragaoka East Exit
19Kagoshima University, Higashi Murasakibaru OverpassMurasakibaru / Sakuragaoka
20Yamada / MinamidaiHoshigamine
20 – 1Hiroki / Yamada / Hoshigamine Higashi
25Tenjin Minami / HirokiImperial Temple Post Office
26Municipal hospitalToso Housing
In front of Toso Welfare Center
27Tagami housing complexHoshigamine
28Ibusuki skylineImperial Temple Post Office
28 – 1
76TodoriMunicipal hospital
N11Tagami / WashoutTakeoka HighlandSouthern country
N12Takeokadai High School
N13Northern cleaning factory
N14TagamiSeiryo housing complex (Seiryo XNUMX-chome)
N15Goan / SeiryoOmine housing complex
N16Kagoshima Business High School
Cultural Craft Village
N18Goan / KarishikiIn front of Ikeda High School
N29TodoriMunicipal hospital
N30Kamoike ShinmachiFire drill center
East 23Express Bus[Minami XNUMX] FukuokaSouth Kyushu sightseeing

Around the station

20113With the opening of all lines of the Kyushu Shinkansen, redevelopment is progressing around the station.Amu PlazaCommercial facilities such as hotels and hotels are concentratedPlanetariumRepresenting Kagoshima City with the districtDowntown.

An underground passage (Tsubame Road) is installed in and around the station, which is connected to Kagoshima Chuo Station West Exit / Sakurajima Exit, Amu Plaza Kagoshima, Cancel Building, Nangoku Center Building, and Kagoshima Chuo Station Stop.In addition, a plaza and police box are set up in the underground passage, and devised so that people can pass safely and comfortably.

Adjacent to Kagoshima Chuo StationChuo TownWe redeveloped "Chuo Station Ichibangai" in the 19th and 20th blocks, and started construction of a 7-story redevelopment building including commercial facilities up to the 24th floor and condominiums on the upper floors.Amu Plaza KagoshimaConnects to the Nangoku Center Building via the Premium Building and this buildingPedestrian deckWill be installed at the same time[28]..This building20213/30Completed in[43], Some commercial facilities were in the same year4/23Opened in[44]..Fully opened in the same year6Mid-term schedule[43].


Station-related facilities
Public facilities, etc.
Educational facility
Companies, financial institutions, etc.
  • KagoshimaTokyu Inn
  • Hotel Taisei Annex
  • Kagoshima Park Hotel
  • Hotel Gasthof
  • Kagoshima Daiichi Hotel
  • Toyoko InnKagoshima Chuo Station East Exit
  • Business Hotel Suzuya
  • Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Kagoshima (Reise 7F-14F)

West exit

Station-related facilities
public facility
Educational facility
Companies etc.
  • Bic cameraKagoshima Chuo Station Store
  • Taisei Transportation
  • Nihon LabKyushu Kagoshima Headquarters

Group of young Satsuma

In Kagoshima Chuo Station Square (Sakurajimaguchi Square),1982A sculptor built by Kagoshima City to commemorate the achievement of 57 cities in (50)Shinya NakamuraImage of Satsuma Domain British students by "Young Satsuma Group Image"[46]There is[47].

Initially, there were only 19 out of 17 statues, but in 2020, statues of Takayuki Hori and Yaichi Takami, who were not from the Satsuma domain and had no statues, will be added.[47].

Next station

Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu)
■ Kyushu Shinkansen
Kawauchi Station - Kagoshima Chuo Station
■ Kagoshima Main Line
Hiroki Station - Kagoshima Chuo Station - Kagoshima Station
■ Nippou Main Line (Kagoshima Station-Kagoshima Main Line between this station)
Kagoshima Station- Kagoshima Chuo Station
■ Ibusuki Makurazaki Line
■Rapid "Nanohana" ・■ordinary
Kagoshima Chuo Station - Korimoto Station
* Some trains depart and arrive at Kagoshima Station on the Kagoshima Main Line (Rapid "Nanohana" is a regular train on the Kagoshima Main Line)
Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau
Kagoshima City Tramway 2 system
Takamibashi stop - Kagoshima Chuo Station Stop - Miyakodori stop

注 釈

  1. ^ Maintenance bullet trainThen, there is no plan to extend it further south.なお、JR在来線の日本最南端駅は指宿枕崎線のThe southernmost station on the JR conventional line in Japan is the Ibusukimakurazaki line.West Mt. Ooyama Station, The southernmost station in Japan including private railwaysOkinawa city monorail"Yui Rail"ofAkamine Station.
  2. ^ The current address of Kagoshima Chuo Station, "Chuocho," was set up by dividing it from a part of Takemachi, which was later reorganized by the town name in 1970.
  3. ^ Until then, the Kagoshima Main Line between Yatsushiro and Kagoshima was incorporated into the Kawauchi Main Line.Hisatsu LineBecome
  4. ^ There are no detention lines other than the arrival and departure lines with a platform, and vehicles detained at nightKawauchi Shinkansen Vehicle CenterWill be forwarded to.
  5. ^ The hotel was opened before the opening of the Shinkansen, but it is a family restaurant on the first floor.JoyfulThe store name has been "Kagoshima Chuo Store" in anticipation of the station name change from the beginning.なお、西口側には新幹線開通後に開業した「鹿児島中央In addition, on the west exit side, "Kagoshima Chuo" which opened after the opening of the ShinkansenStation squareThere is a "store".


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