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🍴 | Sapporo & Sapporo Suburbs Really delicious ♪ Review lunch Travel Komi Hokkaido


Sapporo and its suburbs Really delicious ♪ Word-of-mouth lunch Tabikomi Hokkaido

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A unique dish in which you can melt the dry curry in the soup!

In this trip review, we will introduce popular shops based on word-of-mouth!First, go to Kuriyama-cho.Kuriyama and neighboring vegetables are sold just after being caught… → Continue reading

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Dry curry

Dry curry(Dry Curry)Japan OfCurry and riceOne of the variations of.


Indian cuisineIt is one of the variations of curry rice that has developed uniquely in Japan. In some Indian restaurants in Japan, simmered dishes using spices with little juice are called dry curry.

The following styles of curry rice are called dry curry.In the following explanation, "○○ type" is a classification name for convenience of Wikipediak article editing.

  1. Minced meatとChoppedStir-fry the vegetablesCurry powderFlavor withSoup stockSeasoned with, boiled down, and served on a flat plate.foodThe dish on the table. a kind ofKeema curry. (Minced meat type)
  2. Curry flavoredFried Rice.. "Dry curry ingredients" that can be easily made at home,Frozen foodIs on sale from each company. Also called "curry fried rice". (Fried rice type)
  3. Raw rice and curry powder are fried and cooked with ingredients. currypilaf. (Pilaf type)


History of minced meat type

The inventor of the minced meat type dry curryNippon Yusen OfEuropean route shipIt is said that he is a Japanese cook who worked as a ship cook at "Mishima Maru".[1][2][3].. It is recorded that the dinner menu of Mishima Maru on April 1911, 4 says "Lobster & Dried Curries".[1][2].

Designed for customers who have lost their appetite from a long journey on a ship[2][3]..Also for curryFukujinzukeIt was the origin of Mishima Maru that I tried to add[1][3].. at firstChutneyWas added, but as a substitute when the chutney is insufficientpicklesIt was unpopular because it was too sour, but it was well received when it was pickled in Fukujin.[1][3]..Fukujinzuke was also expensive at that time, so it is suitable for third-class customers.TakuanWas attached[1].


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