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🍺 | XNUMX breweries gather and compare drinks at department stores Supporting sake with depressed demand Hiroshima


XNUMX breweries gather to compare drinks at department stores Supporting Japanese sake with depressed demand Hiroshima

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The "Sake Drinking Market" will be held at Hiroshima Mitsukoshi until the 14th of this month.

In order to support sake, whose demand has fallen due to the influence of the new corona, an event where breweries in the prefecture gathered was held at a department store in Hiroshima City. → Continue reading

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Hiroshima Mitsukoshi

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    Mitsukoshi > Hiroshima Mitsukoshi

    Hiroshima Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd.(Hiroshima Mitsukoshi)HiroshimaHiroshima cityNaka-ku OfDepartment store.

    oldMitsukoshi(CurrentIsetan Mitsukoshi), one of the local subsidiaries ofIsetan Mitsukoshi HoldingsIs a wholly owned subsidiary of.


    1973(Showa48 years) April 4MitsukoshiOpened as the Hiroshima store.As a result, Mitsukoshi became the first nationwide department store to open a store in central Hiroshima.

    This place has1969Until (44)Chinese newspaperwas headquartered.Due to that history, the building is still owned by Chugoku Shimbun Bunka Jigyo Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Chugoku Shimbun.[2], manages[3].In addition, the name of the building is "Chugoku Shimbun Bunka Enterprise Building".[4].

    Sales area is 15,851m2, 8 floors above ground and 1 floor below ground.The sales floor area at the time of opening is about 8,700m2Was,1975(Showa 50) Approximately 6m on June 12was expanded.With the arrival of Mitsukoshi, the Hiroshima area became a fierce battleground for department stores.Tenmaya Hatchobori Building), the following year1974(Showa 49) On October 10, in the Kamiyacho district (Motomachi)Hiroshima Sogo(currently Sogo Hiroshima store) has opened.

    When Hiroshima Mitsukoshi expanded its second floor space in 1974, Hiroshima Sogo, Fukuya Hatchobori Main Store, and Tenmaya Hatchobori Store also expanded their floor space at the same time.

    As for the location environment,Tenmaya Hatchobori BuildingBut,Chuo-doriAcrossFukuya Hatchobori Main Storeis located and allEbisu Dori Shopping Streetfacing.The Tenmaya Hatchobori Building is connected to the rooftop by an emergency evacuation passage.

    Mitsukoshi (nowIsetan Mitsukoshi) Is the parent companyIsetan Mitsukoshi HoldingsWith the spin-off of local stores,2010(Heisei22 years) as of April 4Hiroshima Mitsukoshi Co., Ltd.was spun off as a company (incorporation was2009September 10).

    Report of store shrinkage

    201611/8At the press conference of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings,Isetan Matsudo store-Isetan Fuchu store-Matsuyama MitsukoshiAlong with this, it became clear that the company is considering reducing the sales floor area, partnering with other companies, and converting the business format.[5].As mentioned above, it has long had a competitive relationship with nearby department stores, but in terms of sales, Sogo Hiroshima store, Fukuya Hatchobori main store,Fukuya Hiroshima Station StoreI was worshiping the dust of.2012Tenmaya Hatchobori store closed in March[6]However, the store does not intend to "completely close" the entire building, but instead considers reducing the sales floor area, converting it to a specialty store building, and transferring it to another company.


    • Rooftop - Rooftop 
    • 8th Floor - Exhibition Hall/Restaurant
    • 7th Floor - Gallery, Social Salon, Glasses Salon
    • 6th floor - home fashion and kimono
    • 5th Floor - Men's Fashion/Golf Salon
    • 4F - Lady's Pret-a-porter, Formal, Jewelry, Watches, Jewelry Remodeling
    • 3F - Women's Casual, Lingerie, Ladies' Shoes
    • 2nd Floor - Designer's World Life Styling Women's Shoes
    • 1F - World Boutique, Accessories, Bijou, Cosmetics, Fashion Parts
    • B1 floor - food hall


    Reference books

    • Kenchiku Gaho (Architectural Gaho) June 1973 issue


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    6. ^ The directly managed portion of Tenmaya has all left, leaving its name in the name of the building and the name of the atelier where it resides.In the direct management partWith WonderlandYamada Denki moved from the site,UNIQLOhas moved in, and has been opening stores since beforeMaruzenand restaurants and clinics remain to this day.

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