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🍺 | Korean shochu sales surge in Japan = Korean net "Korean wave is the best" "There is sake ..."


South Korean shochu sales soar in Japan = Korean Internet ``The best Korean wave'' ``There is sake...''

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There were also many negative comments about Korean soju, such as, "I'm just curious because it appears in dramas and movies."

On August 2022, 8, the Korean media and Asian economy said, "The popularity of Korean dramas has affected the sales volume of Korean soju in Japan... → Continue reading

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    Soju(Morning: Soju,Korean Kanji: Sake)Korean PeninsulaIs manufactured inDistilled liquor..Korean Peninsula from ancient timesTraditional liquorA kind of.JapaneseDistilled spiritsBecause it is equivalent toKorean sojuAlso known as.

    TraditionallyriceIt was made fromSecond World War-Korean WarAfterwards, triggered by a shortage of rice during the period of economic growthpotato,Wheat,Barley,sweet potato,tapiocaSoju with starch added, and soju made entirely from these ingredients are being made.

    Soju is colorless and transparentAlcohol degreeIt varies from 20% to 45%, but 20% is the most common, and the tendency for health-conscious or low-frequency Soju to be preferred has increased since the 1990s.The taste isvodkaIt is similar to the above, but it is slightly sweeter because sugar and spices may be added during the manufacturing process.Also, in many brandsAcidulantIs also added to JapanDistilled spiritsIt can be said that it is different from.

    Soju is Chinese "Sake"(pinyin: shāojiǔ) Comes from.EnglishBrandySince the etymology of Dutch was "burned wine" (brandewijn = burned wine), it happens that distilled liquor is expressed by words with similar etymology in the east and west of the ocean. become.


    Soju1300AroundGoryeo Yuan dynastyIt was first manufactured during the period when it was under the control of.1256From Persians to Mongols in the process of conquering Mongolia's Central Asia and the Middle EastArakThe method of making distilled liquor called (arak) was transmitted.[1]..Arak is also transmitted to various places controlled by Mongolians such as China and Goryeo, and is the capital of Goryeo.GaeseongThere was also a distillery to make arak near.This leads to Soju.In the vicinity of Kaesong, Soju is Arakuju (the name) Is also called[2]..Originally, the sake was so strong that some people died after drinking Soju.It is difficult to produce and is considered to be a high-class liquor, mainly from the royal family.Both groupsIt was drunk by the ruling class like.It was often taken medicated.It was often manufactured in the private sector because the brewing method was recorded in the home-cooked collection "Food and Drink".In addition, many kinds of soju such as sweet red dew, bamboo ginger, and pear liquor were produced.They are,KumonosukabiFerment rice withMakgeolliThe method was to distill makgeolli in a pot still.

    Japanese rulePopularization began in Japan, from JapanAspergillusAnd a method of mass production using a continuous still (similar to Japanese "shochu shellfish") was adopted.1916The number of breweries has reached 28,404 throughout Korea.However, traditional ginger wine such as pear liquor disappeared at this time.A representative manufacturerDewdrop(Jinro)1924ToSouth HeianRyonggang CountyThe predecessor of the Maisen Brewing Company, which was founded by Zhang Gakuin,Korean WarEscape to the south,1953ToSeoulHave moved to.

    Due to a shortage of rice in South Korea during the postwar period of high economic miracle1965から1991Meanwhile, the government banned the traditional method of distilling soju directly from fermented mash.Instead, it is distilled from various raw materials such as potatoes and tapioca.ethanolDiluted with water and artificially seasoned with sweeteners, etc., has come to be made.Regulations on traditional methods have already been lifted, but cheap Soju is still made using these methods.The Korean government has set the alcohol content of diluted soju to be 35% or less.On the other hand, some local soju companies return to the traditional distillation method of soju production.Gyeongsangbuk-doAndong CityThe one made of is a typical example, and the alcohol content reaches 45%.


    Dewdrop(Jinro) sold 2007 million cases in 7,200[3]Korea's largest Soju manufacturer[4]Among them, at present, Chamisul (the name), Which sells the fact that it is filtered multiple times with bamboo charcoal, is popular.Dew1968ToSouth VietnamSince entering the market, it has exported to more than 80 countries and was popular for a while in Japan, which experienced the Korean wave boom.Chasing ChamisulLotteSeven-star beverage (Chillson Umlyo,롯데 칠성 음료Chom Chorom () manufactured by the liquor department ofLike the first time), And the market share is steadily increasing[5].

    However, Soju also has the characteristic that local brands are loved by each region.[6].. In the 1970s, the government decided to prevent excessive competition among Soju traders.roadIt set the principle of one company.1988Although this principle has been abolished, it is often difficult for local manufacturers to expand into other regions, and the status of representative manufacturers in each region has not yet been shaken.

    BusanThen, Daisei Sake Brewery (Daesung Jujo,대선 주조) C1 Soju (Siwon Soju,시원 소주) Is popular.Daegu,GyeongbukIn the area, Kinfukushu Co., Ltd. (Kumbokuju,금복주 ㈜)[7] Manufactured in Chamsoju (참 소주)[8] Is popular.Gyeongsangnam-doandUlsanThen,ChangwonMasanMaizuru (Muhaku,ignorance) Manufactures Jownday ()좋은 데이) And White Soju (화이트 소주) Is very popularJejuHarura San Soju (Halasan Soju) is very popular.Jeollanam-doandGwangjuThen, Hokai Brewery (Boheyanso,보해 양조) Produces that it uses 100% naturally derived sweets.first time) Is popular.Also, Kyungwol (Kyungwol)[9]) And Chom Cholom are made in Doosan → Lotte Chilsung Beverages business was originallyGangwon-doIt is a strong manufacturer.


    beer,whiskey,WineSoju is still the most popular liquor in Korea because of its availability and cheapness.2004Consumed more than 30 billion bottles in Korea[10],2006According to a survey, Korean adults over the age of 20 consume an average of 90 sojus per year.[11].

    Traditionally, soju is drunk straight, but a glass of soju is dropped into a large jug of beer.Bomb liquorOn the contrary, there is also a way to drink "hydrogen bomb liquor" that drops a glass of beer in Soju, which is easy to drink and makes you get sick at once.

    About the vial

    Soju's smallbottleIs common to Korea and is consistent绿With 360 ml of colorSupplyHas been done.exceptionThe bottle of Hallasan Soju is the same type as the green bottle, but it is a transparent bottle.

    This is because "Green Soju" released by Doosan at that time adopted a green small bottle for the first time in Soju in 1994, and it was a hit not only in Gangwon-do, which is the main sales area, but throughout Korea, so competing companies also adopted it one after another. Therefore, it is now used by all manufacturers that handle Soju.For this reason,2010Under the "Soju Bottle Sharing Agreement", each company unified the bottle format.Returnable bottleIt is used in units of brands (mainly low-priced ones) that use.


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