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🍴 | Town Chinese, yakiniku, shaved ice-popular gourmet articles you want to eat in summer [Kashiwa/Nagareyama]


Town Chinese, Yakiniku, Shaved ice ~ Popular gourmet articles you want to eat in summer [Kashiwa / Nagareyama]

If you write the contents roughly
At first glance, it looks like they are not lined up, and when you check it on your tablet, you may be waiting for dozens of pairs.

A local reporter, "Living Area Correspondent," introduces the latest information and hot spots in the area, "Regional Correspondent Report ..." → Continue reading

 Living Kashiwa Web

Local / outing information site in the Tokatsu area in northwestern Chiba prefecture, such as Kashiwa, Abiko, Matsudo, Nagareyama, Moriya, etc.

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Waiting for dozens of pairs


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