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📝 | Easy just rub and shake! 3 Idea Recipes "Make with Bags"


It's easy just by rubbing and shaking! 3 Idea Recipes "Make with Bags"

If you write the contents roughly
When you want to shorten the cooking process and time, "Breakfast made in a bag" is useful.

Less washing, no fire, and quick!In busy mornings, "Make it with a bag... → Continue reading

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Morning magazine "morning time.jp" full of tips to enjoy the morning
Approximately 1 breakfast recipes, serialization of recipes by popular cooks, breakfast shop information, morning scenery reports around the world, yoga, beauty, fashion, hair arrangements, articles written by experts every morning. I will deliver it.

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breakfast(BreakfastIsSleepAfter waking up fromMorningFirst to takeMeal[1].Breakfast(Asage,breakfast(Asameshi,Breakfast(breakfastTomo.

Englishof"BreakfastIs often translated as "breakfast", which is "at night"fastingIt means "break the period"[2].

What is so easy that you don't have to eat breakfast is called "breakfast".Since the time from getting up to having breakfast is relatively short, it means "easy enough to be done in the meantime".[3].

"In English-speaking countriesBreakfastMeaning and transition

In EnglishDinnerIsOld french"dinner"(" Deeney "), which was originally"fastingIt meant "to do".13st centuryUntil the meaning changed in the middle, it meant "the first meal to eat that day (morning)".[4].

"BreakfastMeans "meal to eat in the morning"DinnerThe word that came to be used in English as a word borrowed from15st centuryAfter that, this meant "breaking the night fasting period."[2]:6.

Old englishIn, this word is "morgenmete"(" Morgenmete "), meaning" food to eat in the morning "[5].

Breakfast in each area

Breakfast listSee also.



Bread(baguette or Croissant),シ リ ア ル, DrinksCafe au lait,coffee..For breadjam,バ タ ーMay be attached.


Bread(ManyRye(Prefers sour ones withcoffee-Wurst(sausage) ・Ham..Sometimes I eat fruits.Not coffee, but teaVegetablesOr fruitjuice-maltSome prefer milk with melted milk.Arrange things that do not use fire.This is called "cult essen".

German food"Bauern Frustouk" (Bauernfrühstück)[Note 1] ("Farmer's breakfast") CalledpotatoThere is food, but this is not eaten for breakfast. In the sense that "a person who does manual labor like a farmer may eat it for breakfast," it is actually eaten for brunch or lunch.

United Kingdom/Ireland

Industrial revolutionSince the time of, it has been said that "traditionally eat plenty of food over time"[Source required], Besides carbohydratesfatAnd animal originproteinA rich menu is lined up.

"English breakfast("England-style breakfast", english breakfast) Or "American breakfast"Continental europe"Continental breakfast" (continental breakfast)Continental Breakfast).

18st centuryIt used to be as simple as other continental countries, but during the Industrial Revolution the current style of English breakfast emerged.

bacon,Egg dishes(NormallyFried egg) Based on English stylesausage,mushroom OfSaute,GrilledTomato, Black pudding (Black sausage made from pork blood), Baked Beans ()beansBoiled food) with butter and jamToast, With fried breadミ ル クWithBlack teaHowever, some people can do it with simple cereals and toasts.In the United Kingdom as a wholeEnglandOther than that, there is a eating habit of having a similar breakfast,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThen, such a breakfast is "Scottish breakfast" (Scottish breakfast).

Neighboring countryIrelandBut I have such a breakfast, which is an "Irish breakfast" (Irish breakfast).


Mainland China / Hong Kong / Taiwan

It depends on the area, but generallyPorridge,noodles,ManjuThere are many (mantou).The porridge is "Fritters"(A type of fried bread) may be served.Hong KongThen it is called "Port-style breakfast"Egg dishes,Ham,sausage,Toastmacaroni,Rice noodlesOrInstant noodleEnteredSoupIs a combination ofTea bowlIt is offered at.


Heian period OfEmperorIt is,Snake time("Kanpei's memorial service]),Northern and Northern DynastiesThen.Hour of the horse("Kenbu year-round event』), In the Edo periodRabbit timeAfter purifying yourself and worshiping the gods and BuddhaDragon timeI had breakfast five and a half in the morning (around 9 o'clock)[6]..On the other hand, in the early modern periodConqueror GeneralHas breakfast at the dragon's five mornings (around 8 o'clock)[7], Had breakfast earlier than the emperor.

North America

The United States of America

The United States of AmericaIn, various forms of breakfast stand side by side.In addition to the immigrants bringing in the traditions of their respective countries of origin, there are also new options created in the land of the United States.There are quite a few families who have breakfast as seen in their country of origin.BritishPeople are BritishGerman descentPeople are German-style,ChinesePeople have a Chinese breakfast.In Japan, British-style meals are relatively often introduced.

Toast, シ リ ア ル, Egg dishes ,bacon, Ham, sausage, pancake, waffle, French toast, donut, muffin, bagel, fruit,Hash browns,, Select these as you like.


Breakfast at the property

HotelMost of the breakfasts served at are bread, bacon, ham, sausages, and various egg dishes.

JapaneseJapanese innThen, the so-called "room meal", which is mainly served to each guest among the guests, centering on the standard menu of Japanese-style breakfast, is the formal serving method, but at the cafeteriabuffetThere are more opportunities to serve a formal breakfast.

Western-style and Japanese-style dishes are often mixed in hotels.[8]..Some hotels offer meal-free and room-only accommodation, while others offer simple bread and drinks as a service.

In the UK, some hotels offer either English or American style.

Breakfast provided at Japanese restaurants and various facilities


In Japan restaurantSome stores open early in the morning and serve breakfast.As a typical example, in a coffee shopMorning service(Japanglish.. "Morning set" or simply "morning").Fast foodShops andfamily restaurantOffers a limited time menu,McDonald's OfMorning mac,beef bowlThis is also the case provided by chain stores.

Educational institutions

University Student cafeteriaIn some cases, breakfast is offered cheaply or free of charge (Tohoku University,Miyagi University of Education).For students who get up early and come to the cafeteria at a bargain price, or for students who have been designated as athletes for strengthening athletics (expecting sufficient nutrition and achieving good results) ) It is provided free of charge.


TransportationBreakfast may also be served at.Equipped with accommodationShip,列車(Sleeper trainAnd long distanceferry) Is generally provided, but even for ordinary limited express trains, it is for breakfast that can be eaten on the train when commuting in the morning.EkibenMay be sold (Takasaki StationAtMorning in Joshu).Tokaido ShinkansenThen by 8:30 in the morningTokyo Station,Nagoya Station,Shin-Osaka StationIn the train departing fromsandwichcoffeeIs a setIn-car salesHas been done.By aviation, on international flightsIn-flight mealBreakfast may be served at, and the content varies from airline to airline.

Unusual customs in a particular area

FukushimaKitakataFor breakfastRamenHave a habit of eatingMorning raWas taken up in the newspaper with the word[9].

Breakfast availability and health effects

obesity,Diabetes mellitus"Diet Doctor" opened for people who are worried aboutdietdoctor) CEOSwedenDoctor,Andreas Eenfeldt(--Andreas Eenfeldt) Says, "If you're hungry and dying to eat something, you can have breakfast. If you're not hungry, you don't have to have breakfast. You don't have to worry about gaining weight because you don't have it. "Insulin(glucose (= dextrose) There is an argument that the concentration of) increases, but this is clearly wrong.Insulin levels in humans on an empty stomach are extremely low. "fastingIs claimed to raise blood pressure, but in reality, if you wake up from sleep and don't eat anything, your blood pressure remains low, "he said. Eat when you're hungry. "[10].

Plasma on an empty stomach or fastingFree fatty acidsHas increased, and it has been confirmed that the lipolysis rate has increased.[11].


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