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🍴 | The popular "Hello Kitty" and "Wish Me-Mel" dinner and dessert buffets will be held ♡


Dinner and dessert buffet of the popular "Hello Kitty" and "Wish Me Mel" will be held♡

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The fruit sandwich designed with Hello Kitty's face is also cute and wonderful.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tama will hold a dinner and dessert buffet in collaboration with Sanrio characters at Jurin. → Continue reading


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    Pretty and nice

    Hello Kitty

    Hello Kitty(British: Hello Kitty) IsSanrioFor character goods designed bycharactergroup.

    hero,Kitty white (Kitty White) It is,CatWith motifPersonification officialcharacter[1][2] So, the trademark red at the base of the ear on the right sideribbon, Or similar decorations are featured. It is a signboard character representing Sanrio. The popular name is "Hello Kitty'[3].. "Kitty" is a typographical error, correctly "Kitty".


    Hello Kitty from that timeSnoopySanrio, which was selling goods, is one of the characters created to develop its own original character against Snoopy.[4].. At the beginning of the announcement, it was a "character for girls and children", but now it is regardless of gender[3][5][6]Supported by a wide age group[7].the 1990sIn the second half, it refers to young people who have all their belongings in Kitty goodsKitty'[Annotation 1] Was born.

    Also, the goods are2009At that time it was deployed in about 70 countries around the world[3][8], 5 kinds are sold annually[8]Can reach annual sales of 4000 billion[9].JapanThere are fans abroad[7].. In a celebrityMiley Cyrus,Hilton sisters,Cameron Diaz[10],Avril Lavigne,Mariah Carey[10],Lisa Robe,Britney Spears[10],Christina Aguilera,Lady Gaga[10],Leona Lewis,Jackie EvancoEtc. are known as Kitty fans. Outside of JapanPop cultureIs recognized as one of the typical existences of. In addition, it is a word that is used outside Japan.cuteIs also said to be a symbol of[11].

    Kitty goods are famous characters in Japan文 房 具Centered aroundFood,computerからAutomobileas well as the Car supplies[Annotation 2]Up to almost all areas of everyday life. Even outside Japan, there are places where a wide variety of kitty goods are sold depending on the country. For exampleMilanIn the brand shop area of, there is a store specializing in kitty goods that includes not only accessories but also daily necessities that occupy the entire second floor of the building.[15].


    Development as a character1974で[16]Officially, this year is the birth year, but the sale of the first issue goods is1975March[17].. The first goods are made of vinylPouchIt was "Petit Perth" (The list price at that time was 240 yen)[18][19][Annotation 3].. This Petit Perth was sold with 6 types of characters including Kitty, but only Kitty's one sold overwhelmingly. Previously, it did not remain in Sanrio[19]Since the customer had the Petit Perth donated to Sanrio, only this one is still existing and on display. Petit Perth was reprinted and sold only once.

    Hello Kitty first appeared on the paper as an illustration of an article by swimmer Jenny Taral in the May 1975, 5 issue of the Ichigo Shimbun (No. 1).[20].. The earliest period was nameless and provisionally called "Unnamed white kittens".Alice in the land of mirrorsNamed after the kitten[16][21]It was named "Kitty". The surname "White" of the character name was added in the later setting change.[3].

    Kitty depicted in the early goods has a pose sitting sideways, but at the rough sketch stage there were some in front as well as sideways. Yuko Shimizu, the first designer, was an assistant at the time (later the second designer, Setsuko Yonekubo.[16]) Asked if it should be in landscape orientation or front orientation, and replied that the landscape orientation was more symbolic, so the landscape orientation was adopted.[22].. In 1976, with the departure of Yuko Shimizu, the first designer[16]After the designer touched Baekton on Setsuko Yonekubo, the first pose goods were released in 1977.[16][23][24].. In 1980, after the designer touched the current Yuko Yamaguchi with a baton, the character design was adjusted and the form was renewed to give the design freedom.[20]In 1982, the free pose Kitty was announced[25].

    The Hello Kitty fan club was formed in 1986.[26][27].

    20047/8, Against the backdrop of the pet boom among young women, Kitty's cat and hamster set character,Charmy kitty and sugarWas announced[28], The following year, Charmy's sister Honey Cute was announced[29].. Even though Kitty is anthropomorphized, it means that the cat has a cat. In Sanrio, Charmy is positioned as a character independent of Kitty. It's rare for Charmie to appear in the same product as the "owner" Kitty, but Kitty is holding the Charmy on the cover of the November 2004 issue of the Ichigo Shimbun (11).[30].

    In 1993, Kitty's boyfriendダ ニ エ ルFirst appearance[31].. The appearance that grew up in 1999 appeared. Since 1999,Deer daniel (Dear Daniel) As an original development is being carried out.

    In 1998, "Daisy" was set as Kitty's friend Kathy's sister, and "Daisy & Koro" was set as Kitty's friend Thomas' cousin.(Daisy & Coro) Was announced, and product development started separately from Kitty in September of the same year.[32].

    Kitty has held UNICEF-related positions three times in the past, including those limited to Japan. The first time1983Appointed as UNICEF junior ambassador[33][34][35].. The second time1994Appointed as a Children's Goodwill Envoy of the Japan UNICEF Association[36].. The second time2004For a limited timeUNICEFWas appointed as "a special friend of the children" (written as a goodwill ambassador in Sanrio. Retired on November 2004, 11 when the deadline expires due to limited time).

    From July 2004, 7, KITTY EX., an exhibition of works with Kitty motifs, has been held all over the country to commemorate the 31th anniversary of birth.

    From April 2008,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismHas been appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador to China and Hong Kong[37].

    Hello Kitty has a strong image of being aimed at women, but at the milestone of Hello Kitty's 40th birthday, Hello Kitty's men's brand "Hello Kitty Men" project was launched in September 2014 to overturn the existing concept.[6][38][39]To display T-shirts and other items at the Hankyu Men's Tokyo (Yurakucho) exhibition[40], Various men's items are being developed.

    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayYouTubeThe official channel "HELLO KITTY CHANNEL" was opened atYouTuberOfficially debuted as.

    From July 2022, 7, a public interest corporationAC JapanIn the same year, he was appointed as an advertising character for the support campaign "HELLO! Regional Cat" (supporting with).

    Kitty boom

    Hello Kitty1977Around the first boom[16][41],1985The second boom is happening around that time, but during that time the slump has come.

    It was in the late 1970s that Kitty actually had the least popularity. In 1979, with the departure of second-generation designer Setsuko Yonekubo[27], A new designerYuko YamaguchiWas selected in an internal competition in 1980[27][42], Yamaguchi elaborated various ideas such as holding autograph sessions for drawing Kitty all over the country, changing the pattern every year, changing according to the season, and changing the design depending on the target age of the goods, and continued to maintain the top sales.

    According to Yamaguchi, Kitty at this time was markedly sluggish in popularity and said, "It was a messed up presence."Little Twin StarsThere was a big difference in the popularity of "Kiki and Lara", "Who was that cat?" "No matter what I did, I was compared to Kikirara." With the goal of "growing Kitty into the best-selling character in Sanrio," Yamaguchi conducted thorough customer research and repeated design modifications based on the opinions obtained.Then, the teddy bear in the picture of "Kitty holding a teddy bear" drawn on the first teddy bear boom in 1983 was made into a character with the setting of "Kitty's friend", and in 1984 it was independently developed as "Tiny Cham". It was.As a result, Tiny Cham became a big hit not only in Japan but also in Asia and the United States, and Kitty's popularity increased rapidly with it.[43].

    1996From around[34],High school girl,OL-HousewifeThere was a Hello Kitty boom among others. 『Print clubHello Kitty version of 』is becoming popular, Sanrio has been hit by a series of Kitty products for high school students and above that began strengthening around 1995.Kyoko Koizumi-Tomomi Kahara-Kanda UnoIt is said that the boom has been ignited by an entertainer who professed to love Kitty on TV and magazines[44].. In fact, in the latter half of the 1990s, Hello Kitty licensing and character goods sales accounted for nearly 7% of Sanrio's revenue. In 1997, Sanrio also acknowledged the effects of Tomomi Kahara. By the way, Sanrio didn't welcome the boom at the time, because it was easy for it to hang out later. This kitty boom has greatly contributed to Sanrio's performance improvement.

    19999,National Museum of SingaporeWhen Hello Kitty dolls were sold at the exhibition held inNational Museum of SingaporeIs flooded with Kitty fans and a long line is formed[45],2000ToMcDonald'sSingapore corporationMillenniumWhen Hello Kitty in a wedding dress was sold in commemoration of the event, there was a "Hello Kitty uproar" flooded with Kitty fans.20136/27, McDonald's Singapore corporation comes with Hello Kitty cloth mascot doll as a bonusHappy mealIn front of each McDonald's store, Kitty fans flooded the store from the night of the 26th, the day before the release, and there was a store where the mascot dolls were sold out immediately after the store opened, causing confusion and people entering the line. Or mascots between Kitty fansPolicemenBecame a fuss called[46].20144/23, McDonald's Singapore corporation puts Hello Kitty limited mascot set on the Internet 1 set = 80Singapore dollarWhen it was sold in advance for (about 6500 yen),WebsiteThe server went down in 1 hour and 20 minutes from the start of sales due to a flood of access from Kitty fans.[47].1999 OfSummer: , Hello KittyTaiwanOutbreak inTaiwan"Hello Kitty uproar" broke out at each McDonald's store in Japan[48]..At each McDonald's store in Taiwan,promotionFor customers who ordered Hello Kitty dolls, a total of 1 types in a month, 4New Taiwan dollar, 119 for Hello Kitty dolls onlyNew Taiwan dollarIt was sold at McDonald's stores in Taiwan for a long time from midnight before opening.queueIn the first 90 minutes, 20 Hello Kitty dolls were sold out, and 50 Hello Kitty dolls were sold out almost at the same time as the store opened, and McDonald's stores in Taiwan sold out.noonHowever, after that, it was sold out almost at the same time as the weekly sales, and among the people waiting in lineViolenceAlso happened[48]..Also, at the outlet of a museum in Taiwan, there were only 140 Hello Kitty dolls, even though there were thousands of people lined up, and the museum was in a mess and the museum stopped selling Hello Kitty dolls.[45]..Hello KittyAsiaEspecially popular inHong KongMcDonald's stores19997Hello Kitty dolls were sold in Japan, but a total of 250 million Hello Kitty dolls were sold out in 3 days.Hong Kong OfAEON credit serviceIs 9 Hello Kitty in 10 monthsmaster CardIssued[45]. Also,Harmony Land Of199880% of foreign touristsHong Kong peopleAnd199970%TaiwaneseIs[48].



    *Settings are subject to change. This setting is current as of 2022 and may differ from earlier material.

    Hello Kitty family and friends
    Hello Kitty family and friends

    Kitty white


    Mimi (Mimmy White)[57]
    GeminiSister of.The ribbon is attached to the opposite side of my sister Kitty (right ear) (added in 1976).The color of the ribbon is often yellow compared to Kitty's red.In anime, he plays a semi-leading role as a partner of Kitty, and his hobbies are making sweets and reading.Polite and homely personality, curious and active, but often plays a role in suppressing reckless Kitty.One of the original stories, "Nice Sisters," is an episode in which Mimmy plays the leading role.
    Twins tend to hug each other as soon as they encounter a scary scene.
    George (George White)[58]
    father. Trading company man. Personality has a great sense of humor[59].. Hobbies are golf and driving[60](Added 1976 setting).
    2016th in 6Ikumen of the Year(Character category)[60][61]Was appointed as a "Huiku Boy Support Ambassador" for 1 year[60].birthday The6/3[62].
    メ ア リ ー (Mary White)[58]
    mother.housewife(Former pianist). My hobby is making sweets (added in 1976).
    Mitsubishi Motors' "Hello Kitty Blanket Present Campaign" CM has a messy personality.Birthday9/14[62].
    ア ン ソ ニ ー (Anthony White)[57]
    grandfather.My hobby is drawing (added in 1979).Birthday10/25[62].
    Paris Daisy (Margaret White)[57]
    grandmother.My hobby is embroidery (added in 1979).Birthday3/31[62].
    Grandparents live in a rural town, a short distance from Kitty[57].

    In addition, at the new attraction "Lady Kitty House" in the new area "Sanrio Town" newly established on July 2013, 7 in Puroland, "Rose White", the grandmother who was all the way before Kitty, and Kitty all the time Existence of the previous grandpa, "Frank Lloyd White" has been revealed[63].

    Boyfriend Daniel Star (Daniel Star)

    Kitty's boyfriend (added in 1993).
    I've been in love with Kitty since I was a baby, but because of my dad's workSouth Africa OfPretoriaI moved to[64].. Then reunited with Kitty (added 1999 setting only for reuniting). The same age as Kitty.


    Kitty's proud school is located surrounded by big trees[54].

    Joey (Joey / Joy)
    Kitty's best friend in the classA mouseBoy.He's a little clumsy, but he's very good at running[62][55].
    Judy (Judy)
    very bright and livelyA mousegirl.Joey's girlfriend[62][55].
    Fee fee (Fifi)
    talkative and activeSheepGirl[62][55].A little old man.
    Jody (Jodie)
    Loves to study and is knowledgeableDogBoy[62][55].. The future of the dreamEvery woman participating in the study applied SERUM to one half of her face and an identical product without the EGF cellular activator to the other half. The study ran for eight weeks, during which time participants applied the serum twice a day. To rule out any effect anticipation could have on results, the study was double-blinded, meaning that none of the women in the study, nor the scientists in charge of measuring results, knew which half was which. Efficacy was assessed by standardized photography and biophysical measurements to evaluate skin topography, density, and thickness..
    Tim & Tammy (Tim & Tammy)
    When everyone is playing, you will join the group before you know itmonkeyBrother and sister[62].
    Tracy (Tracy)
    naughty and the most energetic in the classRaccoon dogBoy[62][55].
    Tippy (Tippy)
    strong and kindbearBoy[62].Looking for Kitty's boyfriend[55].
    Thomas (Thomas)
    Little panicky bear boy[62][55].He makes everyone laugh with his funny jokes.In addition, he has a cousin relationship with the Sanrio character Koro-chan.[65].
    Kathy (Cathy / Kathy)
    Lorry (Rory / Lorry)
    Teach Kitty the secrets of the forestSquirreBoy[55].
    Morley (Mory / Moley)
    shyMoleBoy[55].I live in Kitty's house.
    Tiny Cham (Tiny Chum)
    A naughty girl who imitates Kitty and wears a ribbon on her headTeddy bearboy (added in 1983).While Tiny Chum's daddy was in New York on business, he ended up living at Kitty's house.[66].. Birthday10/27.. Different colors (including myselfCafe au lait-pink-light blue-黄色-Lilac-Mint green) One of the six-child brothers[62][67].

    Tiny pink

    pinkTeddy beargirl.She has a refreshing personality.her birthday10/27[55].One of the sextuplet siblings with different colors[62][67].

    Tiny blue

    Always smiling and kind-heartedTeddy bearBoy.his birthday10/27[55].One of the sextuplet siblings with different colors[62][67].

    Tiny cream

    SpoiledTeddy bearBoy.his birthday10/27[55].One of the sextuplet siblings with different colors[62][67].

    Tiny lavender

    sporty and activeTeddy bearBoy.his birthday10/27[55].One of the sextuplet siblings with different colors[62][67].

    Tiny green

    Laid back and quietTeddy bearBoy.his birthday10/27[55].One of the sextuplet siblings with different colors[62][67].


    Kitty's first friend[62].
    Charmy kitty (Charmmy Kitty)
    sound - Otani Ikue
    The female presented by DaddyPersian catgirl (added in 2004).
    Listens to what Kitty has to say.[68][69].
    Birthday10/31.Because the origin of the name is charming.She wears a dark pink ribbon with frills on her left ear.
    The key necklace worn around her neck (the key to an important antique jewelry box that Kitty found in the forest) is her treasure.Lucky things happen when you have it.
    I like sparkling things.
    Honey cute (Honey Cute)
    Voice- Mayumi Yoshida
    Charmy and one different sister (added in 2005)[69].
    Birthday9/23.Body color is pale pink.Like Charmy, she wears ribbons on both ears.
    On one of its front legs is a trademark heart bracelet. (What was in Kitty's treasure chest).Her charm point is strawberry milk-colored fluffy hair.
    sugar (Sugar)
    Voice- Emi Shinohara
    The male gift from DanielJungarian hamsterA boy named Snow White. (2004 setting added).birthday is5/1.Tiny and naughty, with a great attitude.Always attached to Charmy.Secretly in love with tiramisu[69].

    Pet friends

    • Black opal (voice- Etsuko Kozakura), Pearl (Voice- Yuko Minaguchi), Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald (voice- Rei Sakuma): Charmy's friend Siamese cat[68](Added 2005 setting).
    • Tiramisu (voice-Yuko Minaguchi), Millefeuille, biscuits, chocolate: Sugar friend's hamster (added 2005 setting).

    Town people

    Police officer (Policeman)
    Of funny and kind dogsPolice officer[59][62].. I'm watching the kittys.
    Uncle of a goat postman who delivers mail[62].
    Old man
    Dog'sOld man[62].
    Hamburger ya
    An older brother of a bear burger shop that makes a superb burger[59].
    Candy ya
    A gentle and caring bear candy shop lady[59].

    Episode etc.

    Travel Tips for Hello Kitty

    • Kitty doesn't have a mouth, but it's said that he doesn't have a "mouth", but "does not draw" so that he can share his feelings with the viewer.[3][70][71].. In addition, the message "Let's show compassion and kindness not only with words but also with attitude" is included.[72].
      In the anime version, there is a mouth because there is no way to express the mouth in terms of expression (the only character that can speak is a robot even though the mouth is not drawn), but the current designer Yamaguchi said, "At the time of the first animation It was a failure to speak."[73].. The 2006 Hello Kitty Apple Forest series is silent.
      In addition, with Kitty on October 2013, 10Peko-chanClothes are similar (both are redOverallWhen we collaborated on friendship because of (figure)[74], To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty's birth, when the collaboration product with Fujiya was released on July 2014, 7, the tongue and mouth that looked like Peko-chanmakeKitty that was stripped off was drawn on the product[75][76].. The designer couldn't say anything from the character, and he struggled to deal with it, such as creating a story for it when collaborating.[77].. Other American rock bandsKissWhen developing a collaboration product with Kitty, Kitty wearing hell makeup and wearing a "tongue" for disguise is being developed[78].
    • Kitty was initially set as a boy. Girls can see blue suspenders and red ribbons, but one of the charms of Sanrio's products, the minibook, has a page that my sister, Mimi, calls her "big brother."
    • Kitty's Kao seems to be symmetrical except for the ribbon on the ear, but in reality, the left and right are slightly different and asymmetric.The ribbon is also asymmetrical on the left and right.This is because it is too symbolic to design completely symmetrically.[79].
    • Kitty had a boyfriend for a time before Daniel appeared. "Lovers declaration" in "Ichigo Shimbun" January 1980, 1 issue (No. 1). We recruited the name of boyfriend for readers, but it did not take root as a Sanrio character after that and it disappeared[80].
    • 2014, Anthropologist Christine R. Yano --Christine R. Yano Los Angeles TimesHe said that when Kitty was described as a "cat" at the Hello Kitty exhibition, he was corrected by Sanrio as "Kitty is not a cat."[1].. On the other hand, when the Kotaku US version of the game-related news site contacted Sanrio headquarters, it was answered that Kitty is a cat motif (personification of a cat) and that "Kitty is not a cat" is an overstatement. Trying[2].
    • The 50m run can run in the 7 second range[56].


    • "Strawberry newspaperThe first time Kitty decorated the cover with 』is the November 1975, 11 issue (No. 1)[20].. Boyfriend Daniel's May 2001 issue (5) and pet charmy's August 399 issue (2004) were the first covers.[30].. Kitty's dad George is on the cover of the June 1980, 6 issue (No. 15), and Kitty's mom Mary is on the cover of the May 126, 1981 issue (No. 5).[81].. Also, in the Sanrio magazine, which is a sister magazine of the Ichigo Shimbun, Kitty first appeared on the cover in the June 1977 issue (No. 6).[82].
      • The first appearance on the inside of the Strawberry News was the May 1975, 5 issue (No. 1). In the January 2, 1976 issue (No. 1), I answered the interview, and at that time, I answered "meow meow" instead of "words" as it is now, screaming like a cat.[83].
    • Published by Sanrio in 1976-1979Girl cartoonmagazine"Lyrica], Hello Kitty was made into a comic.
    • On the cover of "", a magazine for children published by Sanrio from 1979 to 1993, Kitty's plush toy, dressed in costumes specially made for each season, appeared.
    • From around 1994, "Kitty Town", a software for life science education for infants to elementary schools, has been released.Interchannel holonMore provided.
    • August 1999, 3,ShogakukanReleased the "Pocket Progressive English-Japanese/Japanese-English Dictionary Hello Kitty Edition" dictionary with Kitty as the cover (the second edition was issued in 2003). This is the first time Sanrio licenses its own characters to academic books including dictionaries[84].
    • Fukami TomomiThe manga “Hello Kitty DOKI☆” byRibon』(ShueishaIt was serialized from the June 2007 issue to the May 6 issue.
    • Text:, picture: byNovelHello Kitty” series (Kadokawa Tsubasa Library) Has been published up to 2015 volumes as of 3.
    • In 2014, the philosophy book "NietzscheA book entitled "Hello Kitty's Nietzsche: Important things to live strong" (Asahi Bunko) was published.
    • In the same year, Kitty's first photo book "Kitty sometimes wants to take a break. (Edited by: Amusement Publishing Department,KodanshaBOOK Club) was published.
    • 2016, essayOpen the wayA book entitled "Hello Kitty's "Open the Road"" (PHP Institute) Was published.
    • 2019, Screenplay:Toshiki Inoue, Drawing: Commencement of publication of the comic "Power Zachity Strawberry Man" by Kami Shakua.

    Character Goods

    • As a Japanese character, he holds various "first time" records. That is, a Japanese character for the first time a picture book was published in the United States (1982, Random House: Hello Kitty andMy melodyWas published at the same time) and was the first Japanese character to be made into a television program on three major US television networks (3, "Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater"), and was also drawn on the French euro coin for the first time. It became a Japanese character (issued by the French Mint in 1987).2010In May,ChibaMatsudo-shi"Hello Kitty Champagne" was released by Kurihara Sake Sales Co., Ltd.FranceGenuineChampagneIs the world's first collaboration with[Annotation 8].
    • AdultIs a productliqueur-tobaccoRelated products to Soft Liquor (WineTo the extent.beerOnly) and smoking equipment (lighters, pipes, etc.) may be licensed, and Kitty Wine,ZippoWriter (30th anniversary of birth2004Released as a limited edition item) exists. Also, wine (Beaujolais Village Nouveau) Exists, and is a limited sale product in Japan.WineThe import agency ofIto Ham.WineThe contents of2005Currently Tour D'Argent. (KagawaSanuki CityIt is licensed for wine brewed and sold by (Oda), and "Hello Kitty Wine" with Kitty's face drawn on the label is on sale.
    • At stations and tourist spots all over Japan, decorations named after each land have been added.Local kittyHello Kitty goods called "(local Kitty, regional Kitty)" are on sale. The first "local kitty" is1998ToHokkaidoLimited releaselavenderIs kitty"[85][86].. It is developed with famous products and specialty products from all over the country, and new products continue to be announced every year. Not only in Japan, but also in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries, local kitty has been released since around 2000.[86].. In 2014 the number reached 3000.[85].コ レ ク タ ーThere are also many, and rare items with high value are sometimes traded at high prices such as auctions. Inside"Fukuoka Boat Race TrackLimited local kitty"Some versions are only available at certain facilities or at certain times. Limited Kitty also has 2014 kinds in 1000[85].. This local Kitty contributed to the development of a new fan base regardless of age or sex.[86].. (Detail isLocal kitty(See)
    • A male collector living in Yotsukaido City, Chiba Prefecture, who owns more than 1 Hello Kitty goods, has become the “largest Hello Kitty collection”.Guinness World RecordsCertified by[87].. From the collection of 1 items, 8 points were carefully selected in time for the examination time of 5250 hours, and as a result of the examination by the judges, only the red ribbon goods were counted and 5169 points were certified, Guinness world until then 4519 points of record record holder women[88] 650 points above and set a new record[89][90][91].
    • According to the ranking of "collecting character goods" by the DIMS DRIVE public ranking survey conducted in May 2008, Hello Kitty came first, followed byRilakkuma, Snoopy,Winnie the PoohHello Kitty was the top female of any age, in the order of Disney[3][92].. However, women in their 20s were close to Rilakkuma. In addition, in a survey of "characters that OL likes" of Sankei Living conducted at about the same time as July 2008, Winnie the Pooh is the top, followed by Miffy, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse in the above ranking In 7nd place Rilakkuma and 2th place Winnie the Pooh have surpassed Hello Kitty[93].
    • 1980Was a big hit selling more than 3900 million Kitty digital watches (the list price at that time was 100 yen)[26].. People around the world were surprised at the novel idea at that time that the LCD display of the clock appeared from the inside when the cover imitating the sideways kitty was opened, and the artist of the world was surprised.サ ル バ ド ー ル · ダ リAlso saw the watch worn by Sanrio employees and praised it[94].
    • 1994To the ribbon that Kitty is wearinghibiscusThe goods replaced with[36].
    • 1994In kittyMobile phoneWas first released[36].
    • 1998In January, Sanrio launched the Hello Kitty-designed men's miscellaneous goods brand “Kitty Om”[95].
    • 2000, KittyYomiuri Giants,Hanshin Tigers,Hiroshima Toyo Carp,Chunichi Dragons,Yakult Swallows(at that time),Chiba Lotte Marines,Nippon Ham Fighters(at that time),Fukuoka Daiei Hawks(At that time) "" wearing the uniform of a professional baseball team of 8 teams started selling. later,Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles,Major league baseballVersion is also on sale. lateriPod miniThe Hello Kitty carved on the market was released. Two types: batting and running.
    • 2004,Japan Central Horse Racing To celebrate the 50th anniversary of (JRA), KittyJockeyReleased a stuffed animal dressed as. Also, Kitty will appear in JRA events after the same year, and in 2006Telephone votingThe “Kitty's Perpetual Calendar” commemorating the 30th anniversary of the service has been distributed as a gift, and the tie-up with Sanrio continues.
    • 20065/24, Hello Kitty Logo, a goods designed only with the logo "Hello Kitty", has been released[96].
    • In 2008,Furuno ElectricFrom the industry's first character ETC in-vehicle deviceETCOn-board device antenna separated type FNK-M05T (K) Hello Kitty model (existing minor change)" was released[97][98].. The successor (FNK-M07T (K)) with enhanced functions was released later.
    • In December 2008, the golf ball Chromax MetallicChristmasAs a limited product,Hello Kitty Original Golf Ball Set 3000 sets sold.
    • Japanese Red Cross SocietyWith the cooperationnurse"Nurs Kitty" of figure is produced (a red cross is included in the nurse cap)[99], Novelty goods were distributed.
    • July 2010, Korean versionSukatto Golf Panya," sells club sets, golf balls (Aztec), and costumes.
    • Swiss watch maker Roman Jerome has released a limited number of 3 collaboration models with Hello Kitty.


    • 1989In addition, in commemoration of Sanrio's 30th anniversary, Kitty TV (the list price at that time was 6 yen) was sold to only 3000 units.[100].Sanyo Electric-Made 14-inch TV with a rotatory cover with a Kitty relief design, and the TV screen appears when lifted[101].. Of the limited 3000 units, 2000 units areNational Council of Social Welfare,Japanese Red Cross Society1000 donated to hospitals and welfare facilities through the[102].. At the time of its release, it was so popular that even Sanrio officials could not get it.[103].
    • To celebrate Hello Kitty's 2004th anniversary on November 11, 1,Hello Kitty RoboHello Kitty's main character is Kitty White.Entertainment robotWas released[104].
    • To commemorate the 2009th anniversary of Hello Kitty's birth in September 9ReebokIs a collaboration brand for JapanReebok x Hello KittyStarted selling[3].. (Detail isReebok Hello Kittyreference)
    • In July 2010, when the company was founded on August 7,Sanrio 50th anniversary goods As a new collaboration brand, "Badclicks," an iPod earphone accessory that supports all the world's most popular iPods and iPhones, has been launched as a collaboration brand of "Earclicks LLC (USA) x Sanrio".
    • In commemoration of Hello Kitty's 2019th anniversary in February 2,EpsonReleased a limited model of "Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary" of Smart Canvas[105].


    EkibenThe following were sold.

    Kitty land

    Ezaki GlicoAnimal biscuits on which printed pictures of characters with animal motifs on the market are printed. It is a long-selling product released in 1978, and contrary to the name, an original character unrelated to Hello Kitty or Sanrio character was used.[107].. Kitty Land celebrated its 2014th anniversary in 35, and Hello Kitty also celebrated its 2014th birthday in 40, taking the opportunity to literally print a Hello Kitty character picture. It will be released as "Kitty Land" from November 2013, 11[108][109][110], Still on sale as of 2016[111].

    Kitty sandals

    A particularly hit product among character goods. Also known as "Kitty Sun".It is cheaper than ordinary footwear and has a wide variety of types, and it is popular with some young people in rural areas because it is often sold at suburban clothing stores.


    There are places in the nationwide shrines where kitty charms are sold. In addition to being limited to shrines, some shrines also have seasonal amulets.

    Currency, stamps, precious metals, securities

    Image character

    • Keio Electric RailwayIs a pull-in prevention sticker with a picture of Kitty drawn on the window glass of the vehicle's door, and "Be careful not to leave the dangerous door!"Door sticker)But,1997It has been pasted since November[123].. This is along the line (Keio Tama Center)Sanrio PurolandIt seems that it was due to the fact that there is. Every year since 2000, the Keio Santa Limited Express has been operating between Shinjuku and Keio Tama Center in late December, but it has now ended.A Christmas song was played in the car, and characters such as Kitty Daniel and dancers as guides were on board.In addition, a commemorative ceremony and departure ceremony were held at Keio Tama Center Station on November 12, 2018 to coincide with Kitty's birthday and Tama City Memorial Day, and Kitty was held on each Keio line except for some lines. Beginning, full wrapping vehicles with popular Sanrio characters are in operation[124].. In addition, when operating a full wrapping vehicle, the Tokyo Advertising Ordinance, which is a hurdle, has been cleared.[125].
    One of the closest stations to Sanrio PurolandKeio Tama Center StationNow, since March 2016, I have been an honorary stationmaster.[126], Station name signboards, boarding position displays, and waiting room decorations are also drawn with stationmaster characters.[127][128].
    • There is Sanrio PurolandTokyoTama CityThen,200411/1More, with a Kitty patternResident cardThe city hallTama Center StationIssued at a branch office[129].. It is also used as a character on the signs around Tama Center Station.[130]. Also,Benesse Corporation Tokyo BuildingOn the east side of the island, there will be a "Shimajiro Square", where the Hello Kitty and Shimajiro monuments will be installed.[131], An event in which both characters perform together is also held[132].. There is also Harmony LandOitaHayami-gunHiji TownHowever, from December 2016, 12, a resident card with a Kitty pattern will be issued at the town hall.[133], Hiji-machiShigaya StationCharacters such as Kitty are decorated in the station building when is renewed[134].
    • Keio Plaza HotelHas a tie-up with Sanrio and has a guest room decorated with Hello Kitty called "Hello Kitty Room" at Keio Plaza Hotel Shinjuku, but Hello Kitty is also available at Keio Plaza Hotel Tama, which is located near Sanrio Puroland. A decorated guest room called "Kitty Town Room" was installed on November 2014, 11[135][136][137].. In the future, we plan to install photo spots and expand the rooms decorated with My Melody and Little Twin Stars.
    • 2004XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Seibuen YuenchiThere is Hello Kitty theme park "Hello Kitty fairy tale town" in partnership with Sanrio.[138].
    • 20048/1,Universal Studios JapanHello Kitty has been added to the character[139].. Initially, it was a one-month limited-time visit, but after the period ended, the stay continued.[7], At present, it has been firmly established as a popular character representing Park. Also,20053/18"Hello Kitty Celebrity Style", a shop specializing in Park original Hello Kitty goods, has opened in the park.
    • 1998In September,Daiichi Kangyo BankKitty was adopted as an image character (at that time), and for those who wished after that, Kitty's pattern is includedpassbookとCash cardHas been issued[140](Before that,Bank of MitsubishiIt was also used as a character in a passbook).2002By the merger ofMizuho BankSince then, the issuance of Kitty's passbooks and cash cards to general customers has stopped, but it is still the “image character” of the bank,200411/29Since then, it has been a subsidiary of the bankUcy cardFor those who hold the, a passbook with a Kitty pattern and a cash card (integrated with a credit card) are issued.
    • 1999ToTaiwanWith Kitty as the image character of Seitai Bank (now Shinko Bank)Bad BadtsumaruWas appointed.
    • Hato bus OfRegular sightseeing busOf which, two double-decker buses (Vanhole Astromega) Was refurbished as a Hello Kitty bus in 2005, and has been enrolled in dedicated courses mainly in Tokyo as part of "Ochichi Kitty". Depending on the season, this bus will also be used for day trips to Sanrio Puroland. There were two different car body designs, but in 2 one was refurbished to Oh Sora Mio.
    • Taiwan OfEVA AirBut,Airbus A330-The "Hello Kitty Jet" with Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty painted on the 200 type aircraft,200510/22ThanFukuoka - TaipeiOn the line again200511/10FromNarita -Also entered service on the Taipei route. further,200610/21FromKansaiとCentral part,SendaiThe "Hello Kitty Jet Version 2" entered service on the route, but both aircraft ceased operation in October 2008. The Hello Kitty Jet aircraft was restored to normal painting in March 10.201111/1In addition, a new Hello Kitty jet will also beSapporo - TaipeiIt will be operated on a route. This also reflects the idea of ​​Zhang Guo Lu, who was the leader of Ever at that time.
    • In April 2013, Accordia Golf Group (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) appointed Hello Kitty as a symbol character as part of improving service to female golfers, and Hello Kitty nationwide was wrapped.Golf cart"Hello Kitty Kart" has been introduced at 2013 group golf courses nationwide (later 9 golf courses nationwide) since September 16, 14.[146][147].
    • On June 2013, 6, the equestrian club Crane hired Hello Kitty as a symbol character, making it the first case in the equestrian club industry.[148][149].
    • Wakayama to be held from September 2014th to December 9th, 14Destination campaignIn collaboration with, we will be operating a tourist train with Hello Kitty film wrapping on the exterior and interior for a limited time,Hello Kitty WakayamaFrom Saturday, September 2014th to Sunday, December 9th, 13, 12 days on Saturdays and holidays,Kushimoto - Shingu1 round trips a day[150][151].
    • The TonenGeneral Sekiyu Sakai Plant in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture produces "Hello Kitty Tank Truck" wrapping the Hello Kitty design to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the operation.[152],2015Since July, fuel has been delivered to service stations under the Esso Mobile General brand in the Kansai area.
    • Yamanashi Tourism Promotion OrganizationSince January 2016, 1, Hello Kitty has been appointed as "Yamanashi Tourism Navigator" and has been posted on posters that promote tourism related to Yamanashi Prefecture.[153].
    • JR West JapanBy collaboration with Sanrio, from June 2018, 6, the Hello Kitty Shinkansen (500 series)ButSanyo Shinkansenで[154][155][156][157][158], From January 2019, 1, wrapping train "Hello Kitty Haruka" (281 series)ButKIXAccess to express "HALCAIs operated in[159].. From April 2019, 4 ``Osaka Loop LineAs part of the "remodeling project"323 seriesThe "HELLO! LOOP PROJECT" event, including the operation of the "Hello Kitty Loop Line Train" with decorations and the installation of photo spots at major stations, is being held.[160].China JR BusIn line with the operation of the "Hello Kitty Shinkansen", from August 2018, the "Hello Kitty Shinkansen" wrapping bus (Isuzu Gala) Is operating[161][162].

    Appearance in TV programs, commercials, etc.

    Prominent fan

    Besides that, as a celebrity who professes to love Kitty,Sanyutei Jouji,Nozomi Tsuji,Tomomi Kahara,Aki Hoshinoand so on[184].


    • TokyoOtaLocated inDriving schoolIn "", a picture of Kitty was drawn on the door.Training carUsing[185].
    • Weekly diamondAccording to an interview article with the president of Sanrio published in the September 2000, 9 issue, around 9,MicrosoftFounder ofBill GatesSaid he had requested to buy Hello Kitty's digitization rights for 6000 billion yen, but refused because Kitty's asset value was 1 trillion yen.
    • In April 2001, the Sanrio GroupheartProduced a Hello Kitty popcorn vending machine (Hello Kitty Pompon Pack series)[186][187].
    • 20048/15,Shay StadiumMade inNew York Mets-Arizona DiamondbacksOf warOpening ceremonyThen, Kitty pitched as a pitcher.
    • 20069/4, Sumo Wrestling・A rare villageThe makeup whirlpool that designed Hello Kitty was presented to[188].. The president of Asunarosha, the company that manufactures and sells "Sumo Kitty" goods, is the same as the rare villageIbarakiIt was given to me because I was originally from it.
    • August 2007, 4,West Japan Expressway Service Holdings,Kirin Beverage, Sanrio Puroland's consensus of three companies, realized the first Hello Kitty vending machine corner in Japan designed by Hello Kitty and its familySanyo Expressway OfMiki Service AreaIt was installed on the (upline) (see the opening image). There is also a photo spot with a theme of dog run. At 12 o'clock on the day of the opening, an opening ceremony such as tape cutting and a character greeting were held as a commemorative event.[189].
    • August 2007, 8,Nagaoka FestivalKitty-chan's fireworks went up at the big fireworks festival. (Detail isNagaoka Festival(See)
    • On January 2009, 11,Yoshimoto KogyoThe main theater of OsakaNamba Grand HanatsukiStaged inYoshimoto New ComedyAppeared in[190].. It was realized from the fact that the birthday of Namba Grand Kagetsu, which will open 22 years in this year, and Hello Kitty's birthday is November 11st. However, unlike the appearance on TV, there is no dubbing by the voice actor, and Hello Kitty was acting on the stage with the actors of the new comedy gesturing and gesturing himself.
    • At the 2011 "Hello Kitty Art Exhibition", characters such as Strawberry Man (Hello Kitty transformed), Dark Grape Man, and Honey Momo appeared.[191].
    • In June 2013, KittyHakata Gion Yamakasa OfLoincloth(Tightened)TowelThere was a dispute about the sale of[192][193][194].. In addition to negative opinions, the locals of Yamakasa,HakataHowever, the sales company discontinued the sale because of the violation of the Trademark Law because the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Promotion Association, which owns the trademark, could not obtain permission to use the trademark.[195][196][197].
    • 2013 year 10 month,Nikkan Sports Newspaper West Japan(AichiWest ofNikkan SportsWith the issuing head office)collaborationHello Kitty goods reader gifts are held every day.A serialization project called "There is a Hello Kitty" is posted on the Nikkan Sports newspaper in the Western Japan area from time to time.In May 2014, the "Hello Kitty Newspaper" edited by Nikkan Sports West Japan was published nationwide (in the East Japan area).Nikkan Sotsupo Shimbun-Hokkaido Daily Sports NewspaperIncluding jurisdiction). In November 2013, he was appointed as a Nikkan Sports Special Reporter and posted direct interviews with famous athletes and travels around the country.[198].

    Ranking of Sanrio Character Awards

    It has been held every year since 1986.Strawberry newspaperReader voting project "Sanrio Character AwardThe ranking of "Hello Kitty" Sanrio Character Award and Character Award Strawberry News is as follows.[199].. In parentheses after 2012, apart from the overall ranking (Sanrio Character Award), only the votes received in the Strawberry News (Character Award Ichigo Newspaper Ranking). "Hello Kitty" is the predecessor of the Sanrio Character Award, "Sanrio Character Popularity Contest"[199]I have entered since the first (1) of.By the way, the first nomination was 1975 characters including external copyright (Horacio etc.), and the result was Snoopy (1st place),Patty & Jimmy(2nd place), Hello Kitty (3rd place)[199][200].

    There is only a character that represents Sanrio, and it is the only character that has never fallen from the top 10 among many Sanrio characters. Won first place for 1998 consecutive years from 2009 to 12 (1st place in total, 1 times, the most among all characters. As of 15).It gains popularity every year competing for 2020st and 1nd place, but in 2,SHOW BY ROCK !!It fell to 7th place from the TOP 19 for the first time in 3 years due to the popularity of the character group of ", and it fell from the TOP 5 for the first time in 21 years."[199].

    2013Sanrio Character Award 1st place[201].. In the special project of the 2013 Sanrio Character Award, "Declaration to do this" (commitment), "Hello Kitty" declared "I will go to your side and HUG when I get the 1st place!"[202]Since it was ranked first, the promise will be carried out, and it will take a year from November 1st, which is the birthday of "Hello Kitty", to HUG all over the country.pilgrimageDecided to[201]..In addition, "Charmy Kitty" is just crying "Nyaa (heart)" and there is no particular promise.

    2014The 100st stage (qualifying) is held by dividing all 5 characters into 1 groups A to E, and the final stage (decisive battle) is held from the top 4 characters of each group and all 20 characters, and the ranking is decided. Because it was done[203], There is no 21st place or lower. "Hello Kitty" was nominated for E group (1st stage 1st place) and "Charmy Kitty" was nominated for C group (1st stage 2nd place)[204].

    2015Is 7th overall, but in the collaboration categorySecret society falcon・ Hello Kitty who collaborated with Dr. Yoshida and Dr. Leonardo was 3rd, Hello Kitty who collaborated with Peko was 4th, Hello Kitty who collaborated with Happy Won was 7th, and Hello Kitty who collaborated with Nichkhun Seichan was 8th.[205]..In addition, the newly established "Character"puffIn the "Category", we collected 1,203 votes and won the 3rd place.[206].

    2016In the "stroking vote" where one vote is entered when the character is stroked, and in the "stroking vote" where the character displayed on the smartphone is stroked with a finger, "Hello Kitty" is stroked for 1 hours 1413 minute 1 16th in seconds, "Charmy Kitty" ranked 8th[207]..In addition, "Hello Kitty" ranked 5th overall, but won 1st place in Europe and the United States.[208].

    2017Although the overall ranking is 4th, as a result of counting only the votes of the Sanrio shop, "Hello Kitty" was ranked 1st and won the "Sanrio Shop Award" given to the character with the most votes in the shop.In addition, we won the "International Award", which is given to the character with the highest total number of votes overseas, and achieved a double award.[209].. Even in 2018, Hello Kitty won the "Sanrio Shop Award" in 1st place as a result of counting only the votes of the Sanrio shop and achieved consecutive victories.[210].

    2019Won first place in the overall ranking for the first time in six years, and third place in Taiwan[211]Was won.

    2020"Hello Kitty" was ranked 5th overall, and the ranking was sluggish because it was not possible to earn shop votes due to the temporary closure of the Sanrio shop due to corona.[212]..1st in the US, 2nd in Italy and France, 3rd in Taiwan and Germany[213]..In addition, after the Sanrio Character Award, a spin-out project "Chip de Voting Returns" will be held at each Sanrio shop.[214],Harmony LandI won the 1st place in the ranking[215]After all, the strength of "Hello Kitty" in the shop became outstanding (the votes of this time are not officially reflected in the result of the Sanrio Character Award main race).Also, "Mimmy White" is "Hello MimiParticipated in the main character award for the first time alone, and ranked 25th overall and 33th in the Strawberry News ranking, surpassing "Charmy Kitty" (19th overall ranking, 12rd Strawberry News ranking).[216]..Although he was shy, he made a good result in his first participation.This year, "Hello Kitty" and two people won the "Nakayoshi Award".[217].

    2021"Hello Kitty" ranked 6th overall[218], Won 3rd place in Taiwan[219]..Won 8th place in the Strawberry News ranking[220]..In addition, he won the 4th place in the chip de vote in Harmony Land.[221].

    Successive standings
    19918200112011320216 (8)
    199282002120121 (2)20226 (9)
    199372003120131 (4)
    199492004120142 (3)
    199542005120157 (3)
    19868199642006120165 (1)
    19879199722007120174 (3)
    19886199812008120184 (4)
    19896199912009120191 (4)
    19908200012010320205 (8)

    Sub character contest

    Since 2016, a sub-character contest has been held as an original project of The Strawberry News.

    In the first (1) "Sub Character Contest", "Honey Kitty" was nominated for "Honey Cute" (Charmy Kitty), "Fifi", "Joey" and "Sugar" (Charmy Kitty), and "Honey". "Cute" was ranked 2016th, "Fifi" was ranked 11th, "Joey" was ranked 20th, and "Sugar" was ranked 24th.[222]..In the 2nd (2017), "Mimmy White" and "Kingyo-san" were nominated from "Hello Kitty", "Mimmy White" was ranked 1st, and "Kingyo-san" was ranked 21st.[223]..In the 3rd (2018), "Hello Kitty" nominated "Raleigh" and "Tim", "Raleigh" was ranked 15th, and "Tim" was ranked 21st.[224].

    第4回(2019年)は第1回(2016年)〜第3回(2018年)までの上位20キャラクター同士の決戦コンテストで、「ハローキティ」からは「ミミィ・ホワイト」が1位、「ハニーキュート」が31位、「フィーフィー」が40位、「ローリー」が59位にランクインされた[225][Annotation 10].

    In the 5th repartition (2020), "Hello Kitty" nominated "Joey" and "Tiramisu" (Charmy Kitty), "Joey" was ranked 31st, and "Tiramisu" was ranked 25th in Thailand. Tiramisu[226].


    Movie theater

    TV program

    American version
    First TV show.1987,America'sCBSAn animation program broadcast on affiliated stations. All 26 episodes. A Japanese character was first turned into a TV program on three major US television networks[230].
    Japanese version
    Japanese version (corner animation)
    • "Hello Kitty apple forest fantasy" (April-September 2006, biweekly)
    • "Hello Kitty Apple Forest Mystery" (January-March 2007)
    • "Hello Kitty Apple Forest and Parallel Town" (October 2007-March 10)
    Both broadcast in "Kitties Paradise PLUS". For more informationHello Kitty apple forest series].

    original video

    "Sanrio World Masterpiece Theater" series
    "Original story animation" series
    • "Mysterious Mizuumi"
    • "The circus is here"
    • "Stopped big clock"
    • "After all, I like moms"
    • "Maho no apple"
    • "The Alien in London"
    • "Thank you postman"
    • "Blue Firefly of Happiness"
    • "Nice sisters"
    • "Happy! Costume Games"
    • "Dream Dorobo"
    • "Prince of dream castle"
    • "Daddy is big!"
    • "Protect everyone's forest"
    • "Happy tulip"
    • "Kitty and Mimi's Happy Birthday"
    • "Lovely Christmas with Kitty and Daniel"
    • "Hello Kitty's first Christmas cake"
    "Pokoapoko" series
    • "Together with Hello Kitty's Sister! English Playing Song"
    • "Hello Kitty's Magical AIUEO"
    "Training animation" series
    The following VHS version was released around 1994. All titles have "Hello Kitty and the Issho" at the beginning of the title.
    • "Everything is muffled/Oenji: * Yes"
    • "I love you Ottetsu / change by yourself"
    • "Gamanda, Gamanda/Neat greetings"
    • "Let's play nice/I'm alone"
    • "Properly brushing / outside of the house"
    • "I'm sorry/I'm sorry"
    • “Alone toilet/what can I say? ]
    • "Clean clean up / Hello baby"
    Later, "Sanrio New Shitsuke Video", which was renewed and retitled, was released as follows.
    DVD version also released, Sanrio BB content distribution [2] Is also being done.
    • "I love you / I am alone"
    • "Kichintoshokuji/Hello!"
    • "Let's play nicely/Chui outside"
    • "I can do it / I can say sorry"
    • "Enjoyable Otetsudai / Properly Change"
    • "I can go to the bathroom/I can clean up"
    • "Let's eat anything / good night alone"
    • "Let's brush up/Greeting greetings"

    Collaboration animation

    Hawk's claw x HELLO KITTY
    Secret society falconA guest appearance in a web animation distributed on June 2012, 6 as a collaboration with.
    Chogokin Hello Kitty Original Flash Animation
    A short animation distributed online on January 2014, 1 to commemorate the launch of Chogokin Hello Kitty.
    Mazinger Z x Hello Kitty x Chogokin
    Chogokin Hello Kitty (Mazinger Z color) and Chogokin Mazinger Z(Hello Kitty Color) Short animation distributed on the web on January 2016, 1 to commemorate the release.[231].
    Gundam vs Hello Kitty Project
    Mobile Suit GundamCollaboration web animation with.
    ス タ ッ フ
    • Director/Conte-Imgahi
    • Animation director-Masakazu Yamagishi, Naoki Yamamura, Tsukasa Kotobuki
    • Art Director-Yuji Kaneko
    • Color design-Nagisa Abe
    • Director of Photography-Hiroki Kawashita
    • Edit-Kazuhiro Arai
    • Sound Director-Sadayoshi Fujino
    • Sound effects-Mutsumi Nishimura
    • Supervision and cooperation-Sanrio
    List of stories
    1. Hello Gundam delivered on March 2019, 3
    2. Meguriai delivered on July 2019, 7
    3. Love / Warrior January 2020, 1 delivery[232]
    • "Hello Kitty", "Mobile Suit Gundam", and "Chogokin" are dream dreams ☆ January 2020, 1
    Shinkalion Hello Kitty Special PV
    Of February 2020, 2 deliveryShinkansen Deformation Robot Shinkalion THE ANIMATIONCollaboration Web animation with[233]

    Virtual youtuber

    From 2018 year 8 month 30 dayYouTubeHELLO KITTY CHANNEL opened inVirtual youtuberDebuted as. "I want to deliver my words to a wider range of people, from children to adults,"[234].. Local kitty such as Takoyaki kitty and Okonomiyaki kitty, introduction video of goods collaborating with kitty,Sustainable development goalsI'm posting support videos for (SDGs) and videos about Kitty's favorite things. In the Manzai video,Jar JarWhen I showed off Manzai who arranged the story of the song in a combination with Mimi, it was covered by Jarjar and returned[235],KnightsIs showing off the material written by[236].

    On the channelSamantha ThavasaI was in the 25th anniversary eventAustin MahoneAnd introduce SDGsTaro Kono,Nicola FormichettiAlso appeared[237][238][239].

    Radio program

    Hello Kitty's Room supported by Sanrio
    (TOKYO FM,20124/6 - 9/28)
    Hello Kitty's first personal radio program. All 26 times. Every weekFridayIt was broadcast at 18:25-18:30. A program where we talked to our monthly guests in the form of questions.
    4(1st-4th times): Cat
    5(5st-8th times): Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
    6(9st-13th times): Mizuki Nana
    7(14st-17th times): SCANDAL
    8(18st-22th times): Aqua Timez
    9Above (23rd-24th): PES discipline
    Lower September (9th-25th): MAN WITH A MISSION

    Voice actor

    Kitty voice

    • Megumi Hayashibara(Main)
      Since serving as the voice of Kitty for the first time in "Hello Kitty's Oyayubihime" (1990), she has been the voice of almost all Kitties such as Sanrio Puroland and Universal Studios Japan.
      Although it is treated as a secret that Hayashibara is the role of Kitty[240], Actually it has been specified in video software[241].. Sanrio officially uses the material entwined with Hayashibara[242][243].
    • Fuyumi Shiraishi
      • "The new height of Kitty and Mimi" (1981)
    • Mami Koyama
      • "Hello Kitty Cinderella" (1989)
      • TV"Hello Kitty's Fun Things" (1989)
      • Early Harmony Land
    • Yuko Kobayashi
      • "Let's Play English, Hello Kitty's Mysterious Journey" (1992)
    • Akemi Okamura
      • "Harmony Land Complete Guide" (1993)
      • "Let's Learn with Hello Kitty for the First Time" Series (1994)
    • I used to speak at events in the past[244].

    Mimi's voice

    • Mina Tominaga(Main)
    • Mami Koyama
      • "The new height of Kitty and Mimi" (1981)
      • Terebikko "Hello Kitty's Fun Things" (1989)
    • Aya Sakaguchi
      • "Hello Kitty and the Mysterious Lake" (1991)
    • Megumi Hayashibara

    Other voices



    A single released under the name Hello Kitty (Kitty).

    • "That child is Kitty" (April 1977, 4)[245], Sanrio Records KTS-20001. 450 yen. B-side song is "Hello Kitty". )
      EP board. singer:Fusako Fujimoto/Lyrics/Yuko Yasaka, Composition/Miyagawa Yasushi/ Arranger: Unknown[Annotation 12][246].
      Both sides A and B were not made into CDs, but in 2017Ultra vibeReleased byCompilation albumIt was made into a CD sound source for the first time in "Toy Character Pop Collection Vol.2 Fancy & Cute Edition".
      The cover version was released later.
    • "Good Night Kitty / Someone and Someone Kitty and Mimi" (1981,Crown record.. Mimi and Duet. "The new song of Kitty and Mimi" theme song)
      EP board. The singers are Fuyumi Shiraishi and Mimi Koyama.
    • "Sanrio Character Alarm CD Hello Kitty Good Morning! Everyone" (1994, Sanrio V-2615 ISBN-4 387-94070-0 [3].. 480 yen. )
      CD single. All 9 songs. Included in the first and eighth tracks of this CD as "Hello Kitty". Kitty plays, not a songDrama CDThe contents are like.
    • "Hello Kitty" (November 1997, 11,Nippon Columbia COCC-14689. 1500 yen)
      Released as one of Columbia's single CD series "Character Vision CD"[247].
      The sound source is a cover version.
    • "I love you town / I won't cry anymore" (June 2002, 6,BMG JAPAN.. Daniel and Duet, 1200 yen. "Kitty's paradise"Opening theme)
    • "Hello! I'm sure there is a meaning to be born / The Peace!(December 2022, 6, UP-FRONT WORKS.Hello! ProjectCollaboration with.Released as a digital single)

    A Hello Kitty related single whose singer is not Hello Kitty.

    • "Wonderful Kitty" (1985, Sanrio record KTS-20002. 500 yen. B-side song is "The other side of the star is the dreamland".)
      EP board. The singer is UFO'S.
    • 1980 years,Polydor/ From Sanrio Records Hello Kitty's image song "It's Not Yo Kitten" (DQQ5025; Lyrics: Keisuke YamakawaComposition: Koichi Morita;Song: Romeo) released. B-side is a happy-colored cat.
    • In 1990, "Kitty-chan Ondo" was announced[248], Was recorded in "Sanrio Character ONDO" (Victor Entertainment VICG-6) released on June 21, the same year (song: JUNPEI).

    Other singles.

    • 2004 years,Crazy ken bandHas released a song "OOPS!! KITTY CHANG" which is about Hello Kitty.[249].


    • "Character album Hello Kitty"[250]
      Release date:19927/21
      Label:SanrioReleased from.
      Description: Album CD version (SACV-2036) and cassette album version were available, but are currently out of print. Contains an image song of Hello Kitty. All 10 songs[Annotation 13].
      Details: The jacket design has a white background with a picture of a Hello Kitty figure holding a rose [4].. In addition to Kitty, Keroppi, Kiki and Lara are drawn together, and a character de deca badge sticker designed in an emblem style is included.
    • "Toy Character Pop Collection Vol.2 Fancy & Cute Edition"
      Release date:20173/22
      Label:Ultra vibeReleased from (Solid Record).
      Description: Eight songs from the album CD version (CDSOL-1781) and the singles above ("Anoko Kitty", "It's Not Kitty Cat", "Good Night Kitty/Who Is Kitty/My Kitty and Mimi", "Wonderful Kitty") To do. The liner notes also include an overview of each single and the jacket design of those days.[251].

    Image Song

    Besides this, there are many songs in the name of Kitty on Sanrio-related CDs and videos. At the Sanrio Puroland character show,I'm in love with your eyesAnd 'Loco motionSometimes sing cover songs such as.

    • "Hello Kitty"
      Lyrics: Yuko Yasaka[245] Music composition:Miyagawa Yasushi Arrangement:Toshihiko Sahashi Song: Kitty[250]
      Included in the first song of the CD album "Character Album Hello Kitty" (SACV-2036). 1 minutes and 2 seconds.
      A cover version of the B-side song "Hello Kitty" from Fusako Fujimoto's single "Ano Ko wa Kitty" released in 1977.The sound source currently in circulation is this cover version, and the singing is Megumi Hayashibara, the current voice actor in charge of Kitty.The original song is a western-style up-tempo song[245] However, it has been newly re-arranged, and the atmosphere of the keys and accompaniment is different. The vocal "Ah!" before the chorus is an arrangement of the hiccups that Fusako Fujimoto, who sang the original version, has.
      In addition to being used for the opening theme of OVA, it is the common BGM of the "Hello Kitty's Pom Pom Pack" series of packed popcorn vending machines that have been operating nationwide since 2001. Is used. The popcorn vending machine ends with "Ah!" before the chorus, so the impression of this part is strong, and it is often talked about on the Hello Kitty channel.[252]..In addition, a short version is being distributed as a playable song on the PS4 version of "Taiko no Tatsujin", a music game by Namco Bandai Entertainment.
    • "Kitty-chan Ondo"
      Lyrics: JUNPEI,SAKO Composition:Hitomi Tachibana Arrangement: Yasushi Makita, Song: JUNPEI
      Included in the first song of the CD album "Character Album Hello Kitty" (SACV-2036). 2 minutes and 3 seconds.
    • "Surprised Ribbon -Mimi's Theme-"
      Lyrics/Composition: Yumi Kojima Arrangement: Steve Ghostin Song: Mina Tominaga
      Included in the first song of the CD album "Character Album Hello Kitty" (SACV-2036). 3 minutes and 2 seconds.
    • "Happy Birthday"
      Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement:Hiro Nagasawa Song: Kitty
      Included in the fourth song of the CD album "Character Album Hello Kitty" (SACV-2036). 4 minute and 1 seconds. A song that Kitty celebrates on her birthday.
    • "London my city"
      Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Hiro Nagasawa Song: Kitty[Annotation 14]
      Included in the first song of the CD album "Character Album Hello Kitty" (SACV-2036). 5 minutes and 3 seconds.
    • "That child is Kitty"
      Lyrics: Yuko Yasaka[245] Composition: Yasushi Miyagawa Arrangement: Junichi Kanesaki Song: Kitty[Annotation 15]
      A cover version of the title song of Fusako Fujimoto's single released in 1977.
      Included in the first song of the CD album "Character Album Hello Kitty" (SACV-2036). 6 minutes and 2 seconds.
    • "Give me a mama"
      Lyrics: Yuko Obika, Natsumi Miyazaki Composition/Arrangement:Goro Amiumi Song: Kitty
      Included in the first song of the CD album "Character Album Hello Kitty" (SACV-2036). 7 minutes and 2 seconds.
    • "Hello Kitty no Hibi Hime-From the World Movie Theater"
      Songwriting:Kyoko Matsumiya Arrangement: Junichi Kanesaki[Annotation 16] Song: Ami Itabashi
      Included in the first song of the CD album "Character Album Hello Kitty" (SACV-2036). 8 minutes and 2 seconds.
      Lyrics/Composer: Yumi Kojima Arrangement: Steve Ghostin Song: Yumi Kojima
      Included in the 2036th song of the CD album "Character Album Hello Kitty" (SACV-9). 2 minutes 58 seconds. A song about Kitty's friends.
    • "Hello Kitty's drawing song"
      Lyrics: Ichigo Shimbun[Annotation 17] Composition: Saburo Makino Arrangement: Junichi Kanesaki Song: Kaiko Makino
      Included in the first song of the CD album "Character Album Hello Kitty" (SACV-2036). 10 minutes and 1 seconds.



    • Hello Kitty stuff game (Fujitsu,FM-7, Released in 1984, 10000 yen)


    Super Nintendo

    • Sanrio World Smash Ball! (Character software,Super Nintendo, Released November 1993, 7)
    • Sanrio Shanghai (Character software, Super Nintendo, released August 1994, 8)


    • Hello Kitty Yumenokuni Daibouken (Bandai,Playdia, Released November 1994, 9)

    Game boy

    • Sanrio Uranai Party (Imagineer,Game boy, Released on December 1997, 12, 5 yen) As its name suggests, it is software for only fortune telling. It corresponds to the year 3129 problem. In addition to Hello Kitty, Bad Badtsu Maru, which was the most popular at the time, will also appear. There is a production that it takes time to calculate the result of fortune-telling.[253].
    • Fairy Kitty Good Luck Dictionary (Imagineer,Gameboy color, Released on December 1998, 12, 11 yen) Like "Sanrio Uranai Party", you can fortune telling and also have a game property such as playing mini games. Kanji is used to explain fortune-telling[254].
    • Hello Kitty's Magical Museum (Imagineer, Game Boy Color, April 1999, 4, 28 yen)
    • Hello Kitty's Bead Workshop (Imagineer, Game Boy Color, released on July 1999, 7, 17 yen)
    • Hello Kitty's Sweet Adventure -Daniel-kun niaitai- (Imagineer, Game Boy Color, released on July 2000, 7, 19 yen)
    • Dear Daniel's Sweet Adventure-Looking for Kitty-chan (Imagineer, Game Boy Color, released on July 2000, 7, 19 yen)
    • Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel's Dream Adventure (Imagineer, Game Boy Color, released April 2001, 4, 14 yen)
    • Hello Kitty Happy House (MTO, Game Boy Color, released on March 2002, 3, 2 yen)


    • Hello Kitty play toy bag (MIZUKI,3DO, Released March 1995, 6, 16 yen)

    Dream cast

    • Hello Kitty Lovely Fruit Park (Sega,Dream cast, Released March 1999, 11, 25 yen)
    • Hello Kitty's Magical Block (Sega, Dreamcast, released on March 2000, 3, 30 yen)
    • Hello Kitty's "Sound Naru" mail (SEGA, Dreamcast, released April 2000, 4, 13 yen)
    • Hello Kitty's exciting cookies (SEGA, Dreamcast, released on August 2000, 8, 10 yen)


    • Cute with Hello Kitty cube (DXNUMX Publisher,PlayStation, Released November 1998, 6)
    • Kitty the Kool! (Imagineer, PlayStation, released November 1998, 11, 26 yen)
      • One of the games that took advantage of the rhythm game boom at the time of its release. It's characterized by a strange world view of playing Kabuki-conscious Japanese style with a hip-hop rhythm, but the game is as simple as clapping the music.
    • Hello Kitty White Gift (Hudson, PlayStation, released on December 1998, 12)
    • SIMPLE 1500 series Hello Kitty(D2001 Publisher, PlayStation, released August 8, 30, October 10, 25 yen each)
    • Hello Kitty's Talking Town (Atlas, PlayStation, released October 2001, 10, 11 yen)
      *The kit-type controller that comes as a set is released on December 2000, 12, and the price is 14 yen.
    • Hello Kitty chat ABC (Atlas, PlayStation, released on October 2001, 10, 11 yen)
    • Come to Hello Kitty's house!Banpresto, PlayStation, released on July 2002, 7, 18 yen)
    • Let's create an album diary with Hello Kitty! (Banpresto, PlayStation, released March 2003, 3, 27 yen)
    • Local Hello Kitty Sugoroku Story (Bandai, PlayStation, released on July 2003, 6, 19 yen)

    Gameboy Advance

    • Hello Kitty Collection Miracle Fashion Maker (Imagineer,Gameboy Advance, Released on October 2001, 10, 19 yen) Development:access

    PlayStation 2

    Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DSi wear

    Nintendo 3DS

    Nintendo 3DS download software

    Kids computer pico

    • Hello Kitty's fun (SEGA Enterprises, Released June 1993, 6, 26 yen) (Low-priced version: Released in 3980, 1998 yen)
    • Outing to Hello Kitty Town (Imagineer, Released October 1995, 10, 31 yen)
    • Hello Kitty's Wonderful Body (Imagineer, released on November 1995, 11, 4 yen)
    • Hello Kitty's wonderful food (SEGA Enterprises, 1997 release, 3980 yen)
    • Let's go to Sanrio Puroland! Kitty and everyone's first keyboard!SEGA TOYS, Released in 2000, 6800 yen)
    • Play with Hello Kitty and McDonald's! (SEGA TOYS, released October 2001, 10, 1 yen)
    • Hello Kitty's Fun Omiseya (Sega Toys, released in November 2002, 11 yen)

    Advance Pico Veena

    • Hello Kitty Hiragana/Katakana Let's try your name! (SEGA TOYS, released on April 2008, 4, 3 yen)

    Cloud games

    • Hello Kitty pounding fruit petanque (Broad media, G-cluster, distribution will start from December 2013, 12)

    arcade game

    Browser games

    • Hello Kitty Happy Apples(DNA,OpenFeint, Will be distributed from November 2009, 11)
    • Hello Kitty and Choro Q Trip♪ (DNA,Mobage Town, Will be distributed from November 2010, 8)
    • Local Kitty Collection (Imagineer,mixi/COLOPL, February 2011, 2 mixi version, August 4 of the same year Coropla version distribution started)
    • My Hello Kitty (tire-Sanrio wave,GREE, Will be distributed from November 2011, 2)
    • Hello Kitty kuru character general store (Now Production, Mobage/Yahoo! Mobage, Starting May 2011, 5, starting from the smartphone version)
    • HELLO KITTY shuffle puzzle (,GMO media, Will be distributed from June 2011, 6) HELLO KITTY meets muta motif
    • Monstar Children (Cave, GREE, to be distributed from September 2011, 9)
    • Kitties Beat Paradise (Sanrio Wave, GREE, available from January 2012, 1) Hello Kitty and Together!
    • Kitty Kore ~Aim! Number 1 Kittyra~ (Japan Enterprise・Sanrio Wave, GREE, distribution starts from February 2012, 2)
    • Hello Kitty Monstar Children (Cave, GREE, available February 2012, 2)
    • Hello Kitty and Mahou no Apron-Sanrio Character and Farm Life-(Exham, GREE, to be distributed from September 2012, 6)
    • My Hello Kitty 2 (Sanrio Wave, GREE, available from July 2012, 7)
    • Run Run Hello (Japan Enterprise Sanrio Wave,d game, Will be distributed from November 2013, 7)
    • Run Run Hello Kitty 2 (Japan Enterprise Sanrio Wave, Mobage, available from January 2014, 1)

    Native app

    Mini game applications for mobile are distributed at each sales site.


    au (KDDI / Okinawa Cellular Telephone Association)

    • Hello kitty model

    Softbank Mobile (currently Softbank)


    • AW-2 series Hello Kitty model
    • CLIP-ON TUNER series Hello Kitty version
    • tinyPiano Hello Kitty model

    オ ー ラ

    • Hello Kitty FIGURINE KT-01 (Hello Kitty Phone)

    Claw Claw

    Anime"Secret society falcon"World Nakayoku", a collaboration project with the Hawk Claw Team appearing in ", has been held since July 2012. Sale of collaboration goods at Kiddy Land[255].

    Choruru (Yamaguchi Prefecture)

    Yamaguchi OfYuru Chara"ChoruruAnd "Friends Agreement" on February 2013, 2[256][257].. This agreement was established in Yamaguchi Prefecture, when we met at the event "12 SANRIO THANKS PARTY!" in Sanrio Puroland last December.SanrioIt's the first time Hello Kitty has signed such an agreement with another character. In the future, we plan to bring energy to people through mutual appearances at events, development of collaborative goods, and information transmission.


    "DoraemonWe have been collaborating with us since August 2015[258].. Sanrio and 50 licensees sell collaboration goods. Kitty and Doraemon co-star on the cover of the May 2015 issue (No. 5) of "Ichigo Shimbun".

    Crayon Shin-chan

    To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the birth of "Hello Kitty,"Crayon Shin-chan] And carried out a collaboration[259]From February 2019, 2, various collaboration goods featuring Hello Kitty and Shin-chan characters are on sale.[260].. A collaboration cafe with Crayon Shin-chan is also open for a limited time in Nagoya/Sapporo PARCO.[261].

    Anime"Crayon Shin-chanHello Kitty made a guest appearance on "Kitty-chan VS Bri-chan Dazo" broadcast on May 2019, 5.[262][263].. In addition, the co-starring with the character designed by Sanrio in the animation "Crayon Shin-chan" was broadcast on February 2014, 2.Go-chan.It is the second case after ".

    Hello Kitty designer Yuko Yamaguchi appears as a fan of "Action Kamen" in the world of "Crayon Shin-chan" in the March 2019 issue of "Manga Town".[259].

    Kamen Rider

    Super mario maker

    Wii UDedicated game softwareSuper mario maker", Hello Kitty's character Mario distributed as "Sanrio Characters" with my melody (Cara Mario can be obtained by clearing the course)[266].

    JR West Japan

    200811/1,JR West JapanIC ticket for "ICOCACharacter of "Platypus Iko-chanIn collaboration with, Kitty released a stuffed toy with a platypus Iko-chan's headgear. By the way, Kitty and Iku-chan, the platypus, have the same birthday, November 11st.[267].

    DC Comics

    2014From manyAmerican comicHas been publishedDC ComicsFemale character ofWonder Woman""Super girl""Bat girl""Harley quinn""Cat woman""Poison IvyGoods have been developed in collaboration with[268][269].
    2017ToGal GadotThe live-action movie starringWonder WomanWas done in commemoration of the release of[270].

    Mitsui Fudosan

    With the cooperation of Sanrio, Mitsui Fudosan Realty collaborated with Hello Kitty at six locations nationwide, starting in January 2016 in Tokyo Asakusa, Nagoya Sakae, Fukuoka Nakasu, Okayama Omotemachi, Sendai Ichibancho, Osaka Naniwa. In Asakusa, there are stone pavements and lanterns in the approach, chicken wings and killer whales in Nagoya, mentaiko and ramen in Fukuoka, animals and animals related to Momotaro in Okayama, Sendai Tanabata Festival in Sendai, Takoyaki and Kushikatsu in Osaka. Signboards and panels of Hello Kitty with a regional color incorporating the design are installed, and benches and photo spots for commemorative photos are also provided depending on the location.[271].

    Other collaborations

    • March 2002, with SanrioWarner BrothersJoint development with KittyTweetyHas started selling character goods in collaboration with.
    • (English edition) American(English edition)designer. We are selling collaboration jewelry with Hello Kitty.
    • Kimora Lee Simmons Japanese-American fashion model and designer. In 2006, she announced collaborative jewelry under her brand "Simmons Jewelry Co."[272].
    • 2007,Ayumi HamasakiOn the live tour, goods of "ayupan x Hello Kitty" that was collaborated with her own image character "ayupan" were released. Collaborative goods have been released frequently since the following year.
    • 20087/18,Nippon TVMorning information program "Zoom in!! SUPERIn collaboration with "Hello Kitty x Zoomin & Charmin Collaboration Goods", Kitty wears the headgear of the program character "Zoomin Charmin".
    • 2009In August, the idol unit "Pabo"Collaboration goods with" were released.
    • 2009 year 11 month,J League OfCerezo OsakaReleased collaboration goods with.
    • 2009 year 12 month,BryceReleased a collaboration doll “Ribonetta Wish” with 3000 limited editions. Yuko Yamaguchi is in charge of the doll design.
    • 2010,South Africa World CupTo commemorate theJapan national football teamIs a supporter ofUltrasReleased collaboration goods with. The previousGermany World CupBut the same collaboration is being carried out.
    • 2010 year 12 month,Tokyo SportsReleased collaboration goods with. A design that Kitty himself is reading the East Sports where the topic of Kitty is one side[273].
    • 2011January,Tachibana PublishingIn collaboration withnoveltyAs goods, Hello KittyUdonProduced. For a limited time until July, it was distributed at bookstores to buyers of the company's books.[274].
    • 2011 year 8 month,AKB48Released collaboration goods with. In a checkered stage costume, each team's emblem "A" "K" "B" is in the center of the ribbon ("Team 4" version was not made in time, so it is not made).
    • 2011 year 10 month,Japan Department Store AssociationReleased collaboration goods with.the 1930sWind·the 1970sStraps for mobile phones (strictly netsuke) in three different styles of wind and modern guide girls. Sales areGreat East Japan EarthquakeIt is used to support children affected by the disaster.
    • 2013January,CedinaIn collaboration with the card, the Hello Kitty pattern is used on the face of the company's three main types of cards.[275].
    • 2014XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Hatsuda ManufacturingIn collaboration with the company's residentialFire extinguisherHello Kitty pattern is adopted for[276].
    • 2014 year 8 month,VOGUE JAPANIn collaboration with, a free camera app was born, with Hello Kitty as a frame wearing Gucci's 2014 Fall Winter collection[277].
    • 2017January,V Premier LeagueGoods in collaboration with the mascot character "Villy" have been released.
    • 2018October,"Midnight! Genius Bakabon』Appeared in the setting of the main officer's sidekick in the final episode. Like the anime and Sanrio Puroland, the voice is handled by Hayashibara (in the credit, the name of "Kitty White").
    • 2020January,タ カ ラ ト ミ ーof"Shinkansen deformation robot Shinkalion"DXS Shinkalion Hello Kitty" with the Hello Kitty Shinkansen (above) motif was released in collaboration with[278].. In August 2021, it also appeared in the anime "Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z".[279].
    • 2020 year 11 month,A fThe original TV animation "Yuru Camp] And collaboration.As mentioned above, this was planned based on the connection between Kitty acting as "Fuji no Kuni Yamanashi Tourism Navigator" and the fact that the work is set in Yamanashi Prefecture as the main stage. Based on the teaser visual, a collaborative visual was created in which the Kitty family looks at Mt. Fuji over the lake surface from the campsite, and a video of Kitty going around the place that became the model of the stage in the work and challenging the camp is released.In addition, a collaboration visual between the five main characters of the same work and Sanrio Characters including Kitty has also been produced.[280][281].
    • 2020 year 12 month,Kemono Friends 3In collaboration with, a limited-time event "Fushigi Friend Kitty & Mimmy Serval" will be held from December 2020, 12 to January 24, 2021.[282].
    • 2021January,Shiseido OfMakeupbrand"INTEGRATE] And collaboration.Released limited design package items (4 items, 8 varieties in total)[283].

    Copyright issue

    • 2007 year 5 month,Chugoku OfShikeizan Amusement ParkManyPakuricharacterAlong with that, it is reported that Fake Kitty exists.
    • In October 2010, San Francisco character Kitty's friend, Kathy, is her own character.MiffyIs imitatingDick BrunaFiled lawsuit against Sanrio to suspend production of related products[284][285].. In November, a trial court in Amsterdam admitted Bruna's allegations and banned manufacturing and sales within the Benelux region and indirect enforcement in the case of non-compliance.SanrioTo order. Then, in June 2011, Sanrio and Bruna withdrew from each other's trials and paid legal fees.Great East Japan EarthquakeSettled by devote to the reconstruction assistance of[286].
    • 2013 year 1 month,Kofu Central Shopping DistrictDecorated a statue of Hello Kitty as part of the town revitalization[287]The Sanrio side, who knew the situation due to the fact that the character license agreement with Sanrio was inadequate, was protested to the Federation of Kofu Shopping Streets that governs Kofu Central Shopping Street, and it was removed two days after the unveiling ceremony.[288][289].. The license agreement has been re-established and re-installed.[290].. Sanrio, who was interviewed at this time, said, ``In addition to Hello Kitty, individuals are allowed to use characters copyrighted by Sanrio for non-commercial purposes without consent, but When a company/organization uses it for commercial purposes, it is necessary to obtain consent to use it with Sanrio (in this case, the commercial organization uses Hello Kitty to revitalize the town, so it is considered to be commercial). Is trying[291].


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