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🍴 | [GODIVA x ZEN-NOH] 7th collaboration! Chocolate with figs and lemons now available☆


[GODIVA x ZEN-NOH] The 7th collaboration! Chocolate made with figs and lemons is now available☆

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How was the collaboration product of GODIVA and the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations?

GODIVA has collaborated with the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations to release the 7th product "Shonan Gold Jelly Chocolate from Kanagawa Prefecture". → Continue reading


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National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives

National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives(Zenkoku no Ugyokyodokumi Airengokai)JapannationwideAgricultural cooperative,Federation of Economic and Agricultural Cooperatives(Keizai Ren),Specialized agricultural cooperativeUnion organizations such as the Federation (Professional Federation).Abbreviation is "Whole farm""JA ZennoThe official notation in English isNational Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, Abbreviation isZEN-NOH..The basis law isAgricultural Cooperative LawIt supplies production materials and daily necessities, sells agricultural and livestock products, and develops technologies related to agriculture.


  • 1900(Meiji33 years)- Industrial Union LawPromulgation.
  • 1947(Showa22 years)- Agricultural Cooperative LawPromulgation.
  • 1948(Showa 23) --Dissolved the National Agricultural Association.Established Zenhanren (National Federation of Sales Agricultural Cooperatives) and Zenpuren (National Federation of Purchasing Agricultural Cooperatives).
  • 1972(47) --Zen-Noh and Zen-Noh merged to establish the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives.
  • 1977(52) ―― 4,329 agricultural cooperatives nationwide have realized direct participation in Zen-Noh.
  • 1992(Heisei4 years) --Agricultural cooperativeCINicknamed by "JA] And the new agricultural cooperative mark (JA mark) started to be used.
  • 1998(10)- Miyagi,Tottori,ShimaneMerged with 3 Keizai Ren. Established 3 prefecture headquarters (same for subsequent mergers).
  • 2000(12)- Tokyo,Yamaguchi,TokushimaMerged with 3 Keizai Ren.
  • 2001(13) ―― Merged with 21 Keizai Ren (target isAomori,Yamagata,Shonai,Tochigi,千葉,Yamanashi,Nagano,Niigata,Toyama,石川,Gifu,Triple,Shiga,京都,Osaka,Hyogo,Okayama,Hiroshima,Kochi,Fukuoka,Nagasaki).
  • 2002(14)- Iwate,Akita,Ibaraki,Gunma,埼 玉,OitaMerged with 6 Keizai Ren.Introduced a business management committee system.
  • 2003(15)- Fukushima-KanagawaMerged with 2 Keizai Ren.
  • 2004(16) --Prefectural agricultureEhimeMerged with.
  • 2008(20) --Yamagata Prefecture Headquarters and Shonai Headquarters are integrated.
  • 2015(27) June- JA ShimaneShimane Prefecture Headquarters was abolished with the establishment of.Established Shimane office as a department of the headquarters organization (general planning department).
  • 2017(29) March --- "The Society's response to the" Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries / Regional Vitality Creation Plan "" was decided.[1]
  • 2019(31)
    • January --With the establishment of JA Kochi Prefecture, the Kochi Prefecture Headquarters was abolished.
    • 4 month - JA Yamaguchi PrefectureAbolished the Yamaguchi Prefecture Headquarters with the establishment of.Established Yamaguchi office as a department of the headquarters organization (Corporate Planning Department).
  • 2021(Reiwa3) December- Impact of new coronavirus infectionIn order to have the tourism industry, whose demand has decreased in Japan, undertake agricultural workJTBConcluded a partnership agreement on agricultural labor support with[2].


Management Philosophy

We, the Zen-Noh Group, will be a bridge that connects producers and consumers with peace of mind.

  • We support farming and living, and work to create a healthy production area.
  • We deliver safe and fresh domestic agricultural and livestock products to consumers.
  • We will actively work to protect the global environment.


The business domain is all over Japan, and the headquarters organization has set up offices in each area for each business.In each prefectureFederation of Economic and Agricultural CooperativesThere are 32 prefectural headquarters established in connection with the merger with (Keizai Ren) (as of April 2019).There are offices in Shimane and Yamaguchi, where the prefectural headquarters used to be.Has overseas offices in 31 countries and regions overseas.

Organizational and management reform

January 20163th Abe 2nd remodeling CabinetEstablished belowCabinet OfficeRegulatory Reform Promotion Council(Chair:Hiroko OhtaNational Graduate Institute for Policy StudiesProfessor·Mizuho Financial GroupFrom the chairman), in NovemberPesticideWithdrawal from the business of selling materials such as to farmers "and" agricultural productsconsignment saleThere is a proposal to urge the early implementation of organizational reforms such as "Abolition of", and in the end, the government / Liberal Democratic Party's agricultural reform proposal to carry out voluntary organizational reforms by Zen-Noh has been approved.[4].

LDP political investigation committeeAgriculture and Forestry Department ChairmanShinjiro KoizumiExpressed the view that "the Zen-Noh system is the one that deprives farmers of their freedom of management."Shinzo Abe"Zen-Noh reform is a touchstone for structural reform of agriculture."[5][6].

2017In May,Direct sale,OutputAs the first step of reform to increase the amount South KoreaCo., Ltd.Akindo Sushiro OfHolding companyCo., Ltd.Sushiro Global Holdings RelistedUp to 40 billion yenInvestmentDecided to do[7][8]Along with2024untilRiceIncreased the direct sales ratio from the current 4% to 9%, etc.Wholesaler,Wholesale marketHollow outcostClarified the policy to reduce[9].

Offer program



I love you! Zeus

TV made by Zen-Noh for domestic meat PRCMAnime.

The first series is a total of 1 episodes from January to March 2014.The second series will be limited to the web, and in November of the same year (""肉 の 日From around the 29th of every month)YouTubeDelivered at.Initially, all 4 episodes were planned, but 2 episodes were added to make a total of 6 episodes. In February 2016, a new work with only one episode was delivered as the third series.


sound - Hanazawa Kana
The official character of JA Zen-Noh, which supports agricultural and livestock products.The prince of the land that is difficult to live in the Miito family.I love Japanese meat.
Voice- Mt. Ooyama nobuyo
A stuffed cow that accompanies Zeushi.
Mika Ito
Voice- Maaya Uchida
The eldest daughter of the Miito family.
Dad and mom
Parents of the Miido family.Middle class family.
Poseiton / Toriton / Platon
Minister of Defense Nikuniku Land.
Zeushi-kun daddy
King of Niku Niku Land.
Namata & Boiled
Egg seniors and juniors.
Posiburu teacher
At first glance, it looks like a hot-blooded teacher, but he is just a milk delivery uncle.
Chinami & Eri
Mika's classmate.
Ginger Taro
Domestic vegetables.

Appeared from the second period

Tori ni teacher
Mika's school teacher.
Domestic Warrior Red Bar
A hero who fights to protect domestic agricultural and livestock products.
Nick Jaguar
Voice- Kosuke Toriumi
Leader of the carnivorous idol unit "Meat Shock ☆ Breakers".
Zeushi-kun's mom
Voice- Amemiya Ten
Princess of Nikuniku Land.

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

Opening theme
Onikujaponesuku! (1st and 2nd term)
Lyrics --Nagae Kuwahara / Composition / Arrangement-- Watanabe Chel / Song-Zeushi-kun (CV. Kana Hanazawa)
Onikujaponesuku feat. Domestic meat hamburger (3rd term)
Lyrics --Kazuhito Omiya / Composition --Chel Watanabe / Song --Zeushi-kun (CV. Kana Hanazawa)
Image Song
Nikko Nikko Nikko Nikko!
Lyrics --Nagae Kuwahara / Composition --Chel Watanabe / Song --Zeushi-kun (CV. Kana Hanazawa), Mika-chan (CV. Maaya Uchida)
Insert song
Heat Meat Up ~ Domestic Declaration ~ (Phase 2 Episode 4)
Lyrics --Kazuhito Omiya / Composition --Chel Watanabe / Song --Meat Shock ☆ Breakers (CV. Kosuke Toriumi)

List of stories

Issue 1
  • Episode 0 Zeushi-kun has arrived! Ya! Ya! (Prologue released on the official website)
  • Episode 1 Zeushi-kun and Minota January 2014, 1 "generation of paradise』Inside broadcast
  • Episode 2 Yakiniku Great Battle January 2014, 1 "Generation Heaven" broadcast
  • Episode 3 Onikushiritori January 2014, 1 "Generation Heaven" broadcast
  • Episode 4 From Ginger's Place January 2014, 1 "Nep League2HSP ”broadcast
  • Episode 5 Difficult to Use February 2014, 2 Broadcast in "Generation Heaven 3 Hours Special"
  • Episode 6 Poseiton Three Brothers February 2014, 2 Broadcast in "Nep League SP"
  • Episode 7 Milk Taisou February 2014, 2 Broadcast in "Generation Heaven 17 Hours SP"
  • Episode 8 How to Identify Boiled Eggs February 2014, 2 Broadcast in "Nep League SP"
  • Episode 9 Happy Lunch March 2014, 3 Broadcast in "Generation Heaven"
  • Episode 10 Everyone Picnic March 2014, 3 Broadcast in "Generation Heaven"
  • Episode 11 Goodbye Zeushi-kun !? Broadcast in "Nep League SP" on March 2014, 3
  • Final story After all I like meat March 2014, 3 "24stTakeshi Kusagi OfGood luck grand prizeDrama NG large release special ”broadcast
Issue 2
  • Episode 1 Delivered to Infinite Beyond November 2014, 11
  • Episode 2 Meat Supporting the Country Delivered on December 2014, 12
  • Episode 3 Domestic Miracle Delivered on January 2015, 1
  • Episode 4 Favorite Idol Delivered on February 2015, 2
  • Episode 5 Pure Love Love Delivered on March 2015, 3
  • Episode 6 Everyone Loves Meat Delivered March 2015, 3
Issue 3
  • Episode 1 Nice hamburger delivered on February 2016, 2

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注 釈

  1. ^ The catch phrase at the time of the provided creditZen-Noh that supports future superstars with Japanese food.
  2. ^ Lion toothpaste and lion fats and oils merged from January 1980LionAnd added a sponsor.
  3. ^ The successor isTaisho Pharmaceutical


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