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🍴 | [Nihonbashi] I want to go on summer holidays! Popular chocolate and ice cream specialty store on SNS


[Nihonbashi] I want to go during the summer holidays! Popular chocolate and ice cream shop on SNS

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We introduced a chocolate and ice cream specialty store that is perfect for summer.

When the hot days continue, you will want to eat cool and cold sweets.Chocolate and ice cream that you want to go to at such times... → Continue reading


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All stores(specialty,British: specialty stores) is a specificGenre OfProductsAroundSaleTo店.Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryThen, "Stores that handle 90% or more of the products in a specific field, and mainly sell face-to-face (not self-service)"Butcher,Fish shop,bookstore,Footwear store,Electric shop,barberEtc. mainlyShopping districtLocated inIndustryType specialty store (specialty store) andConsumer electronics,Men's clothing,Casual wear,Glasses,Sporting goods,shoes, And etc. are mainly retail stores that are specialized when they enter the tenants of department stores and suburban shopping centers and are classified according to the selling method.Business formatThere are two types of specialty stores.Among the business-type specialty stores, the ones that are particularly largeCategory killerCalled.


We handle a wide range of products,Department store(Department store) and large supermarket (General Merchandise Store, GMS).

According to the Japan Standard Industrial Classification, restaurantFor (code 76)Cafeteria-RestaurantsBesides, a specialty restaurant (restaurant,Chinese restaurant,Ramen shop,Yakiniku restaurant, Other specialties),Soba restaurant-Udon restaurant,sushi place,A bar-Beer hall,bar-cabaret, Classified as other restaurants.in factRamen shopIf so, it is further subdivided according to the taste and type of ramen.Italian foodIfpastaSpecialty,FrenchIfGaletteStores have been narrowed down to open stores, and diversification has progressed in recent years.

On the other hand, even in specialty storesdeliverySpecialty stores are categorized as take-out / delivery food service industry.

In the retail industry by business type in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Commercial Statistics Survey, the items of specialty stores are listed.Clothingspecialty shop,GroceriesThere are three types of stores, specialty stores and housing-related specialty stores, each of which has 3% or more of specialized products, while the specialty supermarkets are clothing specialty supermarkets, grocery specialty supermarkets, and housing-related specialty supermarkets. There are three types of stores, each of which has 90% or more of specialty products, and the main stores are clothing-centered stores, grocery-centered stores, and housing-related stores, each of which has 3% or more of specialty-handled products. It is a store.

Of the specialty stores, the purchase specialty stores areAppraiserAbout various items to be purchasedassessmentIt is a store that specializes in the act of buying and selling.To a specialty store of similar formatPawnshopAnd thrift shopcurio dealerThere is.

Doujinshi-Homebrew computer(Self-acting parts)NerdAs for products for (maniacs), the absolute number of consumers who request products and services is small, soTokyo 23 Ward-Prefectural office location-Government-designated cityProducts that are necessary for the lives of ordinary people, although they are only opened in urban areas such asAutomobile-Consumer electronicsEtc)County- Remote islandWe are expanding our sales network by opening stores in Japan.

The genres handled are as follows.

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