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📝 | Easy seasoning, no failure! 5 recipes for making mentsuyu


Easy seasoning, no mistakes! 5 recipes for making mentsuyu

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Teriyaki eggplant seasoned sweet and salty with mentsuyu and mirin!

The savior of busy daily meal preparation!When you have something to prepare, you will feel more relaxed in your heart.Today, without fail... → Continue reading

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Noodle soup

Noodle soupWhat is (noodle soup)?soup stockとSoy sauceとsweet sake(OrSake),sugarMade based onSeasonings.

Soba,Udon,Cold wheat,Somen NoodlesIt is used for noodle dishes, such as stewed dishes andtempuraSometimes used as a soup.

Manufacturing method

Mapleとsoup stockMade from The mapleDark soy sauceとsugar-sweet sakeBoil and make. Soup stockKelp,Skipjack-サ バSuch asShavings,Shiitake mushroom,IrikoIt is boiled using the above.


Soy sauceUsedMapleUdon already existed beforeMuromachi PeriodThere was something called "Taremiso". That sauce is misoWedIt was made by adding and boiling it, putting it in a cloth bag and hanging it. As a type, we made "raw sauce" without making a fire as it was, and cut it into raw sauce.BonitoThere are two types of "Nuki" that are made by adding and boiling. By the way, the birth is omitted,SauceBecame. This seems to be the remnant of birth.

1643(Kanei20 years ago) Books written beforeCooking story』In the soba soup,UdonTo the miso or boiled porkRadishAdd the soup of sashimi,Grated radish-AsatsukiToMustard-wasabiIt is written that you may add.

1751(Tolerance4 years) book "Soba Complete Book], Two types of soup making methods are described.

  • How to make soup sauce using tare miso
    1. Tare misoliqueur・Boil down the dried bonito flakes together.
    2. Strain the boiled,salt-Tamari soy sauceAdjust the taste with.
At the time, the above tare miso wasEdo OfJapanese buckwheat noodlesThe soup used in the shop was warmed up, not used as it was.
  • How to make soup sauce using soy sauce
    1. Combine soy sauce, sake and water and brew on low heat.
It was made in-house by the author of "Soba Zensho", Tomo Sako, Nisshinsha.proteinI didn't use bonito flakes because I liked soup that doesn't use broth, but he said that those who prefer broth to add dashi to the explanation should add bonito dashi. After that, with soy saucesweet sake(Orsugar contentSoup made from high-quality sake has become popular.

Commercial item

Commercial products are convenient because they provide a certain taste without any hassle and have a wide range of uses.[1]Since it can be used as a seasoning for various dishes,the 2000sSince then, soy sauce has become popular and used as a substitute seasoning.

Commercially available product is "standard for displaying quality of soup for noodles"[2]The quality display standard is defined in the above, and the definition of Mentsuyu is also described in the standard (below).

Article 2 In this standard, "tsuyu for noodles, etc." means soy sauce extracted from sugars and flavor raw materials (bonito, konbu, dried shiitake, etc.) and added, or mirin, salt, etc. The liquid to which the seasoning of (XNUMX) has been added and which is directly or diluted and used mainly as a soup, noodle soup stock, noodle soup or stewed soup or tempura soup stock. — Quality labeling standards for soup for noodles, etc. December XNUMX, XNUMX Notification of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries No. XNUMX[3]

In Japanthe 1980sSince then, the consumption of soy sauce per Japanese person has been declining[4]However, using soy sauce as a raw materialSeasoningsSince demand and consumption of mentsuyu are increasing, the percentage of soy sauce shipmentsthe 1980sIn addition, business and processing use exceeds household use, andthe 1990sNementsuyu purchase amount (SauceExceeds the purchase amount of soy sauce[4].the 2000sThen,HouseworkThe popularity of noodle soup is increasing due to the tendency to reduce the burden on consumers and the tendency to demand high convenience for food.[4]Increasingly, households use mainly commercial soup sauce instead of soy sauce for seasoning dishes[1][5].

Liquid type is a straight type that can be used as it is after opening and water depending on the application.DilutionAnd useconcentratedThere are types, and there are also powdered ones.Besides the purpose of eating with noodlesSimmered dishesAnd seasoningHot potAs soup stocktempuraAs dipping soup, use the ingredients (Cold slave,Grated radishEtc.) and mix with other seasoningsdressingOr processed into Japanese-style sauce, etc.Tamago kake gohanIt has a wide range of uses, such as using it instead of soy sauce when making, etc.RecipesIs devised[6].

With concentrated typeSugarIs usedOsmotic pressureIncreased,Water activityThe shelf life is improved by decreasing theamino acidReacts with sugarStrecker decompositionBycarbon dioxide gasMay occur[4]After opening, it is desirable to store in a cool dark place and use up as soon as possible.Expiration SoonIs a straight type for 3-5 days, and a concentrated type for 2 weeks to 2 months.[1][7][8].


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