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🍜|Ibonoito's "Dragon's Dream Pasta" is shockingly delicious This feeling is too fresh...


Ibonoito's "Dragon's Dream Pasta" is shockingly delicious This feeling is too fresh...

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I introduced pasta this time, but Ibonoito also has udon noodles.

[Ibonoito is not only somen noodles? The “Ryu no Yume PASTA” had an addictive texture and was super delicious. "somen... → Continue reading


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    Ibo no yarn

    Ibo no yarn(Wart) isHyogo Prefecture Nobu Somen CooperativeHasRaw noodles Of商標..Clear streamHarima GokawaOut ofIbogawa,Chikusa River,Yumemae River,(I.e.BasinTatsuno City,Ibo-gunPrince Town,Shishiwa City,Sayo-gunSayo Town,HimejiProduced in.


    IkarugaderaIn the temple diary "Ikaruga Hikitsuke" (Taishi-cho, Ibo-gun),1418(Oei25 years)9/15There is a description of "Saumen" in the article.As a description about somen noodlesHarima countryIt is the oldest one in Japan, and somen noodles have been produced since this time. Edo Period OfTreasure calendar-MeiwaYear (1751 - 1772) Around that time, the organization of making somen noodles in Ibo-gun progressed.[1]. 1865(KeioFirst year), at that timeTatsuno Domain-Hayashida Domain-Shingu clanAmong the somen noodle shop friends, the "somen shop friend control method application document" was exchanged, and the quality etc. were agreed.Abandoned DomainBy until thenClanNoodle makers who have lost their protection1872(MeijiIn 5 years), Myojin Kosha1874Kaimeisha was established in (Meiji 7).There are 127 manufacturers remaining in the documents at the time of the establishment of Kaimeisha.

    1887In (Meiji 20), he applied for the establishment of the Harima Kokusho East-West County Somen Sales Association, and in the same year.9/9Approved.The number of union members in the first year was 309, and the production volume was about 116,000 boxes.Two years later, the Shikisai-gun Somen Sales Association was established, and four years later, the Shikisai-gun Somen Sales Association was established.1898Started manufacturing mechanical somen noodles in (Meiji 31).33 boxes were manufactured by 16,000 union members.The following yearTatsuno CityIn Kamioka Town, the production center of Miwa SomenOjin ShrineThe Soumen Shrine (Oomiwa Shrine) has been erected at the request of.1906From around (Meiji 39)Hokkaido,KoreaWe have begun to expand our sales channels to remote areas such as.Also this yearPatent OfficeHas registered trademarks such as "Triple deity" and "Ibonoito".

    1922(TaishoIn 11), the Ibo-gun Somen Industry Association was reorganized into the Banshu Somen Industry Association.Externally1924In (Taisho 13), the National Federation of Noodle Industry Associations was formed and the secretariat was set up in Tatsuno.After that, the production volume increased steadily,1931(ShowaIn 6 years), the production of Tenobe Somen noodles reached 998,499 boxes, which was the highest before the war.Banshu Somen Industry Association1935In (Showa 10), in order to prevent confusion between Tenobe Somen and Mechanical Somen in the consumer market, the mechanical noodle supplier was separated and the name of the association was changed to Banshu Tenobe Somen Industry Association.

    The Sino-Japanese War intensifies1939In (Showa 16), production control was imposed by the government,1945(20)7/3 OfBombing of HimejiThen, it was affected by the war, such as burning the union office.In addition, due to the burning of this union office, the office has been returned to Tatsuno again.Even so, the production of 120,000 boxes in the same year when the war ended, but the next day1946Will be a raw material due to the postwar turmoilwheatIs not available, and production has dropped to about 23,000 boxes.

    While demand is growing due to postwar reconstruction,1962In (Showa 37), the Banshu Tenobe Somen Industry Association alsoWater millAbolished milling and adopted major milling.At this time, the name of the union was changed to Hyogo Prefecture Tenobe Soumen Cooperative.1976In (51), the three split unions were absorbed and merged, and the trademark of Banshu Tenobe Somen was unified into "Ibonoito".As a move to the somen industry,1966In (Showa 41), the Japan Tenobe Noodle Cooperative Association was formed, and the secretariat was set up in Tatsuno City (formerly:Tatsuno City).

    1993(Heisei5 years), 12 deputy directors at that time Shigeki Shioya established a new "Tenobe Noodle Technician"Ministry of LaborRequest toNational qualificationThe Tenobe Noodle Skills Examination has begun.Through various union joint projects, Ibonoito became a major brand, but Shiotani thought that it needed a facility to disseminate information on major local industries in the Nishi-Harima and Naka-Harima areas of Hyogo Prefecture.1997Opened "Ibo-no-Ito Museum Somen no Sato" in 9[2].


    The ingredients are purchased in bulk by the union and inspections are also carried out by the union so that the quality does not vary among the noodle makers belonging to the union.

    Used for the basic "Ibonoito"Wheat flourIt is,ASWIt is a blended powder with a brand that meets the quality standards set by the union.[1]..There are also non-grade products that use only domestic wheat, such as twisted wheat made from Hokkaido wheat and Banshu wheat made from Hyogo prefecture wheat.The noodle-making process consists of kneading-> rolling-> plate cutting-> small roll-> hanging-> small pulling-> subdivision-> gate drying-> cutting-> weighing, bundling, and boxing. There is a name[1]..In the gate drying process, the noodles are gradually stretched to 2 meters and dried with a tool called "hata".

    After packing, the inspection instructor will inspect and rate the product.The quality criteria consist of five items: noodle moisture, noodle strings, noodle quality, color selection (whiteness), and aroma.There are two grades: the high grade (red belt), which is produced from October to April of the following year and accounts for 5% of the total, and the special grade (black belt), which is produced for a limited time from December to February of the following year.The highest grade "Triple deity" is a rare and valuable product that is rarely found on the market, as only a few producers are allowed to make noodles.There are other grades such as twisted tsumugi and Banshu wheat.[1]。上級が長さ19センチメートル、太さ0.7 - 0.9ミリメートルで、1掴(50グラム)およそ400本であるのに対し、特級は太さ0.65 - 0.75ミリメートル、1掴およそ450本と、製品規格は等級や商品によって異なる[1].


    • 1992For a long time since (4), he was an actress and formerCandies OfYoshiko TanakaWas acting as a CM character.2011On April 4, when Yoshiko Tanaka's death was reported, a memorial message was displayed on the official website of Ibonoito, but the CM itself continued to be broadcast until April 21 of the same year after the day after the report.[3], Some news programs[4]But the successive commercials were introduced.
    • After Tanaka's deathHome PageInundated with writings hoping to continue the commercial in which Tanaka appeared.In response to this, the Hyogo Prefecture Tenobe Soumen Cooperative Secretariat praised Tanaka for his achievements in appearing in commercials for many years, and even after his death, "I would like Yoshiko Tanaka to watch over'Ibonoito'forever." When some media announced that they would "permanently serve as the CM character for Ibonoito" and introduced the CM videos and shooting scenes that appeared in the past on the homepage, it was categorically reported and confused.In response, the union denied the permanent character and commented that the release of commercial videos was undecided.After that, the union became an actressKyono KotomiAnnounced that it will be appointed as a CM character (until March 2019).
    • CM characters from April 2019Rikako YagiWill serve.
    • The original TV commercial song isEnka singer OfNatsumi Kawano(2006)JPOPSinger'sRimi Natsukawa(2008, 2009),Akiko Yano(2011 years),Yukino Nakajima(2011 years),Hiromi Iwasaki(2013) is singing. CM from April 2019 "After all, Kaerou" version Other music chargeYoshihide Otomo..The song isMariko Hamada.[5]


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