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🍜 | We value the happiness of our immediate surroundings.Two recommended books to read when your heart is tired


Cherish the happiness right next to you.Two recommended books to read when your heart is tired

If you write the contents roughly
Yumiko Aoyama (Anpan), Toko Muta (Jampan), and Riko Murai (Cream Bun) sent their diaries in a relay format.

"Makkori-na's Cafe BonBon" that introduces recommended books for reading in the morning. Novels, essays, living and materials... → Continue reading

 Morning time.jp

Morning magazine "morning time.jp" full of tips to enjoy the morning
Approximately 1 breakfast recipes, serialization of recipes by popular cooks, breakfast shop information, morning scenery reports around the world, yoga, beauty, fashion, hair arrangements, articles written by experts every morning. I will deliver it.

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