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🍴 | Deep and rich soup stock!Niboshi umami "rich niboshi soba" [Aomori / Hirosaki City]


Rich and deep dashi!Niboshi umami "rich niboshi soba" [Aomori / Hirosaki City]

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Char siu is a pork peach (thin slice, thick slice) that takes 4 days to prepare and a chicken cooked at low temperature!

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    Pork peach (sliced)

    Vacuum cooking

    Vacuum cooking(Jejunum,French: cuisson sous-vide) Is1979ToFrance(French versionby (Georges Pralus)Foie gras OfterrineIt is one of the cooking methods developed for cooking. It is also called the "fourth cooking method" after "baking," "steaming," and "simmering."in EnglishVacuum packed pouch cookingIt is written as.low temperature cooking(also called low temperature long time (LTLT) cooking).

    Put raw or baked ingredients and seasoning liquid in a film bag, vacuum seal, and cook by setting the time and temperature according to the ingredients with a cooker that can manage TT (temparature time). Will be done.It does not exceed 95 ° C at the maximum[1][2]..After heating, use it as it is or cool it once.[3]..CoolingBacteriaSuppress the growth ofFood poisoningIs required to be below 120 ° C within 10 minutes to prevent[4][5]..After coolingRefrigerator Refrigerated or frozen in a hot water bath or as neededmicrowave, Reheat with steam convection, etc.

    It is possible to cook evenly without losing the flavor and umami of the ingredients.[2]. AlsoOsmotic pressureThere are advantages such as that a smaller amount of seasoning liquid permeates evenly, and that meat and the like can be softened by heating at a low temperature for a long time.Protein begins to coagulate at 62 ° C and separates water at 68 ° C[6][7]..The feature of the vacuum cooking method is that it can be cooked below the temperature at which this water diversion action begins.Because of this feature, the vacuum cooking method is also known as low-temperature cooking, and a dedicated cooker for strictly controlling the hot water temperature is often called a low-temperature cooker.

    In JapanCentral kitchenTake the methodfamily restaurant,Japanese cuisine tavernChain storeAdopted and spread.Not to mention the efficiency and convenience of cooking,Meat and potatoesIt takes time such asSimmered dishesThis is because it was highly evaluated in terms of taste as it can produce more taste than long-established restaurants, mainly in cooking.

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