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🍺 | [Yono Honmachi] Beer together! Okaki series of "Kitayama Confectionery" (XNUMX types in total)


[Yono Honmachi] Beer together! Okaki series of "Kitayama Confectionery" (XNUMX types in total)

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There is a space where 3 cars can be parked in the parking lot, so it is safe for those arriving by car.

A few seconds walk from Yono Park, a rice cracker shop. About 10 minutes walk from Yono Honmachi Station.The road from Yono Honmachi Station to Yono Park ... → Continue reading

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Parking Lot

Parking Lot(parking lot,British: car park) Isvehicle(Automobile,Motorcycle)[Note 1]TheParkingA place to do.For general public use and storage for specific users depending on the purpose (GarageEtc.) In addition, the place where you can park your bicycleBicycle parkingCall.

Parking lot classification

Classification by structure

  • Planar parking lot
    It is a parking lot on the ground and is the most common type of parking lot.In many cases, a parking space is created by dividing only the automobile compartment.
  • Multistory parking lot
    There are self-propelled type and mechanical type.City area,SuburbLarge scaleShopping centerIn the case of this type is oftenbuilding-ApartmentSuch as地下-rooftopEven when a parking lot is set up, it may be expressed as follows. Further, as a simple one in an urban area, there is one that is assembled with a steel material.
    Underground parking lots in Japan1960(Showa 35)Tokyo StationpreviousMarunouchi Building(Maru Building)Shin Marunouchi BuildingIt is said that the first underground parking lot for about 500 cars built between (Shinmaru Building)[2].
    • Self-propelled
      Multiple floorsSlopeThe first case in Japan1929Opened in JuneTokyo"Marunouchi Garage" (Reinforced concrete6-story building format with 208 parking spaces.1966Dismantling. ManagementCompanyOperates the Shin-Tokyo Building parking lot. ). Although there are often no restrictions on vehicles in flat parking lots, most self-propelled multi-storey parking lots have height limits except for large ones.
    • Mechanical
      An unmanned car自動In 1929OsakaToshikichi Kado, who lives in Japan, acquired a utility model for a tower-type parking lot, but it was not put into practical use, leading up to 1962.Ishikawajima Harima Heavy IndustriesIn TokyoNihonbashiTakashimayaThe first practical example was the delivery of the circulation tower type to.Multi-stage type (39%), 2-stage type (25%), vertical circulation type (17%), elevator type (10%), etc.[3]There are stricter height restrictions (mostly less than 1550 mm) and vehicle width restrictions (mostly less than 1850 mm) than the self-propelled type.Minivan,Tall wagon,SUV,light truckincludingCab-over type light truckSuch as the car with a high overall height and wide carluxury car-Lowered the vehicle heightModified car,Left-hand drive carIs often unable to park. Often built on a small site, turntables (Turntable) May be installed.

Classification by contract type

In the parking lot無 料 駐 車場とPaid parkingThere is. When using a paid parking lot, it is a standard used when concluding a parking lot use contract.AgreementI will give you the method.

  • Hourly lending (Coin parking)
    The mechanism is such that a charge is added each time a certain period of time has passed, such as 30 minutes or 1 hour.coinIt was said that it was given this name because it was paid in.NightIs often set at a lower price than usual, and in the case of parking lots attached to other facilities such as train stations, there are places where no charge will be incurred if the parking lot is delivered within a certain period of time after entering the parking lot.
    Some hourly rentals have parking lots with maximum charges. When the maximum charge is reached, no charge will be added from there. However, it will be added again after a predetermined time or time[1].. The maximum charge varies depending on the location, location conditions, date and time, and the number of times of application varies depending on the parking lot.
  • Day rental parking lot
    Sign up on a daily basis.Railway station,空港,Bus terminalOften installed in the neighborhood.
  • Monthly (tsukitsuki)
    Real estateIn many cases, the same method as the rental contract is used. Basically, it is often updated one month later.
  • Annual payment
    Annual contract.

In some cases, the parking lot may be installed on the same site as the compartment where the contracted vehicle for long-term parking is used and the compartment used for temporary use.

City planning and parking


Japan's parking policy has been developed from the perspective of redeveloping the city and the basic principle that "parking is off the road".[4].. in Japan1957(Showa 32)Parking lawHas been established[2].. In the city center, the parking problem has become more serious due to a shortage of parking lots, and the number of underground parking lots for parking lot buildings, roads and new buildings is increasing.[2].

Under the Parking Lot Law, general public parking lots are classified according to the installation location.

  • Street parking
    Within the parking lot maintenance area道路A facility for parking cars that is installed in a limited area on the road surface of, and is provided for general public use.Parking meterIt is possible to collect the fee by such means.
  • Off-street parking
    A facility for parking vehicles that is installed outside the road surface and is provided for general public use. Parking standards and other laws set safety standards.
  • Obligatory parking lot
    A type of off-street parking lot. There is an obligation to install a parking lot in a building with a total area of ​​2000 square meters or more (even in some cases less than).
  • City planning parking lot
    A type of off-street parking lot. In areas where road traffic is extremely concentrated and crowded, road utility is maintained and smooth roads are maintained.TransportationIn areas (parking lot development areas) where it is necessary to secure a parking lot, a parking lot specified by city planning to meet the parking demand in that area.

MunicipalitiesIs determined by the City Planning ActLand use planningWithin the areaParking lot maintenance areaCan be specified and a "Parking lot maintenance plan" specified by the Parking Lot Law can be formulated. The abbreviation "P" is the English notation for parkingpAbbreviation for "arking lot".

storeIn some cases, users may rent an on-site mandatory parking lot free of charge, but in general, when there is no parking lot in the business area, a temporary parking space is often rented for an hour.cityIn the department,HouseMandatory parking lots andParking meterIn addition toIllegalThere is also a movement to increase the number of parking lots as a simple off-street parking lot for the purpose of preventing unnecessary street parking.

Broadly住宅・Not suitable for building a buildinglandOr, it may be large enough, but in some cases, land with uncertain use may be used for parking. In this case, I am not an expert on parking managementLandlordOperates a major parking lot management companyConsignmentI often do it.

Parking lawAccording to the name,ManagerName and address of (CorporationIs the name/location of the office and the name and address of the representative), opening hours, parkingPricesWithin 10 days after the start of servicePrefectural governorIt is said that you must report to. Parking lots are linked by each local governmentOrdinanceIt operates as.

JapanIn2006(18)6/1Was amended toRoad Traffic LawByParking guard-Neglect feeAs a result of the introduction of the system and the enforcement of parking bans on the priority routes in urban areas, the demand for parking lots tends to expand.

OsakaStarting withWest JapanandChubu regionPart ofprivateThe parking lot is called "motor pool", butJapanglishIs. Original language (English)Motor poolDoes not mean a parking lot,U.S. ForcesSuch asMilitary carTroops,Government office OfOfficial carWaiting place or unitIs a word that refers toU.S. ArmyFacility,SDFThis is used here, and it exists all over Japan.

Parking spaces for people with pedestrians may be provided at public facilities (Parking permit).


In Paris, France, there was once no restriction on street parking, so road congestion was getting serious[5].. Therefore, we have established an off-street parking lot under the main road, prohibiting parking and stopping on the main road, and the lane that was previously parked is a bus lane if there is a bus line and a bicycle path on other roads. (The bus lane may be a shared lane with bicycles)[5].. On non-main roads, parking meters are used to charge road usage[5].

Car ownership and parking

Garage holding

In many countries, when owning a car, it is a homeowner's responsibility to secure parking spaces for both home and out-of-town cars, and it is considered basic to have a parking space on the premises of the home. ing[6].. There are some cases where the garage law is in place like Japan, but there are not many such cases.[6].. For parkingFacility,HouseIs "GarageOr "garage", also known as simplePillarとroofThe one withCarportIt is also called.

In Japan in 1962 (Showa 37)Law on securing storage places for carsHas been enacted and it is obligatory for the owner of the vehicle to secure a storage place for the vehicle.[2].. Such as an apartmentresidents,CompanyFor private use,EmployeeFor so-called private parking lots such asPublic roadThe purpose was not to parkLaw on securing storage places for cars(Abbreviated name "garage method") is applied. Under this law,Storage locationIs used.

Residential permit

SeattleResidential permit may be adopted in Western cities[7].. Residential Permit is a system that permits limited parking on streets and charges for parking mainly in residential areas.[7].. In the Residential Permit area, residents and employees can park on the street by sticking a special sticker on the car if they pay the annual fee.[7].. In addition, visitors to the area subject to the Residential Permit are allowed to park on the street for a limited time, or are required to use a parking meter for parking.[7].

Parking related services

  • Parking meter
  • Bali dating
    A service that discounts or exempts parking fees for users of accommodation facilities such as hotels and commercial facilities such as shops[8].

Works related to parking lots


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注 釈

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