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📝 | Summer is spicy!Easy preparation of "steamed mushroom garlic oil"


Summer is spicy!Easy preparation of "steamed mushroom garlic oil"

If you write the contents roughly
1) Add olive oil, garlic crushed with the belly of a kitchen knife, and chili pepper to a frying pan and heat.

good morning.I'm Mayu *, a food coordinator.This week, a work using plenty of "mushrooms" ... → Continue reading

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    1) Frying pan

    Olive oil

    Olive oil(English: olive oil), orolive oil(Olive yuIt is,olive OffruitObtained fromVegetable oil.


    OxidationHard to be doneoleic acidSince it contains a relatively large amount of edible oil, it has the property of being less likely to be oxidized and hardened at room temperature compared to other edible fats and oils (Non-drying oil). In GreekEtymologyIs common with "joy"Orthodox churchThen.SaiSubject to.

    mainly地中海Area facing (Italy,Spain,Greece,Mashlik,SicilyEtc.) is used by preference.In these regions, the term oil often refers to olive oil.[Source required].. Greece consumes the most amount of food in the world, is used for various dishes on the daily table, and is an essential ingredient in daily life. In Italy and other countries, during the olive harvest season,BruschettaIt is customary to celebrate the harvest by tasting freshly squeezed olive oil.

    mainCountry of originAre Spain (40.1%), Italy (19.5%), Greece (12.9%), etc.

    Besides edible,Cosmetics,Medicine,AlsoSoapIt is also used as a raw material.

    Olive oil is deteriorated by ultraviolet rays, but ultraviolet rays are not limited to the sun's rays.light bulb,Fluorescent lightStored in a cool and dark place as it is also included in the light. If you want to put it on the table or kitchen that is easy to pick up,Aluminum foilThe same effect can be obtained by blocking light with a bottle covered with[1].

    Also, in Japanese and Chinese, use olive oil.olive oil(KanranyuIt is sometimes expressed asPoignancySince the oil was squeezed from the seeds ofWestern boxIt comes from the description.EnglishThen,Chinese oliveAlso called.

    Manufacturing method and quality grade

    The olive oil extraction process has different advantages than extraction from other plants.That is, simply by squeezing the juice from the raw pulp without heating and leaving it to stand, it naturally emerges on the surface of the juice and can be obtained by separating it.A large amount of oil can be obtained from the pulp as well as olives.Oil palmFrom the fruit ofPalm oilWhen oil is collected, it is a place of origin and a traditional cultivation areaWest Africa Of熱 帯 雨林Palm oil saturated even with traditional methods in the regionfatty acidIt is a big difference from the fact that it is solid at room temperature because it contains a large amount of pulp and cannot be extracted without boiling the crushed pulp. In generalseedMost of the vegetable oil collected from fruits and fruitssolventExtractionThis easy extraction property of olive oil is one of the greatest properties, whereas the step-by-step process, especially in most cases, requires a heating process to separate the oil from the plant tissue.is this,WineIs originally only available in limited seasonsGrapeIt can be said that olive oil has developed as a raw juice preserved in the form of oil in the same Mediterranean culture, just as it has developed as a preserved juice that can be drunk all year round. ..The nature of olive oil has such a historical background, both food-chemically and culturally.

    To improve the yield, the fruit juice crushed and squeezed is put into a centrifuge to collect oil. At refineries that value tradition and quality, traditional mashing of these fruitsStone millIs used, but mechanical crushing is carried out at the oil refinery where a large amount of oil is industrially processed. The stone mill for olive squeezing is not a stone mill for crushing grains in East Asia, two discs of stones with grooves are horizontally overlapped and rotated, and they are not in the form of polishing and grinding, but on a huge stone plate The stone disk that is vertically erected at is a form that makes circular motion while rolling like a wheel.

    The oil obtained from the juice only by mechanical treatment such as centrifugationVirgin olive oilAmong them, the one with no defect in taste and aroma by the sensory test of flavor and acidity of 0.8% or less is especiallyExtra virgin olive oilCalled.In addition, refined (deoxidized, deodorized, decolorized, etc.) virgin olive oil of poor quality with an acidity of 0.3% or less.Refined olive oilOlive oil (in Japan) is a blend of this refined oil and medium quality virgin oil with an acidity of 1.0% or less.Pure olive oil). However, these quality grade standards areen: International Olive Council,IOC)[Annotation 1]In Japan, which is not a member of IOC, there is no legal problem even if the product is not labeled according to these quality grade standards.

    In order to collect the oil contained in the fruit without waste, the juice is squeezed from the squeezed juice again, and then the centrifugesolventThe oil extracted usingCrudeOlive pomace oilCalled.olive·Pommers・ Since the ingredients of the oil are different from those of the above olive oil, IOC[4]It is stipulated that "olive oil" should not be labeled, and it is treated as industrial use, not edible.However, the olive pomace oil was refined to reduce the acidity to 0.3% or less.Refined olive pomace oilIs the national standard (in Japan JAS method[5]), it can be sold as food (instead, the container must be clearly labeled as "Pommers").Olive pomace oilIs a blend of refined olive pomace oil and virgin olive oil, and most of the cheap olive oils on the market are olive pomace oils.

    The oil obtained by solvent extraction from olive seedsOlive kernel oilIs called.

    Quality gradeacidity(%)Grade standardAccuracy (mg/kg)
    Extra virgin olive oil≤ 0.8Virgin olive oil with no defects in taste or aroma in flavor sensory test≤ 250
    Virgin olive oil≤ 2.0Virgin olive oil with some defects in taste and aroma in flavor sensory test≤ 250
    Ordinary virgin olive oil≤ 3.3Virgin olive oil with multiple defects in taste and aroma in flavor sensory test (non-edible in Japan)≤ 300
    Lampante virgin olive oil> 3.3Virgin olive oil with high acidity, unsuitable for food and requiring refining (non-edible)≤ 300
    Refined olive oil≤ 0.3Refined virgin olive oil≤ 350
    (Pure) olive oil≤ 1.0A blend of refined olive oil and virgin olive oil≤ 350
    Refined olive pomace oil≤ 0.3Further extraction from refined olive oil pomace> 350
    Olive pomace oil≤ 1.0A blend of refined olive pomace oil and virgin olive oil> 350


    The origin of olive cultivation and olive oil地中海It is on the coast. The widely accepted theory is that the use of olive oilCreteIt started in. The oldest for storing olive oilAmphoraHas been excavated from here,3500 BCIt seems to be around. In another theory,Canaanite 4500 BCIt is said that she squeezed olive oil for the first time.

    ReligiousIt was also used for specific purposes.キ リ ス ト 教Ancestor ofイ エ スThe title of "キ リ ス ト"Means the savior, but the original meaning is "with oilHoly SeparationIt seems that olive oil was used in the sacred place, meaning "the one who was done".BibleOlive oil frequently appears in ancient timesCanaanRegion (currentEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu) Is evidence that olive oil has taken root in the culture.It is also used for lighting in churches such as Greece.

    Ancient romeThen, in preparation for the poor year, a public storage was set up, and at the time of celebration, people sometimes acted.Caesar2 per army soldier when wins ingallonIt was said that oil was given. MashlikThen, sometimes I drink it as it is for beauty and health.

    With the development of techniques for raising seedlings, cultivation and manufacturing methods,The United States of America,AustraliaSuch asnew worldHas begun shipping very good quality olive oil.The environment in which olives grow well is wine grapes (especiallySchiller,CabernetThis is because it is very similar to the environment in which the seed grows. Depending on the climate, the seedlings, the manufacturing method, and the tastes of the producer, the color and taste will be unique.

    World production

    Major producers of olive oil in the world from 2000 to 2014 (millions of kilograms)
    Spanish flag Spain962.40038,2%819.42832,1%1.199.20041,2%1.775.80054,3%
    Italian flag Italy507.40020,1%671.31526,3%587.70020,2%461.00014,1%
    Turkish flag Turkey185.0007,3%115.0004,5%143.6004,9%190.0005,8%
    Syrian flag (I.e.165.3546,6%123.1434,8%168.1635,8%165.0005,0%
    Greek flag Greece408.37516,2%386.38515,1%332.60011,4%131.9004,0%
    Morocco flag モロッコ40.0001,6%50.0002,0%95.3003,3%120.0003,7%
    Portugal flag Portugal25.9741,0%31.8171,2%53.3001,8%91.6002,8%
    Tunisia flag チュニジア115.0004,6%210.0008,2%150.0005,2%70.0002,1%
    Algerian flag アルジェリア30.4881,2%34.6941,4%56.0001,9%44.0001,3%
    Argentina flag Argentine10.5000,4%20.0000,8%22.7000,8%30.0000,9%
    Jordan flag Jordan27.2021,1%17.4580,7%16.7600,6%30.0000,9%
    Lebanese flag Lebanon5.3000,2%6.8000,3%19.7000,7%20.5000,6%
    Australian flag Australia5000,02%5.0000,2%15.0000,5%18.0000,6%
    Libyan flag (I.e.6.0000,2%7.9000,3%15.0000,5%15.0000,5%
    World total2.518.629100,0%2.552.182100,0%2.911.115100%3.270.500100%
    Sources: FAO

    Japanese olive oil

    1908(41st year of Meiji) To obtain self-sufficiency of olive oil necessary for processing oil in fish[6],Ministry of Agriculture and CommerceSeedlings introduced by the United States fromMie,KagoshimaKagawaPlanted on a trial basis. In KagawaShodoshimaOnly the olives planted inTaisho eraAt the beginning of the harvest, fruits were harvested that could be oiled[7].. On Shodoshima, olive trees are still planted all over the island, producing domestically produced olive oil.

    There are four main types cultivated on Shodoshima: "Mission", "Manzanillo", "Nevadiro Blanco" and "Lucca".[8].

    In recent yearsKumamoto(Arao) Is enthusiastically working on the production of olives / olive oil and making it a special product, and Kumamoto prefecture is the second largest producer in Japan after Kagawa prefecture.[9].


    Edible oil
    tempuraoil,Stir fry,saladUsed for things such as.
    Hair oil, Skin oil, etc.
    Japanese PharmacopoeiaIt is listed in and used in combination with other medicinal ingredients.
    paintSuch asResin原料
    Sticks, canes, chess,combApply and use to care for. Since it is an edible oil and does not harm the human body, it may be used as a massage oil or a lubricating oil for food processing machines. In addition to lubricating oil,OutdoorSurface protection of wooden tableware used inBreaking in (seasoning)It is also used as a rust preventive oil.
    Turkish sumo

    Cooking example

    Mediterranean food(SouthernItalian food,Spanish,Greek food,Turkish food,Lebanese food,FrenchProvence cuisine,Basque cuisine..It does not face the Mediterranean, but has many cultural similarities.Portuguese food), olive oil is often used.

    Besides this, although it is different from general cooking methods,Shigeaki HinoharaEvery morning, for breakfast, 100% juicejuiceHe was drinking a mixture of olive oil and olive oil.

    In a strange place, there is a thing to put a few drops when cooking rice.The olive oil cooks it plumply and gives it a glossy finish.

    Ingredients and nutritional value

    Health and olive oil


    Main of olive oil (in 100g)fatty acidTypes and typical values[12]
    ItemQuantity (g)
    saturated fatty acid13.808
    16:0 (Palmitic acid11.29
    18:0 (stearic acid1.953
    Monounsaturated fatty acid72.961
    16:1 (Palmitoleic acid1.255
    18:1 (oleic acid71.269
    Polyunsaturated fatty acid10.523
    18:2 (Linoleic acid9.762


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    注 釈

    1. ^ The IOC is the only international intergovernmental organization in the olive industry, established in 1959 under the auspices of the United Nations to protect and develop olive cultivation and production.EUAre affiliated with[2][3].


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