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🧁 | The next trend after Maritozzo ... "Traditional sweets of the world" The topic "Semla" [Sapporo]


Next to Maritozzo, the hottest "Traditional sweets of the world" "Semla" [Sapporo]

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"Semla" is known as a feast to eat before Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Christ.

In 2021, Maritozzo became a hot topic. What kind of sweets will be popular after 2022? → Continue reading


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    Resurrection of Christ


    Semla(Swedish: semla,Finnish: laskiaispulla) IsSweden,Finland,エストニア,Norway,Denmark,Faroe Islands,アイス ランドTraditional sweet buns made in various shapes such asLunar season, Especially in most countriesShroud TuesdayMade after[1].


    Semla is German Semmel fromLoanwordAnd originallyLatinso"Wheat flourMeans simile Derived from the Greek word "σεμίδαλις" (semidalis) ”(Grain), the finestWheat flour,SemolinaWas used as the name of.The southernmost tip of SwedenScaniaAnd FinnishSwedishAmong the people who speak fastlagsbulle Called in Denmark and Norway fastelavnsbolle It is called(Shrove Tuesday Is equivalent to "Shrobe Tuesday").


    Japan OfSinger-songwriter OfKaji HidekiIs based on Semla.Semla songIs released[2][3][4].

    Sweden / Finland

    Semla in Sweden and FinlandcardamomCut off the top of the flour bread seasoned withミ ル クと(English edition)Stuffed with a mixture ofWhipped creamTopping.The cut-out top acts as a lid and is sprinkled with powdered sugar.It is often eaten as is with coffee or tea, and some prefer to eat it in a bowl of hot milk.In Finland, instead of almond pasteStrawberry,raspberry OfjamOften put in FinlandBakeryUsually offers both versions. (In many bakeries, on top of traditional breadAlmondAnd sprinkle powdered sugar on the bread with jam to distinguish between the two).Finnish,SwedishThen,semla Means ordinary wheat bread used for bread and butter, not sweet buns.At one point, the Swedes were sick of observing Lent and added cream and almond paste to Shrobe Tuesday.イ ー ス タ ーIt is said that he started eating Semla every Tuesday during the period.In some bakeriesチ ョ コ レ ー ト,Marzipan,pistachioAnd so onRecipesIs devised[5].


    Semla in Norway is made by cutting off the top of a cardamom-flavored flour bread, stuffing it with whipped cream and topping it with jam, and the cut top acts as a lid and is sprinkled with powdered sugar.This breadCarnivalIt was issued on Sunday.Previously on Schrobe Tuesday[6].

    Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands

    What is sold at the carnival in a Danish bakery isShoe clothFill with whipped cream or jam and put on topIcingThere are many things that have been done.At home, it ’s normalRaisins, SometimesBitter orangeOf the skinCandiedIt may be mixed and baked in a shape similar to ordinary bread.

    Made in Iceland in a similar way, but instead of choux pastryPastryIt is common to use.

    In the Faroe Islands, choux pastry is stuffed with vanilla cream, whipped cream, jam and chocolate icing.


    Semla originally meant ordinary bread eaten in a bowl of warm milk.But now this is in Swedish hetvägg It is called[7]..Semla was originally eaten only on Shrobe Tuesday, or the three days before Lent, as the last festive food before Lent.but,Protestant ReformationWith the advent of the Swedes, the Swedes stopped strict fasting in Lent.Semla in a bowl of warm milk has become a traditional dessert every Tuesday between Shroud Tuesday and Easter, and today Semla is sold daily in shops and bakeries from just after Christmas until Easter. ..Swedes eat an average of 4-5 bakery-made semla a year in addition to homemade semla.[8].

    SwedishAdolf FrederickThe King, February 1771, 2,lobster,caviar,Sauerkraut,ChampagneAfter eating such a meal, he ate Semla, the king's favorite dessert, and died of indigestion.[9][10].

    Semla in 2006Europe DayToEU PresidencyIsAustriaWent "(English edition)Was selected as the representative of Finland.

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