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🍴 | Retro "Shirokuma" and "Melon Soda" are now available on Coco's fluffy shaved ice


Retro "Shirokuma" and "Melon Soda" are now available on Coco's fluffy ice cream

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"Ujikintoki" is a shaved ice that you can simply enjoy the taste and aroma of bittersweet matcha.

From July 7st, Coco's Japan will hold the summer classic "Fluffy Pure Ice Shaved Ice Fair" at family restaurants "Coco ..." nationwide. → Continue reading

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    Bittersweet matcha

    Ice flakes with syrup

    Ice flakes with syrup(Kakigoori,Missing ice) Isæ°·Finely shave or crushsyrupEtc.Frozen dessert.Bean paste,Condensed milkThere is also one that has been applied.Ice is oldPlanerI scraped it into granules[1]Currently, a dedicated machine is used.Also, as a commercial product, a cup made by mixing finely crushed ice and various syrups is also sold (the commercial product may be in a bag).JapanThere are other similar ones in each country.

    In Japan, shops selling shaved ice often carry an ice flag (a banner with the word "ice" written in red on a white background).At festivals and fairs held in the precincts of shrines and temples in the summercotton candy-Takoyaki-Fried noodlesRepresentative withFairy day(Ennichimono)Is one of the summerTraditional poetryIt is one of.Of summerSeason wordsIs also treated as.

    Finely crushed ice[1]Is called Kakigori.It is a specialty of Koshien StadiumSplittingAnd so on.


    The most popular name, "Kakigori," isTokyo dialectIt is derived from "Bukkakigoori".As another nameSummer ice(Natsugori),ice water(Ice water)な ど[1].KinkiThen, it is also called "Kachiwari".

    JapaneseA coffee shopIn some Western-style restaurants, shaved ice is called frappe. "Frappe" (French: Hit) Is originallyCrushed iceToLiqueurSuch asliqueurIt is a drink that has been poured.In Japan, it often refers to shaved ice with syrup, but there is also a theory that "frappe" is a little larger than "shaved ice".[Source required]..Also, in some areas such as the vicinity of Osaka Prefecture, once shaved ice is pressed with the palm of the hand and slightly hardened, it is called frappe, which is distinguished from shaved ice.[Source required].


    Historical recordsHeian periodToSeishonagonof"Pillow soshikoIt is a kind of vine on the stage of "reliable things" (elegant and good things), and shaving ice (Kezurihi, in the text, "Ketsurihi"), which is made by shaving ice with a knife in a metal vessel.Amakatsu(Amakazura / Amazura,ivySap orJiaogulan OfStemAssuming that it was sprinkled with (juice), "Put it in shaving ice and make it new.Gold wan(Kanamari)Put it in "[2][3].ice makingAt the time when there was no technology, in order to seek ice in the summer, snow and ice in the winter should be used in advance.HimuroThere was no other way but to save it in, and the shaved ice could only be eaten by the privileged class.[2].Fujiwara Teikeof"Tomorrow』Also appears in[2].

    1869(Meiji2 years),KanagawaYokohamaMachida Fusazo opens the first ice water shop on Bashamichi in[2](In Japanice creamIt is also the store that originated).again,1871(4th year of Meiji),Kabei Nakagawa GoryokakuProduced in SotoboriNatural iceBut"Hakodate iceAppeared in the Keihin market under the name of "The United States of America-Duffel BagImported ice fromBoston iceIt was better and cheaper than.

    1878 (Meiji 11), to crack down on the sale of inferior iceMinistry of InteriorPromulgated "Rules for Controlling Ice Manufacturers and Sellers".As a result, the business operator is obliged to put up a banner or a signboard showing the name of the producer / seller of ice that has passed the hygiene inspection.The flag distributed at this time is the basis of the current design of the ice flag.

    1882Around (Meiji 15), a naturalistEdward S. MorseWrites in his own book that he ate shaved ice[2].

    1883Tokyo Ice Maker Co., Ltd. was established in (Meiji 16) and production of artificial ice expanded.[2]..Because of this, shaved ice became a popular food and drink in the 20s of the Meiji era.[2].

    1887In (Meiji 20), Hansaburo MurakamiIce shaving machine(Hyosakuki)Invented and patented[2].. In the summer of 1895, the number of ice shops increased to the extent that it was said to be "5 shop in 1 steps, 10 shop in 1 steps" in Tokyo and Yokohama.[4]..However, it was not until the Showa period that ice shaving machines became popular, and until then, the method of shaving with a plane was common.[2].

    About ice making technology1897After around (Meiji 30), mechanical ice making became the mainstream.after that,ShowaIn the early days, ice shaving machines became widespread and generalized.[2].

    Second World WarBefore, on the shaved icesugar"Snow" sprinkled with[5]Or, "Mizore" with sugar honey and "Kintoki" with red bean paste were the usual menus.

    After the war, special strawberry and lemon-flavored syrups began to be sold, and "snow" disappeared.


    An example of how to make it is shown.There are regional differences in how and how much of these syrups are applied.

    1. Cool the container for the shaved ice in a freezer in advance.
    2. Place some shaved ice on the bowl using a shaved ice machine, and sprinkle a glass of syrup on a ladle (sweet roast scale, sweet roasted ladle).
    3. Next, pour the shaved ice using a shaved ice device.At this time, rotate the vessel diagonally and evenly and pour it into a heap.
    4. Sprinkle 1-2 glasses of syrup.
    5. Place toppings such as various fruits and side dishes.


    Japanese style
    Transparent to produce coolnessGlass,Kiriko(Kiriko)Wide-mouthed vessels are often used.Thick pottery bowls are sometimes used to prevent the ice from melting.In the Meiji era, general-purpose cups such as drinking cups and cups with legs were used, but from the end of the Meiji eraIce cupA special glassware called "" has also come to be used, and this vessel has achieved a unique development from the Taisho era to the prewar period of the Showa era.
    Western style
    Glassware with thin legs is often used so that the ice does not melt easily due to the body temperature of the hand when the container is held by hand.
    Styrofoam vessels are often used for sale at stalls.
    Glass cup
    Syrups and juice-rich items that are close to smoothies may also be placed in glass cups (glasses).
    Paper cups and plastic cups
    Paper or plastic for sale at stallsShaved ice cupIs often used.Also, in the case of sales at stalls, it is exclusively for shaved ice.Spoon strawIs often attached.It is also manufactured in the factory and remains in a plastic cup.supermarket,convenience storeThere is also an example sold at.
    Kyushu regionThen, as shaved ice sold at supermarkets and convenience stores, it is popular to pack it in bags instead of cups.[6].

    Shaved ice machine

    It is said that natural ice was scraped off with the cutting edge of a knife, and this method is still used in Japanese cuisine even today.As a simpler method, the same can be done by using a slicer that slices vegetables.After that, slide the ice covered with a cloth as a non-slip on the bonito box (bonito) that scrapes the bonito with the blade of the plane up, or the large bonito that is in a state like the above-mentioned slicer, and scrape it off. You will be able to scoop up what you have received.1887In (Meiji 20), Hansaburo Murakami, an ice dealer, obtained a patent and became publicly known.

    Modern ice cubes have a mechanism in which a lump of ice rotates on a pedestal with a plane-shaped blade, and the lump of ice is carried down while shaving the ice into slices.Ice shaving machine(Hyosakuki), Shaved ice maker, flap maker, ice shaver, ice slicer, etc.The English name is Ice block shaver.

    There are two types of ice crushers, one that can scrape out fine particles of ice such as powder snow and the other that becomes thin pieces of ice.The difference in ice used is one of the factors.In recent years, the popularity of ice makers for cube ice with ice stockers, which are small and high-performance, and the widespread use of various electric appliances have drastically reduced the dependence on ice dealers, which was once essential for obtaining ice. ..In addition weighs 1Perseverance(3.75kilogram) Ice dealers who handle block ice, which is called ice cubes, are also on the decline.Furthermore, like natural ice, it is frozen by exposure during the winter until it is in demand.Himuro(Himuro)The number of producers that can be stocked at is decreasing.However, it is becoming easier to obtain ice cubes because they are available on the Internet and at convenience stores.Due to the widespread use of various electric appliances, manufacturers of ice crushers have shifted from block ice to cube ice for household use, and have been divided into powder snow-like shaved ice and thin piece-shaped shaved ice.

    Products using block ice are also called block ice shavers or block ice slicers, and products using cube ice are also called cube ice shavers or cube ice slicers.

    In the old days, the mainstream for commercial use was a cast frame with a large hand-cranked handle attached to the side of the main body, but later the motor that rotates the ice was replaced with a barely attached motor, and in recent years the motor has been replaced. We are moving to a built-in style.At the same time, a shaved ice device for cube ice was manufactured, and shaved ice with fine ice grains instead of powder snow became widespread.Even now, the hand-cranked ones are sold as retro style.

    Most of the household use is hand-cranked, and ice made in a special cylindrical ice tray is used.There is also a model that can make shaved ice using cube ice made with a general ice tray.Since the demand is high mainly for children, metal blades are often not used for safety reasons.AlsoPenguin,polar bearThere are also products with shapes that imitate animals in cold regions.


    Even if they are the same, the names and arrangements will differ depending on the region.The syrup for shaved ice is "Ice honey(Ice ice)Is called.

    Strawberry syrup
    Red syrup
    Green syrup
    Yellow syrup
    Blue Hawaii
    With blue syrupCocktails OfBlue HawaiiReminiscent of.Often served with a variety of tropical fruits.KyusyuAnd so onHawaiian blueSometimes called.Lemon-OrangeEtc. are used, and the sameCool colorsSoda flavor that is colored by the system (Japanese style)CiderTasteRamuneTaste) Most of them have a flavor similar to that of popsicles.
    Caramel-colored syrup.Unlike carbonated drinks, it does not contain carbonic acid and is sweeter than that.[Original research?].
    Sugar water(Sato thin)For shortWedIt is easy to be confused with the colorless gum syrup made by boiling sugar, but it is better to just dissolve sugar in water.Wed. "ice water(Ice ice)It is sometimes called.
    The so-called "sleet," "senji," and "honeydew" are syrup-coated.It is called Senji in Aichi, Gifu, and Mie prefectures, but the etymology is that sugar is decocted and boiled down to make syrup.
    Also"honeydew(Kanro)IsOriental melon(Makuwauri)Sometimes refers to syrup made by boiling down the juice of.[7]
    Orange / yellow syrup
    Orange syrup
    Orange syrup
    Hinata summersyrup
    Bright yellow syrup
    Purple syrup
    Pink syrup
    Dark green syrup
    Multicolored with syrup of various colors.
    concentratedLactic acid bacteria drink
    CalpisConcentrates such as.Depending on the area, it may be called "Calpis" as it is.
    Strongly brewed coffee.Sprinkle with syrup or sweetened condensed milk.
    Black honey
    Brown sugarMelted in hot water.TaiwanCommon for shaved ice.
    Sweetened condensed milk
    Condensed milk.It is often used as a topping rather than being applied alone.
    Plum wine
    For adults
    * For strawberry syrup, etc., use no fruit juice.ColoringMost of them are colored with, but some are mixed with juice and pulp.
    ice cream
    Ice cream may be placed as a topping on the shaved ice.
    Uji Kintoki(Ujikintoki) or Matcha red beans(Azuki bean)
    Reminiscent of Uji tea, which is famous as a famous teaMatchaAdd sugar and water to the bowl, sprinkle the syrup whipped with a chasen on shaved ice, and put it on ice.Ogura bean pasteThe one on which.In this case, "Money timeIs used as a synonym for red bean paste,Kintoki beansIs rarely used.In the case of bean paste, it is placed on top of matcha, and in the case of bean paste, it is often added in a ball shape.It may be buried in the lower part, and in this case it is indistinguishable from mere Uji ice.Matcha is not sprinkled on the bean paste to contrast the azuki color of Kintoki with the white of shaved ice and the green of matcha.Of course, there are only Uji products (matcha only), and "Uji milk Kintoki (Uji Shigure)", which is sprinkled with milk at Ujikintoki, is also common.Uji Milk Kintoki1929(Showa 4)Okayama CityOmotemachiAt the coffee shop "Kanidon" that opened inSixth HigherIt is said that it started with coffee milk when the raw ordered Ujikin.
    Ice azuki beans(Ice Azuki)
    The above-mentioned syrup with water and red bean paste on it.This is called "milk Kintoki" with condensed milk.
    Sprinkled with sugar on shaved ice.It was a common menu before the war, but it has almost disappeared after the war.
    Vinegar pool ice(Sudamari Goori)
    YamagataYamabe TownCommunicated to the surrounding areaVinegar soy sauceIce with (vinegar pool).Sprinkle with strawberry syrup.Second World WarLater, in poor times, I couldn't get syrup and ate shaved ice without sprinkling anything.Around that timeBy the wayIt is said that they started to sprinkle the vinegar and soy sauce that was used for such purposes.
    Akafuku ice(Akafukugoori)
    One of the summer traditions of Iseji.On shaved iceAkafukuUnique bean paste, mochi, and matcha-style syrup.Served with roasted green tea.1961(Showa 36) In MarchMieIt is said that Akafuku Mochi, which is a specialty of Ise, was served to sea bathers as an ice cream under the name of "Akafuku Ice".In the summer, unlike the ice flag, a sign with the red letters of Akafuku and the letters of blue ice is placed at the storefront.The bean paste is koshi, and the mochi is softer than the shiratama dumplings, and contains the mochi that has been boiled and then roasted.
    Polar bear(Both polar bear and ice polar bear)
    Of originKagoshimaSurroundings, andKyusyuA famous ice cream that is often seen in Japan.Orange,pineappleIncorporate fruits such as canned food, put azuki beans on it,Sweetened condensed milkWhat was multiplied by.This combination also makes cupped ice cream and popsicles.
    OkinawaSpecialty ice cream.Kintoki beansTheBrown sugarSprinkle shaved ice on top of the boiled food.
    Shirayuki(White snow)
    Plain shaved ice that does not use syrup. "Plain is not shaved iceSplittingSome say, but some are enthusiasts.
    Snow bear(Yuki bear)
    Saitama Prefecture is known for the intense heat of summerKumagayaso,Town revitalizationAs part of this, he devised shaved ice using local water and competed for original shaved ice at restaurants in the city.
    Cobalt ice
    The shaved ice from the Hiraku bun.Sometimes called cobalt milk.mainlyKumamotoIt is known in the vicinity of Kyushu including Kyushu.Blue Hawaii and sweetened condensed milk.
    Tangerine ice / pineapple ice
    Yokohama StadiumShaved ice sold at.canningIt's as simple as putting oranges or canned pineapple on top and sprinkling canned syrup on top.
    Grilled ice
    In the early 20th centuryTsūtsukenIt was confirmed that the signboard of "Yakihyo" was displayed at the previous coffee shop "Shirayutei".According to the materials, it is speculated that the caramel sauce, which was rare at that time, was put on shaved ice.
    In 2012, as the 100th anniversary of Tsutenkaku, "Grill DEN ・ EN", which is close to the New World, began to offer a menu called "Heisei no Yaki Ice", and the caramel sauce was topped with alcohol that seems to be shochu. I'm on fire. 2013,"It was a great meal』(NHK General Television-Continuous tv novel) And is attracting attention[8]


    • Japan Shaved Ice Association7/25TheShaved ice dayIt has been enacted.Another name for shaved iceSummer ice(Natsugori)In addition to punting 7, 2, 51933On the same day at that timeJapan's highest temperatureNamed after it was recorded[9].
    • Generally, the temperature at which shaved ice feels delicious (at the time of sale) is 30 degrees Celsius or higher.[10].
    • In some cases, such as when the refrigerator did not develop, it was not hygienic.
    • If you dissolve sugar in water before freezing it and then freeze it, the resulting ice will become smooth.In addition, the temperature at which it is supposed to be eaten is slightly higher than the temperature of 10 degrees below freezing, which is said to be when ice cream is eaten.[10].
    • Currently in JapanNatural iceThere are 3 kuramotos in Tochigi prefecture, 2 in Yamanashi prefecture, and 1 in Saitama prefecture around the Kanto region.

    Kakigori of each country

    The culture of eating shaved ice has existed in various places since ancient times.In ancient Rome, ice was cut out from the Alps and stored in an ice house, and it was shaved in the summer.honeyThere was a culture of eating[11].

    The United States of AmericaThen.shaved ice(Shaving ice),snow coneIt is called (conical snow).

    ChineseThen "Shaved ice(Baobin,pinyin: bào bīng).FormosanThen, Tsuwapin, the Chinese character notation isIceとTshuah-pingThere are two.


    TaiwanThe shaved iceTaiwan Governor-General eraIt is said that it was introduced from Japan, and there is also a specialized Chinese character notation, so it is written as "Tshuah-ping" or "Ice".In recent years, due to the influence of China, I often use the Chinese way of writing "Tshuah-ping". "Plane, plane, and 刨" is the Chinese character for "Kaki" of shaved ice, and "冰" is "ice".繁体字..In general, the first half of the name of Taiwanese shaved ice is attached with the Chinese character of the tool to be placed on it, and the second half of the name is attached to the type of shaved ice.For example, the Chinese character for strawberries is "Kusaha", and the strawberry-flavored "Snowflower ice" type shaved ice is written as "Kusarah-ping".Republic of ChinaIn Taiwan, "ICE ROOM, Ping An,"Zhuyin: ㄅ ㄧ ㄥ ㄍ ㄨ ㄢ ˇ)”Frozen dessertIt spread to various places from specialty stores and landed in Japan.Also, in the case of Taiwanese fruit-flavored shaved ice, real fruit and fruit juice are basically put on it, and ice honey is not used as in Japan.

    Mango ice(Mangobin)
    (Zhuyin: ㄇ ㄤ ˊ ㄍ ㄨ ㄛ ˇ ㄅ ㄧ ㄥ)
    2004Taiwan's representative shaved ice that has developed since then and is still popular even though it is the latest.Bushi is a Chinese character that corresponds to mango.FreshmangoMango juice, sweetened condensed milk, and mango ice cream are sprinkled on top of the fillet.
    Snow flower ice(Shefabin),AlsoSnow cotton ice(Shemenpin)
    (Zhuyin: ㄒ ㄩ ㄝ ˇ ㄏ ㄨ ㄚ ㄅ ㄧ ㄥ)
    Ice that makes the shape of ice like a snow flower using a special method of shaving ice.In Japan, the name "Yukihana Ice" has already been registered as a trademark in another ice-based sweet, and it cannot be used without permission in Japan.Also, since the most popular snowflake ice is the mango flavor mentioned above, the Chinese character notation is written as Tshuah-ping.
    Red and white dumpling ice(Hongbai Tuansbin)
    Shaved ice with boiled pink and white rice cake dumplings.Depending on the store, black sesame, white sesame, adzuki beans, matcha, etc.Bean pasteIs also included.
    Tsukimi ice(Yuechienpin)
    (Zhuyin: ㄩ ㄝ ˋ ㄐ | ㄢ ˋ ㄅ ㄧ ㄥ)
    On the shaved iceKonjac-condensed milk-Dried fruitAfter putting toppings such as, make a dent in the middle,Chicken eggs OfPuddingAnd yellow ice cream[12].. "Tsukimi" isJapaneseIt is thought that it was invented during the Japanese colonial era by borrowing from.
    Three fruit ice(Sanguobin),AlsoThree-color ice(Sans Abbin)
    Three fruitswatermelon-pineapple-KiwiAnd gorgeous sweets with each fruit juice on shaved ice.Depending on the store, yellowpineapple Thebanana-mango-melonInstead of redwatermelon TheStrawberryInstead, we emphasize the three colors that are available in all of them.The orange colorOrange,TangerineIt is also possible to make four-colored four-fruit ice by adding.
    Happo ice(Barba Obin)
    (Zhuyin: ㄅ ㄚ ㄅ ㄠ ˇ ㄅ ㄧ ㄥ)
    Assorted many ingredients such as sweet boiled beans on shaved iceTaiwanThen, it is called "Hachiho Ice".Flesh if you likejam・ Honey-boiled fruit ・ Elastic fruit dumpling called QQ ・Rice noodles-nut・ You can choose sweetened condensed milk, cream pudding, etc. to create an image of "eight treasures in a bowl".
    Milk ice(Nionaibin)
    "Cow's milk" means milk.Shaved ice made by adding milk to water.
    Brown sugar ice(Hey Tambin)
    As before, in the waterBrown sugarKakigori made into ice by adding honey.
    Bubble ice(Suguobin)
    Foam Foam means "massive bubbles" and is the shaved ice between the shaved ice and the milkshake.
    Sword ice(Dao Xiao Bin)
    (Zhuyin: ㄉ ㄠ ㄒ ㄧ ㄠ ㄅ ㄧ ㄥ)
    Another type of shaved ice in Taiwan.It's rough because it's sharpened by holding a knife by hand.Crushed iceYou can do something close to.It is said to be the closest to Japanese shaved ice, eaten with various types of ice honey and condensed milk.

    Other countries

    Red bean ice (Cantonese: Honda Uben)
    Hong KongShaved ice.The old one is a glass of chilled red beansZenzaiIt was placed,evaporated milkAnd put the roughly shaved ice on it like a mountain.A spoon is also served, but it is recognized as a beverage because it originally has a high beverage element and most of the stores have changed to crushed ice now.As a variantice creamAnd "菠蘿冰" (pineappleIce) etc.Tea bowlIt is offered at a coffee shop called "Ice Room".
    Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region(East Turkestan) Shaved ice.Homemade yogurt mixed with honey is sprinkled.The natural ice carried from the vicinity of the mountaintop is scraped with a fork-shaped metal rod at the tip, and scraped like crushing.
    Pins(Korean:ice water,shaved ice)
    Korean PeninsulaShaved ice.Typical isPatbingsu(Red bean shaved ice) And in the nameAzuki(Pack)However, unlike Japanese ice azuki beans, there are plenty of ingredients such as red bean paste, canned fruits, and rice cakes, which are good for seasoning, just like Happo ice in Taiwan.KinakoAnd the point of usingPibinpaSimilarly, it is characteristic to mix thoroughly before eating.Besides, without azuki beans, I put fruit on itQuill Pins(Fruit ice water,과 일빙수) And so on.In stores, the amount for two or more people is usually served in a bowl, and it is common for multiple people to eat separately (like a pot).
    Shave ice (SHAVE ICE)
    HawaiiShaved ice.It is different from the “shaved ice” introduced above.
    Granita Kekka (GRATTACHECCA)
    Italy OfRomeLocal ice confectionery.
    Halo halo (halo halo)
    Bean paste,Nata de coco,ice creamAnd put abundant ingredients on itフィリピンShaved ice. HalohaloTagalogMeans a mess.
    VietnamShaved ice.Shiratama zenzai (che) with mung beans and coconut hangs on the shaved ice.
    Bubur cha cha
    Very similar to halo haloSingaporeShaved ice. "Bubur cha cha" means a mixture.
    Ice kacang (Ais kacang)
    MalaysiaShaved ice.Ais kacang (beans) is boiled on ice.There are also things that are made by seasoning the ice itself and shaving it in a row like shavings.
    Dominican RepublicShaved ice.It is sold at hand-held stalls.Put shaved ice in a disposable plastic cup and sprinkle syrup over it.Shaved ice is made by cutting a block of ice with a metal tool.The syrup is lemon,TamarindThere are several types.


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