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🍴 | Lucky to meet you at the supermarket!I bought the "Outlet" of Mille Crepes, which was a great deal, and it was the correct answer.


Lucky to meet you at the supermarket!I bought the "Outlet" of Mille Crepes, which was a great deal, and it was the correct answer.

If you write the contents roughly
The expiration date was 3 days including the purchase date, so if you like sweets, you can eat it by yourself.

Nowadays, efforts to reduce food loss are progressing.It is said that we will sell irregular products and "scraps" that can be made at the time of manufacture at a good price. → Continue reading

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Expiration date

Expiration date(Shohikigen) is the limit of the consumption period, that is, the last date and time of the consumption period[1].

It is mainly used in the following two meanings.

  1. Expiration date of food: "YesPreservation methodIf品質You can eat without worrying about deterioration. "ManufacturerDescribedFoodEdible expiration date.
  2. Expiration date other than food: The expiration date set by the manufacturer for industrial products that utilize chemical changes or that undergo unexpected chemical changes over time.

For foodExpiration dateOthersExpiration SoonThere is[2][3].

  • Expiration date: "Safe to eat" It is better not to eat after the expiration date.
  • Expiration date: "Expiration date for delicious eating" If there is no abnormality in color and taste even after the expiration date, you may be able to eat.

All are required to be 1) unopened and 2) follow the written storage method.

Expiration date of Japanese food

The expiration date of food isFood hygieneProne to problems with surface safetyFresh produce,Processed FoodsEtc. are set.Food Labeling Law[4]Food labeling standards that are Cabinet Office Ordinances based on Article 4, Paragraph 1[5]In Article 2, Paragraph 1, Item 7,It is the date when it is recognized that there is no risk of loss of safety due to putrefaction, deterioration or other deterioration of quality when stored by the specified method. Is defined, and a significant deterioration in quality is observed within about 5 days.Food,Foodstuff(As an exampleMeat,sashimi,partDaily food(Bread,Sweets,Box lunch,Side dishEtc.)), this expiration date notation is obligatory.For sashimi, bento boxes, etc. that have a short time from manufacture (preparation) to expiration date, in addition to the dateTimes of DayMay be written up to. Instead of the old display, it is the expiration date notation.

2003(15) In October,Food Sanitation Actas well as the Law concerning Japanese Agricultural Standards, etc.The labeling standards based on the above have been amended, and the definition of the expiration date by those laws has been unified as follows. "Expiration date"" Means the date when it is recognized that there is no risk of loss of safety due to putrefaction, deterioration or other deterioration of quality when stored by the specified method. " further2013(HeiseiIn 25), the definition is based on the food labeling standards as described above.

For foods that can be stored for a long period of more than 5 days, please refer to "Expiration SoonIs another notation.

The expiry date of food in Japan is20082 month 24 dayMinistry of AgricultureandMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareNewspaper advertisement by[6]The explanation is as follows.

  • The expiry date is the "expiration date when you can eat with confidence".
  • "Expiration date" is displayed on perishable foods.
  • It indicates the safe expiration date for eating when stored unopened and according to the storage method shown. Try to eat before the expiration date. It is displayed on foods that cannot be stored for a long time, and is displayed by date.
  • Indicates the "deadline for safe eating". Foods with an expiration date are easily damaged, so eat them before the expiration date.
  • Lunch boxes, cooked bread, delicatessen, etc.
  • Expiration date is approximately 5 days from the date of manufacture. ○ to eat before the expiration date, X to eat expired
  • Wasteful! Consider the expiration date and reduce wasteful disposal.
  • The expiration date of food is the expiration date before opening. Once opened, eat as soon as possible regardless of the deadline. Follow the storage method indicated on the food. If there is no indication of how to saveNormal temperatureYou can save with.
  • Expiration date or for processed foodsExpiration SoonThe deadline for either of is displayed. (Excluding some foods)

Food expiration date and safety

Expiration dates are generally determined by the degree of change of state under an averaged given situation. For exampleセ ル フ サ ー ビ スFoods lined up in store showcases at ceremonial stores are clearly exposed to temperature changes during transportation and display, and deteriorate faster than foods that are stored in the refrigerator. Since the expiration date includes such changes in the environment at the time of sale, there may be no problem with eating and drinking depending on the storage environment.

Biological tissues begin the process of putrefaction upon death. Due to the growth of putrefactive bacteria, toxic substances are accumulated. Food is so-called due to contamination with pathogenic microorganismsFood poisoningNot only causes. Typical mold poison (Mycotoxin)CarcinogenicThe substance isAflatoxin, Sterigmatocystin. Large amounts of carcinogens detected in rotten beef[7].cancerAbout one-third of the causes of[8].. With reduced flavorpoisonSubstances may accumulate, but mold poison, etc.corruptionSome toxic substances are produced without odor. By heatingBacteriaEven if it dies or the stench disappears, the toxic substances produced so far may remain.Fresh produceShould be consumed as fresh as possible.

Food companies have the responsibility and obligation to supply safe food to consumers. Food safety falsehoods, as well as building safety falsehoods, are serious crimes, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has issued Food Label 110.[9]Monitoring of food labeling by[10]It is carried out.

Discovered in Japan in 2007 and became a social problemFujiyaUsed in the productmilkRegarding the problem of expired milk, although the problem was found and reported in the company's retrospective survey on products in general, there is a direct relationship with the use of this expired milk. Absent.

However, there is no problem with quality as a matter of fact because it is also an element that can arouse consumer anxiety that "health damage (get hungry)", which is the general image of "when eating and drinking expired food". Even so, the company is suffering from distrust from consumers and society due to the prominence of other health hazard cases (→Fujiya expired raw material usage problem).

Reuse of expired food

Generally, foods that have passed the expiration date are removed from stores, and in the old days, those foods that are not suitable for human eating and drinking areFood wasteAsfertilizer,家畜feedIt was also used asLeftover foodincludingGarbageDue to the stricter legal regulations regarding the disposal of food leftovers and the fact that farmers no longer use leftover food, they are often incinerated. However, since the 2000sconvenience storeYou can use the expired lunch boxes, etc. from the above as livestock feed,Garbage disposalThere is also a movement to reuse it after processing it into fertilizer using.

For example in JapanCircle K ThanksThen, the company's press release on June 2005, 6[11]According to the report, an experimental recirculation attempt is being made to fertilize the garbage discharged from the company's stores and use the crops cultivated using this as fertilizer for the company's lunch boxes.

21st centuryLater,Global warmingDamage to the breadbasket due toPopulation explosionFor these reasons, as of the 2000s, the problem of remarkable hunger has spread in conflict areas and developing countries with a lot of political turmoil, and there are concerns that global food shortages will worsen.Recycling societyEarly construction andFood self-sufficiencyImprovement of the above is also emerging as an important issue for each country. For this reason, efforts to effectively use food, such as the reuse of inedible parts and food waste, have been activated, and the expired foods have been used as feed, fertilizer, and industrial raw materials. There is also a movement to reuse it for other purposes.

Food deadline display in the UK

In the UK, there are two deadlines, best before date and use by date.[12].. The former is JapanExpiration SoonThe latter is similar to the expiration date in Japan. The same applies to Australia and New Zealand.[13].

The best before date indicates the time limit for maintaining good quality, and it may be possible to eat the food after this time limit.Codex AlimentariusDefines the best before date (date of minimum durability) as follows. "Under certain storage conditions, it means a date that reveals the end of the period in which the product is fully marketable and retains any particular quality, implied or explicitly indicated. However, after that date, the food may still be completely satisfactory. "

use by date indicates the safety deadline for bacterial growth and denaturation to produce toxins, after which the food cannot be eaten. Also, the deadline cannot be re-set.Codex AlimentariusDefines use by date as follows: "Under the storage conditions stated, the date indicates the limit of the period during which it is estimated that the product will probably lose the quality characteristics normally expected by consumers after that period. The food should not be considered sellable after[14].

Expiration date other than food

Power Input-Disposable body warmer,Photographic filmSuch asChemical changeFor products that work with these expiration dates (Recommended expiration date(And so on) may be set, but this is not due to legal restrictions, but the deadline for the manufacturer to guarantee the performance (quality) of the product.

Cannot meet the specified performance within the same deadlineIndustrial productsIs so-calledDefective productBut especiallyDry cellThen, it occurs when it is left unsold in the store for a long timeNatural discharge(The amount of power generated by internal chemical changes, not plasma discharge, decreases as the contents deteriorate), so the expiration date (recommended use period) is set in the same way as food. ..

Alkaline batteryCan generate a large currentSecondary batteryIt is easy to deteriorate and is used for a long time.clockWhen used for batteries, not only is it deteriorated and the usage period is short for the price, but there is also a great risk of damaging the equipment used due to liquid leakage.

Expiration date for pharmaceutical products, etc.

Similar to foods, batteries, and films, the expiration date is set for items whose quality deteriorates over time.


BothUV-Oxidation, Savetemperature,(I.e.by,ingredient OfChemical changeAnd due to deteriorationMedicineIn the case of,Side effectsIn the case of condoms, it may be damaged during use.contraceptionWill not be useful.Flaming cylinderSo if it doesn't work or expires車 検Will not pass.

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