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🍴 | Chikusa Ward, Tempaku Ward, Showa Ward, Nishi Ward, Midori Ward, Konan City, etc.


Chikusa Ward, Tempaku Ward, Showa Ward, Nishi Ward, Midori Ward, Gangnam City and other gourmet and outing popular articles in the suburbs of Nagoya BEST10 ...

If you write the contents roughly
Looking at the showcase, some of the "Puppy Waltz" are already sold out.

A local reporter, "Living Area Correspondent," introduces the latest information and hot spots in the area, "Regional Correspondent Report ..." → Continue reading

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Meieki, Sakae, Osu, and other local and outing information sites throughout Aichi

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How many types?

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    How many types?(Nanshurui) fills the numbers on the board using the arrows as clues.Pencil puzzleIs the name of.

    World Cultureof"Puzzler』Published in the magazine, in addition to being published in the company's magazineNumber Pointers,How Many Kinds? It is also introduced overseas under such names.

    SudokuThere have been puzzles that fill numbers according to conditions like this for a long time, but the feature is that the numbers to fill themselves have meaning.


    • Put one number in every square.
    • The number in each square is the number in the direction of the arrow in that square.Types.
    (For example, if there are two types of numbers in that direction, 2 will be entered in the square)


    ↓ 3→ _← _↓ _
    ↑ _← _↓ _← _
    → _↓ _↑ _← _
    ↑ _→ _↑ _← 1


    • If there is only one number at the end of the arrow, only one will be in that square.
    • (Number of columns) Each column containing the number -1 contains 1 to that number.
    • The difference in the number of arrows facing each other at both ends is at most 1.
    • The difference between the numbers of two consecutive arrows pointing in the same direction is at most 1.


    ↓ 3→ 1← 2↓ 2
    ↑ 1← 1↓ 1← 1
    → 3↓ 1↑ 2← 3
    ↑ 2→ 2↑ 2← 1


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