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🍺 | [Ginza] The draft beer you drink at the beer hall is the best! "New Tokyo Beer Hall Sukiyabashi Main Store 1st floor brewpub"


[Ginza] The draft beer you drink at the beer hall is the best! "New Tokyo Beer Hall Sukiyabashi Main Store 1st floor brewpub"

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The other is the "Sapporo draft beer black label" poured in the "Swing faucet" introduced earlier.

At the beer pub "New Tokyo Brauhaus", for a limited time to commemorate the 85th anniversary of its founding ... → Continue reading

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Sapporo draft beer black label

Sapporo draft beer black label(Sapporo draft beer black label)Sapporo beerManufactured and sold by a corporationdraft beer.Yebisu BeerIt is the company's main product along with.In this section, it is the predecessor product.Sapporo bottle rawWill also be described.


First in postwar Japanbottleenterdraft beerWas released by Sapporo Breweries[1]..The predecessor of the black label, "Sapporo Draft Beer," was introduced.1957(ShowaInitially released in July, 32) in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Fukuoka and surrounding cities.Next day1958From 3 monthHokkaidoBut it has started to be released.The container was a brown bottle with an ivory white label printed directly on it, called an "ACL bottle".Although it followed a gradual decrease outside Hokkaido, it continued to sell well in Hokkaido, where heating is effective even in winter.1969Changed to a paper label that follows the design of the ACL bottle.1972In the material of the labelAluminum foilWas adopted,1973The label design has been changed.The design at this time became the model of the black label later.[2].

Japanese beer in the 40'sHeat treatmentBeer is the mainstream,Asahi beer(Hereinafter "Asahi") ・ Sapporo Beer (hereinafter "Sapporo") ・SuntoryAlthough each company released draft beer as a bottle product several times, it did not lead to a significant market expansion.[3]..I was hit by unseasonable weather1976Especially, the sales volume of Sapporo has dropped significantly,market shareThe company, which aimed to expandHokkaidoRebranded "Sapporo Bottle Draft Beer" sold in the district to "Sapporo Bottle Draft"1977It started to be sold nationwide from April.The Tokyo, Kanto, Niigata, and Yokohama branches started selling on April 4st, and the other branches started selling on April 4st, but the actual results up to May are 21 times the plan, which is a big forecast. It was more than that.In 4, the first year, sales of 1 million boxes were achieved.This is 5 times the initial plan, and Sapporo's market share increased by 2.6% to 1977%.[4].

The reason why Sapporo was able to promote draft beer ahead of other companies was the ceramic filter introduced in the 40s and 50s.Aluminum silicateFiltration cylinders fired in a cylindrical shape are arranged in series in a stainless steel tank, and are sterile without adsorbing umami components.FiltrationThen,yeastCan be removed.After trial use from 1967 at the Osaka factory, full-scale operation started in 1969. In 1970, the Sapporo No. 2 Factory and Meguro Factory also started operation.In addition, it was introduced to each factory in sequence with the expansion of sales of bottles.[5].

Among competitors, Asahi launched a 7-liter size "draft beer mini barrel" for restaurants, following "honsei". The three companies, including Suntory, which sells "Junsei," actively promoted advertisements and were also called the "Draft Beer War." The ratio of draft beer (raw beer), which was about 3% of the market distribution in 1976, is1980Reached 21%.Heat treated beerGiraffe lager beer[6]I just passed throughKirin BeerAlso,1981Entered draft beer with small barrel products of "2 liters of beer barrels" and "3 liters of beer barrels"[3].

1987Appeared in MarchAsahi SuperdryHas brought about a major change in the Japanese beer market.Sapporo said, "Young people tend to prefer clean and easy-to-drink beer with less bitterness." "With the spread of draft beer, the advantage of" raw = special beer "has diminished." "10 years have passed since the launch. Based on the analysis that the package design has become obsolete, we decided to renew Sapporo Binsei and release "Sapporo Draft".1989When the Sapporo Draft was launched in the Kanto and Shizuoka areas in February, many requests for encores from bottle students were received from the company's sales department, and restaurants and general households began to switch from Sapporo to other companies' products.The name on the advertisement was changed to "Sapporo <raw> draft", and measures were taken to publicize the improvement points in quality, but the request for the revival of bottles from the middle-aged people aged 2 and 40 did not stop. .. In September 50, while continuing the Sapporo draft, it was decided to revive Binsei and sell both brands in parallel.At this time, the "black label", which was nicknamed by consumers, was officially adopted, and the official name was "Sapporo <raw> black label". Some had the name "label" written on it).The shape of the bottle label has been changed from an oval bottle to a hexagon to match the Sapporo draft.The year after the resurrection1990The sales record of the black label is before the renewal.1988It exceeded the performance of bottle students.1991In October, the Sapporo Draft was announced to be sold out.[7].

In January 1997, the first full renewal was carried out after the revival of the black label, and the taste was adjusted to emphasize the draft beer-like taste. Have been[8].. In 1999, the alcohol content was changed from 4.5% to the current 5%.

Collaborative contract cultivation of malt and hops was completed in the first production in 2006.[9].. From early March 2011, we started using "long-lasting malt" made from barley that does not have lipid oxidase (LOX-3) that deteriorates the flavor of beer.[10]And for production in mid-February 2015[11]And late February 2016 production[12]We are increasing the amount of "delicious long-lasting malt".Furthermore, from the end of January 2019, the manufacturing method has been further devised to realize more "white and beautiful bubbles".[13].

Sales have been struggling since the latter half of the 1990s, but the adoption of "delicious long-lasting malt" has been successful in improving quality and exposing the brand at restaurants.2015Sales turned to increase year-on-year for the first time in 21 years[14].. The sales volume in 2015 is 20 million boxes when 1 large bottles are converted into one box.2016Sales volume exceeded this as of December 12[15].2017Sales volume exceeded this as of December 12[16].2018Sales volume exceeded this as of December 12[17]..There is a factory in SapporoChibaFunabashi,ShizuokaYaizu CityThen,Furusato tax paymentIt has been adopted as a reward item for[18][19].


The copy when "Sapporo Binsei" appeared in 1977 is "That raw, which is popular in Hokkaido.New appearance". In the 1978 newspaper advertisement, "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Umasa 365 days" was emphasized as a year-round product, not just a summer drink.[20].. In 1986, among the Japanese beers exported to the United States at that time, bottled beer was overwhelming, so "the world began to say" good ". 』\[21].. When the black label was revived and released in 1989, it was "Vivid.Sapporo <raw> draft ”“ Deep taste."Sapporo <raw> black label" and the characteristics of both were emphasized. In 1991Yamashiro Shingo,Lotus,Takenori MuranoWas appointed and the advertisement was developed centering on a copy of "After all, the black label I'm drinking". In 1995, "Nodo Depression.With a copy of "Black Label"Tomokazu MiuraAppointed[22].2000With a copy of "LOVE BEER?"Tsutomu YamazakiとEiji Toyokawa Slow motionCM that unfolds a surreal confrontation (SpaAtTable tennis,karaokeMike scramble,Grilled meatConflict,snowball fightetc.Tetsuya NakajimaServed as the director. ) Won the 2000 CM Award Grand Prix.Especially in "Table Tennis Edition", a hot spring table tennis boom occurred.2010FromTsumabuki SatoshiIs developing an "adult elevator" series that listens to celebrities from various fields (guests areSapporo Beer #CM PerformersSee).


"Sapporo Binsei" is in addition to the large bottle (633ml) from the beginning.1978Starting with the Osaka area on March 3, the medium bottle (15 ml) will go on sale, and on April 500, the same year, the Giants (4 ml bottle) will go on sale.The small bottle (3 ml) is on sale1981It was May.For small restaurants,1979At 10literIntroduced Sankei barrels from the Tokyo metropolitan area. In April 1980, a 4-liter aluminum barrel (nicknamed "Mini Compa") for home use was launched. In 3, Asahi took the lead in launching "mini barrels" of the same capacity, and at this time, each company competed with household barrel products.SapporoToray-Yoshino IndustryThe world's first jointly developed withPET resinIn March 2, the barrel-shaped container "Sapporo barrel raw 2 liters" (nicknamed "1981 Rittaru") was released. It became a hit product with sales of 3 million in 1981.The following year,Pilot inkDeveloped byTemperature sensitive inkWas used, and when the temperature of the contents became 10 ℃ or less, the word "It's time to drink" was added. In 1982, a lineup of 1.5 liters and 3 liters was added, but because PET resin recycling was not progressing,1992(HeiseiIn 4 years), it was changed to an aluminum container.As for small-capacity products, in 1980, the "Sapporo Bottle Raw Bottle 300ml Guisei" (nicknamed "Sapporo Guisei") was launched.It is a wide-mouthed bottle that you can easily drink without using a glass, and there was no conventional handling of beer.Standing Soba/Udon Shop,Sparrow,A coffee shopIt was also sold at.For advertisingSakae TakitaIn 1980, it sold 100 million boxes against the initial target of 320 million boxes. In 1982, the smaller capacity "Sapporo Nama Hitokuchi" (200ml bottle) was launched.[23]。缶製品では、1980年5月に「サッポロ缶生1リットル」をスチール缶で発売。同年9月には500ml、1981年6月に350ml、1982年4月に750ml、1983年4月には250ml樽型スチール缶の「サッポロ缶生子樽」と順次ラインナップを拡充した[24].. In March 1984, the 3ml steel can "Sapporo Cup <raw>" was released, but while the silver-based design became a hot topic, almost one large bottle of beer is too much to drink in a can, and more. Full open can like canned food[25]Since it was a can, it had to be drunk without bubbles, so sales were sluggish in Japan, but when it started exporting to North America in October of the same year, it was well received, so it is now exported. Surviving as a dedicated product[26].. In 2000, the 450ml bottle can was named "Shot Bottle" and started on April 4th.Tokyo-Saitama-Chiba-Kanagawa-Ibaraki-Tochigi-GunmaStarted pre-sale at[27]And will be sold nationwide from June 6th[28]It was sold until the mid-2000s.

Initially, the label design is in English words such as "SAPPORO DRAFT BEER" on the outer circumference, and in gold on the inside in black.★ mark, Below thatribbonThe katakana logo of "Sapporo Beer" is written on the ground, and "Draft" is written at the bottom. , And only wrote "BLACK" and "LABEL" on both sides of the draft. Since the production in January 1997, the first full renewal has been carried out after the black label was revived. The design of wheat ears on the left and right of the ★ mark, the central ribbon marked "black label" has been changed to a design that surrounds the ★ mark, and the notation of the central ribbon has been changed to "DRAFT BEER" and "PREMIUM BEER" overseas. It continued to be used until around 1. Label design unique to Japan from late February 2011[29]The can is marked with a star in a black circle on a white background, and the bottle is marked with a gold star on a black background.The logo has been changed to a simple design that eliminates the ribbon and surrounds the alphabet of "SAPPORO" and "DRAFT BEER".[30].. In 2004, "SAPPORO" and "DRAFT BEER" were made independent, and the design was placed under the ★ mark and the design of the wheat ears.[31].. Since the collaborative contract cultivation of malt and hop was completed in the first production in 2006, from January 1 (bottles are sequentially produced from the end of January), "25% malt and hop collaborative contract cultivation" at the bottom. The wording of is written in a green band (the bottle is gold), the large writing of "raw" is abolished, the English text under the can logo is changed to green, the can is green, the bottle is gold and the barley ears are large. Adopted the treated design for one year[9].. Late January 2007 (bottle is early March) From the production, the wheat ears and "DRAFT BEER" under "SAPPORO" are abolished and the ★ mark is placed large, and the typeface of "draft" is different from before. Changed to a revived design[32].. In early March 2011, we started using "taste long-lasting malt" and changed the English text around the raw from black to gold by giving the central "raw" character a three-dimensional effect.[10].. From mid-February 2015, the word "black label" was emphasized and changed to "raw" below it.[11], Abolished the large writing of <raw> from the production in late January 2019[13], Became the current design.

As of 2019, 135 ml, 250 ml, 350 ml, 500 ml cans and large bottles (633 ml), medium bottles (500 ml), and small bottles (334 ml) are on sale for retail stores.[33]..Local design andHakone EkidenLimited production of cans with commemorative designs such as.

Outside Japan

In most countries other than Japan, products equivalent to the black label are sold under the name of "SAPPORO PREMIUM BEER".Depending on the country, heat treatment may be performed due to the convenience of manufacturing equipment, so it is not necessarily draft beer.Overseas, the notation of the central ribbon of the design adopted in Japan from January 1997 was changed to "DRAFT BEER" and "PREMIUM BEER", and it continued to be used until around 1, but after that it was based on silver cup cans. It has been changed to a silver-based can design, and in some countries the bottle has also been changed to a silver label.

In the fall of 1980, an order for 10 small bottles of Sapporo Lager Beer entered a distributor from a newly opened sushi bar in Los Angeles, but accidentally delivered a large bottle of raw bottles.When a customer nominated Sapporo and gave out a terrifying bottle, it became a hot topic in the field, saying, "I have never seen such a big size beer!", And the first 10 cases were sold out in 2 days, and the taste was even better. It also became popular in terms of points, and expatriates saw at the sushi bar that 90% of customers were drinking bottled beer. In October 1984, when I decided to sell the "Sapporo Cup <raw>", which could not be sold in Japan, saying "I think containers with different shapes will become popular overseas ...", it was exactly what Sapporo Breweries was aiming for. rice field.Its oriental design was evaluated as "cool" and was nicknamed "Silver Sapporo", and it became a big hit in North America. Acquired.Since then, Sapporo Breweries has maintained its top position as the best-selling Japanese beer in the United States for over 10 years, and "Sapporo Cup <raw>" is also produced in Canada and Vietnam as "silver cup cans". It is gaining popularity as an overseas limited product.[26][34]

Country of origin as of 2019

  • Canada(Sleeman) --Partnership with Sleeman since December 2002[35]Started licensed production of products mainly for North America, and acquired shares of Sleeman in October 2006.[36]And made it a subsidiary.
  • Vietnam(Sapporo Vietnam) --On February 2007, 2, "Sapporo Vietnam Limited" was established as a joint venture with Vietnam Tobacco General Corporation, and the construction of the Long An factory started in July 1, and on November 2010, 7. Completion[37]are doing.It mainly produces products for Asia and has a 2015% stake on September 9, 11.[38].
  • Australia(Cooper's Brewery) --From October 2011 ((English: Coopers Brewery))[39]And Australia,New ZealandWe are producing licensed products for the market.

Country of origin in the past

  • Ireland(Guinness) --Partnership with Guinness since 1995[35]Was producing products for Europe under license, but from June 2009Kirin BeerIn partnership with, production will end at the same time.Silver cup cans are imported from Canada[40]For other containers, only the back label of the bottle and the side of the can have the notation "UNDER LICENCE IN THE EU", and the country of origin is unknown.
  • People's Republic of China(Jiangsu Millionaire Sake Co., Ltd. → Shanghai Ata Brewery Co., Ltd.) --Partnership with Jiangsu Millionaire Sake since 1998[35]Since April 2006, Shanghai Ata Brewery Co., Ltd.[41]The company changed its partner to licensed production of products for China, but ended production at the end of 2009 and withdrew from the Chinese market. From October 2018Anheuser Bush InbebStarted exporting Vietnamese products and re-entered the Chinese market in partnership with[42][43].
  • Taiwan(Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Co., Ltd.) --Partnership with Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation from January 2003[44]It was producing products for Taiwan under license, but from June 2016, 6, it has switched to import sales from Japan.[45].


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