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📝 | "JA Zen-Noh Public Relations Department asked how to eat the most delicious vegetables in the world" released. Features of ingredients, bean knowledge, simple recipes ...


"JA Zen-Noh Public Relations Department asked how to eat the most delicious vegetables in the world" released. Characteristics of ingredients, bean knowledge, simple recipes ...

If you write the contents roughly
The book is a convenient book when you are worried about "how to cook and eat this vegetable" because the recipes of the cook are combined with the Twitter posts and the bean knowledge and recipes are posted by organizing each ingredient.

The book "JA Zen-Noh Public Relations Department's World ..." supervised by the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (JA Zen-Noh, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). → Continue reading


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      Cooking Researcher

      Cooking Researcher(Ryorikenkyuka) is generallyCuisineAn expert in researching and communicating with people.Communication is cooking class, cookbook (RecipesWriting (collection, introduction of cooking culture, etc.), orCooking programな どMass mediaIt is done by teaching cooking through appearance[1]..When targeting the general publicCooksMay be targeted at professionals[1]..Also, those who study the history, cultural and scientific aspects of cooking (in a broader sense, food historians and cooking).記者Etc. are also in this category. "cookingcriticIt may also refer to a person who does not have the opportunity to cook as a profession.

      Once[When?] TheJapanese cuisine,Western food,Chinese cuisineAlthough specialization was made in each field of [When?]Now, specialization from a more practical point of view, such as speed cooking and diet cooking, is progressing.[1].Foodstuff,調理In addition to specialized knowledge, cooking skills, design sense, etc., abilities such as writing and interpersonal negotiations are also required.[1].Old times[When?]Professional cooks often became culinary researchers through their experience, [When?]Then, management of cooking class,Cooking schoolThere are various fields of origin such as teachers, assistants of cooking researchers, and editors of books.[1].

      List of famous culinary experts


      20st century
      • Theodora Fitzgibbon --A culinary expert with a background as a former actor and model.The best-selling "The Taste of" series (1968-1980) and encyclopedic masterpiecesThe Food of the Western World He wrote cookbooks such as (1976). He has many acquaintances with the arts of Paris in the 1930s and 40s and the arts and literature of London in the 1940s and 50s, especially.Dylan ThomasI was close to the couple.


      1st century

      United Kingdom

      18st century
      • Hannah Glasse -Written the best-selling cookbook "The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy" in the UK.
      20st century
      • Rose Gray -In addition to writing cookbooks and appearing on TV programs, he had a strong influence on famous chefs including Jamie Oliver at the Italian restaurant River Cafe, which he founded and managed.
      21st century
      • Jamie Oliver -Since being noticed on the TV program "Naked Chef" in 1998, he has been involved in many TV program appearances and cookbook writing.Improvement of school meals, etc.Food educationActively involved in reforms.


      17st century
      • (English edition) - 1651Published "French Cook" in Japan, and released the recipe for court cuisine, which had been a secret until then.After that, many cooks began to publish secret recipes, and a profession whose livelihood was writing cookbooks was established.[3].
      18st century
      19st century
      20st century
      • (French version) --Commonly known as "Kurnonski".He was a gourman and a culinary history researcher. He published many books such as "Gourmand France" and tried to improve the status of French cuisine.[5].1907からMichelinAs an adviser to, he wrote an article introducing gastronomy on the road and pioneered a travel gourmet guide.


      18st century
      • Hitsujun Ka - 1782In (Tenmei 2nd year), he wrote "Tofu Hyakuchin" under the pseudonym of Seikyo Dojinka Hitsujun.tofuIntroduced various cooking methods of.It became the beginning of the later cooking XNUMX rare things.
      19st century
      • - 1882In (Meiji 15), he founded Akahori Kappou Kappou School (Akabori Nutrition College as of 2013), the first cooking school in Japan, and wrote many cookbooks.1892(Meiji 25) In September, he established the Jihokai and worked to popularize cooking training education.
      • - Shijo-ryu roadIs a kitchen knifeEdo ShogunateCulinary masters of various clan,MiyauchiDaizenWorked as a kitchen knife master.1898In "The Complete Japanese Cuisine" written in (Meiji 31)Japanese calligraphyHe introduced the history of Japanese cuisine and the culinary school since then.
      First half of the 20th century
      • Gensai Murai-Takako Murai --A couple by novelist Gensai and culinary researcher Takako.The best-selling cooking novel "Esophageal music], Which caused a gastronomic boom all over Japan.Takako is also famous in "Mrs. Gensai's Cooking Story," which is a representative recipe book of the Meiji era.
      • Shigejiro Okumura - 焼芋While running a shopHerbalismLearn1905In (Meiji 38), "Home Japanese and Western Cooking",1906"Famous national cuisine", "Hygiene cuisine Tofu Hyakuchin",1919In (Taisho 8), he left many cookbooks such as "How to pickle for practical use at home".
      • ――I was a housewife at home, but after bereavement of my husband, I studied at a cooking school and became a cooking researcher.1924Compiled "Uta style Japanese and Western home cooking method" in (Taisho 13)Bonitosoup stockAs an alternative toBoiledContributed to the spread of soup stock.
      After the latter half of the 20th century

      The "☆" mark is not a cook who actually cooks food, but a person who studies cooking through criticism.


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