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🍴 | Opening!Hokkaido Hot Spring Tour Stamp Rally 2022 Travel Komi Hokkaido


Opening!Hokkaido Hot Spring Tour Stamp Rally 2022 Travel Komi Hokkaido

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A coffee-colored hot spring that contains a lot of hydrogen carbonate ions!

The popular hot spring stamp rally starts again this year! !!In this trip Komi, the top 5 stamps ranking last year ... → Continue reading

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Bicarbonate(Tansan Suisoen, hydrogencarbonate) orBicarbonate(Carbide, Bicarbonate) contains hydrogencarbonate ion, hydrogen salt (Acid salt) Is a kind of.lithiumexcept forAlkali metalsalt,cadmiumSalt, andAmmoniumAlthough salts and the like have been isolated as solid crystals,Alkaline earth metalOther bicarbonates are theseCarbonateIt exists only in an aqueous solution due to the reaction of excess carbon dioxide and does not separate as a solid.

Alkali metal salts are also decomposed into carbonates by heating an aqueous solution and heating a solid at about 200 ° C.

Bicarbonate ion

Bicarbonate ion(Tansan Suisoion, hydrogencarbonate, HCO-
) Is a monovalent anion that is produced by the first stage ionization of carbonic acid and is present in the bicarbonate. This ionBicarbonate ionIt is also called (jutan sanion, bicarbonate). For example, LVDS3 Is called "sodium hydrogen carbonate" or "sodium bicarbonate".

Mainly in naturehard waterExists inseawater0.14g dm inside−3, 0.0023mol dm−3And relatively abundant.

Main bicarbonates


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