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🧁 | Fruit sandwich using homemade bread [Tenka Hisa Coffee / Nara City]


Fruit sandwich using homemade bread [Tenka Hisa Coffee / Nara City]

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When exploring Nara City, why not fill your stomach with fruit sandwiches?

Fruit sandwich using homemade bread [Tenka Hisa Coffee / Nara City] Sanjo Dori Store A cafe in Naramachi, Nara Prefecture ... → Continue reading


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This itemList of sandwiches(Ichiran of sandwiches).

sandwichSliced ​​2 or moreBreadIt is a dish with ingredients sandwiched between[1][2][3]..もしくは、1枚のスライスパンに具を乗せたOr put the ingredients on one slice of breadOpen sandwichThere is also.There are various types of sandwiches depending on the ingredients used.The etymology of sandwich is British politician,John Montagu (4th Earl of Sandwich)But he did not invent it.


Bacon sandwichBaconbutty.jpgBritish foodOften eaten with ketchup or brown sauce.
Bacon, egg and cheese sandwichEgg and cheese breakfast sandwich.jpgAmerican foodWhen eaten as breakfast, it's usuallyFried egg or Scrambled eggsIs used.
(English editionBaked bean sandwich.jpgAmericaIn a canBaked beansThe white bread,Black breadA sandwich topped with.Apply butter for a while.
Vine Me[4]Bánh mì thịt nướng.pngVietnamese foodSandwich with meat, sardine, tofu, pate, etc. sandwiched between baguettes with many holes, along with pickled carrots, coriander, and peppers.
BBQ sandwich[5][6][7]Mmm ... home made bbq sauce (5778277654) .jpgAmericaChopped (sometimes sliced ​​or finely chopped)Pulled porkChicken, beef and hamburger buns.coleslawIs sometimes used as a topping.
(English editionBarros jarpa 01.jpgChilean foodHam and cheese (usually(English edition Similar to buttery) Sandwich
(English editionBarros luco 01.jpgチリThickly sliced ​​and baked beef and cheese sandwich
BauruBauru português.jpgBrazilian foodWith melted cheeseroast beef, Tomato and cucumber pickles, pierced insideBread rollWhat I put in.
Beef on WeckSmall --Beef on Weck.jpgAmerican foodRoast beef roasted with Coomerweck roll (sprinkled with crude salt and caraway)Kaiser Roll) Sandwich.
BLT sandwichBLT sandwich (1) .jpgAmericabacon(B) ・lettuce(L) ・TomatoIn sandwiches with (T) sandwiched, it is common to apply mayonnaise to thinly sliced ​​toasted bread and then sandwich the ingredients.
Bolgona sandwich.jpgAmericaA sandwich with thinly sliced ​​bologna sausage (sometimes baked) sandwiched between white bread and ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.
Bosna2174 --Salzburg --Bosna.JPGAustriaOn baked white breadBratwurstAnd onions, seasoned with tomato ketchup, mustard and curry powder.
(English editionBreakfast roll 1.jpgUnited Kingdom, IrelandSausage or bacon, (orBlack pudding), Mushrooms, tomatoes,Hash browns, A fried egg and other breakfast dishes seasoned with ketchup or brown sauce and sandwiched between breads.
(English editionBreakfast sandwich.jpgAmericaScrambled eggs or fried eggs and cheese,(English editionThis is a breakfast dish sandwiched between biscuits and English muffins.
British railway sandwichUnited KingdomBritish RailwaysIt was a sandwich sold at, and it was so bad that it is now used as a term for an old sandwich when the British Rail was dismantled.
Broche CrockettBroodje kroket.jpg NetherlandsWith stewed dishesCroquetSeasoned with mustard,Kaiser RollWhat is sandwiched between.
(English editionKebab bun 01.jpgPakistani foodFried spicy patties, onions, andChutney or lighterIn a hamburger or hot dog bun.
ButterbrotCaviar butterbrot.jpgGermanyBread with butter.上に具材を載せPut the ingredients on topOpen sandwichIt is sometimes called butterbrot.
(English editionCemitaSandwich2.JPGMexican foodSliced ​​avocado, meat, white cheese and "Red sauceA sandwich sandwiched between fluffy sesame-flavored buns with a red sauce called ".PueblaIs said to be the birthplace.
(English editionChacarero 01.jpgチリA sandwich of thinly sliced ​​chorizo ​​or lomito pork, tomatoes, green beans and green peppers sandwiched between round buns.
Cheese sandwichGrilled cheese with soup.jpgMade with one or more types of cheese.焼いたときはWhen bakedGrilled cheeseCalled a sandwich.
Cheese and pickle sandwichUnited KingdomA sandwich with sliced ​​cheese (mainly cheddar cheese) and pickles sandwiched between two pieces of bread.
Cheese steakPatsCheesesteak.jpgAmerica (PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia)Place thinly sliced ​​steak and melted cheese in a long roll.Also known as Philadelphia or Philly Cheesesteak.
(English editionChickFilA-ChickenSandwich.jpgA sandwich sandwiched with chicken, there are various ways to cook chicken.In the United States, roasted chicken breast and fried chicken breast are used.
Chicken salad sandwichChicken salad sandwich 01.jpgTo the ingredientsChicken saladSandwich with.
Chicken cutletAustralia
(English edition[8][9]Chickpea salad sandwich --01.jpgAmericaCrushedChickpeasUsing the saladVeganSandwich for.Tuna may enter[10].
(English editionChili burger.jpgAmericaOn puttyChili con carneA hamburger topped with.
Chip butty[11][12][13][14]ChipButtysmall.jpgUnited KingdomFor thin bread (or bread rolls)French friesSandwich sandwiched between[15]..Salt, vinegar, or tomato ketchup is mainly used for seasoning.
Chip to beefChippedbeefontoast.jpgU.S. military cuisineA sandwich sandwiched between chipped beef (thin slices of compression-molded salted dried meat)White sauceIt is common to cook with toast.
ChivitoChivito1.jpgEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu(English editionA sandwich with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, bacon, olives (green or black), hard-boiled eggs (or fried eggs) and ham, seasoned with mayonnaise.
Chori breadChoripan.jpgSouth America, Caribbean foodBake and salsa seasonings (egPebre, (English edition, Chimichurri) SeasonedChorizoA sandwich sandwiched between hard-skinned bread.Morsipan with black pudding or blood sausage instead of chorizo ​​as a derivativeMorcipán).
Charmen sandwichNathanschowmeinsandwich.jpgAmericaHamburger buns seasoned with gravy sauce炒 麺Sandwich sandwiched between.
ChurrascoChurrasco 01.jpgチリThickly sliced ​​steak sandwiched between toasted buns.If you use ingredients other than meat, it will be "Churrasco XX" (Example: churrasco palta = avocado churrasco).
American clubhouse sandwichClub-sandwich.jpgAmericaA three-ply sandwich sandwiched between sliced ​​chicken (or turkey), bacon, tomatoes and lettuce, and mayonnaise is often used for seasoning.
Corned beef sandwichKatzs deli corned beef.jpgA general term for sandwiches made with corned beef, pickles and mustard are used as toppings.
Crisp sandwichPotato chip sandwich.jpgUnited Kingdom and Ireland[16]On white breadCrispA sandwich with pickles (sometimes with pickles).
Clock monsieurCroque monsieur.jpgFrench cuisineHamcheese(In generalEmmental cheeseOrGruyere cheese) And baked sandwich.Bechamel sauce,Mornay sauceMay be painted.
Clock MadamCroque Madame 1.jpgFrench cuisineSame as croque monsieur, but on topFried eggPut on.
Cuban sandwichCuban mix.jpgAmerica(FloridaTampa)[17],CubaWith ham and roast porkSwiss cheesePickled cucumberA sandwich that is sandwiched between Cuban bread, seasoned with mustard, and baked in a sandwich press called a plancha.Genoa salami may be used in some areas.
Cucumber sandwichFlickr bitboy 204619671--Cucumber sandwiches with tea.jpgUnited KingdomA white bread with cut ears and a little butter, sandwiched between peeled and sliced ​​cucumbers like paper.
(English editionItalyA sandwich of spicy Italian sausage sandwiched between mozzarella cheese and tomatoes in a long, hard bread.ミシガン州のMichiganUpper PeninsulaIt was spread to the United States by Italian immigrants who emigrated to the surrounding area.
(English editionDagwood sandwich.jpgAmericaA sandwich with various meats and seasonings added in layers, the cartoon "Blondie](English editionNamed after.
Deli sandwichDeli Sandwiches.jpgdelicatessenIt is a sandwich sandwiched between various ingredients.
(English editionDenver sandwich.jpgAmerica(English editionSandwich sandwiched between.
Doner kebabDöner kebab.jpgTurkish food
(English edition[Annotation 1]Donkey burger.jpgChinese cuisineA sandwich sandwiched between thinly sliced ​​and seasoned donkey meat.Baoding City,HejianIn addition to being popular as street food, you can also eat at high-end restaurants.
Doubles 01.jpgRepublic of Trinidad and TobagoA sandwich with curry-flavored chickpeas sandwiched between fried bread.
dynamiteDynamite sandwich --01.jpgAmerica (Rhode IslandWoonsocket)A sandwich seasoned with minced meat, tomato sauce, onions and pepper.It is often served in large numbers at family meetings and fundraising parties.
(English editionIda Davidsen --Dyrlægens Natmad.jpgDenmarkApply liver paste to black rye bread and salt beefaspicThe toppings are sliced ​​raw onions and watercress.
Elvis SandAB Sandwich.jpgAmericaA sandwich with peanut butter, banana and bacon.エ ル ヴ ィ ス · プ レ ス リ ーIt is said that it was a favorite food of.
Egg sandwichÆggemadder (4907661843) .jpgEgg salad sandwich --cropping.jpgEggs Benedict.jpgworldwideA general term for sandwiches with egg dishes.Hard boiled eggsEgg salad(MincedBoiled egg(A mixture of mayonnaise and mayonnaise) is often used,Fried egg,Scrambled eggsIs used as a toppingKalles KaviarMay be used.Also, as a derivative type, put eggs and meat on the English muffin,Hollandaise sauceAppliedeggs BenedictExists.
(English editionFairy Bread.jpgAustralia, New ZealandOn white bread with butter(English editionSprinkled with.Often cut into squares and triangles.
FalafelPita felafel.jpgMiddle EastChickpea croquette pocket-shapedPita breadRaw vegetables, hot sauce, tahini sauce, and pickled vegetables are used as toppings.
(English editionFischbroetchen 01 (fcm) .jpgGermanyOf hard skinBread rollAnd fish (the most common isBismarck(Pickled herring)Harling) And a sandwich with onions.
Fool's Gold LoafFool's Gold Loaf (8720348111) .jpgAmericaColoradoA sandwich made by applying a bottle of peanut butter and jam to a hollowed-out bread, stuffing it with bacon, and fried.[19]. In 1976Elvis PresleyAnd there is an anecdote that their entourage flew to Denver to eat this sandwich.[20][19].
FluffernutterFluffernutter before (white background) .jpgAmericapeanut butter(English editionSandwich.
FrancezinhaFrancesinhacaseira.JPGPortuguese foodHam cured with salt water,Linguiça, Raw sausage (chipolata), steak, and other roasted meat sandwiched in bread, sprinkled with melt cheese, and sprinkled with hot and thick tomato and beer sauce.
(English editionPortugal
French dipFrench dip.jpgAmericaSlicedroast beefThebaguetteA warm sandwich with roast beef gravy as a dip sauce.
Fried brain sandwichBrain sandwiches.jpgAmericaFor sliced ​​bread(English editionSandwich sandwiched between.
Fruit sandwichFruits Sandwich.jpgworldwideA general term for sandwiches sandwiched between fruits.The United States of AmericaThen,banana,FIG,pineappleWithmayonnaiseIt is generally seasoned with.
Fitera[21][22]MaltaMaltese traditional foodWith a sandwich[23], Tomato paste, tuna, capers, and red onions are sandwiched between rounded fitness lapin.
Root44 3 cropped.jpgA deli-type sandwich similar to hoggy, often sandwiched with french fries, and other ingredients such as masala-seasoned or charcoal-grilled meat (chicken, etc.)Bologna sausageThere are seafood such as polonies, wiener sausages, and squids.
(English editionSt. Louis, MO (4171227988) .jpgAmericaSt. Louis
(English editionGuajolota.jpgMexico(Mexico City)
GyropitaPita giros.JPGGreek food
Harhersler or (English editionBolletje met chocoladevlokken.jpg NetherlandsPlace chocolate sprinkles or flakes in buttered bread.
Ham sandwichKanapki (1) .JPGServe with cheese or salad.As a condiment, add mustard, mayonnaise and pickles.
Ham cheese sandwichGrilled ham and cheese 014.JPGHam and sliced ​​cheese are used.Lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise will be added.
Ham & cheese & lettuce sandwichLettuce sandwich with smoked ham & sliced ​​cheeze IMGP7261sml2.jpgJapanconvenience storeIt is sold at each store of.Lettuce is grown outdoors or in a house,Plant factorySome are made of.
(English editionChinesepastry HamandEgg.jpgHong Kong food(Chinese versionPlace a sheet of sliced ​​canned ham and roasted egg in a van.
HamburgerNCI Visuals Food Hamburger.jpgGermany(Hamburg)A sandwich with minced beef patties sandwiched between round breads, often with vegetables and sauces, and recipes other than minced beef.
AustraliaA hot dog with fried beef patty, served with chili con carne, french fries and fried egg.
(English editionRealHorseshoesandwich.jpgAmericaIllinoisSpring fieldAn open sandwich with meat on top of thickly sliced ​​and baked bread, French fries, and cheese sauce.Meat is generally hamburger patties and ham, but fried pork tenderloin, roasted (or fried) chicken breast, and fried fish may also be used.
Hot brownHot Brown Kurtz.jpgAmerica (KentuckyLouisville)[24]Place turkey or bacon on a piece of bread Mornay sauceBake in the oven.
Hot chicken sandwichHotChickenwFries.jpgCanadaQuebecRoughly sliced ​​chicken sandwiched between two slices of bread and sprinkled with gravy.
Hot dogNCI Visuals Food Hot Dog.jpgAmericaFrankfurt sausage in two oval rolls or bunsRelishSandwiches with scissors, ketchup and mustard.
Hot turkey[25][26][27]Dinner at Friendlys Restaurant Hot open turkey sandwich.jpgAmericaIt is a sandwich with sliced ​​turkey on white bread soaked in turkey gravy, and is often served with mashed potatoes.(English editionMay be served in a formal restaurant.
(English editionIceCreamSandwich.jpgAmericaA sandwich with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between thin chocolate biscuits (which may be cookies or cakes).
Italian beefItalianBeef.jpgAmerica (IllinoisChicago)Thinly sliced ​​flavorroast beef Sandwiches sandwiched between Italian rolls, often pickled peppers such as Giardiniera and sweetPeperonciniIs used.
[28]Italiano sandwich 01.jpgチリIt is a kind of sandwich topping combination, and is likened to the Italian flag with tomato, mayonnaise and avocado.
(English editionFig jam.jpgBritish foodA sandwich with buttered bread and jam (traditional one is strawberry jam).Lunch, light meals, breakfastHigh teaIt can be eaten at that time.
(French versionBaguette sandwich.jpgFranceAlso known as Parisien.Ham sandwiched between buttered French bread, it is the most popular sandwich in France.
JibaritoJibarito.jpgAmerican foodMeat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes seasoned with garlic-flavored mayonnaise, flattened and friedPlantainIt is sandwiched between (a kind of banana).
Juicy lucyJucyLucyMatt's Minneapolis.jpgAmerica (MinnesotaMinneapolis)A variant of cheeseburger with cheese inside the meat patties.
Katsu sandwichKatsuSando6515.jpgJapanTonkatsuSandwich sandwiched between.
KokoretsiKokoreç (6377124455) .jpgUse cooked offal such as sheep and goat intestines.
(English edition2018-10-25-Kottenbutter-1064.jpgGermanyRoasted pork sausage (Kottenwurst),onion ring, Mustard sandwiched over buttered brown bread.
Lever case semmelLeberkäses emmel.jpgGermanyBavariaMinced meat and spices were mixed and heatedLevercaseA sandwich sandwiched between Kaiser rolls.
(English editionShanghai lettuce wraps from Auburn Alehouse.JPGA sandwich with only lettuce.It may also indicate a sandwich that uses lettuce instead of buns.[29]..Similar to the latter,Mos BurgerThere is a product called "Moss's vegetable picking"[30].
Cheese limburger edit.jpgrye breadLimburgerSandwich using.
(English editionLobster Roll at the Lobster Claw, Bar Harbor.jpgNortheastern United StatesSandwich sandwiched between lobster-baked bread and buns for heated hot dogs[31]..日本のスポーツ紙・Japanese sports newspaperNikkan Sportsaccording to,(English editionSeasoning with mayonnaise is said to have originated in Maine, while the store in Milford, Connecticut was started in 1929.[31].
Rocks sandwichLox sandwich --01.jpgAmericabagelToRocksCream cheese, Sliced ​​onion, tomato and caper.
Luther BurgerPerfect luther burger.JPGAmericaBunsGlaze instead ofdonutHamburgers and cheeseburgers made in.
MarmiteMarmite Jars.jpgUnited KingdomMade from brewer's yeastMarmiteSandwich with spread.
Martino[32]Belgian foodA sandwich using steak tartare with Worcestershire sauce, pickles, onions, peppers, and Martino sauce as ingredients.
meatballMmm ... Meatball sammich with asiago cheese (5193796566) .jpgAmericaA sandwich of meatballs seasoned with marinara sauce and melted Parmesan cheese sandwiched between long breads.
(English editionSandwich de Medianoche.jpgCubaA sandwich of sweet bread with roast pork, ham, mustard, Swiss cheese and dill pickles.
(English editionMitraillette.JPGBelgiumFrench fries and fried meat with sauce and sandwiched between Demi baguettes.
Melt sandwichTuna melt sandwich with fries.jpgAmericaA general term for sandwiches in which cheese is placed on top of stuffing, sandwiched, and baked or fried until the cheese melts.
Mett brochenMettbroetchen.jpgGermanyOn sliced ​​breadMetIn sandwiches, raw onions that are sliced ​​into slices or cut into dice are often used as a garnish.
(English editionMollete.jpgSpain, MexicoIn Mexico, it is a sandwich made by adding salsa, ham, bacon, etc. to melted cheese and beans.
Montarito[33][34]Montadito de Salmón.jpgSpain
Monte Cristo SandwichMonte Cristo Sandwich.jpgAmericaSliced ​​ham and cheese (Emmental or Gruyere cheeseIs often used)French toastA sandwich baked with butter on top of it.In some areas, it is sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with jelly or jam.In New England, it is served flavored with sugar grains and French mustard.
(English editionSchwartz smoked meat montreal.JPGCanadian foodA sandwich of smoked brisket with mustard.Rye bread is usually used for buns.
(English editionMortadella sandwich 01.jpgItalian thick sausageMortadellaA sandwich with (Bologna sausage) sandwiched between them.
(English editionMother-in-Law Sandwich 01.jpgAmericaChicago style hot dog bunsTamaleA sandwich with chili sandwiched between them.
MuffulettaMuffaletta At Central Grocery, New Orleans.jpgAmericaMeat, cheese and olive salad sandwiched between round breadsNew OrleansIt is inItalian americanCommunity is said to be the birthplace.
Nan sandwichNaan burger, vegetarian.jpgPakistani foodIn NanbeefSandwiched between.
Open face sandwich[35][36]Open faced tuna sandwich with cherry tomato and guacamole spread.jpgNordicpizzaA sandwich with ingredients on a piece of bread.
(English editionPambazosDF.JPGMexican foodFill the special bread with potatoes and chorizo,GuajilloSandwich with sauce.
(English editionPan-bagnat 1.jpgFrench cuisineRound bread (or(English edition) And nice salad (Nicoise salad) Sandwich[37].
PaniniItalian Sandwich.jpegItalyItalyThen.sandwichIs a term for sandwiches made from whole bread, and Italians say sliced ​​bread sandwichessandwichI call it.アメリカ合衆国とWith the United StatesUnited KingdomCanadaThen,paniniThe word means "panini presses", which refers to sandwiches that have been pressed for a long time and baked.
Pastrami on ryePastrami-Sandwich.JPGAmericaJewish style in New YorkdelicatessenA representative dish.rye breadToPastramiSpicy brownmustardTurn on.
(English editionFlickr pointnshoot 642959103--Patty melt.jpgAmericaA sandwich with hamburger patties, cooked onions and cheddar cheese (or Swiss cheese) sandwiched between two pieces of bread.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich(PB & J)Peanut-Butter-Jelly-Sandwich.jpgAmericaA sandwich with peanut butter and jam (jelly).
(English editionEl pebete de jamón y queso con tomate que desayuné esta mañana. (10102847543) .jpgArgentineAn Argentinean sandwich stuffed with cheese, meat, tomatoes and mayonnaise.Pebete in the narrow sense refers to the round buns used in this sandwich.
Pimento cheeseSouthern United States
(English editionAmerican food
(English editionPljeskavica sandwich.jpgBalkan PeninsulaPljeskavica is common in the BalkanshamburgerIt's a dish, a sandwich with pieskavica sandwiched between bread.
(English editionPloughmans lunch.jpgBritish food
PoboyShrimppoboy.jpgAmericaFried seafood or roast beef sandwiched between hard crust bread.
(English editionPolish boy.jpgAmerica (OhioCleveland)(English edition(Polish sausage), french fries,BBQ sauce(Or hot sauce),coleslawIs sandwiched between buns.
(English editionPorilainen.jpgFinlandA sandwich of white bread with half-inch thick sausages, usually red or sweet onion squares, pickled slices, ketchup, mustard, and sometimes mayonnaise.
(English editionPorkchopbun.jpgChina(Macau)Very crispy on the outside and very soft on the insideBunsFreshly fried(English editionIs sandwiched between.A popular dish in Macau.
Pork tenderloin sandwich.JPGAmericaA sandwich sandwiched between fried thin pork tenderloin.
(English editionPrawn roll.jpgAustralian foodShrimp sandwich.
Primanti Bros at PNC Park.jpgPennsylvania, USAPittsburghA sandwich with meat, french fries, coleslaw, tomatoes, etc. sandwiched between Italian breads.
Prosparity sandwichHot Brown Kurtz.jpgAmerica (St. Louis)Ham or turkey meat on bread and melted cheese.Bacon and tomatoes may be included in the ingredients.Also known as: Hot Brown.
Puzzy pie[38]America
Pulled porkPulled pork BBQ sandwich.jpgSouthern United States豚 肉Slowly cooked at low temperature until it becomes easy to loosen (unravel = pull)barbecueA type of food.Depending on the regionBBQ saucevinegarOrmayonnaiseMixed withcoleslawAfter topping, put it in bread.
Rice burgerMOS rice burger (cropped) .JPGJapanA hamburger that uses rice for the buns.
Reuben sandwichKatz's Deli --Lunch.jpgAmericaSandwich corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese in rye bread,Russian dressingAnd Thousand Island dressing topped and grilled.
Roast beef sandwichArbysbeefandfries.JPGGlobalroast beefAs an ingredient.There are many types depending on the region.
Roti johnRoti John --served.jpgMalaysian foodThe basic ingredients are eggs, chopped onions,Sambar, Salt and pepper.Cover the omelet that cannot be cooked with bread and bake it.There are many types such as canned sardines, chicken, beef, and mutton.Serve with mayonnaise, chili sauce and cheese.
Rou Jia MoRoujiamo.jpgChugokuBoiled pork wrapped in mo (steamed white bread)[39]Also known as a Chinese hamburger.
LanzaRunza 01.jpgAmericaMinced meat and cabbage wrapped in bread dough and baked in the oven.RussianPiroshkiIs the prototype.NebraskaFamous for its popularity among Russian and German immigrants[40].
(English edition2015 0629 Sailor at NYD.jpgAmerica (VirginiaRichmond)BakedPastrami(English editionA sandwich sandwiched between live red and Swiss cheese melted in (a type of sausage) and hot mustard.[41].
Salmon burgerSalmon burger.jpgAmericaPattysalmonHamburger using
(English editionSandwichLoaf4.jpgAmericaA variant of layer cake.
(English editionSandwiches de Miga.jpgArgentine
Salt beef bagelSalt beef bagel.jpgUnited Kingdom
Sausage sandwichItalian Sausage Sandwich.jpgUnited Kingdom, GermanyA sandwich with sausage sandwiched between them.
ShawarmaFlickr --cyclonebill --Shawarma (1) .jpgLevernt regionBeef, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, on flat breadShiba hemp sauceA sandwich wrapped in and baked.
sliderDungeness crab and shrimp cake sliders (Los Gatos Brewing Company) .jpgAmericaA mini hamburger with a diameter of about 3 cm.
Sloppy joeSloppy Joe "homemade" .jpgAmericaRound buns with minced meat (mainly beef) and tomato sauce.
(English editionMillburn Deli Sloppy Joes.jpgAmericaMeat such as turkey, ham, pastrami and corned beef, Swiss cheese and coleslaw seasoned with Russian dressing sandwiched between rye bread.
SmobroSmørrebrød at Kastrup IMG 8275 C.JPGDenmarkAn open sandwich with buttered black rye bread topped with cold cuts, meat, fish, cheese and spreads.
Sun above GudhjemSlonce nad Gudhjem --Sol over Gudhjem.jpgDenmark
SouvlakiSouvlaki sandwich.jpgGreece
Speedy sandwichChicken Spiedie.jpgAmericaA sandwich made by skewering seasoned meat and sandwiching it in bread.Chicken, pork, mutton, beef (or veal), venison, etc. are used as meat.
St. Paul SandwichSTP Sandwich 004.jpgSt. LouisChinese style with chopped bean sprouts and onionsOmelette(Omelette), Dill pickles, white onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and sandwiched between mayonnaise-coated bread.
Steak bombAmerica
Steak burgerSteak burger with cheese and onion rings.jpgA hamburger-style sandwich using steak.For meat, cut steak is placed on it, or rough meat is molded into the shape of a steak and used by baking.The composition is similar to a hamburger, but the seasoning is often steak-like with gravy sauce.Fried onions and french fries that accompany the steak may also be sandwiched.
(English editionCheese steak sandwich.jpgAmericaA classic menu from American diners.It is sandwiched between cut and sliced ​​grilled steak and bread with grilled onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.If you like, you can add cheese or pickled green pepper and season with gravy sauce.
Submarine sandwichHoagie Hero Sub Sandwich.jpgAmericaA general term for sandwiches sandwiched between French bread or Italian rolls, with a wide variety of ingredients.ファーストフードチェーン店・Fast food chain storeSubwayMakes this type of sandwich its main product.
(English editionMaid-Rite loose meat sandwich.jpgAmericaUnseasoned(English editionSauteA sandwich made from a mixture of fresh onions and sandwiched between buns, sometimes with pickles, ketchup and mustard.Common in Iowa.
(English editionFlickr bitboy 204619671--Cucumber sandwiches with tea.jpgUnited KingdomSharpened ears, slightly buttered bread, cream cheese (or mixture with mayonnaise), radishes, cucumbers, asparagus orWatercressBread sandwiched between.Ham with pimento cheese and mustard,smoked salmon, Fruit jam, chicken-flavored curry, and egg salad are sometimes used as ingredients.
TLT (Tempeh, Lettuce, and Tomato)[42][43][44]TLT sandwich.jpgAmericaTempeh is used instead of bacon, which is a vegan version of BLT.
Toast sandwichAn image of a toast sandwich, shot from the side.jpgUnited KingdomTwo thinly sliced ​​toasts coated with butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper.
(English editionToast Hawaii RZ.jpgGermanyPlace thinly sliced ​​ham on toast, and cheese, pineapple, on top.Maraschino cherryPut on.
ToastyToastie-cut-and-seal.jpgー ッ ト サ ン ド ド メ ー カ ーToast baked in.
Tofu sandwich[45][46]Tofu sandwich.jpgAmericaInstead of meattofuSandwich sandwiched between.
Tomato sandwichFresh tomato sandwich.jpgAmerica
Tan toastBeef tongue and eggs.jpgSauteedOx tongueScrambled eggsOpen sandwich on bread[47][48].
Torta (CakeTortamex.jpgMexicoMayonnaise on bread such as bolilloRefried BeansSliced ​​meat and cheese, vegetables (mostly tomatoes, onions and avocados), jalapeno and chipotle pickles.It may be sprinkled instead of sandwiched, or it may be baked with butter that has both sides melted while sandwiched.
(English editionTorta ahogada.jpgGuadalajara (Mexico)BolilloBread called Birote, which is similar toCommon bean, Sandwich with cheese etc.パンは辛いトマトやBread is spicy tomatoesArbolIt is often eaten by dipping it in a sauce made from, and sliced ​​onion pickles are used as toppings.
(English editionTramezzino 01.jpgItalyA sandwich with tuna, olives, prosciutto, etc. sandwiched between white bread that has been cut into triangles with its ears sharpened.Often served at bars.
Triplet[49][50][51]プ エ ル ト リ コbeef(Churrasco or Dice steak) And pork (en: pernil) And other three meat sandwiches[52]..There are many varieties, and the toppings are fried potatoes, thinly sliced ​​cabbage and lettuce, onions, tomatoes, etc.Pickled cucumber, Swiss cheese, etc., and seasoningsmustardIn addition to ketchup, mayonnaise, etc., there are also "secret sauces" that differ depending on the creator.
Tuna sandwichTuna olive and avocado sandwich.jpgAmericaTuna saladSandwich with ingredients.Variants include tuna boat and tuna melt.
Vada pavJumbo Vada Pav (dodged) .jpgIndian cuisineChickpeaSandwich with potatoes fried in powder[53]
VegemiteVegemiteontoast large.jpgAustralian foodBeer yeastSpread made fromVegemiteIs spread on bread and sandwiched with vegetables and spices.ベジマイトはサンドイッチ以外にもBesides sandwiches, vegemiteToast,Crumpet,cracker, May be used as a stuffing for confectionery
Vegetable sandwichVegetable sandwich.jpgVegetablesA general term for sandwiches that use as an ingredient.
Welsh rarebitJielbeaumadier welsh 2010.jpgBritish foodIt is a dish in which hot melted cheese sauce is placed on thinly sliced ​​toast (sometimes cut into small pieces and baked without slicing), and is sometimes called cheese toast.Hot cheese sauce may be served in a separate bowl from the toast.
Wrap20111012-FNCS-LSC-0225 --Flickr --USDAgov.jpgFlat breadIt is a sandwich with the ingredients wrapped tightly with (Matahatrtilla) and the bottom folded, and the ingredients are various.
Bratwurst (Sausage bread)Sandwich wurstbrot-wurstbroetchen 2871.JPGGerman foodA sandwich with thinly sliced ​​lunch meat and sausage, which is common in Germany.It may also be buttered.
Yakisoba breadYakisobapan 001.jpgJapanHot dog bunToFried noodlesThe one that sandwiches.Cucumberpickles,Red pickled gingerAnd mayonnaise may be topped.
(English editionZapiekanka 3..jpgPolandBread such as baguettes halved with mushrooms, cheese, ham and other meats, and vegetables.


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  1. ^ In the Japanese-speaking world, there is also the name donkey meat sandwich.[18]


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