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📝 | "Aiba Manabu" [Asparagus Soboro Don] Once you make it, you will definitely repeat it!The brain is filled with this taste ...

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"Aiba Manabu" [Asparagus Soboro Don] Once you make it, you will definitely repeat it!The brain is filled with this taste ...

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Serve on rice and put a soft-boiled egg on it and you're done!

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Soft-boiled eggs

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Soft-boiled eggs,Soft-boiled egg(Han Juku Egg)Chicken eggs,QuailOf the cooked dishes such as eggs, boiled hardBoiled eggComplete likecoagulationRefers to something that keeps soft[1].


The old usage isEgg whiteThe part is in a coagulated state,egg yolkPart is a word that refers to a semi-coagulated boiled egg[2]..However, in recent yearsHot spring eggIs increasing as an example of writing and expressing a soft-boiled egg.Standing soba shop,beef bowlEgg whites are softer than egg yolks for products sold under the name "soft-boiled egg" at restaurants such as chains.[3]It is often a hot spring egg.Also, not only boiled eggs but also semi-solidOmeletteAnd egg binding,Poached eggThe term soft-boiled egg is sometimes used to refer to such things, and the current situation is that it is no longer necessarily a term used only for boiled eggs.


shellThe cooking process of the soft-boiled egg is almost the same as that of a hard-boiled egg, but the boiling time must be shortened so that the yolk does not harden.As an example[Original research?]For general M to L size chicken eggs, put the chicken eggs in hot water at about 80 ° C, boil them, boil them for about 7 minutes, turn off the heat and leave them for about 30 seconds, then put them in cold water for 2 to 3 minutes. If you put it on, it will become a soft-boiled egg.Boil and then put in cold water to prevent excessive heat from being applied to the yolk and between the eggshell membrane and the egg white.Water dropletsThis is to prevent the two from sticking to each other and make it easier to peel the shell.The soft-boiled egg seasonedSoft-boiled eggSometimes called.

RamenIf you drop the raw egg and add hot water, the white meat will harden at the time of completion and it will be in a so-called soft-boiled state.[4]..These take advantage of the fact that egg yolk takes longer to coagulate than egg white.

Cooking requires an understanding of the general properties of eggs and some skill, and in school educationHome economicsAdopted in class[5],Heat transfer engineeringIt may be studied from the standpoint of[2]..Patents may be obtained for excellent cooking methods in terms of cooking time and heating temperature.[6].

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Contrary to the general soft-boiled egg, the egg heated so that the egg white is softer than the yolk is "Hot spring eggIs called[2]..In the case of semi-ripe eggs, the yolk is heated before the yolk is completely coagulated by utilizing the phenomenon that the yolk is heated earlier in consideration of the time difference in heat conduction to the inside of the egg. Taking advantage of the fact that the temperature at which heat coagulation occurs in hot spring eggs is lower in yolk, it is slowly heated at an intermediate temperature between the temperature at which the yolk coagulates and the temperature at which the yolk coagulates.

Hot water"Poached eggs" and "poached eggs" are the dishes that are cooked by directly inserting raw eggs into the egg.Poached eggIs called.Also, insert it into a special container (egg codler).Hot waterThe one heated in "Kodordo Egg",CocotteThe food that you put in the oven and heat in the oven is "Shirred eggs".

Form and use

Cut the shelled soft-boiled egg in half vertically and cut it in half.Ramen,saladIt is often associated with such things.Especially for ramen, since Kasai's ramen shops adopted soft-boiled eggs that are served at restaurants, the number of shops that imitate this has increased, and around 2000, the majority of popular ramen shops will offer soft-boiled eggs. It is said that[7].

Soft-boiled egg with shell in FrenchBuddha: Boiled egg) And soft-boiled egg without shell (Buddha: Poched egg)[8]..Put a round crack in the upper pointed part with a special egg breaking machine, and put it thereknifeMay be added to make the yolk visible.In EnglandToastAnd choppedPlain breadThere is a way to eat it by dipping it in the yolk of a soft-boiled egg.


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