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🍴 | Matsuko's "How to eat egg over rice" is the best ... Here are 4 selections you want to imitate


Matsuko's "How to eat egg over rice" is the best ... Here are 4 selections you want to imitate

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The last is "fried egg rice," which is often made at home by gal Sone, a big-eating talent.

["TKG" has infinite potential.The arrangement that was really delicious among the things that the editorial staff actually ate ... → Continue reading


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Gal Sone

Gal Sone(Gal Sone, real name: Natsuko Meijo <Natsuko Nashiro, maiden name: Sone> 1985/<Showa 60>12/4 -) is Japanesetalent,foodcommentator.Watanabe EntertainmentBelongs.KyotoMaizuruI'm from Mother of one son and one daughter.


Maizuru City Meirin Elementary School,Maizuru City Jonan Junior High School,Kyoto Prefectural Nishi Maizuru High SchoolAfter graduating from Japan Cooking Confectionery College Cooking Department[2]do itCooksI have a license.

2005/10 OfTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.of"The originator! Desperate KingThe result was 6th place, but he showed a presence with "freedom to eat regardless of winning" (By the way, the weight at that time was 45 kg). [3]. after that,2006/"The originator! The big eating queen deciding match The new bomb queen birth match",2007/Win the "Ganso! The Gluttonous King Decisive Battle New Explosive Queen Limit Death Fight Edition" etc. Although he appeared in the program as his real name, "Natsuko Sone",Nakamura volunteersNamed byGalWith the nickname "Sone", he gathered his attention and then moved to Tokyo to begin full-scale activities.

OtherNippon TVof"Radical","Big smile", and also gluttonousGiant Shirata (Nobuyuki Shirata)I'm eating big. at firstAmateur, But in 2006 the entertainment officeWatanabe EntertainmentContract withentertainerStarted the activity as.

2007/4ToNozomi Tsuji,Tomi AmiWithSeneAsShiho FujitaProduced byFlippingGal Unit "GaluruHowever, the leader Tsuji withdrew halfway due to pregnancy and Sone became the second leader. 2 "Japanese New Language/Buzzword Award“Glutton” wins the top ten and becomes a winner[4].

2008/When he published his book on Sone, Sone thinks, "My weapon is only eating a lot of talent. It's not enough to keep a talent for a long time." Soon after, Sone began to focus not only on eating large amounts, but also on appealing all work related to food, and began to put effort into eating, communicating comments, and cooking to convey deliciousness.[3].

2011/On July 7thMomo Tours, Etc., 9 years olderDirectorIsMeijo LolitaMarry[5][6].. "August 8 broadcast"Momo ToursSone guest-starred in "and co-starred.

2012/He gave birth to his first boy in November.2015/Announced second child pregnancy on September 9[7],2016/Birth of a second baby girl in January[8].



  • Family is father, mother, older sister[9], Younger brother, 3 years younger[10][11]There is.His father made his mistress when he was in the third grade of elementary school, and he ran away with the money of the company he ran and disappeared.[12]..Her mother is an elementary school teacher[12]So, how to hold chopsticks was difficult to discipline[13]. My sister is a midwife[14]. According to Sone,Kimura TaeI feel like I made him a commoner."[14]. Mother and sister have appeared on TV shows several times[15][16]..Since his father ran an architectural company, his childhood residence was a wealthy life, including hiring a housekeeper in a 10LDK mansion.[12].


  • With my younger brother in elementary schooljudoIn junior high schoolæ°´ æ³³Have also learned[17]. Besides this,Piano,English ClassesWas also learning[18]. During junior high school, she joined the track and field club with her sister andCitizenmarathon(Particularly rice bales and food prizes competitions) took the first and second place with their sisters. For this reason, it was nicknamed the citizen marathon vandalism among the local citizen marathon regulars.[19].


  • Gluttony is inherited from my family (my mother ate as well as Sone when she was young)[13]Since my childhood, I was blessed with a large amount of food and my family eats a lot.[20]..My father was the president of the construction industry locally and his family lived affluently, but when Sone was in the third grade of elementary school, his father failed in business and went bankrupt, and he was in debt.Father leaves home with grandparents[20], The family was forced to live a simple life, such as letting go of the mansion[20]However, my mother's food is still large, and when I invited my partner to my house in high school and had a meal with my family, my mother said, "Boys will eat a lot".hamburgerI enjoyed a large amount of meals such as 7[20].. The mother called "red rice" was cooked with ketchup sauce from raw rice.PaellaBoiled rice[20]Is.When I was in the third grade of elementary school, I was eating 3 bowls of rice[21].
  • After marriage, I have children, so I cook three meals, and basically I cook by myself except for work.[22].. The favorite menu for childrenChawan-mushi(Savory egg custard)And is handmade by itself[23].
  • He also made a diet meal for his husband and succeeded in dieting.[24][25].

Himeji resident age, Tokyo life relations

  • After going through high school in Kyoto,HyogoHimejiGraduated from Japan Cooking Confectionery College in Japan[26].
  • I lived in Himeji City until the summer of 2007, TokyoIs my main workplace, and I do not return to Himeji because I am busy with work, so I live in my parents' house and Tokyo.friendAt home (I also had clothes for clothes)Internet cafeI often stayed there and slept there. So I moved to Tokyo that summer. The place I used to go to during the Himeji era was in KyotoKawaramachiIt was a neighborhood[27].
  • When I lived in Himeji, I wanted to eat a lot while saving food costs,Bean sproutsI bought and consumed a large amount of.Sushi ShopIf you have a meeting with office staff, don't hesitate to ask ToroSea urchinI ordered a large amount of high quality material and completed the meal[27].
  • After moving to Tokyo,WalletNever carry aroundChallenge menuHave a meal at the storePrize moneyEarn, meals forever freecardWas acquired and used.I started eating better quality food than before[27].
  • I heard a lot of foodRyuhei UeshimaAfter co-starring in the program, I was taken to a meal and ate ramen with 5 kg of noodles.Ueshima was surprised when he saw a lot of food and said, "There is a great child. I can't see it if I'm the only one."Kazuhiro YasudaとHiroyuki AriyoshiCalled.At the edge at this timeAriyoshi seminarI came to appear in.

Body story

  • 2007/7/17Broadcast of "Radical』In the stomachRadiographWas released in the absence of the person himself. The size is not so different from that of ordinary people in normal times (July 7,Legal counseling serviceHowever, the same person said), when eating heavily, it was swelled so much that it seemed that only the entire stomach was visible (when other organs were pushed toward the back)Nishikawa FumikoWas explained). The appearance at that time seems to be reflected several times in the big eating confrontation corner of the same programPregnant womanIt looks like this. Broadcast on September 2007, 9 "All-Star Thanksgiving』, There is a plan to" how big the waist will be if you eat for 30 minutes ", the waist before meals was about 63 cm (measured from the top of clothes), while after meals 83 cm and 20 cm Was also increasing[27].
  • Intestinal bacteriaAnd found that 50% or moreBifidobacteriaWere found to be occupied (average 10%-15% for general women). Even if you eatBlood glucose levelDoes not increase, so the satiety center is not stimulated (that is, fullness does not appear even if eaten), normal people sleepmetabolismLess,ThermographyAccording to a survey by the researchers, it is close to the same state where physical activity is occurring despite sleeping, and other characteristics are mentioned. The doctor who actually tested the sugar testified that it was "a very rare case as a doctor who has been involved in medical treatment for nearly 50 years." From the doctorstomachThe mouth (pylorus) is wider than that of ordinary people, and the food that you eat is pushed out into the duodenum one after another, so you can eat as many as you want without feeling full."[28]. Have been pointed out to be suspected of malabsorption syndrome[29]. By the way, this peculiar constitution is easy to consume energy, and the bowel movement is 1 times a day, and the person himself commented that it is not eco-friendly at all.[3].
  • On August 2007, 8, a fracture of the right buttock was discovered.Because it was mild, I left it to natural healing. Broadcast on September 28, 2008, "Final Warning! Takeshi's Really Scary Home Medicine(ABC) also told this[30].
  • @Peps! which is taking a questionnaire to high school girls, Rankin is ranked by female entertainer No. 1 (Peanest research) who wants to see Suppin once[31].
  • My husband once said that my face was 0, but later I said that I had 40.[32].
  • About the appearance of himselfYoichi Warm WaterIt has been revealed in many TV programs as being similar to.
  • Publicity photoHasn't updated since he was single,Loveit!』Often," change the material (photo) quickly ", MC'sAkira KawashimaManzai enters from.

Gluttonous confrontation, competition relations

  • There is a weakness that you get tired of the taste if there is no side dish. Eat desserts such as ice cream and almond tofu to change the taste. I knew thatMasanori HamadaWhen I co-starred on the programChaserYou can ask me."ThailandHave also won the big eating contest[33].
  • 2005/10/23In the broadcast "Ganso! Gourmet King Decision Battle"Plain breadIn the gluttony showdown,jamUsed a large amount of bread and used 7kg or more of jam to eat 2.33 loaves of bread = 1kg (バ タ ー, It was a good rule to put jam, etc., but it is a rule that the weight is not counted). In this match, he survived in the last frame, but the difference with the bottom that loses was only 6 g.[34].
  • In the soba confrontation on the same program, I got tired of soba at the end of the competition,tempuraI ate only and lost the game (similar to bread, soba noodlesColanderOnly the number of is counted, tempura was out of the competition)[34].
  • 2008/3/30The flavor of coconut, which is not good at the big eating queen deciding match of the broadcast, is strongFried ShrimpI was not able to eat as I thought, I was defeated by the difference in grams in the semifinal steak showdown, and each wept[35].
  • It is said that the weakness of the jaw power is the weak point, and in battles where the jaw power is more demanded, it may be forced to be inferior.[36].
  • 2008/8/3ToNippon TVBroadcasted in seriesItte Q to the end of the world!』Planning,YonesukeとNew ZealandGo to and bigger than the Japanese oneeelI tried to eat. Of the "rare beast hunter"Imoto AyakoMeet with the localFishermanWith the cooperation ofThree dango brothersWas called "the three eel brothers")Japanese cuisineBring it to the store,White baked,tempura,Kabayaki,No moreI ate up all the 3 animals cooked in the same place (Imoto was not there because I withdrew it when the fishing was finished)[37].


  • In the same female food fighterTomoko MiyakeGood friends with[38].
  • Yuko OguraIs a close friend, and she describes her as a "friend who can be associated with the whole family."Immediately after Yuko Ogura divorced her first husband, she met 1 times a week (weekday day and night).At that time, Sone had a very strong dislike of infidelity as to why such unreasonable things happened.[39].
  • Coincidentally in the hospitalYoko KumadaKumada, who was approaching the end of the month, said that he was giving advice on childbirth.


Part-time job

  • McDonald's when I was a student[43]Ya Izakaya (around 2004)[44]Was working at.

Longing person


  • I'm from Kyoto,Kansai dialectIs not used. Decided to use standard language with the conversion of talent[46].



Current appearance program

Past appearance programs

  • The originator! Desperate King(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)
    • -Shinshu/Joetsu edition (November 2005, 11) 6th place
    • New Bomb Queen Queen Battle-Okinawa edition (April 2006, 4) Wins. Become the first queen of bombs.
    • Hokkai Autumn Season Bombing Battle-Hokkaido Edition (October 2006, 10) 1rd place
    • Gal Sone vs New Monsters: The Explosive Queen's Limit Deathmatch Edition-Hawaii Edition (April 2007, 4)RamenCompleted 16 cups and achieved consecutive victory.
    • 2007th place in the battle for the summit of blast-Bali (September 9, 30)
    • Overthrow Gal Sone! Bakushoku Sengoku Emaki-Hawaii Edition (March 2008, 3) 30th place
    • Counter by country! Although he played against the Japanese national team in the world's best eating deciding match (January 2015, 1), he was defeated by an American man in the first match against the United States.
  • Industry Quiz Mini Kite!(Chukyo TV, October 2007, 10-December 6, 2008)
  • Radical(NTV, October 2008, 10-March 1, 2009)-Wednesday corner
  • Reminder DON!(NTV, March 2009, 3-March 30, 2010)-Monday planning (irregular)
  • Pekan TV(Tokai TV, 2009-2011)-"Explosive Peloli Road" corner (irregular)
  • Masahiro Nakai's news meeting(TV Asahi, March 2020, 3-October 7) -Cooking corner (irregular)
  • (December 2021, 2,NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station)
  • Good luck!(TBS, October 2020, 9-September 30[48]) --In charge of the crown corner "Try it for lunch today! Gal Sone Arrange Lunch!"
  • Suddenly, is it okay to fortune?2 hours SP (September 2021, 11,Fuji Television Network, Inc)
  • Happy! Bombie Girl(Nippon TV, 2014-2021) "Cooking without Bomby Appointment!" → "Youth" Bomby Club Activity Meshi "‼" corner appearance (irregular)

Web tv



  • Call center lover Episode 6 (TV Asahi, August 2009, 8)-Mari Haraguchi
  • Special drama Big 007(April 2010, 4, Nippon Television)-The role of Kaori




  • Strange food hunter(By Masayuki Yamamoto) Appeared on the 49th "Tower Burger" and 50th "Monster BIG Burger". Included in the 3 volumes of the book.



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