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🍽 | Speaking of egg dishes in Nara prefecture, here! May 5nd is "Egg Cooking Day" [What day is Nara Prefecture today]


Speaking of egg dishes in Nara prefecture, here! May 5nd is "Egg Cooking Day" [What day is Nara Prefecture today]

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If you stop by Kintetsu Nara Station, be sure to check it out!

May 5nd is "Egg Cooking Day" Speaking of egg cooking in Nara Prefecture, here! [What day is it today in Nara Prefecture] May 22nd is ... → Continue reading


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Kintetsu Nara Station

Kintetsu Nara Station
Wiring diagram
↑Shin-Omiya Station
KRWgl + lKRWgr + r
KRW + lKRWgrKRWglKRW + r
STR + BSlr
STR + BSlr
STR + BSlr
ENDEe + BSelSTR + BSlrSTR + BSlrSTR + BSlr

Kintetsu Nara Station(Kintetsu Naraiki) isNaraNaraLocated in Higashimuchu-choKinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu)Nara Line OfstationAnd the end point of the same line.It is a station with a stationmaster.駅番号はThe station number isA28..It is the actual central station of Nara City.


1914/(Taisho 3) Opened on April 4[2].. It was initially set up as a temporary station in Takama Town, Nara City because of difficulties in negotiations for getting into the city of Nara, but on July 7 of the same year to Higashi-Muko Town, Nara City as originally planned. The station was extended and the station was relocated[2].. From the ground station to the station since openingCombined trackHowever, because the combined track prevented the Nara line from speeding up and further motorization caused frequent automobile congestion near this station,Osaka ExpoSince 1968 (Showa 43), which was held ahead of time, underground construction was implemented as part of the city planning business in Nara city.[3].. The station was relocated to the basement and opened on December 1969, 44 (Showa 12). On the site of the old station, the Nara Kintetsu Building (Junzo Sakakura(Design) opened[3].

  • 1914/(Taisho3 years)
    • 4/30 - Osaka Electric OrbitUehonmachi-With the opening of this stationNara StationAs a temporary station[4].. The position is near the current high sky intersection[4].
    • 7/8 -Move from temporary station to main station[4](Existing in the current Omiya-dori west lane and the north section of the station building. At that time, Omiya-dori was only the current east lane to the west of Kintetsu Nara Station, and the current west lane to the east of Kintetsu Nara Station.) ..
  • 1928/(Showa3) December- Ouge Nara StationRenamed to[5].
  • 1930/(Showa 5) February-Set alighting home on the main line near Uehonmachi. Carrying out and getting off.
  • 1941/(16)3/15 -Established Kansai Express Railway (Osaka Electric Railroad and Sangukyu Electric Railway merged)[4].Kankyu Nara StationRenamed to[6].
  • 1944/(19)6/1 -Kinki Nippon Railway established (Kansai Express Railway and Nankai Railway merged, but Nankai Line re-separated later)[4].Kinki Nippon Nara StationRenamed to[6].
  • 1968/(43)2/3 - Yusaka -Start of underground line construction between the stations[3].
  • 1969/(44)12/9 -Underground[3].
  • 1970/(45)
    • 3/1 - Kintetsu Nara StationRenamed to[6].
    • 3/11 -Nara Kintetsu Building opens, inside the buildingNara HotelAnnex opens[7].
  • 1971/(46)4/1 --For commuter pass onlyAutomatic ticket gateInstall[8].
  • 1988/(63)3/18 -As the extension work for Lines 1 and 2 was completed (January 1st), 10 trains departing from and arriving at this station started full-scale operation[9].
  • 1991/(Heisei3 years)6/30 -Nara Hotel Annex in station building closed[10].
  • 2007/(19) April 4- PiTaPastart to use[11].

Station structure

Comb shapeHomeThis is the only underground station in Nara Prefecture with 4 lines and 4 lines. Ticket gates are provided in both east and west. The concourse is wide,School excursionIt is sometimes used as a raw meeting place. In recent years, using that space, Kintetsu's Nara station sales office (passenger information window), Nara City's sake brewing company, Nara Toyozawa Sake Brewery's standing brewery “Kuramoto Toyohatsu”, Italian Cafe “Cafe Chao Presso” (Operation isKintetsu Retailing), drugstoreKokminThere are stores such as.

1914/ OfOsaka Electric OrbitSince the opening of the next yearJapan World ExpositionHeld ahead of the event1969/Until the underground line was switched in December, it was an above-ground station located at the end of the combined track, centered on the section equivalent to the current bus terminal, and a comb-beam type platform and station building were installed.

Station buildingThe Nara Kintetsu Building is2009/It was completely renovated and the exterior of the building around the 1st floor and the whole building changed greatly. On the first floor is the Kintetsu Nara Station General Tourist Information Center operated by the Nara City Tourism Association. Upstairs,Kintetsu TourismGroup ofChinese foodShop "Hakuraku", Italian restaurant chain "Saizeriya"Japanese Red Cross Society OfBlood donationThe room etc. are occupying.

At the beginning of the station building, from the 6th floor to the 8th floor as a large tenantNara HotelThere was an annex, but due to problems with profitability1991/Withdrew in June. In addition, there was a history and tourism exhibition hall “” (formerly Nara History Class) on the 6rd and 3th floors, but it was determined as “not required” by the Nara City business sorting,2011/It closed in March.

2016/October 10, November of the same yearKasuga Grand ShrineThe concourse on the 1st basement floor, which was undergoing renewal work for the new year's ceremony, was put into service. The design concept is "nature and history of Nara, the ancient capital", and the history of Nara, which flourished at the end of the Silk Road, and the nature of Mt. Along with the renewal work of the concourseInformation signHas also been updated. Also, with the reopening of the concourse on the 1st basement floor, the station Naka Shopping Mall “Time's Place Nara”, which had only 5 stores, expanded to all 14 stores on the station premises, and was reopened on October 10 of the same year.[12].

Bus stop

Bus stoproutedestination
1 - 4A Nara Line
(B (Including direct trains on the Kyoto Line)
Osaka Namba-Kobe Sannomiya-京都-International Houseaspect[13]
Main landing chart by type
PlatformFor OsakaTo Kyoto
Limited expressRapid expressExpressSemi-express

Section semi-express

local trainLimited expressExpress
1-All dayAll dayAfter eveningEarly morning to evening--
2All day
3All day-Mostly in the eveningLate nightAll dayAll day


  • ホーム有効長は1・2番線が10両、3番線が8両、4番線が6両。4番ホームの行き止まりの先は扱い室がある為、8両編成分への延伸はできない。1・2番のりばの行き止まり寄り1両分 (◯ 1When,△ 1), ``Weekday morning rushKintetsu Namba-Kobe SannomiyaBehind the fastest express train in the direction (10-car train)Car 10) IsFemale-only car to Kintetsu Namba StationIs displayed.
  • Express trains depart mainly from Lines 3 and 4, and express trains and express trains in the Osaka area depart from Lines 1 and 2, but they are not always fixed. In addition, the number of departure and arrival lines is not constant for trains below semi-express[14].
  • Express trains in the direction of Kyoto mainly depart from Lines 3 and 4, but the departure and arrival lines change significantly on weekdays and weekends in the morning and evening.[14].. In addition, only one is set at night on weekdaysNittabeBound ordinary trains depart from Line 4[14].
  • There is a getting-off platform on lines 1, 2, and 3, but only line 4 is not provided.

Station facilities and sales

  • There is a station manager and this stationShin-Omiya StationIs managing[15].. In addition, the station manager room has an office[16].
  • PiTaPa-ICOCACorrespondingAutomatic ticket gateandAutomatic checkout machine(Ticket BookCorresponding to the charge of the card and IC card) is installed.
  • Both commuter tickets and limited express tickets can be purchased immediately with a dedicated vending machine and station window[16].
  • A manned shop operated by Kintetsu Retailing is located in the concourse on the 1st basement floor of the ticket gate (FamilyMartKintetsu Nara Station ticket gate shop)[16].

Usage situation

The number of passengers getting on and off per day in recent years is as follows.[17][18][19]..This station, including JR, is the only station in Nara prefecture with more than 30,000 passengers, and has the largest number of passengers in Nara prefecture.However, it is currently on a downward trend.

年度Specific dayDaily average
Boarding personnel
Survey dateBoarding and alighting personnel
2005/1108 days69,63335,089
2010/1109 days67,76134,295

Around the station

This station is essentially the central station of Nara City,JR West Japan OfNara StationCompared to Nara CityCity center,Nara ParkEasy access to major tourist destinations such as.It is about 900m in a straight line and about 1,100m on foot from the station, and it takes about 15 minutes on foot to move.As for the number of users, there are more users at this station than at JR Nara station.

Nara branches of entertainment facilities, commercial facilities and financial institutions gather in the vicinity, and many local residents visit them.

Main customers on weekdaysNara KotsuSoutheastern city and Kyoto prefecture through busKizugawa(Old Kamo TownCommuting and school attendees from a wide rangeOsaka areaLeadingBed townIt's a station. AlsoNara・Some customers use government offices such as national offices.

The south side is the face of the prefecture capital, Nara, a densely populated area of ​​entertainment facilities such as shopping,Nanto BankThere are many main branches of companies in the prefecture. When you leave the station westPeaceful Road, Konishi Dori, and if you go to the east, you will reach Touko Dori. If you go south to both, the main street of Nara city running east and west,Sanjo street(The station faces Noborioji and Omiya Dori).

To the east, tourist attractions including old shrines and temples,Nara ParkGoes up the slope to the east. Nara Prefectural Government District is also in this direction.

Head east on Sanjo-doriSarusawa PondWhen heading further south from Sanjo-doriNaramachiThe old townscape called "Koto" continues.

The north side is an old city area,Nara KitamachiIt is in the spotlight as a walking spot (Machikado Museum).Nara Women's UniversityIs located in this area.

North side of the station

South side of the station


Nara Transportation General Route

A uniform prepaid system is used in the city-completed system, and a numbered ticket postpaid system is used in the suburban direct system. Therefore, the boarding method may be different even at the same destination.

(*As of May 2021, 4)

System numberTransit pointdestinationRemarks
1nd stop(Circulation circulation,Nara Park-Todaiji Temple-Kasuga Grand Shrine・Takahata area)[N-3]
2・Midnight 2In front of Todaiji Great Buddha Hall/Kasuga Taisha Shrine → Takahata Town → Kiji Town → JR Nara Station directionCity circulation/outer circuit
6In front of Todaiji Buddha and Kasuga Taisha → Takahata Town → Kiji Town → Kintetsu Nara StationMiddle circulation/outer rotationOperates only in the morning and outside
15 ・ 72 ・ 87
In front of Todaiji Daibutsu and Kasuga Taisha ShrineTakahata Town160 lines operate only on weekday mornings
7 ・ 77 ・ 97Todaiji TempleKasuga Shrine main hall
2nd stop(Hannya-ji・Narasaka/Aoyama housing area)
27 ・ 81 ・ 118
Midnight 118
Imakoji/Hanjiraji TempleAoyama housing
3nd stop(Genkoji Temple・Shimoyama/Tenri area)
73Shimoyama/KashimotosharpIntegrated Development Center
44ShimoyamaSougami High SchoolTenri StationOperates only on weekdays
82Shimoyama/Kashimoto/Rest House Hospital
92Shimoyama / Ichinomoto / Rest House Outpatient Building / Rest House HospitalOperates only on weekdays
182Shimoyama / Nara Higashi Hospital / Rest House HospitalSaturday/holiday service
192Shimoyama / Nara Higashi Hospital / Rest House Outpatient Building / Rest House HospitalOperates only on weekdays
4nd stop(Hirooka/Yagyu/Tsukigase/Yamamura-cho/Fujiwaradai/For the sewer)
96Midorigaoka water purification plant, SugawaShimosa River
105Midorigaoka water purification plant, Sugawa, ShimosakawaHirooka
106Midorigaoka Water Purification Plant, Sugawa, Nara City Eastern Branch, Shimosakawa
100Midorigaoka water purification plantYagyu
102Midorigaoka water purification plant, humiliation mountain, YagyuOchi Nakamura
94Midorigaoka water purification plant, humiliation mountain, Yagyu, Echi Nakamura, Ume no Gotsukigase hot springIshiuchi
55Hagigaoka TownNara Saho Junior CollegeOperates only on school opening days
61Haggigaoka Town/Nara Saho Junior CollegeKanoen Town
57Hagigaoka TownFujiwaradai
59Haggigaoka Town/Nara Saho Junior CollegeOperates only on weekdays
56Hagigaoka TownYamamura Town
58Haggigaoka Town/Nara Saho Junior CollegeOperates only on weekdays
62Hagigaoka Town/Fujiwaradai
123Shiratoji TempleNara Kasuga HospitalHoliday suspension
122Shirayakiji and Nara Kasuga HospitalBetween sewageA part of Hikasa bound for Ohirao,
Contact the needle direction (Nami City Komibus) between the sewers
124Shirayakiji Temple, Nara Kasuga Hospital, SewerKitano
8nd stop(West Kyo, Koriyama,Horyuji templeDirection)[E-6][B13]
23JR Nara Station/Sanjo HinokichoSaiseikai Nara Hospital
22JR Nara Station/Sanjo Hinokimachi/Saisei Nara HospitalPrefectural Library Information Center
63 ・ 72 ・ 78JR Nara Station/Toshodaiji Temple-Yakushiji Temple-Nishinokyo StationNara Medical Center
88Kintetsu Koriyama Station
98JR Nara Station/Yakushiji Parking Lot/Kintetsu Koriyama Station/Koriyama General Government Building/Hokiji TempleIn front of Horyuji Temple
Nara/West Kyoto/Ikaruga Excursion Line
Weekday service
JR Nara Station, Yakushiji Parking Lot, Kintetsu Koriyama Station, Hokiji TempleSaturday/holiday service
94 ・ 95 ・ 96
100 ・ 102 ・ 105
106 ・ 118 ・ 153
Abusaka Funabashi Shopping Street, Omiyamachi XNUMX-chomeJR Nara Station West Exit
81JR Nara Station West ExitDaianji Temple
Around the busNara Convention Center, Suzakumon Hiroba-mae,Yamato-Saidaiji StationSouth exitOmiya street route
9nd stop(Inside city circulation, towards JR Nara Station)[N-3]
1JR Nara Station → Omori Town → Kiji Town → Takahata TownCity circulation/inner route
7, 50, 51, 53
55 ・ 56 ・ 57
61, 62, 73, 82
92 ・ 122 ・ 123
124 ・ 182 ・ 192
Yusaka Funabashi Shopping StreetJR Nara Station
11nd stop(Omiya street-Nara City Hall-Hannah Road/Sanjo street-Amagatsuji Station・ For Koinokubo Town)
27JR Nara Station West Exit, Nara City HallNijooji Minami XNUMX-chomeOperates only on weekdays
28JR Nara Station West Exit, Nara City Hall, KashiwagichoLove town
48JR Nara Station/Amagatsuji Station/HigashizakaGakuenmae Station
75Nara City Hall, Kashiwagi TownNational highway YokotaOperates only on the second Saturday of every month
160 · 161JR Nara Station West Exit, Nara City Hall, Yamato Saidaiji Station South Exit, Hannah SugaharaGakuenmae Station160 lines operate only on weekday mornings
162JR Nara Station West Exit, Nara City HallYamato-Saidaiji Station South Exit
12nd stop(Daianji TempleDirection)
85JR Nara Station, Daianji Temple, Nishikujo TownAnnan Town
86JR Nara Station/Daianji Temple/Nishikujo Town/Kyonan TownAEON MALL Yamatokoriyama
79 ・ 87 ・ 90
Midnight 79
JR Nara Station/Daianji Temple/Nagai TownBefore sharp
135 · 136In front of JR Nara Station, Daianji Temple, Nagaicho, SharpShirato
13nd stop(Joruri-ji Temple-Kamo Station/Takanohara Station/Japan Air Self-Defense Force・ For Yamato-Saidaiji Station)
12Hokkeji Temple-Heijo Palace Ruins and Remains Exhibition HallYamato-Saidaiji Station
14Hokkeji Temple, JASDF, Heijo Palace Ruins, Remains Exhibition Hall
13 ・ 15 ・ 131Hokkeji TempleJapan Air Self-Defense Force
108Konoike/Umedaidai/Umedai XNUMX-chomeMinamikamodai XNUMX-chome
208Konoike/Umedaidai/Umedai XNUMXth Street
109Konoike, Umedaidai, Umedai XNUMX-chome, Minamikamodai XNUMX-chomeKamo Station
209Konoike/Umedaidai West/Umebidai XNUMX-chome/Nankamodai XNUMX-chome
Express 112Umedai West/Small NishiJoruri-ji TempleUmedaidai, Joruriji, Nishiko only stop
115Konoike, Sahodai XNUMX-chome, Suzaku XNUMX-chomeTakanohara Station
130Konoike/Sabodai XNUMX-chomeHeijoyama StationEast exit
14nd stop(For JR Nara Station)
12, 13, 14, 108
109, 112, 115, 130
156 ・ 208 ・ 209
Abusaka Funabashi Shopping Street, Omiyamachi XNUMX-chomeJR Nara Station West Exit
Express 112Do not stop at a stop
16 · 19JR Nara Station/Daianji Temple/Hachijocho XNUMX-chomeAnchu Town
21nd stop(To the state stand)
153 · 154Hanra-ji Temple, Narasaka, Umedai TaisaiShumidai XNUMX-chome
Gurutto Bus Stop(Nara Park/Todaiji/Kasuga Taisha/Naramachi area)[R7][B5]
Around the busDaibutsuden front parking lot → Genkoji/Naramachi areaNara Park RouteSaturday holidays and tourist season operation
Daibutsuden front parking lot → Kasuga Taisha main shrine areaOmiya street route

Express Bus/Airport Bus

The Nara Line House Building, located beside the Nakasujicho intersection in front of the station, serves as a highway bus waiting area and a regular sightseeing bus information center.

[] Operating company

12nd stop

20nd stop

Abolished/withdrawn bus routes

Long time ago,Kintetsu Bus,Keihan Bus,Nara Kotsu Kyoto Station, Kintetsu BusOsaka UmedaThere were also times when it was running. Kintetsu Bus is currently withdrawing from Nara Prefecture except for a small part. At high speeds, we withdrew from the Yamato-going service to Fukuoka and Saitama. Kanagawa is also integrated with the Chiba system.

More informations

  • The current Exit 4 was originally a single staircase, but the surrounding shops have been converted into a building and are now integrated with the "Simon Gate Hattori Building". At that time, we were planning to move in as a key tenant just before the renewal of this exit and the completion of the building.Yamaichi SecuritiesWent bankrupt. For a while after the opening, Yamaichi Securities was working for closure.
  • In the station buildingEvery day broadcastingとNara TV OfWeather cameraIs installed.In the Kintetsu Takaten Building in the westCantere(The company's Nara branch has moved in), oldYusaka StationClose to the ruinsNagaya High SchoolIn the Nara school buildingYomiuri TelevisionAlso has a weather camera installed (ABC TVPreviouslyNara HotelThe company had a weather camera installed in Nara Prefecture, but the company does not currently have a weather camera installed in Nara Prefecture).

Next station

Kinki Nippon Railway
A Nara LineB Kyoto Line (some direct trains)
■Rapid Express■Express■Semi-express■Section semi-express■ordinary
Shin-Omiya Station (A27)- Kintetsu Nara Station (A28)
  • 1969/Before undergrounding, instead of Shin-Omiya stationYusaka StationExisted.
  • Station numbers are shown in parentheses.


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