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🍴 | The fun of eating while walking is the “good looking” blogger Nagiko Murasaki


The fun of eating while walking is the shop's "good looking" blogger Nagiko Murasaki

If you write the contents roughly
"The way to enjoy it is to do a" good search "for the store.

"47 prefectures 1000 yen gourmet trip".This popular blog is run by Nagi Murasaki, a blogger living in the prefecture ... → Continue reading


Free paper Mia issued twice a month in the center of Utsunomiya city.

On the cover page, we introduce delicious gourmet food with outstanding photos.In addition, town information "Mia de Machiaruki" that makes you want to stroll around the city, information on clothing, food and housing "Mia De Life Plus", "Mia de kirei" on beauty, and recipes that you can easily and easily make will make your life rich and convenient. We are delivering information to make.

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