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🧁 | Sapporo Lilac Festival Held for the first time in XNUMX years Eating and drinking on the cafe terrace


Sapporo Lilac Festival Held for the first time in XNUMX years Eating and drinking on the cafe terrace

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An event will be held at Kawashimo Park in Shiroishi Ward on the 28th and 29th.

The Sapporo Lilac Festival, which announces the early summer of Sapporo, has begun today at Odori Park.Shadow due to the spread of corona infection ... → Continue reading

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Downstream park

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    Downstream park(Kawashimo Koen)SapporoShiroishi WardIt is inpark.


    First in Shiroishi WardGeneral parkFully opened in 1999 (Heisei 11).It is a tree in Sapporoラ イ ラ ッ クThere is a "lilac forest" where 200 trees of 1,700 species are planted from all over the world. Created based on the "Forest Basic Concept"[5]..Lilac collection selected varieties suitable for Sapporo's climate, and many were grafted with branches from Royal Botanical Gardens in Canada.[5]..We also collect from the United States, China, Germany, etc.[5]. Also,William Smith ClarkAlso planting lilac descendants donated to the United States[6].. 『Sapporo Lilac Festival』In addition to being a downstream venue, variousEventsIs being held.


    The bathroom of the Relax Plaza was open by pumping hot springs, but due to a breakdown of the hot spring well pump equipment that occurred in 2009 (21), tap water continued to be used as a substitute.[7]..As a result of investigation and examination, it was found that the hot spring pipe was damaged due to deterioration over time.[7], It is difficult to secure a stable amount of hot water even if a large amount of repair costs are spent, so we abandoned the resumption of business at the hot spring and decided to continue business with tap water.[7].

    Relax Plaza
    Business hours: 9:00 --21:00
    Closed days: Every Monday, annual maintenance, year-end and New Year holidays
    Indoor park
    Hydrophilic pool (water depth 110 cm)
    Infant pool (water depth 50 cm)
    Warm break room
    Cold water
    Hot water
    Sleeping whirlpool
    Walking course
    Health sidewalk
    Restaurant (Lira Park)
    Free rest area
    Toddler corner
    Baseball field
    Both wings 92 m
    Tennis court
    4 artificial turfs with sand
    Park golf course
    Closed days: Every Monday (if Monday is a holiday, the next day, or a day other than the nearest holiday)
    18 holes
    Grand golf
    Walking ski
    Ski mountain
    Playset open space
    Lawn open space
    Wall fountain / observatory
    Wall fountain
    Small fountain
    Lilac forest
    French lilac
    Here Shinshi Flora Lilac
    Preston lilac
    Picnic Square
    Opening period: April 4th to November 29rd
    Fire usage time: 10:00 --16:00
    Furnace (20 units)
    Hometown Hill


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    外部 リンク

    Shiroishi Ward

    Shiroishi Ward(Shiroishi) isSapporo OfAdministrative district.


    Shiroishi WardToyohira RiverとAtsubetsu RiverSandwiched between[1]..The transportation network extending from east to west is well developed.Hokkaido passenger railwayHakodate honsen,Chitose Line,Sapporo Municipal Subway Tozai Line,Hokkaido Central Bus,JR Hokkaido BusPublic transportation such as is the foot of the inhabitants of the ward[1].


    The history of Shiroishi Ward isBoshin WarLost inSendai Domain OfShiroishi CastleCastle owner, Kojuro Katakura (Mr. Katakura) Began with the migration of vassals1871(MeijiIn 4 years), it was settled near the center of the present Shiraishi, which was called Tsukisamu.[2]..While enduring the cold of winter, the currentNational Route 12Along (from near Shiraishi Park)Shiroishi ShrineI was impressed with how I worked because I built a house in a short period of time.Pioneer OfMichitoshi IwamuraThe judge said, "Baishi VillageNamed[2].

    Chronological Table

    See "History" and "Shiraishi History Chronology"[2][3]


    • 1975 195,644
    • 1980 228,061
    • 1985 263,938
    • 1990 188,043
    • 1995 192,102
    • 2000 197,223
    • 2005 201,307
    • 2010 204,259
    • 2015 209,584

    Friendship city

    Government office

    National agency
    Road agency
    • Hokkaido Mental Health Welfare Center
    Independent administrative agencies, special corporations, etc.

    public facility

    • Sapporo City Shiroishi Ward Citizens Center (inside Shiroishi Ward Complex Government Building)
    • Sapporo City Shiroishi Health Center (inside Shiroishi Ward Complex Government Building)
    • Sapporo City Shiroishi Ward Civil Engineering Center
    • Sapporo City Kita-Shiroishi District Center
    • Sapporo City Shiroishi Higashi District Center
    • Sapporo City Kikusui Motomachi District Center
    • Sapporo City Shiroishi Elderly Welfare Center
    • Sapporo City Poplar Youth Activity Center
    • Sapporo City Shiroishi Ward Childcare and Childcare Support Center "Chiafuru Shiroishi" (inside the Shiroishi Ward Complex Government Building)
    • Ai Work Shiroishi (inside the Shiroishi Ward Complex Government Building)
    • Sapporo City Silver Human Resources Center Headquarters / East Branch (in Refre Sapporo)
    • Intercross Creative Center (ICC)Sapporo City Digital Creation Plaza) (Sapporo City Industrial Promotion Center)
    • Sapporo City Waterworks BureauShiroishi Government Building
    • Sapporo City Toyohira River Water Treatment Center / Sapporo City Toyohira River Water Reclamation Plaza
    • Sapporo City Eastern Water Reclamation Plaza
    • Sapporo City Eastern Sewage Management Center
    • Sapporo City Eastern Sludge Center
    • Sapporo City Shiraishi Cleaning Office
    • Sapporo City Shiroishi Cleaning Factory
    • Sapporo City Satellite Research Institute
    • Sapporo City Metrology Inspection Center

    Cultural facility

    • Sapporo City Picture Book Library (inside Shiroishi Ward Complex Government Building)
    • Sapporo City Higashi Sapporo Library
    • Shiroishi Folk Museum (inside Shiroishi Ward Complex Government Building)

    Multipurpose facility / sports facility

    public agency


    • Shiroishi Police Station
      • Kikusui police box, Higashibashi police box, Higashi Sapporo police box, Shiroishi central police box, Nango police box, Kitago police box, Kikusui Motomachi police box, Kitato police box, Higashi Shiroishi police box



    See "Medical Institution List (Shiroishi Ward)"[7]


    Community broadcasting station


    Vocational school

    See "List of schools subject to special student payments"[8]

    high school


    Junior high school

    primary school

    Authorized child institution

    • Kikusui Ichii Certified Children's Garden[9]
    • Certified Children's Garden Horohigashi[9]
    • Certified Children's Garden Kitago Ayumi Kindergarten[9]
    • Higashibashi Ichii Certified Children's Garden[9]
    • Certified Children's Garden Hokuto[9]
    • Kitago Pinocchio Certified Children's Garden[9]


    • Sapporo Municipal Kikusuimotomachi Kindergarten

    Licensed nursery school

    • Sapporo City Shiroishi Ward Childcare and Childcare Support Center[10]
    • Sapporo City Aoba Nursery School[10]
    • Sapporo City Higashi Sapporo Nursery School
    • Sapporo City Higashishiroishi Nursery School
    • Sapporo City Kikusui Infant Nursery School
    • Yuai Kitashiroishi Nursery School
    • Flying nursery school
    • Kikusuimotomachi Second Nursery School
    • Higashi Sapporo Kasuta Net Nursery School
    • Kikusui Suzuran Nursery School
    • Sapporo Airinyakata Daini Nursery School
    • Kashiwaba nursery school
    • Shiraishi Komasa Nursery School
    • Kitanohoshi Higashi Sapporo Nursery School
    • Kikusuimotocho Nursery School
    • Futaba nursery school
    • Kita Shiraishi Nursery School
    • Oyachi Takada Nursery School
    • Nango nursery school
    • Higashi Shiraishi Yukinko Nursery School
    • Makoto nursery school
    • Northern Star Shiroishi Nursery School
    • Higashikawaka Poppo Nursery School
    • Rescue Army Kikusuikamicho Nursery School
    • Shiroishi Usako Nursery School
    • Fist nursery
    • Kitago Suzuran Nursery School

    Facilities other than school education

    driving school
    • Shiroishi Chuo Driving Academy
    • Sapporo Inter Driving School
    Vocational training schools, etc.
    • Sapporo Painting Technology Academy
    • Sapporo Landscaping Technology Academy
    • Sapporo Plasterer Higher Vocational Training School
    • Sapporo Sheet Metal Higher Vocational Training School
    • Hokkaido Pipe Equipment Higher Vocational Training School

    Economic and industrial

    Industrial park

    • Otani Distribution Business Complex


    • Sapporo City Agricultural Cooperative(JA Sapporo) Shiroishi Branch, Kikusui Motomachi Branch
    • Sapporo City Mutual Aid Association
    • Sapporo Paint Industry Cooperative
    • Hokkaido Plastering Union Federation
    • Hokkaido soil test cooperative
    • Hokkaido Ready-to-Concrete Industry Association
    • Hokkaido Plumbing Business Cooperative
    • Hokkaido Sheet Metal Industry Association
    • Hokkaido Mastic Business Cooperative

    Commercial facility

    Shopping center
    Supermarket discount store
    • AEON Hokkaido(AEON group)
      • MaxvaluHigashi Sapporo store (in Rasora Sapporo)
      • Maxvalu Kikusui store
      • Maxvalu Kitago store
      • The big Express Shiroishi Central Store
      • MaibasketNangodori 7-chome North Store
      • My Basket Nangodori 13-chome Ekimae store
    • Toko store(Arcs group)
      • Nango 18-chome store
      • Shiraishi Terminal Store
      • Nango 7-chome store
      • Nango 13-chome store
    • Ralls(Arks Group)
      • Super ARCS Kikusui store
      • Big House Shiroishi
      • Ralse Mart Shinhokuto store
    • Lucky Kitao
      • Kikusui Motomachi store
      • Clothing Center Shiraishi Terminal Store
    • Consumers' Co-op Sapporo
      • Hondori store
      • Kitago store
      • Lucy store
      • Kikusui Motomachi store
      • Downstream store
    • Daiichi
      • Shiroishi Shrine front store
    • Direct birth
      • Direct production fresh market Hokugo store
    • Tsuji

    Financial institution

    • North Pacific BankShiroishi Chuo Branch, Shiroishi Hongo Branch, Nango Dori Branch, Hokugo Branch, Hokuto Branch, Kikusui Branch, Kikusui Uemachi Branch
    • Hokkaido BankHigashi Sapporo Branch, Shiroishi Ward Office Branch, Shiroishi Branch, Hokuto Branch, Distribution Center Mae Branch, Kitago Branch, Rapid Branch, Kikusui Motomachi Branch Office
    • Hokuriku BankShiraishi branch
    Cooperative financial institution


    home delivery

    • Yamato TransportSapporo branch office
      • Higashi Sapporo Center / Sapporo Yonezato Center
      • Sapporo Kikusui Center / Shiroishi Central Center
      • Hokugo Center
      • Sapporo Heiwadori Center / Sapporo Nangodori Center
    • Sagawa ExpressSapporo Sales Office, Hokkaido Aviation Sales Office
    • Nippon ExpressSapporo Branch Sapporo Automobile Office




    Long time agoSapporo City Transportation BureauIs the bus route (Sapporo City Bus) Was operated, but the route was gradually transferred to a private company, and it was abolished in 2004 (Heisei 16).

    Bus terminal
    Transit Bus


    • Meisei Motor
    • Kitabishi Higher
    • Daiwa Transportation
    • Kyowa Transportation
    • Makoto Transportation
    • Sapporo Daiichi Kotsu (First transportation industrygroup)
    • Koa Daiichi Kotsu (Daiichi Kotsu Sangyo Group)
    • Oriental transportation
    • Fresh snow traffic
    • Northern Capital Verial Service
    • Ebetsu Higher
    • Chitose Transportation
    • Sapporo MK
    • Venus car
    • Asahi Transportation
    • Showa Transportation
    • MID traffic
    • Hiragishi Higher
    • Hokuryo Transportation
    • Taiyo Higher
    • East Transportation


    Sightseeing / Leisure / Festivals / Events

    Festivals and events

    • Shiroishi Ward Children's Wonderland (irregular)
    • Sapporo Lilac Festival(May)
    • Shiroishi Ward Furusato Festival (July)
      • Shiroishi Ward Children's Bud Carnival
    • Tsukisamu River Nigiwai River Festival (July)
    • Manzo Festival (August)
    • Shiroishi ShrineAnnual festival (July)

    Person from

    Order of the Japanese syllabary


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