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🧁 | You can shoot with “push color”! "Korea x Soshikatsu" Sweets Buffet Held


You can shoot in "push color"! "Korea x Soshikatsu" Sweets Buffet Held

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Colorful sweets include sweets using juicy fruits such as "Tropical Mango Pudding" topped with mango, "Refreshing Lemon Pound Cake" with a refreshing lemon flavor, and "Kiwifruit Daifuku" with a cute cross section. There are many sweets that have an impact that makes you take a picture, such as "like a watermelon jelly" that expresses the appearance of summer.

Keio Plaza Hotel is a custom-made sweets buffet with the themes of "Korea" and "pushing activities" "Summer Sweets Collection ..." → Continue reading

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