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🍴 | "Setouchi Lemon Fair" with refreshing seasonal sweets at Chateraise


"Setouchi Lemon Fair" with fresh seasonal sweets at Chateraise

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A fluffy sponge with an Earl Gray scent, sandwiched with Indian tea cream and lemon curd by Darjeeling.

Chateraise will hold the "Setouchi Lemon Fair" at Chateraise nationwide from May 5th to June 20th.Same ... → Continue reading

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Fruit card

Fruit card(fruit curd) isLemon[1],lime[2],Orange[3],タ ン ジ ェ リ ン[4]Etc.citrusMade fromDessert.passion fruit[5],mango[6],raspberry[7],cranberry,Blackberry[8]Etc. may be used.The basic material isegg yolk,sugar, Juice, pericarp.Boil these together, then cool and soft and smoothSpreadTo form.Egg white,バ タ ーThere is also a recipe to add[9].

Traditionally in England from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th centuryAfternoon teaBread andSconeAt the same time, I sometimes eat home-made lemon curd instead of jam.Also cake filling, smallPastry,tartAlso used for[10]..Handmade lemon curd cannot be stored as much as jam, so it was usually made in small quantities, but in recent years it has become possible to make large quantities by using a refrigerator.Preservatives and thickeners are often added to commercial cards[11].

Even today, the cards are bread, scones,Toast,waffle,Crumpet,pancake,muffinIt is popular as a spread to be applied to etc.Dessert andYogurtIt is also used for seasoning.With lemon curdmeringueMake fromLemon meringue pieHas been popular in the United Kingdom and the United States since the 19th century[10].

The card is a pie fillingcustardIt differs from the above in that it has a high proportion of juice and pericarp and a strong flavor.[12]..Also, cards containing butter are not butter as a thickener.CornstarchSmoother and creamier than pie fillings and custards with flour or flour.Moreover, unlike custard, cards are not eaten by themselves.

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