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🍴 | The overflowing gravy is delicious!When I ordered the hamburger steak of aged meat, it was the best in my history

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Good barrage of overflowing gravy!When I ordered the hamburger steak of aged meat, it was the best in my history

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The white hamburger is juicy and has a light taste, probably because it is combined with platinum pork.

You can get 3 cups of rice with this picture alone. I've ordered various hamburgers so far, but this one is top ... → Continue reading

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    White hamburger

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      Platinum pig

      Platinum pig(Hakkinton) is a Japanese brandDream PorkUnder the brand name of Kogen Seimugi Co., Ltd.Registered trademark.Platinum porkAlso called.


      IwateHanamakiKogen Seimugi, a grain processing company in Japan, manages production and processing, and produces in an integrated system from breeding to shipping.[1][2]..In addition to the feed for non-genetically modified grains, the drinking water of pigs is given by filtering the spring water of the Ou Mountains with ore, which is characterized by soft and mellow meat quality.[1][2]..In addition, we are also engaged in production that is particular about management, such as raising weaning piglets contained in the breast milk of mother pigs in a dedicated "weaning house".[1].

      Landrace pig,Large White Pig,Berkshire pig(So-called)LWFThree-way mating)[3].

      The meat is exclusively for restaurants and is not sold at retail stores in principle.Offal meatIs not for sale[3].

      JRHanamaki StationEtc. sells "Platinum Pork Bento" using platinum pork.

      2017/January,Development Bank of JapanAnnounced that it will provide a loan to Kogen Seimugi.This is the first time that the Development Bank of Japan has financed a livestock company in the Tohoku region.[4].

      In 2017Morioka StationStation buildingPheasant"Creation using platinum pigs for the purpose of regional revitalization in collaboration with studentsHamburgerContest was held."Galaxy Railroad Burger" (Kenji Miyazawa's "Galaxy Railroad Burger") that expresses the galaxy and railroad with white putty of tofu hamburger and black putty sandwiched with basil grilled platinum pork, respectively.Galactic train night』Won the championship[5].

      Origin of the name

      Kenji MiyazawaBut"Flandon Agricultural School Pig』In the pigplatinumIt comes from the fact that it is equivalent to[3].


      外部 リンク


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