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🍴 | Is Hamazushi "Okiri & Dekaneta Matsuri" really a big story?The result of actually eating


Is Hamazushi "Okiri & Dekaneta Matsuri" really a big story?The result of actually eating

If you write the contents roughly
It's a big firefly squid that covers vinegared rice, and it's excellent to eat.

[I tried to see if the big neta festival currently being held at Hamazushi is really big neta. Held at Hamazushi from the 12th ... → Continue reading


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Vinegared rice

Vinegared rice(Recommended) isvinegarとsalt,sugarSeasoned withfood.Sushi riceAlso called (sushi).mainlyEdomae sushiUsed in (Hayazushi),Sushi ShopSushi rice (Nigiri sushi # Cant(See) refers to this vinegared rice.

uniqueFlavor(Vinegar and sugar have the effect of preventing cold rice from becoming hard).Features and sushi that are equal to or better than sushi typesCraftsmanThere is a difference.


Suitable for sushi rice, not for riceRiceIs often used.Sharpen the rice well and cook it with less water than rice.The rice cooked in that waySushi tubMove to "Sushi vinegar"(A combination of vinegar, salt, sugar, etc."Seasoned vinegar”) And then mix (also called“ sushi rice ”).Vinegar was originallySake BrewingRed vinegar, which is easily available as a by-product and has a unique flavor and umami, was mainly used and no sugar was added.After the war OfYellow rice incidentThe colored sushi rice became shunned, and after that, white vinegar became the mainstream, but the lacking flavor and richness were supplemented with sugar.Current[When?]It has reached the cooking method.

When using sushi vinegar, sprinkle the vinegar while the rice is hot and then quickly chop it.After the sushi vinegar has become familiar with the whole riceFanTake the heat with a fan.This is to remove excess water as steam so that the heat does not lose the flavor of vinegar.Mixing while fanning makes it difficult for the vinegar to penetrate into the rice grains, making the vinegar rice unpleasant.Wooden in a container to mixThe trough"Ohitsu" or "Ohitsu" shaped likeHalf cutThis is also the reason for using something like.However, the above method tends to make the rice sticky.[1].

When mixingRice scoopMove quickly in the horizontal direction and "cut" to evenly blend the vinegar into the whole.Blow the air with a uchiwa to cool it sufficiently, and then use it for cooking.How to send the wind is a so-called craftsman's skill, andRefrigerator If the rice is cooled below room temperature, the rice will come apart and the result will be unsatisfactory.In addition, vinegar rice that is still hot or warm has a strong vinegar odor and is more irritating to the nose than a flavor, so cool it to near room temperature before serving.

The mixing ratio of combined vinegar and the mixing ratio to rice are also a showcase of the ability of the cook, and are greatly affected by the quality of the rice.Especially in the case of sushi, it is adjusted by the intuition of the craftsman depending on the type and condition of the sushi type.The characteristics of sushi restaurants and households are different because of the difference in distribution based on their skills.

In ordinary households, vinegared rice can be made by simply mixing it with cooked rice as rice, either in powder form or in liquid form.SeasoningsMay be used.


A dish that uses vinegared rice.Depending on the region, mixed rice that does not use vinegar may be used instead of vinegar rice.

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