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🍜 | Osaka / Nanbasennichimae Cospa's strongest cheap and delicious set that is crowded with tool shops!Udon soba Matsuya


Osaka / Nanbasennichimae Cospa's strongest cheap and delicious set that is crowded with tool shops!Udon soba Matsuya

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At this low price, it is a nice katsudon with a solid pork cutlet on it.

"Matsuya" is a favorite of all the tools shop in Osaka.A restaurant where you can enjoy a wide variety of udon noodles, soba noodles, and rice bowls at a reasonable price ... → Continue reading


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    Nice katsudon

    Pork cutlet on rice

    Pork cutlet on rice(Katsudon,English: Katsudon)bowlServed infoodOn top of theCutletPut onJapan OfDonburi.


    The most common style of katsudon in Japan is "Pork cutletとonionThe soy sauce flavorSubordinateStew ineggIt is a dish that is bound and put on rice.If you simply call it "Katsudon", some areas (especiallyFukui,Yamanashi,Gunma,Okayama,Okinawa,NaganoThis form is the basis except for the southern part of).

    In addition to the pork cutlet egg-bound dishes offered all over Japan, sauce and sauceBean pasteDonburi dishes using pork cutlets and other cutlets that have been sprinkled with sauce or soaked inLocal gourmetAnd are sold in various places as original products.In the case of local gourmet, it is customary to call it with the area name and characteristics such as "○○ Katsudon".

    Tonkatsu is often used as the cutlet for katsudon,Beef cutlet,Chicken cutlet,Ground Meat Cutlet,Shrimp cutlet[Annotation 1]There are also cutlet bowls that use cutlets such as "beef cutlet bowl" and "chicken cutlet bowl", respectively.Egg bindingLimited to "Parent and child katsudon”)”[Annotation 2]And so onbeefCookingchickenIn culinary specialty stores, these are sometimes simply called "katsudon".

    In addition to tonkatsu specialty stores, it is offered in various places such as general restaurants, restaurants, soba restaurants, udon restaurants, and bento restaurants.Japanese,Japanese cuisine.

    Katsudon is ranked high in popularity among bowls[1], Is one of the Japanese foods that are easily accepted by foreigners[2].


    For the origin of katsudon, see "Local newspaper" dated September 1995.Yamanashi Nichinichi ShimbunToMeijiIn the late 30sKofuThere was an article saying that katsudon was offered at the long-established store "Okumura Main Store" near the restaurant. " Would mean that there was a katsudon in Kofu. "[3]..For this reason, the Kofu theory is considered to be the oldest in the information confirmed at this time.

    In addition, after Masutaro Takahata from Fukui Prefecture returned from Germany, where he studied cooking,Tokyo cityUshigome Ward(Currently TokyoShinjuku)Waseda Tsurumaki Town OfWaseda UniversityOpened a store in front of it, 1913 (TaishoThere is a theory that it was first unveiled at a cooking presentation held in Tokyo in 2nd year).Besides this, in 1921Waseda High SchoolThe theory that Keijiro Nakanishi, a student of[4], Also in 1921OsakaThe theory that the egg-bound katsudon appeared in[4]Is well known.The stage of the theory with Nakanishi as the inventor was near Waseda University.Japanese buckwheat noodlesshop"Sanchoan"(Sanchoan).At the same store, in the Taisho era, I suggested "Why don't you close it with an egg" so that you can eat delicious pork cutlet even if you cool it, which was left over due to the cancellation of the banquet[5]It is said that the katsudon devised by Nakanishi was not bound with eggs but with Worcestershire sauce.[6].

    Type of seasoning

    Egg binding

    Katsudon pot for cooking egg bindingParent-child pot),Tamagodon,OyakodonSimilar to the cut pork cutletonionAlong withsoup stockとSoy sauce,sugarBoil it under a warishita, and close it with a beaten egg.When the cooked pork cutlet is returned and then placed on top of the rice bowl, in some cases, only the onion is closed with an egg and the freshly fried cutlet is placed at the end to finish it.Soba soupMapleBecause it can be used as a warishita for boiling pork cutlets, it is often served with soba noodles at soba restaurants.To finishthree-leaved,Greenpeace, TickSeaweedEtc. are generally scattered.

    Variants of egg and katsudon include the following.

    Cutlet weight
    VesselHeavy boxWhat I did.Bento shop,supermarket,convenience storeIn such cases, a plastic square container is used.
    Boiled cutlet, cutlet binding, cutlet plate
    A dish in which only cutlets bound with eggs are placed on a plate.Generally, it is served as a "cutlet boiled set meal" with a separate serving of rice.Because it is the upper part of the katsudon, it is called by the sign "Atama".[7], "Atama Rice" and "Katsuto Set Meal" are also available.
    Boiled katsudon
    Yamanashi prefecture of egg binding katsudonNiigataThe name in.It is very similar to the general katsudon, which has a soy sauce flavor and is bound with eggs.The stew time is a little long, and the cutlet batter is in a melted state.
    Stewed sauce cutlet bowl
    FukushimaAizuwakamatsuThere is a store that offers "Simmered Sauce Katsu Don", which is made by binding cutlets stewed in sauce with eggs.This sauce is the original of this shop, which is also used for sauce and bowl, and is also commercially available.
    A style in which a soft-boiled onion that has been boiled under a warishita is placed on top of a freshly fried cutlet that has not been boiled.The name Katsudon is TokyoYotsuyaLong-established store[8]Although it is used by Tonkatsu Chain, which is developed by a major restaurant company, there are places that offer similar katsudon.[9].

    Worcestershire sauce

    Worcestershire sauceKatsudon with a style of seasoning (including rich sauce represented by pork cutlet sauce), "Sauce cutlet bowlIs called.

    There are multiple seasoning methods, such as sprinkling the sauce from above, pickling the cutlet in a container with the sauce, and stewing it in the sauce, which varies depending on the store.Common as a pork cutlet garnishJuliennecabbage[10]There are also areas and shops that serve pork cutlets on top of rice bowls with shredded cabbage.

    Fukui[Annotation 3], Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture[Annotation 4]In areas such as these, simply calling "Katsudon" refers to sauce katsudon, and egg-bound katsudon is called "egg katsudon," "upper katsudon," "boiled katsudon," etc. There is.

    As far as the record is left, the Western restaurant "Western restaurant" in Tsurumaki-cho opposite Waseda UniversityYoroppakenIt is the oldest that the first generation, Masutarou Takahata, showed off at a cooking presentation in Tokyo in 1913 and started offering it in the same year.In addition to this, there is a description that "in February 10, it was invented by Keijiro Nakanishi, a student of Waseda High School."[11]Although it can be seen, it is impossible to make it the originator because there is a time series gap of nearly 10 years.[Annotation 5].

    It is common throughout Japan to season pork cutlet with Worcestershire sauce, and there are many shops that put this on rice bowls to make "katsudon". Since there are few clear materials in the episode that is said to be the "trigger of birth", multiple regions claim the origin, Nagano PrefectureKomaganeとInaIn some cases, it develops into a debate with even the mayor.[Annotation 6].

    Other), Gunma PrefectureKiryu[Annotation 7],Gunma PrefectureMaebashi[Annotation 8], Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture[Annotation 9],Iwate PrefectureIchinoseki, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture[Annotation 10], Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture[Annotation 11]Etc. claim their own origin.

    ``Katsudon'' (pork cutlet and shredded cabbage on top of rice) served around Kofu is served without any sauce, so it is difficult to classify it as ``sauce katsudon''. There are also many locals.Of course, most people eat it with sauce (there are many Worcestershire sauce, or rather, there are many restaurants that have only Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce on the table), but of course you are free to ``not''.

    Domiglas sauce

    Domiglas sauceOr, a style of katsudon with a domiglace-style sauce.Demi-glace sauce is a "sauce" but is not called a "sauce cutlet bowl".

    Okayama CityThen, a dish of pork cutlet on top of rice bowl with cabbage and domiglace-style sauce is served as "Katsudon".There are also stores that serve green peas and raw eggs.Since there are many ramen shops that handle it, it becomes the base of the sauce.soup stock TheVon de Vaux, Chinese soup,BoiledThere are various types such as soup stock.

    GifuToki CityIn the domiglace sauceHayashi riceTo the source forketchup,Soy sauce,It's Japanese styleThere is a menu called "Teri Katsudon" with a sauce that combines the above.

    HiroshimaKureThere is a long-established Western-style restaurant that offers beef cutlet on a flat plate and sprinkled with domiglace-style sauce as "Katsudon".

    OsakaIn some areas andShimane Matsue,EhimeImabariOn top of the rice on a flat plateBeef cutlet"Tonkatsu with pork cutlet and domiglace-style sauce"Cutlet rice".

    HyogoKakogawaof"KatsushishiIs also called cutlet rice, mainlybeefThe domiglace-style sauce that is hung from above using the cutlet is called "sauce".It is served on a flat plate instead of a bowl.

    FukuokaOmuta CityThe department store that existed until 2004MatsuyaDining room[12]Then, with the name "Western style katsudon"豚 肉A dish using cutlet was served.Currently, it is backed up by Omuta City and is offered at 14 stores under the name "Omuta Western-style Katsudon", which is a local specialty.

    NiigataNagaokaHowever, although a dish using pork cutlet is offered under the name of "Western-style cutlet bowl", there are also ketchup-based sauces in addition to domiglace sauce.[13][14].

    HokkaidoNemuroSeen in the area centered onEscalop"Tonkatsu is served on a flat plate with ketchup rice (or butter rice) and a domiglace-style sauce.

    Soy sauce

    Pork cutletSoy sauceOf tasteSauceA style of katsudon that is seasoned with and placed on top of rice bowl.

    Niigata"Soy sauce sauce katsudon"[Annotation 12],Gunma PrefectureShimonita Town"Shimonita Katsudon"[Annotation 13],SaitamaOgano Town"Waraji Katsudon", "Kunneppu Katsudon" (Hokkaido)Kunfu Town) Etc. exist.

    GunmaAnnaka"Tartar Katsudon" is on top of the pork cutlet with soy sauce.Tartar sauceIs on board.In addition, "Soy Sauce Katsudon", which is a pork cutlet sprinkled with soy sauce, is available in Gifu Prefecture.NakatsugawaAnd Fukui prefectureOno City[15]There are stores all over the country[16].


    Katsudon with egg binding around Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture[Annotation 3]Besides,Hatcho MisoOf local cuisine usingMiso katsu"Miso-katsu-don", which is a derivative of "Miso-katsu-don", is offered.Miso katsudon is a national chainKatsaya,Matsuno familyIt is also used in the menu,Tokai regionIt has gained a certain degree of recognition in areas other than the above.

    Bean paste

    To pork cutletThoromiHaveBean pasteKatsudon in the style of putting on.

    Soy sauce bean pasteSweet vinegarThere is "Ankake Katsudon" with bean paste, and the variation varies depending on the region.Gifu prefecture where bean paste with beaten egg is sprinkledMizunamiThe thing is because it was devised not to use a lot of eggs, which were valuable at that time.

    Sprinkle with Worcestershire sauce flavored bean pasteIwateIchinosekiThe one was devised so that the soup would not soak into the rice.

    ShizuokaFuji cityNow, put the boiled cabbage and pork cutlet on the rice on a flat plate and sprinkle the beaten egg.Soba soupA dish with a stretched dish is served under the name "Katsuzara".[17].

    またChinese restaurantIn some cases, white rice served on a flat plate and cutlet topped with Chinese-style vegetable bean paste are offered under the name "Chinese-style katsudon."

    Fried vegetables

    Okinawa OfMass cafeteriaThe cutlet bowl found in is above (or below) the cutlet,carrot,onion,green pepper,cabbage,Chinese cabbage,Leek,Bean sprouts,lettuce,vegetablesSuch as vegetablesStir-friedServe in large quantities[18][19]..The pork cutlet is placed in the fried state without being stewed, and the eggs areFried vegetablesIt is often not completely bound as a part of.In Okinawa, carrots, leeks, peppers, green onions, etc. are also used in mainland-style egg and katsudon.VegetablesIs used frequently, and it is rare to encounter katsudon that uses only onions, which is common in other prefectures.


    AichiChita(I.e.Then, on the cutlet soaked in sweet and spicy soy sauceFried eggA unique style of katsudon is offered[20].

    Tonkatsu with no seasoning other than the seasoning on top of the rice bowlGrated radishPut on[21], As you likeChili pepper,seven spice blend,White soy sauce,Dark soy sauce,Ponzu sauce, TickSeaweed, TickLeekThe "grated katsudon" that you eat withOsakaIt is becoming a common menu in the surrounding area. Many stores serve it as a "farewell" (the ingredients are not placed on top of the rice bowl and are left in the hand pan during cooking), and some are cold.

    Cutlet curry"Curry cutlet bowl / cutlet curry bowl" similar to is also offered in some[Annotation 14]..CurryCurry bowlFollowingsoup stockとMapleYou can season it in Japanese styleUdon powderOr use something that is thickened[22], Make a curry-flavored sauce with spices based on soy sauce and sauce[Annotation 15]In some cases, it is seasoned in Japanese style.

    In addition, there are various kinds of katsudon depending on the store.

    • "Shio Katsudon" (Tonkatsu Sakai Meat Shop Takadanobaba Store and other stores in Tokyo) that is salted or fried with salted pork cutlet without using sauce.
    • cream stew"Cream stew katsudon" withRelieve moreHas been sold at.
    • Tomato"Tomato cutlet bowl" with sour sauce made by boiling onions.Once a similar menu,Fuji sobaThen.cheese"Italian Katsudon" was on sale.

    Episode about Katsudon

    Detective drama and conte

    JapaneseCriminal dramaIn the classic depiction inSuspect OfInterrogationAs a meal insidePolice stationThere is something to eat katsudon inside.DetectiveWith pocket moneyShophouseA typical example is that when you take a katsudon, the suspect eats it and commits the crime by saying, "I did it."

    Shizuko Hisamatsudirected by,Hisaya MorishigeThe movie "1955" produced in XNUMX starringPolice diary], The scene where the policeman behaves as a bowl during the interrogation is said to be the first appearance[Annotation 16]. afterwards,Kosugi IsamuThe third film in the director's movie "Keiji Monogatari" series "Gray Runaway" (3)[Annotation 17], Serial TV drama "Seven detectives(1961-1969)[Annotation 18], Variety show "Soap bubble holiday(1961-1972)[Annotation 19]In the 1960s, a series of depictions of "a detective feeding a suspect a katsudon" have appeared.[Annotation 20].

    These are just different from the factsfictionAnd in detentionSuspectLunch boxes are available from the police station.DepotMeal time is always taken at.Also, throw a bowl, etc.Police officerNo meals will be served in the interrogation room, as there is a possibility that he will escape with a fluttering gap.However, when asking for delivery during interrogation before arrest, such as when accompanied voluntarily, it may be possible to choose katsudon by the suspect's choice, but the cost will be borne by the suspect.[23]..In addition, if the police officer bears the cost, the voluntary statement may be denied at the time of the trial as a profit induction.[24].

    However, in the past, there were quite a few cases in which detectives ordered delivery even in actual interrogations.In some cases, pre-war and shortly after the war, we ordered store items during interrogation, for example.Sadamichi Hirasawa Teijin incidentOn suspicionOtaru Police StationWhen he was arrested after voluntarily accompanying him, the detective recalled, "A bowl of tendon was put in for lunch, but Hirasawa didn't wear chopsticks and I ate it alone."Also,Takiji KobayashiIn "March XNUMX, XNUMX", when the suspect was sent to the preliminary hearing, he said, "The chief judiciary who was interrogated.Extra highI cut my own stomach (?) And ordered rice bowls and sushi for everyone and had a feast ”(Complete Works Vol. 2, p202).

    August 2006, 9,Saitama Prefectural PoliceTokorozawa police station OfInspectorBut,GangsterLet the suspect, who is a related person, "interrogate the family in the interrogation room instead of the interview room" and "eat the katsudon brought in by the acquaintance of the suspect's parents in the interrogation room" (according to the prefectural police regulations, eat in the detention center For convenience such as (which was supposed to be),Pay cut10/1 (3 months)Disciplinary actionReceived (this inspector received the same dayVoluntary retirement).

    According to Akira Tsukuba (2002) "Crime of Kiyoshi Okubo, a serial killer" (Shincho OH! Bunko), in 46.GunmaCriminal of a series of female assault murders inKiyoshi OkuboHowever, no arrest warrant was issued, and it is written that he was eating katsudon at the police station, probably because he was accompanied by him as a witness.

    Because of this, in 2008,National Police AgencyIn 20, the "Guidelines for Optimizing Interrogation in Police Investigations" was announced, and the provision of katsudon was virtually prohibited.In "Working Techniques for Playing Professionals" by Keishi Wakabayashi (2011), this tells us that there was such a fact that we had to give a written notice if we turned it over.

    2016 year 10 month,Hyogo Prefectural OfficeIn front of it, it has been in business for nearly half a centuryHyogo Prefectural PoliceI was delivering bowls such as freshly made noodles and katsudon in the detention centerKobe CityChuoThe soba shop "Okina Soba" is closed[25].. In 2018, for a limited time, you can experience a drama-like interrogation at the delivery restaurant "Konishi Shokudo" operated by the inn "Bandai Nishimuraya" in Nakanosawa Onsen, Inawashiro Town, Fukushima Prefecture. We are holding a "specialty store interrogation room".

    Gen carrying

    Examinee,athlete beefsteak"Win" over the "enemy" that you eat withCarrying an examExists[26].

    Horse racing,Bicycle race,Boat racing,Auto raceAnd those off-site voting ticket counters, etc.Public competitionAt related facilities,gamblingKatsudon with a stylish and stylish experience of "winning"KatsudonThere is a restaurant that offers[27][28].


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    17. ^ The protagonist, Detective Genzo, is often described as buying alcohol and sweets on his own for his investigators during the film.In the third film, when Detective Genzo and his acquaintance boy were suspected of robbing a bank and were investigated, Detective Genzo made the boy eat katsudon on his own.
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