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🍴 | Sapporo's super-discount store Meat cowboy is back for the first time in 13 years!Why is it cheap?Kei Navi


Cheap store in Sapporo Meat cowboy is back for the first time in 13 years!Why is it cheap?Kei Navi

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MC Taizo Sugimura said, "It's only with the corona sword that we can take on new challenges, and sometimes things go well.

This week's theme is cowboys at discount stores.It is run by a meat wholesale company called Nakano Foods.Cow ... → Continue reading

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    Taizo Sugimura

    Taizo Sugimura(Sugimura Taizo,1979<Showa 54>8/13 -) isJapan Of政治家,commentator,Political critic,talent.. ExMember of the House of Representatives(1st term).She is married. He is the father of three children.


    From birth to student days

    HokkaidoAsahikawaBorn in.His father and grandfatherdentist,Great-grandfather TheLawyer[1]And the eldest son of three brothers[1].

    1989 Started playing tennis under the influence of parents when he was in the 4th grade of elementary school[2],Hokkaido Moiwa High School, HokkaidoWhen I was in school1997(9),NamihayaNational bodyでTennisWon the Boys' Men's Doubles[3].University of TsukubaI enrolled in a physical education school with a sports recommendation, and since my great-grandfather is a lawyer, I aimed to become a lawyer while I was in school.[1]..Attempts to transfer from a physical education school to the first law school, Sociology, Law School, were not accepted.Bar examinationI dropped out in the 6th year even though I trained for[1].

    Run and enter politics

    While in collegeDemocratic Party OfYukio HatoyamaThe office[4],andCabaret clubでPart-time job(Later served as deputy store manager → To be exact, it was a "snack" run by a local M construction company, and there was no cabaret club in Tsukuba at that time.)[5][6]I was doing

    After dropping out of Tsukuba University, my job hunting didn't go well, and when I made a soft noise at my parents' house in Asahikawa saying "I'm going to go home," my father said, "Don't come back. If you can't work, you should die." He woke up and later said, "I realized that humans can't live without it."[7].

    after that,(I.e.As[8][9][10]Prime Minister's OfficeNext toSanno Park TowerThe job of a building cleaner (there is a report that he has a part-time job)[11]) Start[12]..He also cleaned the toilet, but he said that his profession had no satori in the appearance of an elderly colleague who was proud of his work and continued to clean without being disappointed in the situation where he was badly used for dirtying. Enlighten.Others became friends with the older people of his colleagues and later helped the election office.One day, while I was working, I was familiar with cleaning the inside of the building.Germany securitiesGlen Wood[10][12]He said, "You're young and you don't look so crazy. One week later, please take the entrance exam for us (German Securities)."Contract employeeAs[11][12][13]I started working.When I reported to a colleague of the cleaning staff, people who did not usually get together gathered together to hold a job hunting party and celebrated a new start.He was assigned to the Stock Research Department at German Securities, and was initially engaged in chores such as fetching tea and collecting materials.[1].

    At one point, Glen Wood asked me to investigate the trend of postal privatization, and I am conducting an investigation.2005(17)LDPI found out about the open recruitment of candidates by looking at the official website of, and applied because the thesis subject of the first screening was "About postal privatization and structural reform" that I was investigating.The next day she received a phone call from the LDP headquarters, "Can you come soon?", And after five interviews, she passed the open call for participants.[14](A former member of the House of Councilors who arbitrarily called himself the "educator" of Taizo.大仁 田 厚According to his book "National Diet Deathmatch", Taizo's father was originally in Hokkaido at that time.LDP secretary generalwasTakebeIt is said that he is a strong supporter of the supporters' association, but it seems that his father could not appear in the election and he decided to put his son Taizo on the proportional list).

    Postal dissolutionWas done in response to2005(17)9/11 Of44th House of Representatives general electionSo, from the Fukuoka Prefecture Branch Federation of the Liberal Democratic PartyFukuoka 1 wardsI got a recommendation to run, but because the party headquarters showed disappointment, I was able to run in the 35th place in the proportional south Kanto block.In this general election, the Liberal Democratic Party won overwhelmingly, mainly in urban areas, and many candidates in the block were elected one after another in the single-seat constituencies, and were elected because the ranking went up.Immediately after his election, he stated that he was nothing more than a "Hira Leeman" (a coined word meaning Hira's office worker).[15]..After that, in an interview, "earlyrestaurant"I want to go to", "The first thing I looked up was a member of parliament.salary.. It's 2500 million yen. "BMWI made a series of free-spirited remarks such as "I can buy it."[13].

    As a member of the House of Representatives

    Immediately after the election, he made various remarks on TV coverage, "Ryotei, go!" "The word botamochi from the shelf seems to be for me", "Yukari TanEven if I am the same foreign-affiliated company, there is a difference between heaven and earth. "," 120% Koizumi Children. "FactionI'm going to study, high ... "(After that, a reporter told me that Koizumi wouldn't join the faction.") "... Well, the Prime Minister shouldn't join the faction !? The Prime Minister !? If you ask, that's right. "As a member of parliament, his remarks were so careless that he received strict attention from Tsutomu Takebe (the secretary general of the LDP at that time) during the interview with the TV station.He later held a solo press conference at the party headquarters, resulting in an apology.

    SelectiveFamily name by coupleI was against the introduction of the system[16].

    Joining and unsubscribing from "New Wind"

    A study session created by Takebe, who studied under Takebe immediately after being elected as a member of the Diet.New windJoined.He became the chairman of the "Yubari Revitalization Project" of the association.[Source required]. Since thenHouse of Councillors electionParticipating in the Hokkaido constituency general rally[Source required].

    But,2007Takebe in the "new wind" in the LDP presidential election (19)Fukuda YasuoI rebelled against what I put together by pushing, and withdrew from the "new wind".In the presidential electionTaro AsoVoted for[17].

    Official candidate battle

    45th House of Representatives general electionThen.Hokkaido 1th district(SapporoChuo-South ward-Nishi-ward) Announced a single-seat constituency candidate.I have already applied for official recognition of the LDP, and the official approval has not been decided yet, but "No matter how young I am, I am in the current position. I have the strength of the current position. I can meet if I want to meet the minister." "It is the party's decision whether to approve it or not, but it is my decision whether to participate in the election or not. I will run from Hokkaido 1st district no matter who or what I say."[18].

    The candidate selection committee is with SugimuraYOSAKOI Soran FestivalIs the founder ofHasegawadakeSugimura ignored it, although he was trying to adjust the intentions of the party members in a speech by both of them.[19].2007(19)12/30, The selection committee officially recognizes Hasegawa2008(20)1/8It was officially decided by the board of directors of Hasegawa, and an application for official recognition of Hasegawa was submitted to the party headquarters.He was still looking for an independent run, but eventually gave up running and2009(21)6/4He held a press conference at the Liberal Democratic Party headquarters and announced that he would not run for the next general election.At the press conference, he commented, "I'd like to take on the challenge of this place by becoming one or two times bigger. I'd like to expect Shigeki Makido."[20].

    2009(21)7/21 OfDissolution of the House of RepresentativesAs a result, the term of office of a member of the House of Representatives was completed in one term.

    after that

    2010(22)6/3ToTachiagare Japan 22rd House of Councilors ordinary electionSugimura submitted a notice of withdrawal to the Liberal Democratic Party on the same day after announcing that Sugimura would be a candidate for proportional representation.[21]But,20107/11As a result of voting, they lost with 9 votes, which was 6th out of 31,146 candidates for the party.[22]..After she was defeated, she was asked to appear on TV and began to appear in commercials and TV variety shows, and she became a "light political critic" among female MPs.UpskirtI came to explain about such things[23][Reliability required verification].

    Celebrity relatives life protection receiving turmoilThen I raised the issueSatsuki KatayamaMember of the House of CouncilorsAgainst, "Basic as a member of parliamenthuman rightsDo you have a sense ofHe criticized "Why do you make a personal attack?" "I just wanted to stand out. If I give Kawamoto's real name, I can become famous."In response, Katayama asked for understanding, "It is our job to pursue problems and change the law."[24].

    2011(23),Tachiagare JapanLeaved the party[25].

    2016(28),Keio UniversityGraduate SchoolsPassed the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Media Design and became a graduate student from April.[26].. March 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa),Withdrawal of credits at maturity.

    While establishing a company by himself and engaging in management as president[27]talent-Political critic-commentatorAs a result, he frequently appears in the media.

    2022(令和4年)、自らが社長を務める「株式会社CocoHarete」がプロデュース・運営する飲食店街として、HokkaidoAsahikawa OfShopping park沿いに、「Asahikawa HareteWas opened.


    By Koizumi Children to which he belongs83 meetingsAbout, "Is that meaningful?", "Isn't it like a class meeting?[28], "Uncle, aunt's well-end meeting state," etc.

    2007(19)3/7On his own blogBaby stork"Here, from the standpoint of being obliged to protect the lives of the people as a politician, there are a number of ridiculously irresponsible parents who cannot be thought of by common sense, no matter what the age. When it comes to the fact that there are at least an absolute number, "I'm okay to have a baby, but I can't raise it." It's also true that there's an incident, even though the newborn baby isn't guilty. "[29].

    2007(19)7/12Of ownBlogAtTokuhiko AkagiMinister of Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesRegarding the issue of "politics and money", he criticized "I would like you to make a clear statement and make a mess. I'm tired of it."receiptInsisted that[30].

    2006Around (18), we recruited a public second secretary.Part-time worker-neat OfYouthWas expected to be adopted, but in the end it was not adopted due to open recruitment.[31]..Details and press conferences are not held, but2008(20)8/28ToPublic secretaryOne ofsuicideAim[32],same year9/11Died in[33].

    2009After abandoning the election of the House of Representatives in (21), once in the local areaAsahikawaTo return to and then relearn politicsNorth AmericaHe traveled around the world and studied hard, reading about 150 books on employment policy, etc.[34].

    2011(23)Great East Japan EarthquakeIn response to the occurrence ofSunday JaponI have been in the disaster area several times in the program planning of[35].

    2020(2nd year of Reiwa)6/9Was held in TokyoJunichiro KoizumiHe jumped in and participated in the regular "Alumni Association" by former LDP secretary-generals during the administration.Koizumi reveals that he received the words, "Okay, what's important now isn't money. There's something more important than money. It's trust."[36].

    "" Broadcast on July 7 of the same yearTetsuko's roomWhen he appeared in the movie, he revealed the life plan he had told his wife.When I lost my job, I strongly hit my wife, "I'm a member of parliament, so I got married?", But my wife said, "That's not true. I think you'll win two or three times. He denied, "I don't think I'm a dad, but I think I'm not going to eat it. That's why I got married," he recalled.She also told her wife, "TV work is unstable, but don't worry. We've saved enough to live for 2 years. It may be a pretty tough life rank, but at least 3 years. I did it. "[37].


    Neat measures

    Women sevenIn the life counseling in the magazine, the counseling of a housewife who has an unemployed son said, "If you are alive, don't spoil it. Then go out of the house. "You may not notice it until that much."[38]..Also, in the interview about the book "Techniques for grabbing 1 million yen in assets even if stupid", about the party who is a mere lazy person in NEET, "The worst thing is their parents. What to eat and where to sleep If so, you don't have to work. This is a problem that you should tackle at home. Parents should stop all help and throw their children out into society. "[39].

    About the new coronavirus

    20204/26Sugimura in the broadcast TBS system "Sunday Japon"CoronavirusThe 300-person death toll from the infection was the former who attended when he claimed that "Japan is overwhelmingly superior."EconomyOfficialsHe was also an academic advisor at Sugimura at Keio University Graduate School.Hiroyuki Kishi"I will make you study again at the graduate school as Mr. Sugimura's graduate school advisor," and the reason is "It is true that Japan has support measures, but it is slow to make. Japan is slow.AmericaAlthough the infection started earlier, the supplementary budget has not been established.The United States has a total of about 300 trillion yen in fiscal mobilization, but Japan is small in scale.I think it's natural that the lawn next door looks blue. "[40]. 20204/27In the broadcast Nippon Television network "Joho Live Miyaneya", MCSeiji Miyane"Then you should be angry with Mr. Kishi at" Sanjapo "!"The reason was that Taizo Sugimura did not understand that the positive rate of PCR tests tended to decrease in Japan.


    Suspicion of neglect

    While in office as a member of the House of Representatives2005ToGunmaA woman from (a businessman's daughter at the timeOL)Whenmarriage..I have three children. ""SPA!In the July 2007, 7 issue, in the column I was in charge of, I mentioned my eldest daughter, who was two months old, in a story about her childcare experience as a new parent.Parliamentary dormitoryWhen the couple went out to eat out for about an hour, the eldest daughterDehydrationI told you that I was waking up. ""Women sevenFeatured in the July 2007, 7 issue.neglectPointed out that it is dehydrationShock stateHe also points out that if you cause it, you will not be able to do it with a joke.Sugimura explained in her own blog about the condition of her eldest daughter, "As a result of the three-month examination, no abnormality was found in her."[41].


    tv set

    And many others

    TV drama



    • TBS Radio Let's have a great spring! New Life Support Campaign (March 2014, 3-March 10, TBS Radio)-TBS Radio New Life Support Ambassador
    • Taizo Sugimura's Pick up News (updated every Monday) Himalaya



    • "SPA!(February 2007, 2 issue), although he said he was a bar exam student.Civil lawとCriminal lawI was confused when asked about the difference.No mention is made of the examination history.Immediately after being elected to the House of Representatives for the first time, he was instructed to take the bar examination.Ito JukuGo to and take the opportunity to win againConstitutionI bought the constitutional teaching materials because I wanted to study again.


    • Even if you are a fool, you can get 1 million yen in assets.Shogakukan,2014)


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