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🍴 | Miso-maru Workshop & Viking at "As It Is OYAKO Festival"


Miso Maru Workshop & Viking at "As It Is OYAKO Festival"

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Although I was sick until the day before while taking various measures, I am glad to receive many messages from the participants, such as "I am glad that my parents and children enjoyed it" and "I had a good experience".

"As it is OYAKO festival" held at Panasonic Center Osaka (sponsored by: As it is OYAKO x mom ... → Continue reading

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It is the only miso specialty paper in Japan that conveys the splendor of the traditional Japanese food culture, Miso. In cooperation with the WEB, we are disseminating the people, things, and things that we meet in "Miso Kado 365 days" to the next generation and to the world.

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